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ALPlayer v2.

0 Read Me ****************** First, Thank-you ---------------We'd like to thank all the millions of people out there who use and continue to use our software. Your continued support has enabled us to improve ALTools and m ake it better. If you are new to ALPlayer, thank-you for using it. We sincerely hope that you e njoy using it and that it makes your life easier and more convenient. Please rec ommend it to friends if the occasion arises. ABOUT ALPlayer --------------ALPlayer is a "Codec Included" DVD and movie player. ABOUT ALTOOLS ------------ALTools are user-friendly PC utilities from ESTsoft. INSTALLATION -----------Run the EXE installer. When prompted, choose your options. Click next as require d. When installed, ALPlayer prompts you to set some options. Set as required or accept the defaults (recommended). SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ------------------Windows XP, Vista(32/64bit), 7(32/64bit) CPU Intel Pentium II 450 MHz or higher RAM 128 MB or higher ALTOOLS SUPPORT ------Email: Website: Frequestly Asked Questions:

################### # Version History # ################### ### ALPlayer v2.0 ### ** Revolutionary Changes (External Changes) ** 1. Renamed as "ALPlayer" from ALShow 2. Changes in user interfaces and skins - Added: Skin fading out during playback - Added: Transparency adjusting of controller - Changed: Main screen

- Changed: Default skin structure and design - Changed: Menus and shortcut keys - Changed: Seperated Bookmarks in a dialog box from Playlist tab ** 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Internal Changes ** Improved: MP4 formats have better playback support Improved: AVI formats (v210 codec) have better playback support Fixed: Screen blacking out when playing captured videos Fixed: Program terminating when using some .smi subtitle files Fixed: Some Qclp codecs' audio playing faster

### ALShow v1.91 ### 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Improved: Support for Windows 7 Added: Controller on Thumbnail (Windows 7) Added: Delete Recently Played List option on Jumplist (Windows 7) Added: Video Output feature in Preferences Fixed: Some file extensions playing slow Fixed: Problems with playing IFO and VOB files Fixed: Bug when associating files Fixed: Empty items creating in favorites Fixed: Capture folder keep creating

### ALShow v1.8 ### 1. Added: Unicode support 2. Added: Support SWF format files 3. Added: Display copyright 4. Added: Icon for FLV file 5. Improved: File icon for Windows Vista 6. Improved: Updated FFmpeg Codec 7. Fixed: Not synchronizing with some MP4 files 8. Fixed: Screen size not showing properly when playing MP4 file 9. Fixed: Malfunction in Favorites menu 10. Fixed: Bookmarks tooltip not displaying properly 11. Fixed: ALShow terminating problem when file name is long 12. Fixed: Screen ratio setting not functioning properly 13. Fixed: Not able to play when dragging both movie file and caption file 14. Fixed: Problems related to mouse dragging 15. Fixed: Some errors in FLV files 16. Changed: File extension connecting process ### ALShow v1.7 ### 1. Added: MPEG video and audio filter 2. Added: Support for M4V file format 3. Added: Support for FLV file format 4. Improved: Support for MP4 audio codec 5. Improved: Better playback support for DVDs 6. Fixed: Some SRT caption files caused an error when dragged to screen 7. Fixed: Playing some video files with caption caused ALShow to crash occasiona lly 8. Fixed: ALShow is not responding when playing H.264 files 9. Fixed: When prompted to play the next song, the first file in the folder was

played instead 10. Fixed: Could not play AVI file with more than 2GB 11. Fixed: Could not play MMS file 12. Fixed: Failed to render MP4, TP file format 13. Fixed: ALShow did not properly display the screen size 14. Fixed: Could not play video that uses WMV3 codec if file is still downloadin g 15. Fixed: ALShow crashes on exit when uploading to ALShow codec center 16. Fixed: ALShow crashes on exit when playback is stopped after deleting playba ck history 17. Fixed: ALShow crashes on exit when saving the caption sync. 18. Fixed: ALShow now can select the source filter when playing streaming videos 19. Fixed: With Vista, WMV video played in black screen 20. Fixed: With Vista, ALShow could not automatically reclaim file association 21. Fixed: With Vista, ALShow flashed when playing files ### ALShow v1.62 ### 1. Added: MP4 source filter 2. Added: Support for SRT caption files 3. Fixed: Problems with Fast Forward and Rewind (Shift + Left / Right) not behav ing properly 4. Fixed: On some specific PCs the CD-ROM would open when ALShow played 5. Fixed: When adjusting the picture (brightness, contrast, etc.) playback would skip forward 6. Fixed: Errors when skipping forward/backward by x seconds 7. Fixed: New OGG file format support added and source filter fixed ### ALShow v1.6 ### 1. Added: Video filter upgrades - Faster rendering with CPU optimizations - H.264, x264 playback support - H.263, S263 playback support - VSSH, DAVC, AVC1 playback support 2. Added: Language selection support for VobSub captions 3. Added: CVID video format support 4. Added: TP file format support 5. Added: Language selection for ALShow 6. Improved: MPEG formats now have better playback support 7. Fixed: Video capture now prompts users for video files with no video content (i.e. only audio content) 8. Fixed: Audio capture now prompts users for video files with no audio content (i.e. only video content) 9. Fixed: All language captions were displayed by default for multilingual capti on files and required manual setting after each restart 10. Improved: Better support for ASX files with http media and ASX files with ma lformed headers 11. Fixed: ALShow did not properly connect to the ALShow codec center for instal ling MKV codecs 12. Fixed: Could not change caption locations onscreen when rendering captions i n image mode 13. Fixed: Could not seek through captions (Home, End keys) when captions were r endered in image mode 14. Fixed: Errors adding, changing, deleting in the favorites list when not logg ed in through an administrator account 15. Fixed: Under Preferences > Playback unchecking "Stop repeating segments afte r x times." did not allow for infinite playback loops

16. Fixed: Under the File menu, Favorites > Organize Favorites, deleting items c aused an error 17. Fixed: Changing the volume on the keyboard did not adjust volume properly 18. Fixed: Changing skins on Windows 98 sometimes caused ALShow to crash 19. Improved: Better support for ASF formats 20. Fixed: Connected to codec center when playing CDXA videos even when proper c odec was installed ### ALShow v1.5 beta1 ### 1. Added: Option to increase screen size to 200% 2. Improved: Playback speed adjustments 3. Fixed: Skin occasionally appeared darkened 4. Fixed: Some MOV files caused an error 5. Fixed: Pressing ESC during MP3 playback did not stop sound 6. Fixed: Video capture did not always properly capture video 7. Fixed: Resetting preferences erroneously created a default ALShow capture fol der if none was defined 8. Improved: Changing skins in the preferences is now instantaneous 9. Improved: Can now change caption sizes for TV output 10. Fixed: ALShow did not resize properly if caption display mode was changed du ring movie playback 11. Fixed: Adding captions while playing a movie caused captions to always appea r in TV Out mode

If you've identified a bug or have an idea on how we can improve ALPlayer, pleas e visit our home page and visit the "Wish List" in our online support forums at Your Rights to Distribute ALPlayer ================================== DISTRIBUTION -----------You may freely redistribute this program provided that you do not charge a fee, whether for distribution or the media containing this program, except as permitt ed herein. ISPs, non-profit organizations, charities or charitable organizations, and educa tional organizations such as schools or universities may distribute this program for free to home users, volunteers, or students for non-commercial private use provided that they do not charge a fee for the program, but may charge reasonabl e handling and duplication fees provided that the recipient is explicitly made a ware that they are not being charged for the program and that the token fee asso ciated is exclusively to cover handling and duplication fees. If the program is included as part of a distribution package for which a fee is being charged, you may include the program provided that you do not levy charges for the distribut ion package beyond reasonable additional handling and duplication fees and that the recipient is explicitly made aware that they are not being charged for the p rogram. If this program is distributed as a part of another package or software bundle o r in association with services for which a fee is being levied, the author's per mission must first be obtained.

You may not distribute this program in connection with any illegal activites whi ch may include, but are not limited to, software piracy, copyright infringement, or fraud. In all cases where this program is distributed, it must remain complete and unch anged in it's original ZIP or EXE package with all messages intact. You may rena me the distributable ZIP or EXE file for management purposes provided that the p rogram name and version number remain clear in the new file name. ATTENTION: This program is the exclusive property of ESTsoft corporation and is protected by international copyright laws. Unathorized copying, distribution, di sassembly or reverse engineering is subject to prosecution to the maximum extent permitted by law. Please read the EULA for more information. ESTsoft Corp. 867-12 Cheongnyong-dong, Gwanak-gu Seoul, South Korea, 151-836 Fax: +82-2-583-4628 Email: Copyright 2004-present ESTsoft Corp. All rights reserved. ALToolbar, ALZip, ALSe e, ALFTP, ALPass, ALSong, ALPlayer, ALTools and ALTools Utility are trademarks o f ESTsoft Corp.