The Lost and Found Reading Assessment Reading: Word Analysis, Vocabulary, and Fluency Directions: Read the

sentence and find the correct answer. 1. Mona leaned farther and farther into the bin. Soon only her feet were visible. What does the word visible mean? a. covered b. touching c. showing d. hidden 2. The lost and found bin was full of wrinkled clothes. Which word means almost the same as wrinkled? a. situations b. rumpled c. worried d. clean 3. My dad had to stop and ask for directions. What does the word directions mean? a. sets of conditions at certain moments in time b. not usual, common, or ordinary c. able to be seen d. lines or paths along which someone or something goes, lies, or points 4. It was unusual to see a fox at Lark Ellen! What does the word unusual mean? a. concerned or anxious b. able to be seen c. not usual, common or ordinary d. wrinkled or creased 5. Which word means sets of conditions at certain moments in time? a. rumpled b. situations c. directions d. visible

unusual d. necklace b. Choose the base word for the underlined word. The teacher pointed to the word. asking 8. try 9. climbe 11. She climbed to the top of the mountain. My brother is trying to win the race. worried b. pointe d. library book d. math test d. recess c. What did Floyd and Wendell miss while waiting to see the principal? a. The class lined up outside the door. directions c. aske b. climb d. What is Mona looking for in the Lost and Found? a. 12. to find Mona c. tryi b. the bus b. a. pointer b. situations Directions: Read each sentence. 7. ask c. tried d. to find hats b. lin c. lines d. lunch 13.6. Choose the best answer. askd d. point 14. I asked my mother if I could have a cookie. Why do the boys climb into the Lost and Found bin? a. a. homework 10. linn Reading: Comprehension Directions: Read each question. points c. Which word means concerned or anxious? a. lucky hat c. a. clime c. a. a. to clean it out . line b. tryin c. clim b.

They look at a suit of armor. mix milk mint mountain 22. purse d. Choose the word that would come first in a dictionary. Mona finds her lucky hat in her purse. d. d. d. baseball cap b. Where does Mona find her lucky hat? a. b. The children find a deep lake in the Lost and Found bin. candy d. boat d. Mona disappears into the lost and found. send stick smell sea . What do the boys start looking for in the Hat Room? a. What do the children not see in the Lost and Found bin? a. bin c. Hat Room b. Wendell. They find a sign that says Hat Room. a. books 17. b. c. c. b. lucky hats c. c. 21. 19. 20. a. What do the children do just after they paddle across the river? a. Writing: Written Language and Conventions Directions: Read each group of words. c. Wendell and Floyd miss a math test. d. Floyd. Which of these events happens first in The Lost and Found? a. giant squid 16. They go into a tunnel that leads to a winding hallway. Mona loses her lucky hat. cave b. The teacher gets angry. They skip their math test.15. Which of these events tells you that the story is a fantasy? a. b. d. office 18. b. and Mona paddle across the river. The children take a shortcut to get home. c. lake c.

July.Reno. 1995 c. 23. a. a. a. Reno Nevada. July 28 2000 34. California. a. b. a. Covina. title page b. Mona looked for her lucky hat. The rumpled lucky hat. a.Directions: Read each group of words. fragment 25. sentence b. sentence b. 1995 26. fragment . California 33. Choose the one that uses commas correctly. table of contents 30. a. glossary c. 28. Examined a suit of armor. sentence b. Mark A. July 28. index d. Choose the word that best fits in the sentence. December. glossary c. title page b. table of contents Directions: Read each date or place below. December 1. a. Reno. Look on the ___________________ to find out who wrote the book. An __________ lists all the subjects in a book and the pages on which they are found. sentence b. a. glossary c. table of contents 31. a. Floyd wanted a hat. Nevada c. a. sentence b. 1. table of contents 29. 2000 b. glossary c. Covina. fragment 24. . Covina California b. index d. c. a. 35. title page b. 28. Flipped a coin. a. December. 2000 c. fragment Directions: Read each sentence below. index d. title page b. if the group of words is a sentence and B. fragment 27. 1 1995 b. You can look up words and their meanings in the ________ of a book. Nevada. The ________________________ lists chapter titles and the pages on which they begin. index d. 32. if the group of words is a fragment.

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