GAP 1 – “THE MARKET INFORMATION GAP” The Customer expectations from zoom may be huge such as:  Unique content in the domain of fashion, lifestyle and glamour

but .“INTERNAL COMMUNICATION GAP” This gap also is not very evident in the case of Zoom channel. their behaviour and their choices. There are clear cut departments for various activities such as one for news.“ THE SERVICE PERFORMANCE GAP” This gap does not exist in case of zoom channel.It should be a wholesome entertainment destination. This gap usually occurs due to inadequate communication between the customers and the service providers. countdowns etc . Since its a bollywood channel. This may be due to:    Insufficient market information collected by zoom about the viewers. GAP 2 – “THE SERVICE STANDARDS GAP” This gap is not so prevalent in this service sector. consumers would definitely expect celebrity/ models as anchors for most of the shows  Daily entertainment news from Bollywood  New shows with innovative ideas from time to time to avoid monotony  Lesser advertisements But marketers may fail to understand the expectations of the customers and their perceptions may be different. one for songs and trailers. This is primarily because:     The channel works under strong principles of team work. and their favourite watch outs.  In case of Zoom though direct communication and interaction between the customers and the service providers is low. GAP 4. nonetheless the following may occur to create the gap:    Zoom sometimes fails to clearly define and standardize the tasks that are involved in making the channel a success There is also an absence of formal process for setting service quality goals A commitment to high service quality is required.   GAP 3. There is also no un ambiguity among them regarding the work they are expected to do and the standards they are expected to maintain. one for quizzes. Thus there also does not exist any role conflict among them. When the zoom marketers are not able to understand the viewer needs. Also this may exist since the this is a service which involves very little interaction between the customer and the management.

The customer expectations have been mentioned before. The customers perceive the service to be according to their expectations.  Communication in the form of advertisements is high creating an appropriate positioning in the mind of the consumers about the content and the idea. Zoom channel does not over promise and under deliver GAP 5 – “ THE SERVICE PERCEPTION GAP” This gap occurs mainly when the perception of customers differ from their expectations. The customer perceptions from the channel are high too – it being a high end channel”.    High quality content Accurate and reliable information Entertainment and fun to watch .

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