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Seek the peace of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its peace, you will find peace.

Jeremiah 29:7




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The Emergence of Mission

Mission 2030

I (Steve) had just finished sharing a devotional on the Mount of Beatitudes, the famous mountain in Israel that looks out over the Sea of Galilee, when I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. He showed me His love and vision for my life over the next twenty years. It was a holy moment in which the Holy Spirit came and reminded me of all that He had done through the years in planting Mountain Springs Church. I was overwhelmed to the point of tears with His faithfulness in answer to so many prayers—God had grown a church from our basement Bible Study of five people, to a growing fellowship of three thousand. He spoke to me of His heart for the building and rebuilding of the family and the Church. He showed me that I had been called to plant a thousand churches. I was gripped by the intensity and relevance of God’s word to me. This was in 2007, and it was the beginning of a new adventure.

Upon returning to Colorado, we shared with our staff team what God had said in Israel. We all agreed that the Lord was guiding us toward a twenty year vision. As we sought the Lord, He spoke to us from two passages. The first was Acts 1:8 and the second, Acts


But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

You [the church] have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine.

We were all filled with a burning passion to “fill our city” with the Word and Spirit. We realized that our starting point needed to be our own city, Colorado Springs. God spoke clearly to us that one of our theme passages would be Jeremiah 29:7 “Seek the peace of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its peace, you will find peace.” The leadership team began to seek God in prayer for His specific vision for our city and our church. There was a growing excitement among all of us that God was giving us a providential moment to touch our city.

Over the next six months as we prayed, we began to read extensively about the state of the church and the family in America. We read over twenty books during this time, pouring over the latest research and seeking to discover what the Holy Spirit was doing in our nation. As pastors, we were astounded at how rapidly the culture in America and the spiritual climate of the Church was changing, and not for the better. Our hearts were burdened for the spiritual state of our nation.

In 2008 at a Pastoral Retreat in Buena Vista, the Lord gave us the phrase revolution of love. We could see that the Lord was leading us with a vision for a revolution of love for our city. Many of us on the team began driving around Colorado Springs, praying for the city, and our hearts were broken for the lost and hurting. As a result we began teaching through the Gospel of Luke on JesusLiberator. For almost two years we stud- ied the life, heart, and ministry of Christ. This resulted in fresh strategies of touching the poor, the hurting, and the spiritually lost. This even led us to cancel an entire weekend of worship gatherings so we could head to the streets of Colorado Springs. We were able to complete fifty outreach projects in one weekend! The continued impetus was the Neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools this past summer.

Over the next six months as we prayed, we began to read extensively about the state

Simultaneously, churches and church planters began to connect with us about how we could help them. This led to the development of the Word&SpiritNetwork. As we responded to needs, sought

God in prayer and fasting, and continued with several one-day retreats, God spoke to us His vision. During

forty days of prayer, God confirmed it through our Elder teams with a resounding “yes.” The “yes” is what we

now call Mission2030.

Over the next six months as we prayed, we began to read extensively about the state

We are humbled that God has chosen Mountain Springs to be the vehicle for His vision. Some of the words we have received over the past year have been, “the work will be unique,” “God wants to do a new thing,” “it will be like the book of Acts,” “intimacy at all costs,” “it will take great courage,” “enlarge the tent,” “God has given you the city.”

This vision is too big for any of us or all of us. We are not smart enough, rich enough or wise enough. Only God, working through His power, can accomplish His dream for us. It is in cooperating with the Holy Spirit through prayer and faith that we will see God’s

mighty signs and wonders flow through Mountain Springs Church and Word&SpiritNetwork. This vision is from the deep things, the heart, of the Spirit. We are reminded of these words of St. Paul:

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him. But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 1 Cor 2:9-11 NKJV

We are a part of a great adventure. It will be exciting to see just how God ac- complishes His work in our time. We are in God’s arena and it is an honor to serve with each of you.

Let us dare greatly in a worthy cause!

Carpe Diem Gloriae Dei.

mighty signs and wonders flow through Mountain Springs Church and Word&SpiritNetwork ™ . This vision is

Pastor Steve

Soli deo Gloria.

mighty signs and wonders flow through Mountain Springs Church and Word&SpiritNetwork ™ . This vision is

Pastor Daniel


the process of discipleship is what God is calling us to do

Brandon Shupp
Brandon Shupp

Fast forward three years in the life of Mountain Springs Church and Word&SpiritNetwork- the picture that awaits us is exciting! Imagine multiple campuses and church plants in our city and beyond, bringing the good news of the Gospel in a Word-rooted, Spirit-alive and culturally-engaged manner. For me, it’s hard not to get excited about playing a part in orchestrating and accomplishing the mission God has given us as a church.

The opportunity to connect, engage and empower young leaders, for me, is invigorating and highly motivating. It’s exciting to see

people get the opportunity to discover and begin to walk in the calling

that God has uniquely given them. And in order to accomplish what God is calling us to do, we desperately need the Holy Spirit to give us the tools to raise up and empower the next generation of leaders in the church. This process of discipleship is exactly what God is

calling each of us to as part of project2030. In this season, I want to encourage you to seek the Lord diligently about the part He has for you as we push forward together, following through on what He asks you to do.

CAMPUS LIFE the process of discipleship is what God is calling us to do Brandon Shupp

I’m very excited about project2030. As I look into the not too distant future, I see multiple campuses overflowing with energy, where people are drawn to do life together in our various community spaces, like the relocated café on the Woodmen campus with its breathtaking mountain views! There will be an increasing number of life groups stretching from one end of town to the other, where more and more people will find a sense of belonging, safety and significance. Out of those groups, new and creative local outreach projects will continue to seed our community with acts of kindness communicating the love of Jesus in tangible ways that will change lives forever. The Helping Hands Food Pantry will be fully operational on our campus, impacting the lives of over 600 needy families by providing food, prayer and other practical resources.

I’m very excited about project2030 ™ . As I look into the not too distant future,

I see a learning annex on our campuses where spiritual formation and life skill classes are offered to equip and empower people from all walks of life to live the supernatu- ral kingdom life. There will be short term mission teams of various sizes fanning out across the globe strategically aligned to help our Word & Spirit Network partners. As a result of those trips, we’ll see an increasing number of men and women, young and old, ruined for the ordinary and answering the call to long-term missions.

Lastly, I see a special body of believers influencing the culture in every venue of life because they are passionate about enjoying God, growing in Truth, sharing life and living the mission!

Chip Mattingly

I see campuses overflowing with energy where people are drawn to do life together in community


Families are the backbone of MSC. It is absolutely critical to build strong and healthy homes and families.

If we are to make a difference in the next twenty years, we must take the church’s responsibility seriously to call singles, couples, parents and grandparents to a new level of spiritual formation within the home. We must become intentional in our approach to the spiritual transformation of our children as well as our own lives.

We are using teaching aids with our children and parents to bring the biblical responsibility of the training of a child back into the home. This will help enhance the parents’ role in being the primary teacher, fulfilling God’s number one purpose for the family - being the training grounds for His future plans.

Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson

the church was never meant to replace the home

As we embark on project2030, we will need homes full of the Spirit, thriving marriages, and children growing in favor with God and man. This can only happen as we begin to take on the responsibilities of nurturing others in the faith, beginning with our own families and moving out beyond those walls. We need mentors for couples, people serving in the children’s classrooms, men sharpening men, older women teaching younger women, and everyone being willing to seek the Lord. As we become more intentional in our calling to the family and God’s kingdom, we will see real change begin to happen in our homes and in His church body. Spiritual formation will never happen without the power of the Spirit taking control of our lives and our agendas. We need people in the church to model with integrity God’s intent for the family, our marriages and the home. We need you to step forward and be that person!

Families are the backbone of MSC. It is absolutely critical to build strong and healthy homes


Our team is committed to serving our Lord by being the support engine to all the ministry that happens at MSC. We take our responsibilities seriously and strive to be excellent in all we do, serving the Lord.

Through our behind the scenes involvement with project2030, the Operational Life team is looking forward to what the Lord is going to do. We are excited to utilize our gifts and talents to serve in our multi- site campuses through the centralized administrative functions. We realize that there will be challenges that go along with this, but the team is prepared to address whatever may come our way.

OPERATIONAL Our team is committed to serving our Lord by being the support engine to all


God is able to do far more than we can imagine

Our goal has always been to have our facilities meet the needs of those who attend MSC, as well as our community as a whole. The Lord has greatly blessed us with our current facilities and the proposed improvements and enhancements to the Woodmen campus will only increase the blessing.

Jay Smidt

Finally, from a financial perspective, the funds raised through the project will be a tremendous springboard for the future. Our financial plan has always been to live within our means and therefore the funds designated to project2030will enable us to minister in ways that have not been financially feasible in the past. The Lord is at work here at MSC. He is able to do far more than we can imagine. Thank you for your involvement in that work through your gifts and offerings.

OPERATIONAL Our team is committed to serving our Lord by being the support engine to all

Our Student Life Team’s goal through project2030is to support the godly role of the parent to disciple a generation of students that live solely to reflect God’s image! The question is not “if” our students will worship, it’s “who will they worship?” They only have two options: either they worship God or they bow before other things. Students today are being pulled in a hundred different directions and the message of the world is to please yourself at all costs. However, we know that in the war for our student’s hearts we have a greater power than anything the world has to offer! We want the Holy Spirit to draw them into a dynamic relationship with the Father through the exposi- tory teaching of God’s Word, genuine biblical community, intense worship through music, and radical missions locally and abroad. Through these areas of impact we believe we will have great opportunities for God to transform their hearts! It is our desire that as God turns hearts to him, students will own their faith and integrate it in every aspect of their lives.

Our Student Life Team’s goal through project2030 ™ is to support the godly role of the

We desire for our church home to be a refuge and oasis for students in our community so they can stay connected! We want each of our students within the context of a small group and to be mentored by God-seeking small group leaders made up of young adults and parents. As I close my eyes and dream about the next 20 years of our youth, I see a unified church where youth and parents worship and serve together. I see trans- formed areas that encourage students to sit together, eat together, study together, play together and learn together so that they are actively living life together.

we are committed to seeing families coming together like never before to worship, serve and laugh

Chris Fetters
Chris Fetters
Josiah Dangers
Josiah Dangers

Worship is perhaps the most tragically misunderstood element of how we do church in America. It is often viewed as merely prep for the message, the fun entertaining part – or the part to be endured if you aren’t a fan – of the service, the opportunity to rally the intel- lectually weak and emotionally driven segment of the congregation, or even the time buffer so you can get your kids checked in to the nursery late without missing anything really important. When we view worship this way, we miss that God intended worship to be an opportunity to pour out our heart, soul, mind and strength in love, thanksgiving and adoration to our God who deserves it all. Effectively, what we say when we don’t value worship is, “God can do without my affection, but I still want Him to bless me through the message today.” He can… just like any father can do without the affection of his child… but it breaks His heart – and we will miss His.

We are moving into new frontiers of ministry as a church. project2030will open doors of opportunity like we have never seen before. Are we going to move into those opportunities as a status quo church, or are we going to press into the heart of God and allow the power of the Spirit to propel us to take new ground for the Kingdom? Without the elements of worship and prayer being

Josiah Dangers Worship is perhaps the most tragically misunderstood element of how we do church in

forefront of our lives and in our strategies we will miss the power of the Spirit as we move ahead. We are looking for men and women who understand what it is to pour their heart, soul, mind and strength out in worship to Him, and who are gifted in leading others to do the same. Worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, tech savvy people, artists, videographers… now is the time to step up. project2030must be fueled by the Spirit and led by people who are in step with Him. So, get ready for an adventure, and let’s go!

Josiah Dangers Worship is perhaps the most tragically misunderstood element of how we do church in


we are looking for men and women who are passionate about seeking the heart of God

Word&SpiritNetwork is a global movement of


leaders who impact communities through the launching and building of thriving churches and ministries. We are dedicated to leadership development and providing support and covering for ministries around the world. We believe that the combination of sound Biblical teaching and the work of the Holy Spirit has the power to transform each life and community.



We believe in planting leaders! We aspire to launch Word-rooted, Spirit-alive, culturally engaged leaders who will, in turn, plant Jesus-exalting, Jesus-uplifting, Jesus-worshipping churches and ministries. We believe that building leaders in a grace-filled, relational atmosphere, imparting to them biblical knowledge and practical ministry experiences, will set in motion the planting of churches and ministries that express the fullness of God’s Word with a deep reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His church. Beginning at Pentecost, the church was and still is God’s idea to be the most effective means of expanding His kingdom. God’s church is to be vibrant, life giving, Word-rooted, and Spirit-alive! Planting new churches of this genre is the most effec- tive way to bring the Gospel to a community and to make Jesus-following, Jesus-exalting disciples. Thus, our strategy always involves locating, equipping, and releasing church planters who are willing to pioneer the gospel into unchurched and unreached communities. We believe God has given us a mandate to plant 1,000 churches, 100 campuses, and raise up 10,000 leaders in this generation.

Word&SpiritNetwork(WSN) derived its name as a result of our commitment to achieve a healthy balance of two divine expressions. Many churches stress the importance of the Holy Spirit to the neglect of solid teaching from God’s Word. Other churches have a strong teaching ministry while neglecting the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the fullness and blending of both the Word and the Spirit. We believe it is only through the work and power of the Holy Spirit that lives are changed, and it is only through the substance and promises of God’s Word that lives are founded and grounded. We need both. WSN is committed to the blending of the Spirit and the Word under the centrality of Jesus Christ. If we are faithful, we will be privileged to be effective participants in God’s eternal, epic adventure—the expansion of His Kingdom!

Word&SpiritNetwork ™ is a global movement of WORD-ROOTED , SPIRIT-ALIVE & CULTURALLY-ENGAGED leaders who impact communities
Word&SpiritNetwork ™ is a global movement of WORD-ROOTED , SPIRIT-ALIVE & CULTURALLY-ENGAGED leaders who impact communities



Convergence Seminary is a one year graduate school sponsored by Word&SpiritNetwork and Mountain Springs Church in partnership with Knox Theological Seminary and the Timothy Initiative.


The vision of Convergence Seminaryis to build Word-rooted, Spirit-alive and culturally-engaged missional leaders who impact their communities with the love of Christ through the launching and building of thriving churches and ministries. Convergence Seminaryis a one year, ten course, graduate-certificate program, from a fully-accredited seminary with an em- phasis in reproductive ministries and church planting, at a fraction of the cost.


Convergence Seminarybrings theological training to followers of Christ who are not able to attend a semi- nary. This training provides all of the key elements of a solid education. We offer experienced, degreed mentors who will lead you to practically apply the principles learned. In this one-year program, you will receive four hours a week of in-class lecture/discussion and once a month seminars, while engaging in evangelistic and reproductive missional relationships.


  • 21 st century culture is changing rapidly. The need for new

ways to engage the culture with theologically grounded, missional intentionality has never been greater. The need for men and women who are Word-rooted, Spirit-alive, and culturally-engaged is paramount. We have developed Convergence Seminaryto be a one year intensive for equipping and preparing men and women for the leader- ship challenges we are facing. The need for new missional churches and ministries in every facet of our culture is obvious. Our mission is to train ten thousand leaders over the next twenty years who will go out and change the world.

• Emphasis: academics and practical application • Location: Mountain Springs Church • tEachErs: pastors with practical life experience and theological training • timing: one year in discipleship training • cost: $3,800


Course I: Hermeneutics Course II: Homiletics Course III: Church Planting/ Spiritual Reproduction Course IV: Old Testament I Course V: Old Testament II Course VI: New Testament Gospels Course VII: Pastoral Epistles Course VIII: General Letters Course IX: Major Bible Doctrines Course X: Apologetics, Church History, Spiritual Warfare


• No undergraduate degree required • Receive a graduate-certificate from an ATS

nationally- accredited seminary

• Classes held locally in Colorado Springs

• Four hours per week in class studies; once

a month seminars

• Taught by pastors and teachers with

accredited master’s degrees

• Each student’s tuition will sponsor three

church plants in Asia, Africa or Latin America

• Planting a church or reproductive missional

outreach during the one year school term


For questions and registration contact:

Project Info

Faith Goal # ONE

That we will have the finances to launch our first two multi-site campuses, upgrade community and worship spaces at our Woodmen

campus and launch our Convergence leadership development school with Word&SpiritNetwork. The cost will be $1.4million.

Faith Goal # TWO

That we will have the finances to launch our third campus, build out a second Food Pantry and provide seed money for two church

plants with Word&SpiritNetwork, in addition to the above. The cost will be an additional $800,000.

Faith Goal # THREE

That we will have the finances to also launch our fourth campus and our third food pantry in addition to the above.

The cost will be an additional $555,000.


If every adult who regularly attends MSC pledged at least $75 more each month ($150 per married couple) and gave between $500-1500 in a lump sum gift at our project2030weekend (October 29 & 30), in 2 years we could reach all of our faith project goals of launching our first four campuses, redeveloping our Woodmen Campus and Food Pantry facilities and completely launching Word&SpiritNetwork™!

Project Info Faith Goal # ONE That we will have the finances to launch our first

How and when do I make my commitment?

We will make our commitments the weekend of October 29 & 30 at the project2030celebrations. Between now and then, seek the Lord about how much He would want you to contribute in the form of a lump sum (please write a check or transfer stocks), and a two- year monthly commitment. Remember, this is above and beyond your current tithe. Fill in the amount on the commitment card and turn it in that Saturday or Sunday. You can begin giving toward your two-year commitment immediately the next Sunday through the

Project Info Faith Goal # ONE That we will have the finances to launch our first

Giving Envelope you will receive. If you are not currently tithing, then our suggestion is that you first start learning the blessing and joy of giving the 10% tithe. Look at the powerful blessings that come your way by looking at Proverbs 3:9-10 and Malachi 3:8-11. You can always commit to the Project later.

Is it OK to make a commitment to give an amount that I don’t have right at the moment?

Yes, that is called “faith” in the Bible and it pleases God (see Hebrews 11:6). This is what some of us on the Senior Leadership Team and the Board are doing. We don’t see the money now, but we are believing God for this amount that He has laid on our hearts to give. We are cutting back on our spending as much as we can to give to Mountain Springs. We believe that if we trust and pray, He will provide supernaturally.

Will I be able to change my two-year commitment if I need or want to?

Absolutely. Unforeseen circumstances may cause you to want to increase or decrease your giving commitment in the future. At any time during the two-year project, all you need to do is obtain another commitment card and turn it in with your revised commitment.

Most churches employ outside organizations for their building campaigns. What about us?

As a Board and Leadership Team, we have felt confident that God is giving us the grace and faith to believe that we can trust God to raise the needed resources without entering into a formal relationship with a fundraising organization to help us. Many churches feel prompted to enter into a costly relationship to receive coaching for their project. Our perspective is this: if this is God’s idea, God will provide. We are following the One who is leading us.

Should I consider gifting stock within an IRA account?

It is not recommended that you transfer any stocks or mutual funds within IRA’s, 401(k)’s or other qualified retirement accounts. Doing so could subject the donor to a mandatory 10% IRS penalty (if under 59 years of age) and income taxes on the entire amount withdrawn.

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Let’s pray for a miracle of the Lord!

Here’s an

idea. .


You may want to consider committing your raises for the next two years to the giving campaign. By so doing, you would be making a

substantial contribution toward our project by simply staying at the same income for two years.

For example:

If your salary is $20,000 a year and you get a 4% raise each year, by the end of two years you will have contributed $1,632. If your salary is $35,000 a year and you get a 4% raise each year, by the end of two years you will have contributed $2,856.

If your salary is $60,000 a year and you get a 4% raise each year, by the end of two years you will have contributed $4,896.

Consider the following ways of decreasing your expenses:

• Stop using credit cards and pay for everything with cash - you will purchase 30% less and you will save on interest payments

• Reduce the number of times you eat out, or if possible, eliminate it altogether for a month • Reduce entertainment expenses (movies, videos and concerts) and take advantage of freebies - museums, libraries, free events, parks, etc. • Stay away from the mall • Cancel your cable TV for six months • Use coupons and a list when grocery shopping and never go grocery shopping when you are hungry • Cook from scratch whenever possible - it’s a lot cheaper and much better for you • Buy clothes at consignment shops and outlet stores or off-season • Keep your car longer - proper maintenance will make the average car last much longer • Go camping for vacation rather than to a beach resort or fancy hotel

Consider the following ways of increasing your income:

• Get a part-time job for a month; take on various services in your neighborhood (babysitting, yard work, home repairs) • Hold a garage sale and convert unused items into cash or sell unused clothing through a local consignment shop • Make crafts and sell them • Rent out an extra room to a college student • Sell that second or third car, carpool more often or take public transportation

Multisite Details

What is a multisite? Simple definition: one church family in multiple places. It is similar to when we added another weekend service but this time we plan to have it at another location. This will enable us to better reach people in the communities where they live rather than expecting them to come to us. In addition, it will encourage MSC families that live in that area, to invite their friends and neighbors.

When you boil it down, the church is really the family of God. A child carries the DNA of a parent, with unique gifts and attributes. A child also will always remain a part of the family. Mountain Springs Church, Woodmen Campus, is like the parent and the other cam- puses will carry the same DNA and offer the same core ministries and character, but each may have a slightly different flavor or style in some of those ministries. The core of who we are as MSC will remain the same. We will continue to have one leadership team, one Board of Elders, one staff culture, one budget, common vision, strategy, goals, mission and approach to ministry.

Church-wide life areas such as Student Life and Family Life will continue to be important ways in which we connect as one church family. While there will obviously be nuances between the campuses, primarily around differing facilities, each campus will embrace the values of the people of MSC.

Why do a multisite?

Our multisite initiative is based on a vision to reach pre-churched people where they live. We want to leverage our church’s strengths and maximize our po- tential to impact local communities. Launching multisites helps to develop an intentional, region-wide strategy that is unique to each community while mini- mizing expenses. New campuses are a direct application of our commitment to missions because we’ll be placing a body of believers with a heart and passion for a specific region and its people right in their neighborhood and community. Each new campus will also provide more leadership and service opportunities.

Multisite Details What is a multisite? Simple definition: one church family in multiple places . It


Based on our experience we know that people who live within 10 minutes of their church are far more inclined to invite friends because of proximity and familiarity with the location. Basically, we want to take the church to people as opposed to making them drive to us.

Thousands of churches throughout the US have successfully launched and led multisite campuses in the past decade. Through our close relationship with multisite consultant Jim Tomberlin, we are confident and faith-filled as we approach our first launch in 2012. See for more information and current stories.

Why are we doing this campaign?

The goal of Mission2030 is to launch 100 multisite campuses, plant 1000 churches and raise up 10,000 leaders, world-wide, by the


year 2030. So, the purpose of Revolution of Love:project2030is to fund the first chapter of Mission2030 where the Lord is stretching us to be missionally focused in and around Colorado Springs. Our plan is to fund three new campuses in the next three years through project2030. In order to reach the goal of 100 campuses by 2030, we are counting on these campuses to multiply and extend their reach beyond Colorado Springs. The Word&SpiritNetwork(WSN) will spearhead the church planting and international dimensions of Mission2030. WSN & MSC will partner in the leadership development processes and pipeline.

Based on our experience we know that people who live within 10 minutes of their church
Based on our experience we know that people who live within 10 minutes of their church

How are locations chosen?

First and foremost, we pray and look for God’s distinctive activity to determine location. We also look at the demographics of where clusters of MSC church members live in hopes of launching with a core of at least 200 people who would help pioneer the new campus. This group would serve as the core leadership of the campus and will work together to reach the specific needs of that community. As a result we have chosen the northwest side as the location for our first campus.

Who will lead the campus?

A designated team hired for this specific purpose will serve the new campus, led by our campus pastor. The campus pastor will be the face of the place, hosting the services, managing all aspects of the campus and shepherding people at that location. He will be pivotal in being the DNA-carrier of what it means to be Mountain Springs. He will be joined in supporting the service and the church by an administrative/facilities person, a worship leader, a technology lead, a children’s leader and a youth leader. All MSC campuses will be led by our Lead Pastors and governed by our Elder Board. This ensures that all MSC campuses remain accountable, consistent, cohesive and coordinated with the main campus.

Our first campus will be led by Brandon Shupp. Brandon recently joined our team after we recognized his pastoral heart and strategic gifting. Brandon will also help direct our campus strategy and will help to identify and train other leaders for Mission2030.

What will services at the new campus be like?

Services at each of our campuses will be the same in content and style, our DNA. But just like a child carries the DNA of the parent,

he also has some unique gifting and ability. Since Mission2030 is largely about raising up the next generation of leaders, we have to be intentional about empowering emerging leaders to grow into their calling.

Though each campus will be fully video capable, the primary teaching model for each campus will be live in-person teaching. Excel- lent quality video teaching will supplement this when necessary. Pastors Steve and Daniel have formed a teaching team that will rotate around the campuses and grow as additional campuses are launched.

What programs will be available at the campus?

Weekend ministry at the campuses will consist of adult worship, student and children ministry and adult education classes. Essentially, all campuses will mirror the Woodmen campus.

When will this happen?

Ideally, we will launch two campuses in 2012. The first will be in spring and the second will likely be in the fall. In 2013, we will

launch 2-3 campuses, dependent upon leadership resources.

How much will each campus cost?

Since each campus has unique needs and costs, particularly associated with real estate costs and availabilities, there will be some fluctua- tion from site to site. Our research indicates that the average multisite campus will cost around $450,000 in total startup costs. Bud- gets will vary moving forward based upon staffing, congregational growth, and other variables. We have outlined a budget of roughly $250-350k annually, but after the first eighteen months, each campus should be financially self-sustaining.

One of the ways we are defraying cost and employing wise stewardship is through centrally managing many of the operational issues through our main campus.

Sounds great, how do i get involved?

Prayerfully consider giving to project2030so that this new vision becomes a reality. As discussed, there will be all kinds of opportunities to serve. For each campus we need worship, tech, children, student and adult min-

How much will each campus cost? Since each campus has unique needs and costs, particularly associated

istry leaders, to name a few. Each of these areas requires a group of passionate and gifted leaders. leadership training ground of sorts to accomplish Mission2030.

Also, as mentioned, we view this as a

That being the case, if you are sensing a stirring in your heart that God may be calling you step out in leadership and service please contact us. Brandon Shupp ( will be the primary contact for campus opportunities but you may want to also consider Convergence Seminary, our leadership training course. For more information on that, or to get signed up, email

Giving to the Vision

There are many ways to contribute financially to project2030. Take some time to prayerfully consider these opportunities which you may want to utilize to fulfill your faith commitment.

Giving to the Vision There are many ways to contribute financially to project2030 ™ . Take

Cash Gifts

Ask God to give you creative ideas of how you can increase your cash gift to the church over and above your

regular giving. Consider contributing your tax refund, money from a garage sale, or a bonus you received from work. Talk to your family about how each person can feel a part of expanding His kingdom.

Two-Year Commitment

The project2030giving project encourages people to consider giving gladly and generously over two years. This commitment stretches us to trust God to provide for us so that we can be a part of His work in our communities and the world. This may be fulfilled weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Giving to the Vision There are many ways to contribute financially to project2030 ™ . Take

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Personal Property These can be donated to the church to be resold at the discretion of the church administrators. The donor is credited with a non- taxable donation which is equal to the full market value of the gift at the time it was given. The donor also usually avoids paying any capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the asset. For information on donating these types of assets, call Glenn Grosh at 719-548-1500.

Trusts, Wills, and Insurance

Some people set up charitable trusts during their lifetimes, and donate all or portions of this to causes and organizations they believe in. Others set up trusts as retirement accounts to provide steady income in their later years. Upon their deaths, they specify that the re-

maining trust amount can be donated to the organizations they have specified. Many include donations of part of their estates as a part of their wills. Still others designate the church as the beneficiary (or one of the beneficiaries) of their life insurance policies.

Tax Advantages

We encourage you to talk to your CPA, financial advisor, or attorney about the options that would work best for you. Many ways of

giving can offer tax advantages, as well as providing a more substantial gift to the church. Pursue these avenues of maximizing your giving to provide the most for Christ and His Kingdom.

October 1-2: Unshakable Generosity Pastor Steve

Read Acts 2:46-47 & Acts 4:32-35


The Bible indicates that salvation should greatly impact our view of material goods. As a church family, we are currently teaching through the book of Acts. In Luke’s second letter, we see the church coming together with remarkable generosity. The early church believed four major things about their lives:

• they were living the last days • they needed to share this Good News • they saw God as their provider in everything and thus, • there was a joyful and unshakable generosity flowing

Read Matthew 6:19-21, Luke 21:26 & Hebrews 12:25-29

Q: How we handle money is central to our spiritual lives. How is God growing you spiritually through the handling of your money?

Q: How is God permitting a shaking in your life? How are you responding to His work?

Read Matthew 7:24-27, Matthew 6:33 & Deuteronomy 8:17-18

The Bible talks about finances over 2,350 times. Finances were one of the major themes of Jesus’ ministry. The above passage is all about building your life upon the kingdom of God. Instead of building our house on the rock, we’ve gone about trying to get our piece of the rock, the American dream. If we struggle in the building of our foundation, all other aspects of our lives will be out of alignment.

Q: How are you ‘seeking first’ the Kingdom of God in your life? What needs to be reordered in your life and how will you do that?

Finances flow to people who utilize their resources to bring forth the kingdom on the earth. God is setting all this up to show our na- tion who is the unchanging person and what is the unshakable kingdom. God wants to show His power and release His blessings on us.

Q: Why are finances so important to Jesus?



October 8-9: Grace of Giving Pastor Daniel

Read Ecclesiastes 10:19


All of our lives revolve to a certain degree, around money. There was probably not a day this week that you did not engage is some money-related conversation. Maybe it was the back-to-school supplies that cost an arm and a leg, maybe some comments related to our stock market or hopes for a raise at work at the end of the year.

God’s Word has a lot to say about money and giving. Did you know that 16 out of 38 parables touch on the subject of our money and

possessions? One out of every 10 verses in the Gospels speaks about money? There are approximately 500 verses in the Bible on prayer; 500 verses on faith; but there are nearly 2,000 verses on money-related topics.

Money is a spiritual issue with God.

Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-9

Paul is exhorting the Corinthians to give to the struggling Jerusalem church the way the Macedonian churches have given. The Corin-

thian church is a rich church; the Macedonian churches are relatively poor. The Macedonians had received an abundant, extravagant

grace and they are responding in kind. As we consider project2030, it is so important to remember we are to give based on the abun- dant grace of God.

October 8-9: Grace of Giving Pastor Daniel Read Ecclesiastes 10:19 SERMON STUDY GUIDE All of our

Q: How would you describe your giving to the church with a pre-Jesus follower friend? What do you think they would hear you say? Would it be filled with grace or laced with obligation?

There is simply no way of growing into maturity with God without submitting your finances to the Lord. Jesus can have our money but not our heart, but He cannot have our hearts without having our money for, “where your treasure is there is your heart also.”

Q: How would you rate your spiritual growth in handling your finances this past year?

Q: What is one practical way of infusing your spiritual journey with passion this fall? (E.g. getting up early and studying, staying up late and praying, learning to give, going away for 12 hours to spend time with Jesus, etc.)

Read Malachi 3:10, Proverbs 11:24-25 & Luke 6:38

Let’s be the people that give to Jesus with joy! That is enjoying the adventure of grace-giving!



October 15-16, Open Handed Living Pastor Brian Kluth

Read Haggai 1:4 & Haggai 2:15


All of us know that it is natural for parents to want their children to learn to be grateful, generous, and giving. In the same way, our heavenly Father desires His children to become generous and to learn to share whatever they have, whether it is little or much. God desires us to be grateful for what He provides, and He wants us to learn to be open-handed with whatever He gives us.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, many people struggle with materialism, consumerism, indebtedness, concerns about their finances, or fear about what might happen in the future. And in recent years, difficult economic times have challenged people every- where. But according to the Bible teachings of the prophet Haggai, God sometimes allows cold economic winds to blow to get our attention so that we will “give careful thought to our ways” and rediscover the importance of putting God first in our lives and first in our finances. God wants us to discover afresh how living a life of giving, not just getting, leads us to real joy, lasting happiness, and true contentment.

Here are 7 Keys in learning to live a generous, open-handed life:

  • 1. Submit yourself and all you have to the Lord

  • 2. Study the Scriptures on finances and generosity

  • 3. See what God has provided in your life

  • 4. Set aside resources to give

  • 5. Systematically give

  • 6. Spontaneously give as the Lord leads you

  • 7. Simplify your life to be even more generous

Pastor Brian Kluth is a man whose life is a living testimony to the power of
Pastor Brian Kluth is a man whose life is a living testimony to the power of Christ to change a person’s
life. God transformed him from being a tight-fisted taker in his growing up years to becoming a joyful open-
handed giver after he dedicated his life to Christ in his early 20s. In 2009, the church where Brian was the
senior pastor publicly commissioned him to become a Generosity Minister-at-Large to the world. God is now
using him as a writer, guest speaker, and in media interviews to help unleash generosity in people’s lives and
in churches in amazing ways. His work has been featured on major TV networks, over a thousand radio
stations, and hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Brian’s bestselling 40 Day Journey to a More Generous
Life Bible devotional has nearly 500,000 copies in print and is being translated into many foreign languages.
His online materials are being used by thousands of churches. He is the founder of
the movement. Brian lives with his family in Denver, Colorado.


October 22-23: Open Heavens & Brassy Skies Pastor Steve

Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14, 2 Corinthians 1:9 & 2 Peter 1:4


All through scripture God expresses continually how much He wants to prosper His people. God wants to open the heavens over your

life! When we obey, God creates an “open heaven” of blessing. We love such a message, but we forget that most Christians today are

living defeated and worry-filled lives. Let’s admit it; some are not victorious at all.

Read Malachi 3:8-12 & Genesis 12:2

It is clear in our passage, that when we are not obeying God in our giving, God cannot bless us. Our lives can fall into a cycle of the spirit of poverty. The poverty spirit says, I don’t have enough to live and thus, I don’t have enough to give. This passage tells us that if we test God, He will open the heavens over our lives.

Q: How well do you trust God in the handling of your finances? Recall the last time that He came through for you.

Q: Have you ever struggled with a poverty spirit? How did you redirect your life away from it?

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-13 & Luke 19:1-8

It’s interesting that Zacchaeus recognized the idol of materialism in his life and his immediate response was to give. The power of the idol of materialism was broken because of his newly discovered love for Jesus. Zaccheaus had discovered a greater love! This greater love broke the power of materialism.

Q: How would you describe the pressure and pull of materialism in your life?

Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19, Revelation 3:18 & 2 Peter 3:10

Q: How do you continually renew your mind so that you don’t fall back into the trap?

Whatever is given to Christ is immediately touched with immortality!




the Grace of Giving

Glenn Grosh is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) Professional and Investment Advisor Representative with National Planning Corporation and a long-time member of the MSC Board of Elders. In The Grace of Giving, Glenn Grosh shares the deeply personal story of a man who loved God and family yet struggled to trust God as his provider. Glenn takes you on his journey through debt, fear and worry to a place of freedom and trust. This is a story of love, redemption and grace suggesting that true biblical giving flows out of relationship with Christ and spills out in generosity to others.

COMING SOON ... the Grace of Giving “ Glenn Grosh is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®)


  • I manage money for a living. I live, breathe and sweat finances.

  • I have taught financial seminars, have counseled hundreds who were experiencing financial challenges, and have shared God’s principles of giving for years. I’ve written and implemented financial plans for clients and managed their most precious assets.

I’m a financial advisor.

  • I have also struggled for years to trust God as my provider.

This is my story.

  • I am a man who loves God and my family. I left the safety of

being employed by another and jumped into the self-employment

chasm. I felt God calling me and so I risked being self-employed.

  • I wanted to help others and, hopefully, prosper in the process.

Somewhere along the way fear took over my life. It may have always been there, rooted in my lack of self worth and distorted view of God as my loving father. Or it may have been sparked and stoked into the blaze it became by the challenges of start- ing a new business where I was the provider. In any event, fear impacted my relationship with my wife and prevented me from truly enjoying God and trusting Him. Mine is also a story of great mercy and redemption. God in His mercy allowed my frustration to grow to the point where I was not willing to live that way any longer. For years I sought out counsel, searched the scriptures for answers and cried out to God for help. And God, in His mercy, heard my frightened and

angry cries, and set me on the path to freedom.

Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE

The Purpose of this Prayer Guide

The purpose of the prayer guide is to prepare you for Revolution of Love:project2030. Each daily devotion is divided into four parts: Read, Think, Pray, and Apply. Each part will strengthen your relationship with God and help you understand His will for you in this project.

Revolution of Love: project 2030 PRAYER GUIDE The Purpose of this Prayer Guide The purpose of
  • 1 Read the entire selected Bible passage.

  • 2 Reflect: Read the reflective thought that explains each day’s chosen Bible passage. Ask yourself how the Bible passage applies to your life.

  • 3 Pray and communicate with God every day. Ask Him to reveal to you how He wants you to participate in the project.

  • 4 Apply: As you work through each day’s devotion, write down in the space provided any thoughts or ideas that apply to your growth as a Jesus follower and to your involvement in Revolution of Love:project2030.

Revolution of Love: project 2030 PRAYER GUIDE The Purpose of this Prayer Guide The purpose of
  • 1 Saturday, October 15

Read 2 Chronicles 7:14


During the next fifteen days you will be praying to your Father about project2030. God is pleading with you to spend time with Him. First, He wants you to put away anything that prevents you from hearing His voice and receiving His blessings.

1 Saturday, October 15 Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 Think: During the next fifteen days you will


God, I pray that You will purify my heart and the hearts of every member at Mountain Springs Church. Hear our prayers so that our potential of service will be maximized through Your power and so that You will be glorified.


2 Sunday, October 16

Read Matthew 9:35 - 38


Someone has said, “The church is the one organization that

exists for those who aren’t even here yet.” There are literally thousands of unchurched people in our community. You can probably think of some of those individuals because they are your neighbors, coworkers and friends. How will they find Jesus?


God, help me to realize You have called me to work in Your harvest. Give me opportunities to share Your love with some- one today. Please help us as a church to remember that we exist for those who don’t know You.


Revolution of Love:project2030

3 Monday, October 17

Read Matthew 28:16 – 20


In the Colorado Springs area, there are over 600,000 people. Living within a ten-mile radius of Mountain Springs Church there are thousands of people who need to hear about Jesus and His love. Many of those people have never experienced the love of Jesus in a local church. We have such a tremendous oppor- tunity to make disciples.


Lord, help us to be a church that genuinely cares about mak- ing disciples. Empower us from the inside out so that we will be a light in the dark world around us, offering hope and peace through the name of Your Son, Jesus.


  • 4 Tuesday, October 18

Read Psalm 98:3


Envision Mountain Springs Church reaching the Colorado Springs area and the world by preaching and teaching the salvation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Imagine thousands of people giving their lives to Christ and growing in Him as a result of our investment in their future. Imagine God’s arms enveloping a church body that faithfully walks in perfect step with His will.


Father, I pray that You would continue to embrace Mountain Springs Church. Remind me of Your perfect love and salvation so that I will go and share Your blessings with the many who are hurting and in need.


Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE


5 Wednesday, October 19

Read Luke 5:17 – 26


God still works miracles. He does things to amaze His people and to prove He is God and we are not. This campaign is about God doing the remarkable in each life. William Carey, the father of the modern missionary movement, once said, “At- tempt great things for God, expect great things from God.” Let us attempt great things for God and expect great things from Him during this campaign.


God, I stand in awe of You! You desire to do remarkable things through my church and my life. May I never doubt what You can do through me. Help me to be totally surrendered to You. Please begin Your greatest work in me today.


6 Thursday, October 20

Read Colossians 4:2 – 6


Almost every minute of every day provides us with opportunities to serve others. As we imagine the possibilities of expanding our ministry, those opportunities become even greater. Keep your eyes open today for areas where you can serve Jesus, and dream of the potential of the future.


Lord, thank You for the possibilities of service You will place in my path today. As we expand our ministry at Mountain Springs Church may we see even greater opportunities to share Your everlasting love with an ever-changing world.


Revolution of Love:project2030

7 Friday, October 21

Read Acts 11:19 – 21

8 Saturday, October 22

Read Ephesians 4:11 – 13


In times of great challenge, the church has always seen growth – spiritually and numerically. The key to that success is that God’s hand must be involved. We must rely on His strength, wisdom and provision. It takes courage to say, “We’re going to do something so big, if God’s not in it, it’s bound to fail!” It is then that we truly see the hand of God at work.


Think back and remember a teacher, a coach, or a youth leader who really made a difference in your life, going the extra mile and challenging you a little more, or making the extra effort to help you see your potential. No doubt, you are still grateful for that. A major aspect of the church is all about building up God’s people so they can make a serious impact in this world.


God, You are sufficient to supply more than all we need. I praise You and thank You for all your blessings. May we as a church be completely reliant upon You as we expand this min- istry. And as we rise to that challenge, may we see Your hand at work like never before, in our lives and the lives of others.



Father, thank You for sending people into my life to help shape me and mold me into the child of God I am today. Help Mountain Springs be an effective training center so we can bring others in, build them up and send them out. I pray for every person in our church with the responsibility of teaching and training, that You would use them in effective ways.


Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE


9 Sunday, October 23

Read Hebrews 13:20 – 21a


Firefighters will tell you that a major part of their time is spent in training. They have to be adequately equipped and trained to handle the enormous task of fighting fires, rescuing people, and saving lives. In the church our ultimate training instructor is Jesus. And God has promised to fully equip us for doing His will.


Sometimes we get nervous Lord, about being in over our heads. Help us to remember, first of all, that You are the God of peace and that we can trust You when times get tough. But also, Father, help us to realize that you will equip us with everything good for doing Your will.


  • 10 Monday, October 24

Read 2 Corinthians 4:18


Most of our lives we focus on the temporal. We trust in what we can see. Our lives are fixed on things that pass away. We tend to invest our time and money into things that won’t last.


God, help me to fix my eyes on the eternal, not the temporal. God, cause me to see people like You do. Place in my heart a desire to see people come to a life-changing connection with Jesus. I want to see all people through the cross. Help me to remember that my giving will reap eternal rewards. Help me to invest my money wisely.


Revolution of Love:project2030

  • 11 Tuesday, October 25

Read 1 Corinthians 2:9


God has prepared greater blessings for you than you can imagine. He promises this to those who love Him. Begin your prayer today expecting God to give you more than you have dreamed, to show you His wisdom, and to give you a mind like Christ.


Thank You, God that you are prepared to bless me beyond my greatest dreams. I do love You. Reveal to me what You have prepared for my church and for me. Help me to abandon my own agenda and surrender all to your agenda and your will for the world. Give me wisdom like Yours and a pure mind like Your Son’s.


12 Wednesday, October 26

Read Psalm 63:2


God created us to enjoy a relationship with Him. David instructs us to seek God…to thirst and hunger for Him. At Mountain Springs Church, we truly experience God every weekend in worship. When you need God the most, He will cause you to recall those rich experiences of worship.


God, You are my God. I seek You. I long to spend quiet time with You. I have seen Your power and Your glory in worship. May my life be a center of worship for You. And may the wor- ship services of Mountain Springs Church continue to lift up Jesus and show Your power and glory.


Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE


  • 13 Thursday, October 27

Read Acts 16:16 – 34


It is exciting to see baptisms during the worship services. It is a special joy to see entire families make that commitment to God. One of the possibilities of expansion is to help more families find the joy of knowing Jesus. Can you imagine it? When we make Christ the center of our family, forgiveness is found, wounds are healed, and relationships are restored.


Father, You know the names of every family that our future ministry will touch. Please make Mountain Springs Church a safe place for families to find Your love, forgiveness, and grace. Use me in that process of service.


14 Friday, October 28

Read Ephesians 3:14 – 19


It has been said that the way to truly change a city is to start with one family at a time. And the only way to change a family is from the inside out. Ask yourself, “How much am I allowing God to change me? Is Christ at the center of my entire family?”


I can never thank You enough, God, for the family You have given me. Thank You also for my church family. I pray that my family would give You first place in our lives. Unify us so that we can work together as a team. Heal us from past hurts and strengthen us so we can endure the tough times of life. Make us into the kind of family you desire.


Revolution of Love:project2030

  • 15 Saturday, October 29

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6 - 8


God takes pleasure in those who cheerfully give. Although everything belongs to God, He desires to see the joyful attitude of your heart toward giving. God met our deepest needs by giving His Son. Shouldn’t we give generously to Him?


Heavenly Father, impress upon my heart what my part needs to be in giving. You gave Your only Son for me. What can I give You? I desire to give generously to please to You. I know my gifts will reap eternal rewards. God, thank You for allowing me to make one of the greatest investments of my life.


Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE


Your Family Meeting Info


To pray, study and communicate with one another to discover God’s will concerning your commitment to Revolution of


Your Family Meeting Info PURPOSE: To pray, study and communicate with one another to discover God’s


Participate in daily devotions offered in the Revolution of Love:project2030prayer guide so God has the opportunity to prepare every family member. Set a date and time for your family meeting. The meeting will probably take thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the age of your children. Instruct each family member to begin thinking of sacrifices that God wants them, and the entire family, to make in order to make a great investment in God’s work.

Your Family Meeting Info PURPOSE: To pray, study and communicate with one another to discover God’s


Preferably the head of household, with all family members present.

Revolution of Love:project2030


Suggested Steps:

  • 1. Invite God’s presence and leadership into the meeting asking God to give a spirit of love, unity and unselfishness.

  • 2. Read and discuss as a family the Bible passages listed here. Write God’s principles for giving in the space provided.

Proverbs 3:9-10


Proverbs 11:24-25


2 Corinthians 9:6-12


Luke 6:3


Revolution of Love:project2030 PRAYER GUIDE


  • 3. Ask family members to talk about sacrifices they and the family could make in order to give to God through the Revolution of Love:project2030now and over the next three years. List family ideas below. Be sure to include each child so every family member has the opportunity to experience the joy of giving sacrificially to God.

3. Ask family members to talk about sacrifices they and the family could make in order

Ideas :

  • 4. Let each family member pray, thanking and praising God and asking God’s direction and help in making a family decision according to His will.

  • 5. Compare God’s principles for giving (written under the Bible verses you have read) with the ideas your family has come up with. Add any other suggestions that anyone offers.

  • 6. Decide as a family what will be given.

  • 7. Close with a prayer of commitment, asking God to provide for your family as you step out in faith, and to give you joy in giving, thanking Him for what He has done and for what He will do.

Revolution of Love:project2030

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