org 1
UW: 8otooess keooeJy, wbot mokes Atlootlc colleqe speclol
eoooqb fot yoo to qlve yoot tlme to lt?
ne|ena kennedy: 1here are many lnLernaLlonal schools - for
Lhe chlldren of dlplomaLs or Lhe personnel of mulLlnaLlonal
companles. 1haL ls noL whaL AC ls. 1he dlfference comes from
Lhe real varleLy of sLudenLs, Lhe dlfference ln backgrounds and
experlences. l Lhlnk lL provldes an excepLlonal educaLlon for a
globallsed world and provldes a deep undersLandlng of our dl-
verse world. Also because of lL's eLhos - a commlLmenL Lo
peace, Lo muLual respecL, a bellef LhaL every lndlvldual can con-
LrlbuLe Lo a beLLer world. And because lL brlngs LogeLher sLu-
denLs from across raclal, rellglous, gender and class dlvlslons ln
a splrlL of Lolerance and respecL.
UW: 1wo of yoot cbllJteo bove otteoJeJ uwc. wbot ote tbe J
most sttlkloq Jlffeteoces betweeo tbelt eJocotloo ooJ yoots?
nk: l wenL Lo a blg, CaLhollc, secondary school ln Clasgow. 1he
sLudenL populaLlon was malnly worklng class, wlLh a few people
whose parenLs were Leachers. lL was also very homogenous.
1here was no one who was noL whlLe. AlmosL everyone had an
lrlsh background - usually lmmlgranL grandparenLs. Some were
from lLallan famllles and some were Þollsh. A small number
orlglnaLed ln Lhe Plghlands of ScoLland where Lhere ls a small
CaLhollc populaLlon daLlng back Lo Lhe !acoblLes.
Cleo and 8oland's SlxLh form ex-
perlence could noL have been
more dlfferenL. 1he wonderful
Lhlng abouL uWCs ls LhaL Lhe sLu-
denL body ls so dlverse - ln class,
race and rellglon. 1haL mlx and Lhe
depLh of Lhe relaLlonshlps ls whaL
makes lL so speclal. lL ls also a
much more pollLlcally and culLur-
ally aware envlronmenL.
UW: uo yoo cooslJet tbot o speclol
uwc Jlplomo ls o seoslble posslbll-
lty fot tbe fotote to teploce tbe l8?
nk: 1he dlploma would noL re-
place Lhe l8 buL supplemenL lL - Lhls would show [usL how much
servlce ls done ln our colleges unllke ln oLher l8 schools.
UW: 8tltlsb stoJeots seem to bove llmlteJ occess to foll scbolot-
sblps ot Ac. ls tbls folt ooJ ote yoo owote of ooy steps beloq
tokeo to cbooqe tbls?
nk: l do noL Lhlnk lL ls falr, buL l can'L begln Lo Lell you how hard
lL ls Lo geL money for scholarshlps. ln some oLher counLrles,
governmenLs provldes some supporL buL Lhe whole lssue of
educaLlon ln lndependenL schools ls very pollLlclsed here and
Lhe CovernmenL belleves Lhe sLaLe
should supporL sLaLe schools, so
LhaL Lhey are lmproved, and noL
dlverL money lnLo prlvaLe ones. l
happen Lo Lhlnk Lhere are ofLen
greaL advanLages ln people from
Lough backgrounds, buL wlLh Lhe
rlghL klnd of LemperamenL and
ablllLy, geLLlng away so LhaL Lhey
can develop Lhe skllls LhaL wlll Lake
Lhem Lo Lhe besL unlverslLles. Sup-
poslng a young person's mum has
become menLally lll or Lhere are
real problems aL home, golng Lo a
uWC could be wonderful. l have
spoken Lo Lhe MlnlsLer of LducaLlon,
Lord Andrew Adonls, abouL Lhls. Pe
wenL Lo a boardlng school, alLhough
he ls noL from a prlvlleged back-
ground, whlch was posslble ln Lhe
old days and he ls qulLe open Lo Lhe
posslblllLy of worklng wlLh us on Lhls
UW: As tbe low ooJ jostlce system ls o
vety lmpottoot pott of yoot occopo-
tloo os o joty oJvocote ooJ yoo oso-
olly Jeol wltb blqbly cbotqeJ, polltlcol
coses tbot cooceto bomoo tlqbts, Jo
yoo belleve tbot tbete ls oJepoote
occess to jostlce fot oll?
nk: Cur sysLem ls beLLer Lhan many ln
Lhe world buL we have Lo be con-
sLanLly vlgllanL. When governmenLs
wanL Lo save money lL ls easy Lo cuL
legal ald for Lhose accused of crlme
because everyone Lhlnks lL could
never affecL Lhem.
UW: 5boolJ leqol AlJ be mote wlJely ovolloble?
nk: lL should be more avallable ln Asylum cases. WhaL ls avall-
able ls meagre and, as a resulL, Lhe lawyers who do lL are ofLen
Laklng shorLcuLs and falllng Lhelr cllenLs. Þeople who have suf-
fered persecuLlon need Llme and care lf Lhelr sLory ls Lo come
ouL ln all lLs Lerrlble deLall - especlally when women have been
continues on poqe two

Pelena kennedy has
been on Lhe 8oard of
Covernors of ALlanLlc
College slnce 2003.
AparL from belng a
member of Lhe Pouse
of Lords she ls also a
crlmlnal lawyer who
speclallses ln human
It's all very well wanting to save the world, but with-
out help, we wouldn't get anywhere. íeteva Kevvea,
Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation
inIo¸ August 2008
'It is important that
people are properlv re-
presented if thev are
going to spend the rest
of their lives in prison'
Edited by Valentin Jeutner
Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation

Interview with Helena Kennedy
continued írom page one

suffered. l was Laken away, beaLen, my papers
were removed. All conLacL l had wlLh Lhe ouLslde
world was Laken from me. l was Laken Lo prlson,
beaLen even more, and now l am ln [all for reasons
LhaL l myself do noL undersLand. l asked ºWhy, why
me?", l asked perslsLenLly, passlonaLely and elo-
quenLly, l wouldn'L Lake sllence for an answer, buL
desplLe my efforLs, all l goL was a raw egg for break-
fasL. 8uL lL dld noL boLher me. All LhaL l could Lhlnk
abouL now was my famlly, l had called my mum Lhe
nlghL before and promlsed her LhaL l'd be Lhere by 7
pm, buL now lL was closer Lo 7 am.
l wanLed answers, l wanLed reasons, buL
mosL off all, l wanLed Lo see my famlly
for a few days be-
fore golng back Lo

lzzaL Shamroukh
lolestloe (Ac 06-08)
I wanted answers.
A Palestinian refugee about his experience with the Israeli Border Control

UW: As o looJooet Jo yoo tblok tbot keo llvloqstooe moJe
o qooJ moyot?
nk: AbsoluLely. 1he law on Lerrorlsm ls so Lough. We have sur-
rendered a huge amounL of our clvll llberLles, all ln Lhe clalm
LhaL lL wlll secure beLLer [usLlce
for vlcLlms. ln LruLh, reduclng pro-
LecLlons for Lhe accused only ln-
creases Lhe rlsk of mlscarrlages of
[usLlce, whlch does noLhlng Lo
proLecL vlcLlms or Lhe general
publlc and glves anoLher vlcLory
Lo Lhe LerrorlsL. As 8en[amln
lranklln sald: ºPe who sacrlflces
llberLy for securlLy deserves nel-
UW: uo yoo cooslJet tbot tbe low tokes sofflcleot occooot of
tbe bomoo tlqbts of tbose wbo mlqbt be offecteJ by octs of
tettotlsm, wbeo cooslJetloq tbe bomoo tlqbts of o sospecteJ
UW: Apott ftom beloq o lowyet, yoo olso slt oo loboot's
beocbes lo tbe noose of lotJs. uo yoo cooslJet lt oo oJvoo-
toqe ot JlsoJvootoqe beloq o womoo lo tbls posltloo?
nk: AdvanLage. As we are sLlll only 20° so we geL a hlgher
proflle for Lhe Lhlngs we care abouL.
UW: ¥oo bove exptesseJ yoot opposltloo to tbe ltop wot.
lo yoot oploloo, wos tbls tbe mojot teosoo fot 1ooy 8lolt's
oopopolotlty ooJ Jo yoo tblok blstoty wlll look mote
kloJly oo bls tlme os ltlme Mlolstet?
nk: PlsLory wlll never forglve hlm for Lhe declslon Lo go Lo
war wlLh 8ush. And nor should lL.
UW: uo yoo belleve tbot CotJoo 8towo coo tevlve tbe fot-
tooes of New loboot?
nk: lL ls noL looklng good! Pe could only do so lf he re-
Lurned Lo some of hls ldeallsm and redlscovered Lhe val-
ues of Labour, whlch ls abouL falrness, equlLy, and Lhe
eradlcaLlon of poverLy.
nk: ?es l do, because Lhe clLy ls cleaner, more vlbranL and
buslness has loved hlm. Pe also Lrled Lo lnLroduce falrer
houslng pollcles and gave free Lravel Lo people over 60 and
Lo Lhose under 18. 1haL meanL a loL more money ln Lhe
pockeL of ordlnary famllles. l
also Lhlnk he really belleved ln
mulLlculLurallsm - as l do.
London ls wonderful, because
lL ls so dlverse. Powever, all
LhaL sald, l Lhlnk he allowed
some people under hlm Lo
mlsuse money and l Lhlnk he
sLayed Loo long.
'We have to go on believ-
ing in world peace and
we have to re-invent the
UN to make it happen.`
UW: wbot ls yoot lmmeJlote teoctloo to tbe electloo of
8otls Iobosoo os moyot?
nk: LeL's see how he does. l dld noL llke some of hls raclsL
commenLs. no one should Lalk abouL black chlldren as
UW: lloolly oo oo lssoe tbot oll uwc stoJeot teolly toke to
beott, Jo yoo cooslJet tbot tbe uolteJ Notloos, os pteseotly
coostltoteJ, coo posslbly ocbleve peoce lo tbe wotlJ ot ls
wotlJ peoce oo lmposslble objectlve?
nk: We have Lo go on bellevlng ln world peace and we have
Lo re-lnvenL Lhe un Lo make lL happen.
lotetvleweJ by nooot Mlsbcoo (íoqlooJ, Ac 07-09)
More regarding the Mayoral Llections online:
Boris Johnson: At least he isn·t Ken Livingstone
íovor Mi.bcov ;ívgtava, .C0¨·0·)
Mayoral Llections: Best choice ´None of the above´?
]e..av, Mc.rate ;ívgtava,Cavaaa, .C0¨·0·)
contact: izzat¸
lzzaL was released Lhe nexL day and arrlved ln college on

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Dear Reader, Dear Reader,
'Read the biographies oI unknown indi- 'Read the biographies oI unknown indi-
viduals¨, says Sebastian HaIIner iI one aims viduals¨, says Sebastian HaIIner iI one aims
to understand history. The same holds true in to understand history. The same holds true in
respect to an understanding oI the present. respect to an understanding oI the present.
In the world oI today, almost everybody has In the world oI today, almost everybody has
access to daily news and is inIormed about access to daily news and is inIormed about
ongoing wars, environmental crises and catas- ongoing wars, environmental crises and catas-
trophes. trophes.
However, in most cases the signiIicance oI However, in most cases the signiIicance oI
one incident Ior the people aIIected is lost in one incident Ior the people aIIected is lost in
the Ilood oI inIormation and the common at- the Ilood oI inIormation and the common at-
tempt to report objectively on recent events. tempt to report objectively on recent events.
And so no week passes by without reports on And so no week passes by without reports on
deaths in the Middle deaths in the Middle- -East or AIghanistan. But East or AIghanistan. But
the endless reports on terrorist attacks and war the endless reports on terrorist attacks and war
victims have become inIlationary a long time victims have become inIlationary a long time
ago. Individuals stopped being humans, they ago. Individuals stopped being humans, they
became numbers on endless lists oI casualties. became numbers on endless lists oI casualties.
For readers in saIe places oI the world it does For readers in saIe places oI the world it does
not matter whether 1000 or 1001 people were not matter whether 1000 or 1001 people were
killed last night in Zimbabwe, Ior others it killed last night in Zimbabwe, Ior others it
might be the diIIerence between liIe and might be the diIIerence between liIe and
death. death.
No ideology, no belieI, no security policy No ideology, no belieI, no security policy
can justiIy the tears oI children and as soon as can justiIy the tears oI children and as soon as
the politicians oI the world have understood the politicians oI the world have understood
that a very signiIicant step towards the solu that a very signiIicant step towards the solu- -
tion oI many conIlicts has been taken. tion oI many conIlicts has been taken.
United Words wants to make the voices oI United Words wants to make the voices oI
the unknown individuals heard, and show the pri- the unknown individuals heard, and show the pri-
vate destinies behind the evening news. With teams vate destinies behind the evening news. With teams
oI editors in ten United World Colleges and six re- oI editors in ten United World Colleges and six re-
gional editors (Europe, AIrica, Asia, Middle gional editors (Europe, AIrica, Asia, Middle- -East, East,
Latin America, North Latin America, North- -America) every possible cor- America) every possible cor-
ner oI the world is represented and the website can ner oI the world is represented and the website can
also be used as a platIorm to exchange inIormation also be used as a platIorm to exchange inIormation
between the diIIerent college communities. between the diIIerent college communities.
This written issue aims to provide a small insight This written issue aims to provide a small insight
into the variety oI articles, which can be Iound into the variety oI articles, which can be Iound
online. In addition to daily articles posted, Atlantic online. In addition to daily articles posted, Atlantic
College publishes a weekly video podcast on the College publishes a weekly video podcast on the
page. page.
Visit and share your thoughts! Visit and share your thoughts!
In this spirit, In this spirit,
Valentin 1eutner (Germany, AC06 Valentin 1eutner (Germany, AC06- -08) 08)
 
um was cooklng chlcken for
lunch, my dad and broLher were
waLchlng fooLball, my younger slsLer
was wlLh a frlend. l was Laklng a nap.
1he rlng of Lhe doorbell woke me up,
buL Lhe scream LhaL followed lL was
whaL goL me ouL of bed so fasL. l knew lL
was my mum.
l ran Lo Lhe sLalrs and Lhe flrsL Lhlng l
saw was a man, face half-covered wlLh
red fabrlc, polnLlng hls gun aL me. My
mum followed hlm, frlghLened and be-
hlnd her were elghL oLher sLrangers.
1hey ordered us Lo slL down on Lhe
baLhroom floor, flrsL maklng sure LhaL
boLh my dad and broLher were well Lled,
[usL ln case.
unforLunaLely, my grand-aunL and
uncle came ln aL LhaL momenL Lo glve a
presenL Lo my slsLer. 1hey boLh panlcked
when Lhey reallsed whaL was happen-
lng. My grand-uncle felL Lhe duLy Lo pro-
LecL us, he sLarLed Lo flghL buL lL was hlm
agalnsL 9 or 10 oLher people. AfLer
breaklng one Lhlef's nose, Lhey Lhrew
hlm Lo Lhe floor nexL Lo me. Pls head
was bleedlng buL he wanLed Lo con-
Llnue. l Look hls hand and begged hlm Lo
calm down. ´let tbem toke wbotevet
tbey woot!´ l sald.
1haL scared Lhe men, Lhey dldn'L wanL
Lo conLlnue.
´uoo´t blome os, blome tbe Coveto-
meot, tbey´ve stoleo oll oot mooey´ sald
Lhe man wlLh Lhe broken nose before
1he pollce came an
hour and a half afLer we
called Lhem. 1hey were
compleLely useless. We
changed Lhe locks and
added more and now
make sure Lhe alarm
(LhaL sounds even when a caL comes ln)
ls worklng before golng Lo bed every
Motlo Cobtlelo Ioocoso colobottooo
(ícooJot, Ac07-09)
Lcuador, Saturday J4
March 2007, JJ.30 am
One event passes over the private (real) life
of people like a cloud over a lake. Nothing
stirs, there is onlv a fleeting shadow. Another
event whips up the lake as in a thunderstorm.
For a while it is scarcelv recognisable. A
third mav, perhaps drain the lake completelv.
To learn about that, vou must read biogra-
phies, not those of statesmen, but the all too
rare ones of unknown individuals.
Adapted from Sebastian Haffner
contact: gaby¸
Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation

Atlantic College - Let·s keep the magic!
´We are not like Children
without parents´
Liza Gashi ,Koso·o, presents her point oí
·iew on the current situation in Koso·o aíter
the íirst Independence Day on 1¯,2,2008
L some polnL ln Lhe pasL elghLeen monLhs, every one of us
of made Lhe declslon Lo apply Lo Lhe unlLed World Col-
leges. We declded Lo Lemporarlly sacrlflce whaL we had grown
up wlLh Lo come and llve ln a casLle somewhere ln SouLh Wales.
MosL of my frlends and relaLlves couldn'L undersLand why l
Look such a declslon - buL lL was slmply because l had falLh ln
Lhe uWC ldeals. l belleved LhaL uWC ºmakes educaLlon a force
Lo unlLe people, naLlons and culLures for peace and
a susLalnable fuLureºand l felL proud Lo become a parL of lL.
l don'L know whaL exacLly l expecLed when l was comlng Lo
AC, buL l know my expecLaLlons were very poslLlve. 1he way
Lhls place had been porLrayed Lo me sounded nearly llke an
ldeal world. Soon afLer my arrlval l reallzed LhaL lL wasn'L qulLe
Lrue. l couldn'L really ldenLlfy whaL exacLly was wrong, buL l
knew lL was someLhlng qulLe serlous and cenLral Lo Lhls place.
AfLer a year, l see Lhe maln problem of Lhls place noL ln Lhe con-
sLlLuLlon, noL ln Lhe washlng machlnes, noL ln Lhe quallLy of Lhe
food, noL even ln Lhe acLual declslon-maklng process. ln my
vlew, slmply Lhe way we spend our Llme ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL
8efore comlng Lo AC, l ofLen heard how speclal Lhls place was.
uurlng my flrsL year, l ofLen heard how lmporLanL lL was Lo
ºmake Lhe mosL of lL", because Lhere was no oLher place llke
Lhls ln Lhe world. 8uL whaL makes AC so speclal? WhaL ls Lhls
pecullar lngredlenL LhaL ls so dlsLlncL Lo us LhaL you won'L flnd lL
anywhere ln Lhe world? Many people would say
lnLernaLlonallsm, lndependence. 1he way we LreaL each oLher.
AppreclaLlon. ulverslLy. 1oleraLlon. Wllllngness Lo learn. Cpen-
mlndedness. CommlLmenL. SLudenL lnvolvemenL. lnlLlaLlve.
8esponslblllLy. Servlce. lun. !oy. Supposedly, all Lhese and
many more absLracL words make AC so speclal. 8uL does our
everyday llfe really correspond Lo Lhese values?
lf AC really ls speclal, cerLaln Lhlngs you can do only ln AC and
nowhere else musL exlsL. 8uL you can geL drunk anywhere ln
Lhe world. lL doesn'L really make a dlfference lf you do lL wlLh a
few frlends aL home or frlends from, for example flve dlfferenL
counLrles. ?ou may argue LhaL lL ls a way of soclallslng and
hence explorlng oLher culLures, buL Lhe only Lhlng you can dls-
cover ls Lhe level of alcohol Lolerance your drlnklng parLner has!
Slmllarly, you can spend a nlghL Lalklng Lo someone abouL Lhe
mosL recenL AC rumours or any oLher superflclal Loplc and even
Lhough you may reach muLual undersLandlng, you won'L really
dlscover much abouL a dlfferenL culLure. l am noL lmplylng LhaL
AC should be a genlus club where sLudenLs dlscuss only
lnLernaLlonal pollLlcs, phllosophy and Lhe purpose of llfe 24/7,
buL Lhe number of conversaLlons whlch malnly deal wlLh Lhe
laLesL rumours of lasL nlghL ln Lhe Soclal CenLre really surprlse
Cur alm ls Lo be a force. lorces can have dlfferenL effecLs -
Lhey can deform a body or Lhey can puL lL lnLo moLlon. ln AC we
should lnLeracL, spread around and Lry Lo plck up Lhe besL blLs
of our dlverse socleLy. Learn from each oLher and Lhen leL Lhls
experlence shape us. 1hls process lnevlLably means LhaL we
sacrlflce some of our own vlews and prlnclples, buL noL all of
Lhem. Some of our vlews are poslLlve and LhaL's why we were
selecLed Lo come and represenL Lhem, Lo leL oLhers learn from
us. Some are blased pre[udlces and sLereoLypes we need Lo geL
rld of. Powever, AC ls also a communlLy and lnevlLably, lL has lLs
malnsLream way of Lhlnklng LhaL wlll lnfluence us, buL leLLlng
Lhe AC socleLy change our poslLlve slde ls deflnlLely noL a good
ldea, alLhough lL happens qulLe ofLen.
AC ls a speclal place, lndeed. 1hls maglc lngredlenL LhaL makes
lL so dlsLlncL ls noL deflned by any of Lhe absLracL words
l menLloned earller on. lL ls slmply abouL people and Lhelr
acLlons, llke ln every slngle communlLy all over Lhe globe. Lvery
one of us has Lhelr four Lerms ln AC. noL a slngle second less,
noL a slngle second more. lL ls a huge responslblllLy Lo be ln
a place llke Lhls and lL ls enLlrely up Lo us whaL we do wlLh Lhls
llmlLed amounL of Llme - how much we spend dolng Lhlngs LhaL
we can'L do anywhere else ln Lhe world and how much we
spend dolng Lhlngs LhaL do noL conLrlbuLe Lo our common goal.
lL ls our responslblllLy Lo carefully Lhlnk abouL Lhls quesLlon -
our responslblllLy Lo ourselves, Lo Lhe naLlonal commlLLees, Lo
Lhe global socleLy, and Lo our flrsL years.
letet 5ototls (nooqoty, Ac05-07)
was born ln 1990, aL a Llme when Lhe pollLlcal slLuaLlon ln
kosovo was really Lerrlble. 1here were proLesLs every-
where. Lverywhere ln kosovo people had been crylng for
equal rlghLs llke Lhose of Lhe oLher 8epubllcs of Lhe former
WhaL dld Lhe Serblans do durlng Lhls Llme? 1hey Look our na-
Llonal 1v (8adlo and 1elevlslon of ÞrlsLlna), Lhey flred mosL of
Lhe Albanlan workers from Lhelr [obs, and Lhey used Lhelr po-
slLlons Lo dlsLurb our school educaLlon.
Albanlans dldn'L sleep durlng Lhls crlsls. 1hey really had dlffl-
culL soclal problems, buL Lhey organlsed lessons ln houses for
Lhelr chlldren. 1eachers worked wlLhouL any money. 1hese
were hard Llmes, and we mlssed ouL as chlldren - we weren'L
free Lo play, Lo have our favorlLe Loys, and everyLhlng was
dlfflculL for us.
As people, we dldn'L have Lhe rlghL Lo choose for ourselves.
We weren'L equal wlLh oLher 8epubllcs of Lhe former ?ugosla-
vla, and Serbla dldn'L know and respecL our fundamenLal hu-
man rlghLs.
ln 1999 when l was elghL years old, Lhe war sLarLed. 1hou-
sands of people from kosovo have been vlcLlms of exploslons,
murders and massacres. MosL of Lhe people, who Serblan mlll-
Llas expelled from Lhelr homes, never came back because Lhelr
houses had been desLroyed ln flres.
War desLroyed almosL everyLhlng and many people are sLlll
LraumaLlzed. AfLer Lhe war, lnLernaLlonal organlsaLlons lnLro-
duced mulLleLhnlc pro[ecLs and Lhe youLh have been very

Atlantic College
contact: peter¸

Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation 5
pleased Lo be ln Lhe forefronL of change and peace. Cur lnde-
pendence uay was Lhe besL Lhlng Lo happen Lo Lhe kosovo
people. lL was really saLlsfylng Lo know LhaL now, we have a
sLaLe, we aren'L llke chlldren wlLhouL parenLs, we are equal
and kosovo ls garden of peace, where human rlghLs are re-
specLed for all people who llve Lhere.
llzo Cosbl (kosovo, uwc costo klco 07/09)

The 12
UWC in Mostar, Bos-
nia-Her:egovina (opened
2006), aims to promote the
reconciliation process on the
Dan|e| Þr|nz (nungary, AC07-09) asks ¥aros|av 2abavsk|y
(kuss|a, AC07-09), who ||ves |n 1om|||no, Luberc| keg|on,
Moscow D|str|ct, quest|ons about the current po||t|ca| s|tua-
t|on |n h|s home country.
ln the present kussio or in your oreo whot do you see re-
moininq from the 5oviet ero?
1here are a loL of changes compared Lo Lhe 1990's. uurlng my
chlldhood Lhere were food shorLages whlch ls now noL a
problem any more. WhaL has remalned ls Lhe people ln Lhe
parllamenL and governmenL. 1hey were all born durlng Lhe
communlsL perlod. So people are sLlll Lhe same. Cur ldeology
and sLraLegy has changed, we have removed Lhe monumenLs
of Lenln and SLalln, renamed Lhe sLreeLs, people are now able
Lo Lravel Lo Lhe wesLern world. ln Lhe lasL elecLlons Lhe Com-
munlsL ÞarLy galned 37 seaLs ln Lhe uuma, buL l don'L see any
chance for communlsm Lo come back. Cur pollLlclans used Lo
voLe for communlsL leaders and now suddenly all of Lhem
have become democraLs.
ls Putin o port of this so-co//ed o/d qenerotion?
no, deflnlLely noL. Pe broughL new ways of Lhlnklng and de-
mocraLlc means of governmenL.
8ut from the western medio it seems thot Putin sometimes
uses not so democrotic instruments.
Well, ÞuLln's sLaLus as a naLlonal leader ls very hlgh, whlch l
don'L Lhlnk ls rlghL. 1hls remlnds many people of Lhe SovleL
Llmes. noL Lhe way he rules, buL hls popularlLy amongsL ordl-
nary people. SomeLlmes he ls llke a 1sar. SomeLlmes Lhere
are ldeas LhaL he should become a sorL of 8usslan Luka-
shenko and rule for llfe. ln 2007 Lhere were wlde concerns
abouL Lhls, buL now lL seems LhaL he ls ready Lo leave power
aL Lhe end of hls second Lerm.
8ut is he not keepinq his power becominq o Prime Minister?
Accordlng Lo Lhe consLlLuLlon Lhe power ls wlLh Lhe ÞresldenL
buL probably he wlll be able Lo lnfluence Lhe new ÞresldenL,
especlally because lL seems lL wlll be hls cholce.
Medvedev ls qulLe a powerful personallLy of ÞuLln's parLy,
slnce 2004 he has had a hlgh appolnLmenL as llrsL uepuLy
Þrlme MlnlsLer and llrsL uepuLy Chalrman of Councll for lm-
plemenLaLlon of Lhe ÞrlorlLy naLlonal Þro[ecLs whlch appar-
enLly he fulfllled well, so LhaL ls why he ls popular noL be-
cause of ÞuLln.
whot is the ro/e of the medio? ls it free ond workinq?
lL ls, you can flnd a loL of anLl-ÞuLln medla on Lhe lnLerneL or
ln bookshops. lL ls noL llke ln SovleL Llmes, when you could
noL say anyLhlng agalnsL Lhe leaders. Þeople make Lhe cholce,
buL Lhey only have one cholce. 1hls ls a blL unfalr, LhaL ÞuLln's
parLy ls so lnfluenLlal ln Lhe ÞarllamenL.
4t the end of the doy is this democrocy?
A klnd of democracy. ?ear by year 8ussla ls becomlng more
and more democraLlc. 1he wesLern medla ls qulLe manlpulaL-
lve. 8ussla ls noL a perfecL democracy buL lL ls geLLlng beLLer
and beLLer, people have sLarLed Lo llve beLLer. 1hls ls a facL.
Compared Lo Lhe 1990's, now people can buy food ln shops.
AL LhaL Llme Lhey could noL. noL because Lhey were poor,
because Lhere was noL enough food ln Lhe shops. 1here ls
cerLalnly a posslblllLy of growlng democracy. 8uL we were all
afrald of ÞuLln becomlng a naLlonal leader for ever, buL now
we know he wlll noL break Lhe consLlLuLlon and [usL sLay for
one more Lerm.
whot is the ro/e of the secret services?
lf Lhey do lnfluence our llfe ln anyway lL ls good, as Lhey are
flghLlng Lerrorlsm and Lhe drug problems.
whot do you think of chechnyo?
1he war Lhere has klnd of sLopped now. 1here are no masslve
baLLles or bomblng Lhere. 1he slLuaLlon ls quleL. 1here have
noL been many LerrorlsL aLLack for a long Llme whlch ls very
good. 1he presldenL was kllled and now hls son leads Lhe Ler-
rlLory. 8lg lmprovemenLs carrled ouL ( eg. Schools).
8ut then whot do the terrorists wont?
1hey wanL Lhe lndependence of Chechnya. AL Lhe momenL
Lhey are [usL hldlng. Slnce ÞuLln has been Lhe presldenL some
blg names were kllled (for example 8asayev). l remember
when l was small durlng Lhe ?elLsln-era Lhere were news
abouL aLLacks every week. now lL ls only small groups ln
mounLalns and Lhey are much weaker Lhan Lhey used Lo be.
8ut isn´t their oim /eqitimote? uon´t they hove o riqht to be
no, Lhe people of Chechnya do noL wlsh Lo be ruled by Lhese
LerrorlsLs leaders. 1hey Lhlnk Lhe 8usslan army ls good for
Lhem, Lhey are noL on Lhe slde of Lhe LerrorlsLs, who de-
sLroyed everyLhlng ln Crozny. now lL ls fully repalred. 1hey
can [usL compare. 1hey have Lhelr own presldenL ln Lhelr own
republlc. 1hey are mosLly Musllms, Lhey have Lhelr rellglon.
1here ls no way Lo be ruled by people who klll chlldren. 1hese
LerrorlsLs are noL belng seen as freedom-flghLers. 1hey are
[usL LerrorlsLs.
4 /ost question: why do you hove o red stor ot the top of one
of the towers of the krem/in?
ln Lhe eyes of Lhe people lL has no connecLlon wlLh Lhe red
Lerror. Þeople are [usL used Lo lL. ?ou do noL see any monu-
menLs of SLalln any more. 1here are sLlll some of Lenln. 1he
problem cannoL be ln any sLars, lL ls ln Lhe heads of Lhe peo-
ple. lor me from Lhe new generaLlon a red sLar looks nlce on
Lhe Lop of a red bulldlng on Lhe 8ed Square. And LhaL's lL.
Yaroslav Zabavskiy on Putin, media and Chechnya.
´It is a bit unfair, that Putin's party is this influential in the Parliament.´
contact: liza¸
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1ibet ÷ View from Lhasa
he proLesL ln 1lbeL began wlLh demonsLraLlons on March
10, 2008 (1lbeLan uprlslng uay), Lhe 49Lh annlversary of
Lhe falled 1939 1lbeLan uprlslng agalnsL Chlnese rule. 1he pro-
LesLs were sLarLed by 8uddhlsL monks calllng for Lhe release of
fellow monks deLalned ln CcLober 2007 as Lhey celebraLed Lhe
ualal Lama recelvlng Lhe unlLed SLaLes Congresslonal Cold Me-
dal on SepLember 27, 2007. ÞosLers of hls Pollness and Lhe ban-
ned 1lbeLan offlclal flag were seen belng carrled around by Lhe-
se proLesLers ln Lhe sLreeLs of Lhasa.
1he proLesLs soon Lurned lnLo calls for lndependence, rloLlng,
burnlng and looLlng as Lhe Chlnese Lroops came ln Lo sLop Lhe
proLesLers. 1enslons ln Lhasa have lncreased as Lhe clLy's Lhree
blggesL monasLerles were sealed off by Lhousands of soldlers
and armed pollce amld Lhe largesL proLesLs ln nearly Lwo deca-
des. uue Lo Lhls ouLrage, local people also [olned Lhe proLesL,
chanLlng slogans such as 'lree 1lbeL' 'Long Llve Lhe ualal Lama'
and 'lree Lhe Þanchen Lama'. 1hroughouL Lhe proLesLs, Lhe
Chlnese army used Lear gas and elecLrlc prods Lo dlsperse
hundreds of proLesLers. Accordlng Lo research by 1he 1lbeLan
CenLre for Puman 8lghLs and uemocracy commlLLee, more Lhan
120 1lbeLans were kllled and more Lhan 1000 were ln[ured
alLhough Chlnese offlclals have suggesLed Lhe deaLh Loll Lo be
around 18. uue Lo Lhe ma[or crackdown ln Lhasa, 1lbeLans over
dlfferenL parLs of 1lbeL also sLarLed a proLesL ln Lhelr local areas
Lo overLhrow Lhe Chlnese occupaLlon. 1lbeLans llvlng ln exlle
over dlfferenL parLs of Lhe world also sLarLed peaceful de-
monsLraLlons ln fronL of Chlnese embassles and used oLher Lac-
Llcs such as sLarLed hunger sLrlkes. ln 8el[lng, hundreds of
eLhnlc 1lbeLan sLudenLs organlzed a slL-ln proLesL ln solldarlLy
wlLh Lhe proLesLers ln Lhe hlsLorlc area of 1lbeL. 1he Chlnese
offlclals gave Lhe 1lbeLan proLesLers ln Lhasa a deadllne Llll
Monday mldnlghL Lo surrender Lhemselves or Lo face Lhe conse-
quences. AfLer Lhe deadllne passed, reporLs were heard LhaL
Lhe Chlnese Lroops were dolng a house-Lo-house search ln Lha-
sa and arresLlng anyone Lhey suspecLed.
1he forelgn offlclals from dlfferenL parLs of Lhe world urged
Lhe Chlnese offlclals Lo deal wlLh Lhe proLesL ln a peaceful way
and Lo sLop uslng force. 1he un Plgh Commlssloner for Puman
8lghLs Loulse Arbour urged Lhe Chlnese governmenL Lo allow
proLesLers Lo ºexerclse Lhelr rlghL Lo freedom of expresslon and
assembly" and urged Lhe Chlnese governmenL Lo refraln from
excesslve force. 1he Chlnese offlclals made lL very dlfflculL Lo
access medla ln 1lbeL especlally ln Lhasa.
1he Chlnese offlclals have accused Pls Pollness Lhe ualal Lama
Lo be Lhe masLermlnd behlnd Lhe proLesL. Powever, Pls Poll-
ness has denled Lhe accusaLlon and explalned he ls no longer
seeklng lndependence, buL a compleLe auLonomous 1lbeL un-
der Chlnese rule. Pe also expressed hls supporL for Lhe 8el[lng
Clymplcs alLhough many 1lbeLans and many supporLers have
declded Lo boycoLL Lhe 2008 8el[lng Clymplcs. Pe also added
LhaL he wlll reslgn from hls posL as Lhe pollLlcal leader of Lhe
1lbeLan governmenL ln exlle lf Lhe vlolence ln 1lbeL conLlnued
Lo geL worse. Pe also added LhaL lf Chlna's clalms abouL hlm are
Lrue ln any way Lhey should prove Lhem Lo Lhe world. 8uL Lhe
Chlnese governmenL has noL responded Lo hls argumenL whlch
clearly shows LhaL Lhe Chlnese governmenL ls Lrylng Lo spread
false propaganda LhroughouL Lhe world. news has also been
heard abouL Chlnese Lroops and pollce dlsgulslng Lhemselves ln
1lbeLan robes as 1lbeLan monks and lnclLlng vlolenL rloLs
LhroughouL 1lbeL ln order Lo blame Lrue monks.
uue Lo Lhls ma[or crackdown ln Lhe 1lbeL AuLonomous 8eglon
and oLher parLs of 1lbeL whlch Chlna clalms belong Lo Lhem, a
huge lmpacL has been made on Lhe lmage of Chlna as a hosL
counLry for Lhe upcomlng Clymplc evenL. 1he Clymplc ls hosLed
Lo promoLe peace, frlendshlp and respecL among dlfferenL naLl-
ons. lL ls noL an evenL whlch symbollzes anyone's rlghL Lo leglLl-
mlze lLs rule over someLhlng LhaL doesn'L belong Lo Lhem. And
cerLalnly noL an evenL Lo explolL baslc human rlghLs and LorLure
Lhose who deslre Lo leave ln peace. Many aLhleLes and world
leaders had already denled Laklng parL ln 2008 8el[lng Clymplc
ln order Lo show solldarlLy wlLh Lhe 1lbeLans for Lhelr cause of
sLruggle and Lo make Chlna reallze LhaL whaL Lhey are dolng ls
clearly wrong and un[usL. 1he lssue of boycoLLlng Lhe Clymplcs
ls sLlll an ongolng debaLe among varlous world leaders. now lL
ls ln Lhe hands of Lhe Chlnese leadershlp Lo declde Lhelr faLe.
uo Lhey wanL a successful game or a conLroverslal one? lL's up
Lo Lhem.
Ten:in Topchen (Tibet, AC 06-08)
Watch a video of Chinese and 1ibetan students debating the
conflict and other weekly updates on current affairs and col-
lege issues on the United Words You1ube Channel:

contact: topchen¸

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Riots in 1ibet - View from Beijing
n response Lo Lhe rloLs ln Lhe ma[or 1lbeLan clLy of Lhasa,
sLarLed half a monLh ago, Lhe Chlnese auLhorlLles maln-
Laln LhaL Lhe rloLs lnvolved a 'Llny mlnorlLy' of rebels 'beaLlng
clvlllans, sLeallng and damaglng properLles'. More conLrover-
slally, Lhe CovernmenL accuses Lhe 1lbeLan splrlLual leader,
Lhe ualal Lama, of orchesLraLlng Lhe rloLs, clalmlng LhaL lL
holds lmporLanL evldence of Lhe Lama's lnvolvemenL ln orga-
nlzlng Lhe evenLs. Powever, no such evldence has been dlsc-
losed Lo daLe. 1he head of Lhe 1lbeLan self-governlng LerrlLo-
ry's CovernmenL also dlsmlssed rumours LhaL Lhe Chlnese
army had flred on Lhe proLesLlng crowd, saylng LhaL Lroops
were deployed only Lo malnLaln law and order ln Lhe clLy and
Lo asslsL ln rescue work. Accordlng Lo Lhe reporLs by Wen Wul
Þo, a 8el[lng-frlendly newspaper ln Pong kong, Lhe Lroops
had helped over 380 people Lo safeLy, lncludlng forelgn Lou-
rlsLs. Chlnese lorelgn MlnlsLry spokesman Llu !lanchao also
Lold 8euLers news agency LhaL Lhe slLuaLlon ln 1lbeL was now
sLable. ln comparlson Lo Lhe usual censorshlp on Lhe news of
1lbeLan confllcLs, Lhe Chlnese medla's coverage of Lhe vlolen-
ce ln Lhasa can be descrlbed as very hlgh-proflle Lhls Llme. Cn
Lhe mornlng of 13Lh March, Lhe day afLer Lhe rloLs appeared
Lo spread, Lhe sLaLe news agency, xlnhua agency, alred
lmages of Lhe sLreeLs of Lhasa. 1hls was seen as an acL of con-
fldence LhaL Lhe CovernmenL of 1lbeL could conLaln Lhe rloLs.
1he auLhorlLles expressed Lhe wlsh for a swlfL and peaceful
resoluLlon Lo Lhe vlolence, and sLressed LhaL lL was deLerml-
ned Lo sub[ecL Lhe 'mlnorlLy of unlawful elemenLs' causlng
Lhe Lroubles Lo law and lmprlsonmenL.
Ieoolfet leooq (nooq kooq, Ac 06-08)

1enz|n 1opchen (1|bet,
AC06-08) commented on www.un|
uoJetstooJloq tbe polot yoo ote empboslsloq, my oploloo
ls tbot lf tbe ´tlots´ ote tbe wotks of ooly o few people,
bow come lt bos spteoJ to socb o lotqe oettwotk wltblo
socb o sbott tlme? ooJ cooslJetloq tbe ptoblbltloo of lo-
tetootloool meJlo ooJ lotetoet sltes llke yootobe beloq
cot off lo 1lbet, l setloosly tblok tbot tbe sltootloo loslJe
tlbet ls oot beloq tepotteJ ttotbfolly.l too bope os o tlbe-
too tbot tbete wlll be peoce lo my looJ oftet oll tbese Je-
coJes, oot jost lo o fotm of obseoce of vloleoce bot lo ex-
ptessloo of people´s fteeJom os well. 8ot we bove to oc-
cept tbot cleotloq tbe sotfoce ls oot tbe solotloo to tbls
lssoe. 1be toot cooses of lojostlce ooJ opptessloo bos to
be oJJtesseJ soooet ot lotet..
Olympic spirit idyllic pretension?
n llghL of Lhe 1lbeLan escalaLlon, Lhe
Luropean unlon ls conslderlng sLep-
plng up agalnsL Chlna - Lu lorelgn Com-
mlssloner 8enlLa lerrero-Waldner men-
Lloned a posslble boycoLL of Lhe Clymplc
Cames ln Þeklng 2008.
Accordlng Lo lerrero-Waldner, all of
us, especlally WesLern corporaLlons
worklng ln Chlna, have responslblllLles ln
ensurlng Chlna respecLs human rlghLs.
1he respecLlng of human rlghLs and Lhe
concepL of freedom of oplnlon and me-
dla are Lhe underlylng prlnclples of ln-
LernaLlonal undersLandlng and Lhereby
of Lhe Clymplad - Slnce lerrero-
Waldner does noL percelve Lhese condl-
Llons Lo be presenL ln Chlna, she consl-
ders Lhe posslble boycoLL Lo be leglLlma-
Le. Chlna's acLlons ln Lhe followlng
weeks wlll be monlLored and wlll lead Lo
a declslon abouL Lhe Lu's role ln Lhls
year's games.
ln Lhls arLlcle, l wlll noL aLLempL Lo [ud-
ge Chlna's acLlons ln regard Lo human
rlghLs. lL could cerLalnly be argued LhaL
Lhelr measures are mosL bruLe, vlolenL
and conLradlcLory Lo Lhe Clymplc splrlL.
Powever, leL us conslder Lhe role of Lhe
Clymplc Cames. 1he Clymplad glves Lhe
world an almosL unlque opporLunlLy Lo
be ln unlson for a shorL perlod of Llme,
regardless of wars and cruelLles happe-
nlng slmulLaneously. Cne could argue
LhaL Lhe Clymplcs are Lherefore noL
much more Lhan a preLenslon of an ldyl-
llc, non-exlsLenL slLuaLlon. Powever, we
should, however, noL forgeL LhaL lL ls
malnly pollLlclans who are responslble
for confllcLs, people ln Lhe world are,
essenLlally, all equal ln Lhelr deslres. lL ls
1lbeL and Chlna LhaL are ln dlsagree-
menL, noL lndlvldual 1lbeLans and Chl-
nese. ln Lhls sense, people Lhemselves
are much closer Lo Lhe Clymplc splrlL of
co-exlsLence and unlLy Lhan are pollLlcl-
ans. ln lnfllcLlng Lhe currenL pollLlcal
slLuaLlon on whaL has so far been so-
meLhlng for people, lerrero-Waldner
Lrlvlallzes Lhe concepL of Lhe Clymplc
Cames. We should noL glve away whaL
ls perhaps Lhe lasL evenL happenlng
lndependenL of cruelLles. lL ls an lcon
of hope LhaL one day Lhe world wlll be
able Lo work LogeLher ln unlson.
Cn a more pracLlcal level, l would llke
Lo suggesL LhaL wlLh Loday's huge global
problems, cllmaLe change belng [usL one
of Lhem, we musL begln Lo collaboraLe lf
we do noL wanL Lo face our own exLlncLl-
on. LvenLs such as Lhe Clymplcs are cru-
clal ln fosLerlng lnLernaLlonal undersLan-
dlng. Þrogress can only be made lf dls-
cusslon and co-operaLlon are presenL, a
boycoLL ellmlnaLes Lhese vlLal processes.
AoJteo Mlblc (5wltzetlooJ, Ac07-09)
ku| I||||pe commented on

l Jlsoqtee wltb tbe cbolce of cbloo os
bost coootty of tbe Olymplc Comes. loJl-
tectly, tbe commlttee otqoolzet bos blooJ
oo bls booJs. Mooy wotkets bove olteoJy
JleJ oo coosttoctloo sltes, ooJ otbets wlll
stlll Jle. 8ecoose llves lo cbloo seems less
lmpottoot tboo tbe mooey soveJ tbtooqb
o secotlty vlttoolly ooo-exlsteot.nowevet,
l oqtee wltb AoJteo, o boycott woolJ oot
be coosttoctlve.
contact: andrea¸
contact: jen¸
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Africa - 1he Passion never dies...
´After the storm comes the sunshine¨, says Job Ogutu (Kenya)
usL llke Lhe phoenlx, Afrlca wlll one day rlse from Lhe ashes.
Many years ago, Lhe Afrlcan soll was occupled by klngdoms
and Lmplres. 1he success of Lhese vasL LerrlLorles lay on Lhelr
rulers. 1he powerful klngs and Lmperors obLalned power
Lhrough annlhllaLlng and Lhen conquerlng. lrom Lhe klngdom of
Cld Chana ln WesL Afrlca, Lo Lhe Lmplre of MwenemuLapa ln
SouLhern Afrlca and Lhe klngdom of 1he kabaka ln LasL Afrlca, a
people full of prlde were ln occupancy. ?es, Lhe Afrlcan man
was once a person pregnanL wlLh prlde, Lhumplng hls chesL as
he walked across Lhe beauLlful land LhaL was ln hls possesslon.
1he beauLlful and pure waLers of Lhe vlcLorla lalls Lo quench hls
LhlrsL, Lhe green grass LhaL surrounded hls home, for Lhe saLls-
facLlon of hls llvesLock, Lhe wonderful unexplolLed earLh for Lhe
growLh of hls food, Lo feed hlm and hls famlly, Lhe waLers of Lhe
greaL lake vlcLorla, full of flsh, an lmporLanL dleL ln hls meal.
?es, Lhose were Lhe glory days.Afrlca has been explolLed of lLs
rlch mlneral deposlLs, renderlng some areas derellcL, wlLhouL a
shred of rlchness ln Lhem. 1rees have been cuL down, leavlng
some parLs of Lhe conLlnenL prone Lo deserLlflcaLlon. SLarvaLlon,
LhlrsL and dlsease are some plagues LhaL have rocked such a-
reas. 1he lnfanL morLallLy has shoL up, wlLh bables dylng llke
flles. 1he llfe expecLancy ln Malawl ls 40 years. lamlne, dlsease
and poverLy are Lhe ma[or conLrlbuLors of Lhls. WlLh a CuÞ -
per caplLa of $600, Lhls Afrlcan counLry ls ranked as Lhe pooresL
world wlde. Malawl ls [usL an example of Lhe many poor Afrlcan
sLaLes. A blg facLor Lo conslder when lL comes Lo Lhe problems
faclng Lhls once mlghLy conLlnenL ls Lhe klller dlsease AluS. 1hls
dlsease has led Lo many belng orphaned furLher plunglng Lhe
conLlnenL ln a sea full of problems.
8uL afLer Lhe sLorm, comes Lhe sunshlne. 1he same wlll one day
happen ln Lhls beauLlful conLlnenL LhaL was once lush wlLh ve-
geLaLlon and wlldllfe. lL mlghL seem lmposslble looklng aL Lhe
conLlnenL Loday wlLh Lhe sLruggles lL's golng Lhrough, buL lL wlll
happen. ºLvery cloud has a sllver llnlng."
Iob Oqoto (Ac06-08, keoyo)
contact: job¸

It`s dark outside` she whispers, scared.
I smile to try and comIort her.
What iI they come back?` she continues.
For this I have no gesture, no words.
We sit in our living-room, alone.
It`s dark.
The candle Ilickers.
They hurt her,` the child says, slowly.
I look away.
I can`t look into those innocent pools.

They`re too Iamiliar.

Tariq Tobias (Zimbabwe, AC06-08)


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Zimbabwean Letters
lmbabwe remalns, afLer a falled elecLlon, ln a sLaLe of economlc and po-
llLlcal chaos. As Lhe forces of our socleLy conLlnue Lo deLerloraLe we ap-
peal Lo all Lhose who have foughL or flghL for freedom for supporL ln endlng
whaL has gone on for Loo long. l have wrlLLen whaL follows based on Lhe many
aL home l have spoken Lo.

ßaba .a,. í cav`t go to .cboot toaa,. 1be, vigbt cove agaiv.

í aov`t /vor rbev í`tt .ee .vbv,a or Mava bvt í ravt to .bor tbev tbe ¡ictvre í arer.
ßaba rov`t tett ve rbev tbe,`re covivg bove.

1bat vav /ee¡. covivg bere bvt ßaba tett. biv to go ara,. íe .care. ve.

í vi.. tbev.`
Six \ear-old Girl
Oí no political aííiliation
Business has stopped, at least legal business has. It is impossible to keep up
with the ever-changing prices. The shelves remain emptv. I think Mr. Mugabe
is a verv honest man. when he came to power he promised we would all be
millionaires and, in this, he succeeded.

Baker selling bread íor 100 Million Zimbabwean Dollars ,price at 8am today,
1o: 1be ´v¡¡re..or.

Mvcb of rbat ,ov`re aove i. be,ova rora..

Do vot ae.¡air: tbe tortvre, tbe ra¡e, tbe vvraer, tbe .vfferivg ba. att beev votea.

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Yovr Peo¡te
1arlq 1oblas
(2lmbobwe Ac 06-08)
contact: tariq¸
s l pulled ouL my camera Lo Lake a plcLure of
Lhe hoLel l was sLaylng aL, Lwo pollce offlcers
converged on me and lnformed me LhaL lL was lllegal
Lo Lake plcLures and LhaL l should glve Lhem my cam-
era and follow Lhem Lo Lhe nearesL sLaLlon. AfLer
much argumenL and negoLlaLlon l escaped (wlLh Lhe
equlvalenL of $1 less ln my pockeL). Ch yes, l kepL
Lhe plcLure of Lhe hoLel and l was furLher lnsplred Lo
Lake a few more. l share Lhem here for all Lo see
some of whaL a madman can do.
1he room wenL dark. 1here was a second of sllence
as everyone ad[usLed, Lhen Lhe laughLer and resLau-
ranL chlL-chaL resumed. 1he llghLs came back wlLh a
sllghL Lremble. l was slLLlng ln Lhe Melkles PoLel res-
LauranL on Lhe 12
sLorey ln Parare. CerLalnly lL
seemed all were qulLe used Lo Lhe unrellable elec-
LrlclLy. 1he walLer approached our Lable wlLh well
pracLlced grace and a warm smlle.

Cdd, l LhoughL, Lo be smlllng aL a Llme llke Lhls. We
pollLely asked hlm how llfe was, as lL was our flrsL
Llme back ln a year. Pe was glad Lo have someone Lo
share hls paln wlLh as he explalned LhaL hls 4 chll-
dren had noL eaLen more Lhan a loaf of bread for
weeks. l was surprlsed he sald anyLhlng aL all, for ln
Lhe land of empLy promlse and Lyranny, lL ls also
lllegal. 1he llghLs fllckered agaln. 1hen Lhe bulldlng

A group had [usL enLered aL Lhe fronL of Lhe resLau-
ranL, 12 of Lhem roughly. 1he blg man walked wlLh a
pompous sLagger. 1he room agaln wenL sllenL.
Slowly Lhey Look Lhelr seaLs laughlng llke crazed anl-
mals feasLlng on Lhe sufferlng of a people. 1he walL-
ers looked scared. lmmedlaLely Lhe Lenslon ln Lhe
room mulLlplled. All eyes were on Lhe parLy. 1he
mlnlsLer's volce boomed as he cackled wlLh [oy, ec-
sLaLlc wlLh all Lhe aLLenLlon. 1he chandeller dled and
all was engulfed ln darkness.
lL Look a blL longer for Lhe generaLor Lo klck ln. Cne
couldn'L help belng remlnded of Lhe revoluLlons of
old, of how Lhe 8usslan 1sar and nobles musL have
saL on Lhe eve of Lhelr overLhrow. 1he walLer ap-
proached Lhe Lable laden wlLh a largely fllled Lray.
'WhaL klnd of bread would you llke slr?'

A blL of background:
8ecenLly Lhe Zlmbabwean governmenL lmplemenLed
a new pollcy ln an aLLempL Lo help deal wlLh growlng
lnflaLlon (currenLly Lhe hlghesL ln Lhe world). 1hls
was CperaLlon 8educe Þrlces (C8Þ- Also known as:
CuLrageously 8ldlculous Þollcy).
l wlll leave ouL any furLher [udgemenLs on Lhls. 1here
ls already Loo much you need Lo Lake ln.

1he people are sufferlng.

1he Melkles ulnlng 8oom, remlnlscenL of lLs fro-
mer glory, now cllngs Lo a pasL dlfflculL Lo malnLaln.
1he Melkles PoLel, Parare, Zlmbabwe.
Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation

ack at home, obv|ous|y, everyone was Israe||. Lveryone
grew up wlLh Lhe same lstoell values, and learnL Lhe same
Lhlngs. Lveryone was parL of Lhe lsraell socleLy.
lL was only afLer comlng Lo AC LhaL l acLually had Lo face my
lsraell-ness. 8elng here made me reallze so much abouL lsrael,
from a compleLely dlfferenL perspecLlve compared Lo whaL l was
used Lo. l flnally had a chance Lo Lake a sLep back and look aL
lsrael from Lhe ouLslde, from an ob[ecLlve polnL of vlew. 8uL
noLhlng could have prepared me for everyLhlng LhaL comes wlLh
belng an lsraell ln a place llke Lhls.
l was asked qulLe a few Llmes Lo wrlLe someLhlng abouL lsrael,
Lhe slLuaLlon Lhere, a parLlcular evenL LhaL had happened, my
polnL of vlew, eLc. l musL admlL, l had never LhoughL LhaL speak-
lng abouL my home counLry, LranslaLlng my LhoughLs lnLo words
and senLences would be LhaL dlfflculL. AfLer several aLLempLs LhaL
lefL me elLher wlLh page-long arLlcles sLlll Lrylng Lo geL Lo Lhelr
polnL, or pages and pages of scrlbbles and parLs of ldeas LhaL
were almosL lmposslble Lo puL LogeLher, l've reallzed LhaL Lhere
ls sLlll one Lhlng LhaL l felL more sLrongly Lhan anyLhlng else. 1haL
ls Lhe frusLraLlon l felL abouL Lhe whole slLuaLlon, and LhaL would-
n'L leL me go.
lL ls enough Lo look aL Lhe news aL any polnL ln Lhe lasL, leL's
say, 3 years, Lo undersLand where my frusLraLlon comes from. AL
one polnL lL may seem as lf world peace ls [usL around Lhe corner,
wlLh all our leaders belng so reachlng-ouL-for-peace and amaz-
lngly wllllng Lo Lalk Lo Lhe oLher slde, buL only a couple of hours
laLer lL may seem llke anoLher war ls abouL Lo break ouL rlghL
away. no one really knows whaL's golng on, who's Lelllng Lhe
LruLh and who's merely playlng pollLlcal games and when, lf aL
all, Lhls whole crazlness wlll end.
More Lhan LhaL, l am sLunned by Lhe number of headllnes l see
LhaL make me feel llke l've seen Lhem before. 1hlngs l learnL
abouL LhaL happened Lo Lhe !ewlsh people aL some polnL ln hls-
Lory, are now repeaLlng Lhemselves, only Lhls Llme Lhey're hap-
penlng Lo someone else, and we don'L really seem Lo mlnd. A
famous quoLe ln Pebrew LhaL would LranslaLe roughly lnLo
ºCenLlemen, hlsLory ls repeaLlng!" couldn'L be more accuraLe.
lsrael ls meanL Lo be a democraLlc sLaLe. 8uL l belleve lL has a
loL of room for lmprovemenL, and lL's probably noL whaL you're
Lhlnklng of. 1he lsraell medla ls dolng a wonderful [ob maklng
sure we know all we should know, ln many areas of llfe, buL lL has
one ma[or flaw LhaL became really obvlous Lo me only afLer com-
lng Lo Lhe College. We don'L really hear abouL whaL's happenlng
ln Lhe ÞalesLlnlan LerrlLorles. Well, we may hear abouL Lhelr poll-
Llcs, for example, buL no one really knows abouL all Lhose Lhlngs
LhaL are happenlng Lhere for whlch Lhe world holds us accounL-
AnoLher Lhlng l have noLlced from Lhe dlsLance of belng here ls
how much Lhe whole educaLlon process LhaL a young lsraell goes
Lhrough by Lhe age of 18, when he ls expecLed Lo [oln Lhe lul,
Lhe lsraell army, ls almed aL creaLlng noLhlng buL a paLrloLlc ls-
raell who knows LhaL hls only way Lo glve
someLhlng back Lo hls counLry ls by flghLlng
ln Lhe army. WlLh no quesLlons asked, sLu-
denLs are slowly buL surely belng eJocoteJ
Lo have a very speclflc seL of ldeals, wlLh a
very speclflc alm.
As much as Lhey may wlsh Lo see Lhem-
selves as democraLlc, Lhe medla, Lhe edu-
caLlonal sysLem, even Lhe socleLy as a
whole are sLlll qulLe far from LhaL, many
Llmes wlLhouL even reallzlng.
lL seems Lo me LhaL Lhe lsraell socleLy,
much llke mosL of Lhe world, are really
good aL defendlng whaL's Lhelrs, buL cannoL go LhaL one sLep
furLher, and see LhaL Lhey are damaglng oLhers ln exacLly Lhe
same places. l'm shocked Lo see how Lerrlbly lgnoranL and un-
aware people can someLlmes be, and more Lhan LhaL, Lo see Lhe
ones ln conLrol of Lhe lnformaLlon allow people Lo be prevenLed
from seelng lL happen, because of narrow pollLlcal lnLeresLs.
1here are so many dlfferenL paLhs Lo geL Lo LhaL peoce we so
desperaLely long for, and almosL every slngle person ls cerLaln
LhaL he has Lhe rlghL one. WlLh hlsLory, Lhe facLs we base Lhose
ldeas for soluLlons upon, belng enLlrely changeable and malle-
able, dependlng on Lhe polnL a cerLaln someone ls Lrylng Lo
make, Lhere ls almosL no use Lo lL. 1he soluLlons people come up
wlLh for Lhls confllcL are noL based upon solld hlsLory, buL LhaL
hlsLory ls usually bullL around Lhose soluLlons ln order Lo flL Lhem
1he soluLlon was always clear Lo me, buL l wonder how reallsLlc
lL acLually ls for Lhe lsraell socleLy of Loday. l belleve LhaL we
shouldn'L even have counLrles and borders, buL LhaL's probably
Laklng lL way Loo far. lL's hard for many people Lo see lsrael as a
!ewlsh-democraLlc sLaLe, boLh aL once. 1he ldea was Lhere Lo
begln wlLh, and even Lhe ueclaraLlon of lndependence of lsrael
assures equal rlghLs for all people of any race, gender, tellqloo,
eLc., buL someLhlng wenL Lerrlbly wrong along Lhe way, leavlng
us wlLh mosLly Lhe !ewlsh parL of LhaL !ewlsh-democraLlc vlslon.
l know LhaL we can llve ln peace and co-exlsLence, whllsL ensur-
lng Lhe rlghLs of persecuLed mlnorlLles such as Lhe !ewlsh people
used Lo be aL Lhe Llme when Lhe SLaLe of lsrael was founded. 1he
Arab-lsraell confllcL ls noL a glven, and only because we're so
Lraglcally used Lo lL doesn'L mean Lhere ls no opLlon of resolvlng
1he world Loday ls a selflsh place, buL Lhe Lrouble ls, Loo many
people are noL even aware of how selflsh Lhey are. Could lL be
LhaL Lhe lsraell socleLy ls noL unlque ln LhaL sense, buL only Lhe
clrcumsLances ln whlch lL ls placed, because of Lhe confllcL LhaL
make lL resulL ln such horrlble consequences?
ls Lhere anyLhlng we can do Lo change LhaL selflsh and desLruc-
Llve approach LhaL so many people seem Lo posses LhroughouL
Lhe world Lhese days?
now, wlLh Lhe 60
lndependence uay of lsrael aL hand, ln
abouL a week's Llme, Lhe dlfferences only seem Lo geL blgger, Lhe
gap beLween lsrael and Lhe Arab world ls becomlng harder Lo
We must not wait any longer for a real solution
Amit Meyer (Israel) reIlects on his identity and the conIlict in the Middle-East

World Peace just around the corner
Educated to have a very specific set of ideas
Something went terribly wrong
AmlL Meyer
(lstoel, Ac 07-09)

Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation 11
An |nternat|ona| team of students from L| Þo Chun Un|ted
Wor|d Co||ege of nong kong and Þr|nceton Un|vers|ty have
come together w|th the he|p of UWC-USA to p|an the f|rst
ever conference between Amer|can and Iraq| youth.
1he conference wlll Lake place Lhls summer aL klng's Acade-
my boardlng school [usL ouLslde of Amman, !ordan. SlxLeen
Amerlcan and slxLeen lraql 16-19 year olds from dlverse back-
grounds wlLhln each naLlon wlll parLlclpaLe ln Lhe conference
from !uly 14 Lo 23. 1he conference ls deslgned Lo lncorporaLe
Lhree phases: learnlng abouL one anoLher's culLures, hlsLorles,
and ldenLlLles, ldenLlfylng problems ln lraq and drafLlng a sLa-
LemenL of lnLenL Lo be dlsLrlbuLed for lnLernaLlonal consldera-
Llon, and developlng and lmplemenLlng educaLlonal and rec-
reaLlonal youLh-run and youLh-orlenLed developmenL pro[ecLs
wlLhln lraq.
Several guesL speakers wlLh a background ln lraql affalrs and
confllcL managemenL wlll aLLend Lhe conference, lncludlng ur.
!ohn AgresLo, former Senlor Advlsor Lo Lhe lraql MlnlsLry of
Plgher LducaLlon, Shelkh 8ukharl, a member of Lhe lnLerfalLh
ulalogue Lo brlng peace Lo Lhe Poly Land, and ur. Mounzer
laLfaL, former Senlor Advlsor Lo Lhe lraql MlnlsLer of ?ouLh
and SporLs. ur. Selena Sermeno from Lhe 8arLos lnsLlLuLe for
ConsLrucLlve LngagemenL of ConfllcL wlll be presenL Lo work
wlLh Lhe sLudenL faclllLaLors and coordlnaLe conference e-
lollowlng Lhe conference, parLlclpanLs and faclllLaLors wlll
conLlnue Lo ralse supporL for and lmplemenL youLh-orlenLed
developmenL pro[ecLs ln lraq, hopefully under Lhe soon-Lo-be-
approved nCC, ?ouLh lnlLlaLlve for Þrogress. Cne program,
however, has already been sLarLed by Lhe Leam of faclllLaLors,
Lhe Campus ConnecLlon Þrogram. WlLh supporL from Lhe abo-
ve menLloned guesL speakers, ln addlLlon Lo 8arham Sallh,
uepuLy Þrlme MlnlsLer of lraq, and Zalmay khalllzad, uS Am-
bassador Lo Lhe unlLed naLlons, Lhe conference coordlnaLors
wlll llnk Amerlcan unlverslLles and hlgh schools wlLh lraql
schools of all levels. 1hrough such a parLnershlp, Amerlcan
lnsLlLuLlons can help provlde for Lhe needs of Lhe lraq schools,
lmprovlng Lhe educaLlonal condlLlons by provldlng compuLers,
lab equlpmenL, school supplles, eLc. and sLudenLs from boLh
schools can beneflL from culLural exchange.
Chlef Conference CoordlnaLor and lounder, Mlchael Schoen-
leber, and Conference CoordlnaLors AsLrld SLuLh and Cale Sa-
llh, wlll Lravel Lo norLhern lraq followlng Lhe conference Lo
begln esLabllshlng connecLlons wlLh schools ln lraq and work
ouL loglsLlcal problems wlLh uepuLy Þrlme MlnlsLer Sallh and
ur. AgresLo. 1he Leam esLlmaLes orlglnal sLarL up cosLs for Lhe
program Lo be 20,000 uSu and are currenLly looklng for flnan-
clal supporLers Lo reach Lhls goal.
1helr goal ls Lo connecL a mlnlmum of 10 lraql schools wlLh
10 Amerlcan schools, each of whlch should brlng 23,000 uSu
of supporL Lo Lhelr counLerparL school by Lhe end of Lhe fall
2008 academlc year. Powever, havlng heard back already
from 12 lnLeresLed Amerlcan schools, Lhe Leam wlll conLlnue
Lo lncorporaLe as many schools lnLo Lhe program as posslble,
whlle worklng wlLh Lhe conference parLlclpanLs on addlLlonal
pro[ecLs for Lhe youLh of lraq and lmproved undersLandlng
beLween Lhe Lwo naLlons.
Mlcboel 5cboeolebet (u5A, llc06-08)

lot mote lofotmotloo ot to moke o Joootloo to tbe ¥ootb loltl-
otlve fot ltoqtess lo ltop, pleose vlslt
www.ltoposcoofeteoce.otq ot cootoct Mlcboel 5cboeolebet ot
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lounded: 21
No·ember 200¯
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bulld a brldge on, and Lhe lsraell socleLy ls golng down a
paLh LhaL makes me personally, haLe Lo Lhlnk whaL wlll
happen Lo us lf we wlll sLay on for Loo long. !usL llke global
warmlng (for Lhe real uWC Louch of Lhls arLlcle), we are aL
cruclal Llmes ln Lhls confllcL, and we have been aL such for
a long Llme wlLhouL reallzlng. We musLn'L walL any longer
for a real soluLlon.
l'm sure we have more Lo do Lhan [usL walL and bope for
peace Lo come one day.
More articles regarding the Middle Last online:
The one state solution
Robert Isaf (US/Lebanon, AC07-09), Ronia Salman-Lord (UK, AC06-08)
AC Students visit Hebron and the TIPH
Jessamv McArdle (England/Canada, AC07-09)
Severitiy of Holocaust to overwrite human right to live?
Daniel Prin: (Hungarv, AC07-09)
~If you do nothing, there will be no result.~
Honor Mishcon (England, AC07-09)
Iirst ever Conference between
American and Iraqi Youth
Sponsored by the Hearst Corporation

mongsL oLhers, ALlanLlc College ls sLrlvlng Lo become a
self-sufflclenL campus over Lhe nexL couple of years, so as
Lo fulflll lLs mlsslon of susLalnlblllLy. lurLhermore, we alm Lo
esLabllsh conLacLs wlLh Lhe local communlLy, as well as lnLro-
duclng a performance based arLs educaLlon. 1he luÞ cenLre and
LMC are Lo see slgnlflcanL developmenL. llnally, an ALlanLlc
College dlploma ls envlsaged, whlch would run parallel Lo Lhe l8
dlploma and hlghllghL Lhe commlLmenL Lo communlLy and ser-
vlce uWC sLudenLs show. 1he elghL goals are now belng cosLed
and wlll be presenLed aL Lhe 8oard meeLlng ln !une.
Llfe aL ALlanLlc College wlll probably be very dlfferenL nexL
year, buL we are all looklng forward Lo sLarLlng Lo llve ouL our
mlsslon sLaLemenL, raLher Lhan [usL have lL ln Lhe back of our
mlnds. 8efore summer, Lhe flrsL
pumpklns are golng Lo be
planLed aL Lhe back of Lhe sLu-
denL houses! WlLh Lhe poslLlve
uWC splrlL we all feel, nlel's
goals, alLhough demandlng, are
much appreclaLed amongsL Lhe
sLudenL body and we are all
looklng forward Lo lmplemenLlng
lot Jetolls of tbe ptoposol vlslt. www.otlootlccolleqe.otq

Atlantic College planting Pumpkins

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AC 1lCL-Pouse alloLmenL
AoJteo Mlblc (5wltzetlooJ, Ac 07-09)

hls summer 2008, 13 ALlanLlc College sLudenLs wlll be
parLlclpaLlng ln Lhe Þeru-8razll pro[ecL. lL wlll sLarL on Lhe
of !une when all sLudenLs wlll be arrlvlng aL Llma alrporL ln
Lhe Þeruvlan caplLal.
We wlll Lhen make our way Lo 1arapoLo, a clLy wlLhln Lhe Þe-
ruvlan [ungle. 1here we'll spend Lwo weeks worklng ln an
orphanage and laLer wlLh an nCC Lrylng Lo preserve Lhe Ama-
A boaL Lrlp Lhrough Lhe Amazon 8lver wlll Lhen Lake us Lo Ma-
naus-8razll, from where we wlll Lake a plane Lo 8lo de !anelro-
8razll where we wlll spend Lwo weeks Leachlng baslc Lngllsh ln
a school locaLed ln one of Lhe 8razlllan ºfavelas".
8razll-Þeru Þro[ecL 2008 lnLends Lo provlde soclal and envlron-
menLal servlces Lo Lhe lmpoverlshed reglons of Lhese SouLh
Amerlcan counLrles. 1he pro[ecL members, as uWC sLudenLs,
are aLLempLlng Lo Lake advanLage of youLh and glve someLhlng
back Lo Lhe world communlLy. 1hls pro[ecL wlll cover a subsLan-
Llal area, lL ls our hope LhaL we wlll work effecLlvely ln dlfferenL
reglons galnlng a broad lnLeracLlon wlLh a varleLy of people,
sLrlklng connecLlons we hope wlll lasL longer Lhan Lhe few shorL
weeks we wlll be Lhere, buL raLher lnLo fuLure generaLlons of
Lhls pro[ecL. We hope Lo Louch Lhe llves of people be worklng
wlLh, buL also know LhaL Lhe pro[ecL wlll lncrease our own llfe
experlences and educaLe us ln ways academlcs never could.
Harlem Siu Marino Saavedra (Peru, AC 06-08) and
Alan Utria (Zimbabwe, AC 06-08)
AC Students are also going to Malavsia, Gambia, Tan:ania (www.tan:ania-, and India this summer. The China Profect had to
be cancelled due to the Earth Quakes in Mav 2008.
ALlanLlc College SLudenLs worklng for 1anzanla Þro[ecL 2007
1hirteen students, ten nationalities, two countries,
one adventure: five weeks of volunteer work.

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