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Answer key

Unit 4
Ex 1
1 adjective, high 5 noun, day
2 noun, peak / mountain 6 verb, see
3 adverb, Only 7 noun, boots / shoes
4 preposition, On 8 adjective, beautiful / lovely / gorgeous

Ex 2
1 The writer says that they thought Hong Kong was only tall towers. She thinks that travel agents should
help tourists to understand that this is not the case. Therefore, possible meanings of ‘dispel’ are
‘stop’ or ‘change’.
2 In the previous sentence, the writer mentions that there are ‘so many things to do’ in Hong Kong, so
‘diversity’ probably means having ‘variety’ or something to do with ‘a wide choice’.
3 The writer mentions that she found the city ‘rather noisy and crowded’ and that she was glad ‘to get
away’ by going to Lantau, so ‘hustle and bustle’ probably means ‘noisy and busy’.
4 The writer says that the views are ‘fantastic’, so ‘stunning’ is probably a positive adjective close in
meaning to words like ‘splendid’, ‘special’, ‘wonderful’ and ‘very good’.

Ex 3
1 B 2 A

Ex 4
1 3

Ex 5
1 variable 3 disappointment
2 delicious 4 dished up

Ex 6
1 three 4 more
2 longer 5 treats / food
3 available

Answer key

Practice for the exam

Text 1
1 B 10 behaved
2 accumulated 11 indispensable
3 3 12 B
4 smear * 13 New Year’s Eve dinner / feast
5 C 14 D
6 sweeping 15 4
7 decorated 16 F
8 family 17 D
9 burning 18 C
19 prawns = laughter
fish, clams and oysters = prosperity
green vegetables = spring / a time of new beginnings
20 D
* According to the new HKCEE marking scheme, these types of questions will be marked correct even if
there are grammatical or spelling mistakes as long as the meaning is clear.

Ex 7
1 C and E 3 A and H
2 D and G 4 B and F

Ex 8
[Suggested answers only]
Opening para: I’ve got a few ideas
1st para: Walk on Lamma Island
Reason: Simple walk but very pretty, can also stop at beaches and cafes
Details: Easy to get to, bus and then ferry from Central
2nd para: Do Hong Kong Trail across Hong Kong Island, can start at The Peak
Reason: Great views, good for visitors
Details: Take the Peak Tram, finish walk at Repulse Bay or Stanley for a meal
3rd para: Things need to take — water, phone, snacks, money, first aid, light clothing
Closing para: Hope you have fun

Answer key

Practice for the exam

Task 1

Ex 9
Paragraph 1: We should use public transport as much as possible.
Paragraph 2: Nowadays, vehicles can use cleaner types of fuel, such as liquid petroleum gas or electricity.
Paragraph 3: Pollution could be reduced if the engines of stationary vehicles were turned off.

Answer key

Ex 10
[Suggested answers only]
1 I strongly agree that restaurant patrons should not be exposed to this unpleasant and unhealthy
2 Hong Kong’s pollution problem is so bad that it is often difficult to see across the harbour.
3 I completely disagree with the idea that people are rude in Hong Kong, as the standard of service in
shops, hotels and restaurants is superb.
4 Nowadays, Hong Kong’s ties are to China, not Britain, so it is more relevant to learn Putonghua.

Practice for the exam

Task 2
Model answer