Well you've all survived thus far, congratulations.

The following is intended to assist individuals who have finished with the various "10 astros in 7 days" gui des and are wondering how to proceed. The following assumes you have 10 bases wi th level 2 ion turrets and 200 fighters. This may have taken you more than 7 day s, if so, that's OK, just read this when you are ready. This is not to be consid ered gospel, just a point in the right direction. If you started at the same time as the other members of your galaxy, you will fi nd a wealth of farms lying about you, farms that have probably been eligible for attack for some time. Note: a "farm" is a base you should pillage and perhaps (if the player doesn't fight back) occupy long term. Remember that the protecti on rules recently changed: you cannot attack bases belonging to players 10 level s below you (see the developer's log on these forums for more info). However, ch ances are that there will be numerous targets available to you at this stage in the game. Send scouts or corvettes to the sectors around you and look through t hem as well as your home sectors. Some bases will be completely undefended and c an be conquered with a scout (known as a "scout tap") others will have 100 or le ss fleet and crappy defenses like laser turrets. BLOW 'EM UP! You won't need any thing bigger than destroyers to wipe out a dozen bases and make thousands of cre dits. Those of you who are ahead of the game may have cruisers, you can hit base s with missile turrets using these, and make greater profit. Remember, the econo my of the base you are attacking, as well as the player's treasury, determines y our pillage income, so go for higher econ bases or bases that belong to people y ou know have been inactive for awhile (and thus have larger treasuries). Use bat tle calculators to figure your losses if you are unsure of a base's profitabilit y. This farming process should be continual, make hits daily while you work on w hat is below. Some combat basics before we continue: At most points in the game, fighters and cruisers provide the best ratio against balanced fleets with many unit types. Always fill all available hanger space wi th fighters, and bring along at least 1 carrier load for each five cruisers (mor e is better, but no one ever has enough carriers...). When facing fleets made up almost entirely of fighters, w/o turret backup, "shieldrape" with heavy cruiser s, if you have them. Later on, you can "shieldrape" destroyers and below using b attleships. Use recyclers to pick up derbs, which are given out hourly at 30 min utes past the hour. When attacking players you know to be active, time the attac k for 20-25 minutes past the hour, get the derbs a few minutes later and get out . Don't leave large fleets sitting around overnight exposed, especially in war t ime. However, during much of your second week, the targets you will be hitting won't be defended by very many shielded units or defenses (maybe some ion turrets). In this case, a bunch of carriers for fighter dropping your target accompanied by destroyers for taking out the shielded defenses/units is a better fleet combo th an the cruiser/fighter fleets you will probably use later. For more indepth disc ussion, see combat guides. If you are upgraded, you can get more bases. Free players ignore this discussion . Before building base 11, it is optimal to do two things if you want to get the most bang for each buck you invest in your empire. First, construct such that a ll your bases have 14 MR, 10 Robotic Factories, 5 Nanite Factories, and six Econ omic Centers. Essentially, each eco point you pay for should cost up to 200 cred its-ish maximum. Second, get four trade routes on all your bases. After doing th is, halt construction and buy base 11. If you have questions about what astro to get, look at TUM's Astro Guide, in this tutorial sub-forum, which covers the su bject thorougly. Remember to get moons, not planets, if you are upgraded and (l ike most players) you believe several prings will be necessary in defending your bases later. If you don't have 3 research bases, its time to get the third. Af

if your situation is more scary. It is probably too early to spend cash on long dis tance routes. Later on. You should focus on economics when constructing. After that. Remember. research only what you need and y ou'll be able to build them within 2 months. If you are attacking often. then skimping a bit is ok. If not.continual production . when y ou have a question about what to buy. and the econ of the lower econ base in the trade is the biggest facto r in determining trade value. then defend yourself according ly. Here's the stuff yo u should be aiming for.start work on the 16 labs required for photon tech immediately. etc) by cost (right now. deflection shields. battleships. construction should be continuing. The first priority: more trade routes. What to research: Research allows you to build better stuff. carriers. If you're in a guild that has locked down your galaxy. production capa city bonus. Notic e that I do NOT mention dreadnoughts. those of you who are fast may have 3. and terraforming. Just make sure you have enough to prevent some random noob from whacking your base. orbital bases. you may have joined the first guild that offered to take you in or the first one in your area that you noticed. You may get some things out of order if you are researching at ma x capacity on three bases. Save your cash and buy it. focusing on growth now will pay off with bigger armadas later. Remember. A note about defenses: don't overbuild them. but in the early stages of the game some guild s fall apart or become consigned to perpetual mediocrity while others grow and t . photon turrets. In eac h case research the prerequisite techs as spelled out in the tech tables. ge t those first. Remember to keep building labs before you n eed them . The tech path up to them is enormous. Why? Because sometimes it's better to invest credits in your empire instead of in defenses that you don't really need anyway . thats OK. Everything else. android factor ies. Of course.as much as possible with the available money. Prings pro vide the closest thing to safety in this game. and while it is useful to have them. buying base 12 becomes o ptimal. for free players . even if protection is over. Why am I not telling you to prioritize fleet? The answer is that you are still in the expansion phase of you r empire. you probably can produce at 2/3 of capacity. HCs). These will unlock other things that I'm not troubling myself to mention as well. This is fine. also includes area. Proper defense is always relative t o how many threats are out there. should get up to 10 in week two. if not. Your goal should be to get photons before day 14. so go for around 400ish distance on your well-developed bases. prioritize pring research over dreadnoughts. energy and area.ter getting base 11. you should be pursuing another round of construction and then base 12. After the first seven days. upgraded or not. and any distance on your less valuable bases. this means credits). Cost. let gui ldmates get JGs) disruptor turrets. become big concerns for all players. jump gates (only if you are upgraded and are ahead in tech. your money allocation should be as follows whenever you are not saving for big purchases: construction . in addition to credits. get them up to 12 (carriers. Meanwhile. in order: cruisers (if you don't already have them) heav y cruisers. After eac h eco point you build costs 400 creds or more to build.continual research . productio n bases need shipyards. your production bases should have at least 10 (for cruisers). aim for four trades per base as discussed above. You s hould already be able to get nanites. econ centers. divide benefit (eco bonus. prings. Unless you are under heavy assault or your guild is at war. Back to the game. These are floating derb piles that some id iots try to get really early. Research planets need labs. You should be up to 2 per base after 7 days. unique trades boost your econ. During the second week. pshields. A word on guilds: If you started in a new server in a new galaxy. excluding crystal moons.

Before we go. Do not delay base building too long--the players that dominate don't. Removed advice to build command centers and changed advice on defenses. taking out emphasis on cruiser/carrier fleets. *flameshield powered up!* Edit 10/5/08: Snaplinks references removed. combat section made consistent with new protection rules. start revising your trade routes after this period (see "How to Build Your Trade Empire" for more info). it probably doesn't). in the same set -00s. Edit 6/10/09: After the first few days of Gamma I've updated the combat section.riumph. Also. I'm only attempting to steer you toward a group that will give you a good gaming experience. Previously the guide had told people to build it too early. nor do I intend to touch of some heated debate on what makes a good gu ild. then it means that you should buy a new base rather than continu ing to construct on your existing ones. Guilds likely to succeed will exhib it several of the following traits: a willingness to kick inactive players or bl atantly incompetent players (note: you might fear that this means you. things could go to hell when he's gone) whose accounts demonstrate knowledge of the game. Do not consider yourself tied to the guild you joined on day 0 just because you are trading with a few of the ir players or are chatting on their boards. two quick things: If you are upgraded try to get base 13 before the end of the month. I hope i t is helpful. Obviously this is not an in-depth discussion o f guilds. not everything you need to know. 10s. Edit 12/04/10: Changed advice on when to build base 11. If you are reading and following guides. This should take you through the second week. some centralization in p layer base (everyone is located in nearby galaxies. and an a bility to coordinate in wartime. Keep looking a t what makes the most sense investment-wise when choosing to buy bases. guild paragraph added. 2 0s. If each eco point you buy on existing bases is more expensive (including area/population /energy costs) than the eco that could be acquired by simply buying and building on a new base. The game is e normously complicated. . leaders (note the plural: if one man runs the ship. Edit 24/06/11: Changed advice on bases 12-13. etc). Edit 1/10/09: 2nd to last paragraph added. it would take volumes to to thoroughly cover AE. This represents just a few ideas. Obviously the latter sort is preferable.