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Project: PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Location: Owner: Subject: Materials Checklist Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 ITEM

I DESCRIPTION GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Mobilization & Demobilization Works Temporary Facilities Permits and Licenses Architectural/ Engineering Design & Supervision Fees SITE REQUIREMENTS Layout & Staking Soil Testing Footing Excavation/ Disposal Soil Poisoning Gravel Bedding PVC Water Stop Dewatering Works Power Consumption Water Consumption Demolition and Hauling out Fees Field Overhead Road Network Pile Works (Concrete or Steel Sheet Pile) CIVIL/ STRUCTURAL WORKS Foundation Ready Mixed Concrete Concrete (On Site Mix) Gravel Bedding 1" Crushed Gravel " Washed Sand Portland Cement Formworks Marine Plywood Ordinary Plywood Formaply Coco Lumber Common Wire Nails Steel Scaffoldings & Formworks Shoring Jacks, Base Jacks, U-Base, Clamps etc. Rebarworks/ Steel Reinforcement Deformed Bars (Grade 33, 40, 60) G.I. Wire, #16 Wide Flange Beams C- Channels Mild Steel Plates IV. NON STRUCTURAL WORKS/ MASONRY & CONCRETE WORKS: Exterior & Interior Walls CHB (Concrete Hollw Blocks) Washed Sand Portland Cement Deformed Bars G.I. Wire, #16 V. ARCHITECTURAL FINISHING WORKS: FLOOR FINISHES: Ceramic Floor Tiles for T&B Ceramic Floor Tiles for Offices, Private Rooms and Other Areas Granite, Marble, Vinyl Floor Finishes WALL FINISHES: Ceramic Wall Tiles for T&B UNIT QTY. REMARKS



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Ceramic Wall Tiles for Kitchen, Lavatories & Others Areas Granite, Marble, Vinyl Floor Finishes Aluminum Composite Panels (Exterior & Interior Walls) CEILING FINISHES: Mouldings Fiber Cement Boards Light Metal Frames and Accessories Aluminum Ceiling Panels Acoustic Ceiling System OTHERS: Ceramic Tiles for Stairs Ceramic Tiles for Hallways & Balconies Brass Stair Nosing, Brass Strips Rubberized Floorings Epoxy Floor Coatings DOORS & WINDOWS: Wooden Doors (Panel & Flush Doors) PVC Doors Metal Doors/ Steel Doors/ Steel Grilles Roll up Shutters Steel Casement Windows Glass Aluminum Doors & Windows Glass Curtain Door Closers & Door Stoppers Hardware/ Locksets & Other Accessories Panic Device Electronic Door Lock System/ Biometrics CARPENTRY WORKS: Good Lumber, Kiln Dried rough & S4S PAINTING WORKS: Exterior Elastomeric Masonry Paint Interior Masonry Paint Environment Friendly Paint & Coatings Ceiling & Ceiling Eaves Wooden Doors, Baseboards & Cornices Automotive Lacquer Paint for Roll-up Shutters Metal Paint for Window & Steel Frames ROOFING WORKS: Polycarbonate Roofing for Canopies & Awnings on Steel Framing and Aluminum Fasteners Long Span Pre-painted G.I. Roofing C-Purlins and Metal Framings Bubble Type Aluminum Insulation PVC Membrane Waterproofing & Roofing System METAL & STAINLESS WORKS: Cisten Tank Manhole Cover Cistern Tank Ladder Rung Stairs Railings, Steps and Catwalk Main Stair Railing Foyer Railing Balcony Railings Ramp Railings Roof Trusses Others WOOD WORKS: Closets Door Jambs Others INTERIOR FURNISHING: Blinds Curtains & Draperies Bed & Matresses Bed Covers, Bedding Accessories Furniture and Accessories VI. WATERPROOFING WORKS Cistern: Integral Waterproofing Sytem Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing System

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Epoxy Tank Lining Septic Vault: Integral Waterproofing Sytem Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing System Epoxy Tank Lining Toilet & Bathrooms, Kitchen Areas Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing System Roof Deck & Roof Over Deck Structure Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Sytem Anti-Root PVC Membrane Green Roofing System Torch Applied Membrane Waterproofing System VII. SANITARY/ PLUMBING WORKS: Sleeves & Blockouts Ventilation Branches & Supports Wasteline Branches & Supports Waterline Branches & Pipe Supports (PPR & PVC Pipes & Fittings) Downspout Branches, Pipe Supports & Pipe Hangers Plumbing Fixtures Water Closets Lavatories Faucets & Shower Heads Sewage Pumps & Sump Pumps (Pumps & Motors) Booster Pumps & Transfer Pumps Water Tanks & Water Storage System Drainage Covers & Drainage System Accessories Testing & Commissioning VIII. ELECTRICAL WORKS RACEWAYS: Cable Tray Conduit to 15' (RSC & PVC Conduits) Conduit in Concrete Slab Conduit in Trench Trench Duct Under Floor Duct Wire Mold Raceway Wire Way Elctrical Cable Fasteners and Hangers CONDUCTOR & GROUNDING: Armored Cable Control Cable Shielded Cable Non-Metallic Sheated Cable Ground Rods Wires & Cable (Phelp Dodge, Duraflex, Philflex) BOXES & WIRING DEVICES: Pull Boxes and Cabinets Outlet Boxes Wiring Devices (Toggle Switch, Dimmer Switch, Etc.) Low Voltage Switching (Relays, Flush Switch, Master) Control Rectifier, Switch Plates STARTER BOARD & SWITCHES: Circuit Breakers Control Stations Fuse Cabinets Motor Connections Motor Starters, Magnetic Starters & Controls Panel Boards Panel Board Circuit Breakers Safety Switches Switch Boards Distribution Section Group Mounted Bus Bars Feeder Section Group Mounted Device Circuit Switchboard Instrument TRANSFORMERS & BUS DUCTS: Oil-Filled Transformers Dry Type Transformers

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Copper Bus Ducts POWER SYSTEM & CAPACITORS: Capacitors Uninterruptible Power Supply System Generator System Automatic Transfer Switches LIGHTING: Interior Lighting Fixture Exit Lighting Exterior Lighting Fixture Lamps and Lamp Post Lamps and Lamp Post LED Lighting System Automated Lighting System SPECIAL SYSTEM: Detection System Burglar Alarm Door Switches Exit Control Locks, Horn Alarm Public Address System Sound System T.V. System, Master Antenna Telephone System, PABX Centralized Paging System Addressable Fire Alarm System Structured Cabling and Data Network System Lightning Arrester Renewable Energy System, Solar Electric Energy System IX. MECHANICAL WORKS: FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM: Automatic Fire Suppression System Fire Equipment Cabinets Fire Extinguishers Fire Hose & Equipment Fire Pumps Fire Valves Sprinkler System Component Fire Hydrants REFRIGERATION & AIRCONDITIONING: Centralized Air Conditioning System Split Type ACU/ VRF/ VRV (Variable Refrigerant Flow/ Variable Refrigerant Volume) Window Type ACU Walk-in Freezers & Cold Storage System LIFTING SYSTEM Elevator/ Lift System Dumbwaiters WATER & WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM: Water Purification System/ Reverse Osmosis Filtration Wastewater Treatment System Bactecides and Disinfectants Solar Water Heating System LPG Heating System X. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Solid Waste Management & Disposal Waste Segregation System Trash Bins/ Garbage Chutes Green Building Solutions Boiler System Cooling Tower System Solar Energy System Laundry Management Air Purification and Ionizers CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS: Non-Shrink Grouts and High Strenght Epoxy Grouts Skim Coatings & Rendering Mortars Self-Levelling Grouts and Mortars

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Floor Hardeners Sealants and Adhesives Lightweight Concrete Materials Precast T-Joists and Flooring System Concrete Repair Chemicals Concrete Admixture & Plasticiser SOIL PROTECTION SYSTEM: Gabions and Matresses Rock Anchoring System Soil/ Earth Stabilization System SWIMMING POOL & WATER FEATURE SYSTEM/ WELLNESS CENTER Clubhouse Infinity Pool & Spa Filtration Equipment, Chemicals & Accessories Water Features, Interactive Water Feature System Pristine Pool Finishing System (Textured Masonry Finish) Diamond Brite Pool Finishing System Sauna, Steam Room & Spa Accessories Fitness/ Gym Equipment LANDSCAPING & HARDSCAPING: Green Roofing System Roof Deck Hardscape & Landscape SIGNAGES: Built-up Signages (Stainless, Brass, Acrylic) Panaflex & Neon Signages Directional Signages Advertising System, LED Signage System

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