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Ask yourself : How satisfied am I with this aspect of my job?

Very Satisfied, means I am very satisfied with this aspect of my job. Satisfied, means I am satisfied with this aspect of my job. N, means I can't decide whether I am satisfied or not with this aspect my job. Dissatisfied, means I am dissatisfied with this aspect of my job. Very Dissatisfied, means I am very dissatisfied with this aspect of my job. PART I
Please tick in appropriate column for each question that come closest to reflecting your opinion about it.

S. N. On my present job this is how I feel about...

Very Satisfied Satisfied

'N' Cant's decide


Very Dissatisfied

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Being able to keep busy all the time The chance to work alone on the job The chance to do different things from time to time The chance to be somebody in the community The way my boss handles his/her workers The competence of my supervisor in making decisions Being able to do things that don't go against my conscience. The way my boss provides for steady employment The chance to do things for other people

10 The chance to tell people what to do 11 The chance to do something that makes use of my abilities 12 The way company policies are put into practice 13 My pay and the amount of work I do 14 The chances of advancement on this job 15 The freedom to use my own judgments 16 The chance to try my own methods of doing the job 17 The working conditions 18 The way my coworkers get along with each other 19 The praise I get for doing a good job 20 The feeling of accomplishment I get from my job

S. N.
Very Satisfied Satisfied 'N' Cant's decide
Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The way my supervisor listens when I have something important to say. The way my supervisor sets clear work goals The way my supervisor treats me when I make a mistake. My supervisor's fairness in appraising my job performance. The way my supervisor is consistent in his/her behavior towards subordinates. The way my supervisor helps me to get the job done. The way my supervisor gives me credit for my ideas. The way my supervisor gives me clear instructios. The way my supervisor informs me about work changes.

10 The way my supervisor follows through to get problems solved. 11 The way my supervisor understands the problems I might run into doing the job. 12 The way my supervisor shows concerns for my career progress. 13 My supervisor's backing me up with other management. 14 The frequency with which I get pat on the back for doing a good job. 15 The technical competence of my supervisor. 16 The amount of time I get to learn a task before I am moved to another task. 17 The time I have to do the right job. 18 The way my job responsibilities are clearly defined.

1. Name : __________________________________________________ 2. Email Id : ________________________________________________ 3. Department : _______________________________ 4.Which grade you belongs to : (Please tick the appropriate box) M F 5. Gender : (Please tick the appropriate box) 6. Age : (Tick the group you belong to) a) b) c) d) between 20 30 between 31 40 between 41 50 between 51 60 A B C

7. Qualification : (Tick the appropriate option) a) Under Graduate b) Graduate c) Post Graduate d) Professional Course 8. How long have you been on your present job? (Tick the group you belong to) a) 0 - 5 years b) 6 - 10 years c) 11 15 years d) 16 20 years e) 21years & above 9. Is this your ______________________ a) 1st job b) 2nd job c) 3rd job d) 4th job

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