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Address: 9 Puskin Street, Constanta 900664, Romania Tel: +40.241.586810 Fax: +40.241.586805 Email: Website:

PHOTO Rank: Availability: Expected Wage/Salary: Vessel Type Messman 27.09.2011 Reasearch vessels

PERSONAL DETAILS SURNAME : NAME: Date of Birth/Place of Birth: Marital Status: HOME ADDRESS: Contact Phone: Mobile Phone: Other telephone numbers: Email address: NEXT of KIN SURNAME: NAME: Relationship: Date of Birth: Address: Contact phone number: Petrescu Daniel Brother 30.05.1968 str.pescarilor nr 55 bl fz 21 sc b ap 11 0730920739 Petrescu Marian 17.02.2011


Single Navodari,str c4 nr 17 0723423581

EDUCATION Name of Institution High school agricol poarta alba Course Attended From 2000 Dates To 2004 Qualification gained Public alimentation

DOCUMENTS / CERTIFICATES Number Passport US Visa Seaman Book Certificate of Competency (COC) Medical Certificate YF Vaccination STCW Endorsement Oil Tanker LPG/LNG Tanker Chemical Tanker GMDSS (GOC) IMO Courses NAME Advance fire fighting Basic fire fighting Maritime English Medical first aid Medical care Personal survival techniques Personal safety and social responsibilities on board ships Prevention of pollution of the marine environment Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat, other than fast rescue boats Transport and handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes Radar arpa, bridge teamwork and search and rescue General operators certificate for GMDSS (GOC) Expiry Date 09.06.2016 09.06.2016 09.06.2016 09.06.2016 13305153 Type c1 14547ct
Number Rank

Place of Issue constanta constanta constanta 14755 sailor constanta

Date Issued Expires 13.11.2 13.11.201 011 7 27.04.2 25.04.201 003 5 3.12. 01.11.201 2003 2 2.11. 2006

Issuing Authority politia constanta constanta Autoritatea navala romana Autoritatea navala romana

Operational use of electronic chart display and information system Bridge team management Engine room resource management Ship handling and maneuvering simulation Ship security officer Ship safety officer Tanker familiarization Specialized training for chemical tankers Specialized training for oil tankers Specialized training for liquefied gas tankers RO-RO Passenger Ships/Passenger Ships other than RO-RO Passenger Ships SEA SERVICE EXPERIENCE (Minimum last 5 years) Company Lowland Lowland Princess Princess Princess Vessel Name Pelagia Pelagia Dream primcess Grand Princess Star Princess Rank Messm an Messm an Waiter Ass. waiter Buffet steward Vessel type Reasear ch Reasear ch Passang er Passang er Passang er GRT HP 1615 1615 18000 24000 22000 Engine Type


Signed On 11.05.201 1 05.05.200 8 08.04.200 5 07/06.200 4 22.03.200 3

Signed Off 24.11.201 1 06.08.200 9 06.11.200 6 19.01.200 5 11.09.200 3

NEDCON MARITIME is registered to A.N.S.P.D.C.P with no. 4800 according to the Law no. 677/2001. I the undersigned, agree to the use of my personal data included in the present application form as acquired by the recruiting process. I have acknowledged my legal rights regarding the information and access to the data base of this operator as per Art. 12 -18 from Romanian Law no. 677/2001. Date 27.09.2011