Students learn about current events and politics in the classroom about the topics the education system

deems necessary. This creates a disconnect with how students should learn about current events and politics. Due to the copious amount of information available it can get over whelming, at times. AP High School students have opinions and are ready to share them. By giving them a safe space to express themselves to figure out how they feel will help connect them to what is going on in the world today

here is the viusal audit of AP high schoolers today. they are active, willing, and ambitious.

Through interviews and talking with people that are around this demographic we came to the conclusion of four basic wants and needs. AP High Schoolers want to be involved, there fore communicating between schools would be a definite thing they need. By seeing how different people live in other parts of the country is a big part of our system. They also want to be recognized for their good work and attitude all around. Through their ambitious ways they always seem to set out to make a difference in any way they can. They are driven students.

Through discovering this we developed three personas that set out to describe an AP high school student from each main political side. Chase is 18 and it’s his Senior year. He really enjoys sports, computers and art. He claims to be from a more liberal point of view. This may or may not have to do with family background and history, but it’s hard to tell. Jenny is new to her school and is starting out her sophomore year. She’s in AP History 1 and is still confused about what side she’d like to take when it comes to being politically active. Her parents are very conservative, but that doesn’t stop her from questioning “why?”

When dealing with the community we wanted to have our system reach the entire United States, so that students can see and get a feel for what it may be like for someone on the other side of the country. By picking these areas we have a good mix of conservatives, moderates, and liberals.

We wanted our aesthetic to reference political history, but have a playful feel with color and type. We realized that the AP High school students were serious people, who have goals and are on a one track path to get there.


Here we start our wireframes for our political and current event awareness system. “Jenny is trying to find an event”.

Jenny is trying to find an event

Here we start our wireframes for our political and current event awareness system. “Jenny is trying to find an event”.

Jenny pulls up the community’s website and logs in with her username and password it takes her to the main community page. the top has the navigation. Highlighted first on the main page are the four current spotlighted members, they were chosen because of their “above and beyond” engagement in the community. Jenny clicks on “events” at the top and it takes her automatically to the liberal events going on in the Kansas City area listed from most popular to least. She chose these settings when she first set up her account in the community. She scrolls through the events and decides to look at the top event. This takes her to the events page. It has the name, the basic info about the event and the RSVP button all at the top. Below

“The 411 on the Schedule” which has the agenda of the event and below that is the list of other members who are going to this event as well. When jenny scrolled down, a handy-dandy toolbar appeared that houses the important links on the page including the logo, navigation, and because its an event page, the RSVP button is also on there. So jenny decides she likes this event, so she clicks on the RSVP button. That pulls up the confirmation box telling her she’s been added to the bouncer’s “in list” at the event, its been posted to her profile in the community, and she also has the ability to share it on her facebook, twitter, and google+

Jenny is at the event and wants to meet up with friends

Once Jenny is at the event she can look up who is there. By pressing “Who’s Here” she can filter out between friends and non friends. She can then scroll through horizontally to see everyone on the list.

Once she finds someone she wants to see where they are. So she clicks locate and then it shows them walking through the event from an ariel view map. Jenny can then click on the person walking and it will pull a page up of: Call, text, and directions. Jenny hits Call.

Wendy is in class and wants to search for “Obamacare” and add her own definition

While Wendy is in class she realizes that Obamacare is an odd term that she’s not so sure about. Wendy opens the app and then types obamacare into the search bar and hits GO!

After hitting go it pulls up all possible searches. Luckily “Obamacare” is first. Since Wendy has visited before, the system knows her political preference is Conservative so it shows those definitions first. Then under show the other ones. Wendy decides she doesn’t like any of the definitions so she wants to add her own.

Chase wants to learn what the top 10 current events are for conservatives as voted on by expert members

Chase pulls up the Top 10 page in the community and chooses the conservative Top 10 as voted on by the expert members of the community. The page pulls up with the conservative top 10 and a brief summary of each of the topics, with a quick list of the liberal top 10 so he can quickly see the other side of things. Chase decides he wants to compare the two sides so he clicks and drags the divider bar to the middle and the events change to show a compare and contrast of the sides. Chase notices that both have the US Debt Crisis as their number 1 topic, so he clicks on it to see more about that topic.

It automatically puts the US Debt Crisis page at the comparison level to give him a high-level summary of both sides of the topic. Showing the Who what when where why of both sides. But he decides he wants to read more about the conservative side of things so drags the divider bar back to the right and a deeper level of information about this topic in relation to conservatives is revealed for him to read.

Jenny wants to learn & compare the currency rates of other countries

When Jenny is walking through the grocery store she is standing in line with her mom and wanted to see what the Hershey bar would cost in another country. She opens the app and takes a picture with the special camera that can pick up items and sees what they are.

Once the system recognizes it’s a hershey bar it shows an image of the world and she can pick anywhere to come the price she took the image of and anywhere in the world. After that, it also shows other options to compare it with as well. Such as Daily Wages, and Yearly incomes.

Chase wants to participate in a video debate

Chase is on the upcoming debates section and decides he wants to partake in the debate at the top which is about the US Debt Crisis and the question is “Should the rich be taxed more?” He clicks the debate and it asks him which side is he on. Yea or Nay, he clicks Yea. it then tells him when it’s at and if he wants to participate or just watch, he decides to participate whic pulls up... the confirmation box telling him he’s been signed up and not forget to install the toolbar that will help him collect information throughout the web to be used in the debate later.

Later while surfing the internet...

chase is reading an article about the US stock market and it says that the DOW fell the farthest since it fell in 2008, he thinks this is important so he highlights the sentence and drags it to the collection bar at the bottom. there he can save it to specific collections. he chooses the us debt crisis and the general collection. he also runs into an infograph that he likes on a different page and saves that as well.

Time passes and he gets on his iPad to partake in the event

he opens up the community iPad app and clicks on “Mine” under the Debates section of the screen.

This pulls up he past debates he’s participated in, as well as the upcoming ones he will be in. He clicks on the first debate under “Upcoming” and it pulls up the screen for that debate. He clicks on Prep and it pulls up a note-taking page with drawers for his saved images and saved quotes. He pulls open the “saved images” drawer

he reorders them a bit by touching and dragging them up and down. when he has the saved image and quotes ordered how he wants it. he also writes a few notes for himself to help him remember any other points he wants to bring to the table during the discussion. He finishes and clicks done at the top. the debate screen has changed a bit, the upper left-hand box now has a “Join Now” button to click on, so he does just that, pulling up the debate screen.

On this screen it has all 6 participants in the debate shown, with the member who currently has the floor. It also has the stats about the debate, how much longer there is, how many people are watching, etc. It’s his turn to debate so he pulls open his saved images drawer and drags the infograph he saved earlier to his window and it puts it on his screen for everyone to see while still hearing his voice. this continues until the debate is over.

Wendy plays an interactive past campaign learning game

Wendy is hanging out one saturday afternoon and wants to play a game. She opens up the app and decides to participate in the past presidential campaigns of the United States game. She decides to have a team play. She selects the century she’d like to be challenged with. 1900’s

Wendy then pulls the decades she’d like to be challenged with as well. 1900, 1950 and 1990 It then gives her a question.

and EH! she get’s it wrong. Next she answers right, and she gets fire works and A DING DING DING! After several questions the game will then rate the players by ranking.

Community Learning Participation Toleration

these are things we want to come out of this community by using our system