Application form 2011-2012 academic year apply before March 15, 2011

1 Course information

study programme

preliminary year young talent

bachelor (undergraduate) master (graduate)

enrolment status

student exchange student

second enrolment (UvA) contract programme *)

principal subject (instrument)

classical ________________________________________________________ department early music opera

jazz pop **)

*) please note: the contract programme does not entitle you to a residence permit **)command of the Dutch language is compulsory 2 Personal details (please use block letters) surname


informal name

given names gender place of birth country of birth post address postal code country e-mail if desired 2nd address, parent’s address or address during holidays or sickness address postal code city telephone country city telephone mobile tel. no. male female date of birth (d/m/y) nationality

3 Secondary and higher education school type period (m/y) ….../…… until ….../…… ….../…… until ….../…… ….../…… until ….../…… ….../…… until ….../…… ….../…… until ….../…… Are you registering at another institute for the 2010-2011 academic year? yes no name of institution name of study yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no diploma

If yes

school type

name of institution

name of study

Conservatorium van Amsterdam, P.O. Box 78022, 1070 LP Amsterdam/NL, tel.: +31 (0)20 527 7550 fax: +31 (0)20 676 1506

nl) for more information about application and enrolment Conservatorium van Amsterdam. labelled with your name and date of birth two photocopies of the page in your valid passport which contains the registration number and the photo a brief biography a plan of study if you apply for the master’s degree programme (for further information see the web site) a recording if you apply for the jazz master’s degree programme (for further information see the website) a certificate of the TOEFL or IELTS test if needed (for further information see the web site) other documents (for further information see the information that belongs to your instrument on the web site ) Important for non EU/EEA students : due to expected changes in the governmental financing of the higher education system./…… …. * Pop candidates will not be accompanied by a conservatory ensemble.conservatoriumvanamsterdam../…… until …./…… …. list of credits a recent wallet sized photo.63. without staples or folders. Please look regularly at our website for recent information. bank account # 41.822 (the international bank codes for electronic bank transfers within Europe are: IBAN# NL75ABNA0411763822 and BIC# ABNANL2A) .... in _______ no yes no./…… until ….... * Jazz voice candidates will always be accompanied by a conservatory combo... because __________________________________________________ Jazz candidates will be accompanied by a jazz trio (piano. classical candidates by a pianist.. Days that you are unable to do the entrance exam because you are otherwise engaged (for example because of exams elsewhere): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What other conservatory have you applied to this year? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Application fee All participants in the entrance exams have to pay an application fee of € 35.. provided with your name: • • • • • • • • • photocopy of diploma(s) granted incl.. probably even as from 2007. 2. they must bring their own accompaniment or accompany themselves. the tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students might be raised considerably in the next academic years. 3. " 8 Declaration Undersigned declares that the information provided in this form is correct..17. tel. Student Registrar Office./…… until …. sufficient financial means for his/her study and stay and for being sufficiently insured against medical costs and personal liability.../…… until …./…… …. The payment can be made by: .. evt saxophone).cash upon arrival in Amsterdam (cheques cannot be accepted) Important: please address the application fee to ‘Conservatorium van Amsterdam’ and be sure the candidate’s name is mentioned! 7 Attachments Please include the following documents along with this form in A4 format. bass. 1070 LP Amsterdam. PO Box 78022. Place _____________________________________ date ____________________________________________ signature ___________________________________________ Please check our website www./…… Have you applied to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam before? Did you start that study? 5 Application notes Preferred teacher(s) 1.Application form 2011-2012 academic year 4 Musical education Music schools / private lessons and conservatory name of institute principal subject teacher period (m/y) …. +31 (0)20 527 7550 fax +31 (0)20 676 1506 . drums. Undersigned declares that he/she is aware that he/she is fully responsible for disposing of valid residence papers for his/her stay in The Netherlands.transferring to the ABN-AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ conservatory accompaniment For the entrance examination you will use own accompaniment* (this decision is final!) diploma yes no yes no yes no yes no yes.

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