Global Citizen Begins at Home

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen and welcome, global citizens. Do you like to be called a global citizen? It is a good name, I would if I were! A lot of people dream to be one, for a global citizen symbolizes all the desiring features: excellence in foreign languages, technologies, business, politics, being able to communicate both socially and gracefully AND how to fit in a Gucci…… or Chanel! But, please, ladies and gentlemen, there is so much more for us to explore in order to be a global citizen. Around 100km away from here, a 22-year-old village young lady offers a new insight into what makes a global citizen: her sense of awareness and the responsibility to make her school a better place to study. Mei Xiang, a girl who has spent 6 years teaching in the remote village, her bedroom, a beloved place called ‘school’, her students, two, in total…… Her best years have been dedicated to the two children with whom her global influence resonates. 12 years ago, Mei Xiang was asked by her teacher whether she would like to stay when he left. She said yes, an answer beyond her age as well as a commitment which kept her to the mountainous village where no one’s willing to go in. In one of the interviews, Mei Xiang said there are more responsibilities than commitments. During the past decade, she was the principal and teacher of the two-kid school. She is in charge of all the teaching: Chinese, math, geography, and history …thus building up a shelter from illiteracy. In her very own words: “I just want them to be better than me, get out of the mountains and contribute more to the society”. She lives in a tiny local place, but works for a global value. Right at this moment, ladies and gentlemen, a new idea is rooted into our perception of global citizenship: even the efforts to the world can be done in seemingly insignificant places. Entitled the most beautiful village teacher in China, Mei Xiang was pursued by many and used to have a lot of opportunities to go out. She gave up all, because no one is interested in staying and supporting her. Mei Xiang jumped out of what she needs and strived to wake up more in a wider context. She is poor, but helping the poorer; she is weak, but helping the weaker. She may not be armed with the most advanced technologies and expertise, but what makes her a global citizen is her perfect awareness to make a difference. We may not be brave enough to follow her, but thanks to the seeds planted in our hearts, so one day it will be prospered to become a tree, under which

more people think global and act local. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s be a global citizen, and make it proud. Thank you!

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