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Racing the Libelle

Flying Techniques and Glider Improvement

Michael Reid

Racing Techniques
Sports Class Nationals 2010: Parowan, UT
Day 3, 3rd place, 74.5 MPH (72.84 MPH Raw) Day 9, 1st place, 65.5 MPH (64.07 MPH Raw)

Region 9 2011: Logan, UT

Day 2, 1st place, 70.71 MPH (69.20 MPH Raw)

Glider Improvements
Some build photos Look at the glider

Sports Class Nationals 2010: Day 3

Key to winning in the Libelle
Know min 70s would win the day Using Only the Start Cylinder, nicking the 2nd turn point, and the back side of the 3rd turn point would be mid 70s in the Libelle Make sure largest % of flight under cloud street *This is the day of the mid air made famous by the FLARM YouTube Video
BK - 262 mi
74.5 MPH (72.8 MPH Raw)

Andy Blackburn - 329 mi

72.3 MPH (82.8 MPH Raw)

Sports Class Nationals 2010: Day 9

Key to winning in the Libelle
Weak day advantage Use thermalized ridge as much as possible (stay to the high ground but dont be afraid to go low) Lots of little things:
1. 1 2

3. 4. 5.

Work ridge after trip west into valley, return to reliable lift source Fly straight up mountain face, Gavin Wills school of mountain flying (Soaring March 2002) Leave 7knts for something better? Yes, if you see another glider out climbing you! This ridge has worked for 2 weeks, trust it. Get on final glide early, shear line forms in the center of valley BK 208 mi
65.5 MPH (64.1 MPH Raw)

Karl Striedieck- 222 mi

63.81 MPH (72.47 MPH Raw)

Region 9 2011: Day 2

Key to wining in the Libelle
Speed on the ridge is a function of glider sink rate. Dynamic soaring opportunities Raw speed won the day


Glider Improvements
Tip wheel fairings Spar bump Tip core disbond Spoiler cap corner cracks Spoiler cap springs Aileron gap seals Aileron control rod root seals Rudder gap seals Trim spring Canopy re-fit
Carbon fiber rails New canopy groves Silicon tubing Wing upper surface seals New tape method

New panel, instruments New wiring Velcro battery catch New dump valve shaft

Tip Wheel Fairings

Spar Bump
0.02 waviness
If you can feel it with your hand fix it - Masak

600 Grit to remove bump 800-1000 to finish wing Polish, wax

Core Disbond (Right Wing)

Multiple layers of Bondo 2 part expandable foam core H45 divinycell Density 3 lbs/ft3 Micro/Flox mix for core bond

Spoiler Cap Springs

Need to cut holes in aft face of spoiler Hole saw safest method because of close shear webs

Spoiler Cap Corner Cracks

Why cant they be round? Grind down into glass, lay in new plies Cover with bondo

Aileron Removal
Dont stake bolts, please!

Aileron Root Seal

Aileron push/pull rods do not come out of the center of the circle! Dont bother trying to match L to R hole pattern Turn rip stop inside out and tape to rod end.

Instrument Panel
Male plug (MFD/Foam) Female tool (Tooling Glass) Male part, insures good surface finish from mold