A Note of Guidance on Government Health Warnings on Cigarette and Cigarette Tobacco Advertisements for Television

1. The standard wordings and layout of Health Warnings for cigarette and cigarette tobacco advertisements for television will be English: GOVERNMENT WARNING : CIGARETTE SMOKING IS HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH

Chinese :


2. The language of the Health Warning must be the same as the predominate language used in the advertisement. For advertising on television, the language of the Health Warning must be the same as the designated language of the broadcast channel. 3. Unless otherwise directed by the Television Authority, the Health Warning will appear throughout the television advertisement and occupy at least 20% of the television screen in the form of a clearly legible band at the bottom of the television screen 4. The typestyles for Health Warnings in English and Chinese are “Univers”, and “Gothic” respectively. 5. The characters of the Health Warnings will be white printed on a black background arranged in the layout indicated in Section 1 above, and the size of the characters will correspond proportionately to the size of the warning area appearing on the television screen. (Taking a 20 in. /50cm. television screen as an example, the minimum height of the characters in the two-line layout in the Health Warning in English will be 1 cm; in the one-line layout in the Health Warning in Chinese will be 2cm.) 6. In addition to the written Health Warning, there should be a voiceover, repeating orally in the same language as the designated language of the broadcast channel the Health Warning message at the end of the television advertisement lasting not less than 3 seconds during which there should be no other noise/music distracting from the effect of the verbal Health Warning. 7. Billboards and advertisements for bonafide television programme sponsorship ere also required carrying Health Warnings in the manner as required for a television advertisement. Advertisements which contain any express or implied inducement, suggestion or request to purchase or smoke cigarettes or cigarette tobaccos; or relate to smoking in terms which are calculated, expressly or impliedly, to promote or encourage the use of cigarette or cigarette tobaccos ; or feature any audio/visual messages and slogans, theme music, or pictorial device commonly

associated with the promotion of smoking, use of cigarettes/cigarette tobaccos or their packages or qualities shall be subject to all or part of the provisions of Section 8(c) of the Advertising Standards - Code of Practice 2 end require to carry Health Warnings. 8. Cigarette and Cigarette Tobacco advertisements which present the Health Warnings in ways other than the conditions specified above will have to seek special approval from the Television Authority.

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