AA - against actuals AAPP - average all pig price (UK) ABB - Association des Banques Belges (see also BBA

, BVB) ABI - Association of Italian Bankers AE - account executive AFBD - Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers (UK) AFFM - Austrlian Financial Futures Market AFOF - authorised futures and options funds (UK) AIBD - Association of International Bond Dealers (now called International Securities Market Association) AON - all or none AMEX - American Stock Exchange AOM - Australian Options Market APT - automated pit trading system (LIFFE) AP - associated person ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials ASX - Australian Stock Exchange ASXD - Australian Stock Exchange Derivatives ATA - Agrarische Termijnmarkt Amsterdam (Netherlands) ATM - at-the-money (options) ATS - automated trade system (New Zealand, NZFOE) ATX - Austrian Traded Index [ top ]

BBA - British Bankers Association BBA - Belgian Bankers' Association (see also BVB, ABB) BBAISR - British Bankers Association Interest Settlement Rate BBF - Bolsa Brasileira de Futuros BCC - Banque Centrale de Compensation (France, contracts clearer for MATIF) Bel-20 - stock index (Belgium, Brussels Stock Exchange) Belfox - Belgian Futures abd Options Exchange BFE - Baltic Futures Exchange (UK) BFI - Baltic Freight Index BIS - Bank for International Settlements BM&ampF - Bolsade Mercadorias and Futuros Exchange Bobl - bundesobligation (Germany, govt 5 yr bond) BOJ - Bank of Japan BOVESPA - Bolsas de Valores de Sao Paulo BSI - British Standards Institute BTAN - Bons du Trésor à Intéret Annuel Normalisé (French government treasury notes) BUBOR - Budapest Interbank Offered Rate BTP - buoni del Tesoro Poliennali (Italian treasury bonds) BVB - Belgische Vereniging van Banken (see also BBA, ABB) BVRJ - Bolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro [ top ]

CAC-40 - Compagnie des Agents de Change-40 (French stock index) CAD - Capital Adequacy Directive CBOE - Chicago Board Options Exchange (US)

Copenhagen interbank offered rate (Denmark) CIF .Commodity Exchange Authority (US.Chicago Board of Trade (US) CCC . clearing house for MATIF) CD . LIFFE) CRB .Department of Trade and Industry (UK) DVP .deutsche Aktienindex .cost and freight CFTC .Exchange Clearing House (for foreign exchange derivatives) EDS .exchange delivery settlement price EEP .collateralized depository receipt CEA . replaced by CFTC in 1975) Cedel .designated investment exchange (UK) DMI . LIFFE) DSR . Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (US) CTA . CBOT) [ top ] D DA .computerized trading reconstruction system (US.Commodity Research Bureau (US) CSCE . derivatives exchange in Amsterdam) .Coffe.certificate of deposit CDI .discretionary account DAX .consumer price index CPO .collateralized mortgage obligation (US) COMEX . derivatives exchange in Frankfurt) DTI .Certificado de Depsito Interbancrio (Brazil) CDR . TSE) CPI .cost.Clearing House Interbank Payments Systems (US system of electronic bank transfers) CIBOR .exchange for physicals EFS .enter day stop order EDSP .commodity trading adviser (US) ctd .cancel former order CHAPS .Commodity Credit Corporation (US) CCIFP .Commodities Futures Trading Commission (US) CFO .Clearing House Automated Payment System (UK bankers clearing house) CHIPS .(German stock index) Dibid .Deutsche Terminborse (Germany.commodity pool operator (US) CPS .delivery status report DTB .Chicago Mercantile Exchange (US) CMO .delivery versus payment [ top ] E ECHO .CBOT . insurance and freight CME .Commodity Exchange (US) CORES .exchange of futures for swaps EOE .clearing processing system (UK.computer assisted order routing and execution system (Japan.Chambre de Compensation des Instruments Financiers de Paris (France.direct member input (UK.Dublin interbank bid rate DIE .cheapest to deliver CTR .Centrale de Livraison de Valeurs mobiles(euromarket clearing system in Luxembourg) C&ampF .exports enhancement programme (US) EFP .European Options Exchange (Netherlands.

German Equity Market index (contract traded on OMLX) GFOF .forward spread agreement FTA .good till cancelled order [ top ] H .stock index (Spain) FIMBRA . now re-named London Commodity Exchange) FRA .enter stop order ERA .free on rail FOX .forward rate agreement FRN .futures and options funds FOK . .a division of the New York Cotton Exchange (US) f.foreign exchange agreement [ top ] G G-10 .London Futures and Options Exchange (UK.Finnish Options Market f.ten leading world industrial nations GD .fill or kill order FOM .o.b.good for the day order GEMM.financial services act (UK) FSA .gilt-edged market maker (UK) GEMx .Government National Mortgage Association (US) GNP .geared futures and options fund GLOBEX .Financial Intermediaries Managers and Brokers Authority (UK) FINEX .Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany.exchange traded option [ top ] F FAS . LCE) FAZ .o.r. derivatives exchange in Amsterdam) FTSE-100 .Frankfurt interbank offered rate FIEX-35 . .free alongside ship FAST .Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 stock index (UK) FUTOP .Copenhagen Stock Exchange and Guaranteed Fund for Danish options and Futures (Denmark) FX .EOS .floating rate note FSA . newspaper and stock index) FCOJ .foreign exchange FXA .gross national product GTC .frozen concentrated orange juice FIBOR .Global Electronic Exchange (developed by CME.exchange rate agreement ETO . MATIF and Reuters) GNMA .Financiele Termijnmarket Amsterdam (Netherlands. CBOT.fast automated screen trading (UK.free on board FOFs .

Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange (Malaysia) KLOFFE . AMEX) IML .International Commodities Clearing House IDB .International Swaps and Derivatives Association ISE .International Market Index (US. formerly the London Stock Exchange)) ISEQ .institutional net settlements IOC .Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong) [ top ] I IBEX-35 .Intermarket Clearing Corporation ICCH .International Petroleum Exchange (UK) IRG .Korea Stock Exchange [ top ] .Kansas City Board of Trade (US) KLCE .in the money (options) [ top ] J JEC .Irish Stock Exchange equity index ISMA .intermediary dealer broker Idem .Kansai Agricultural Commodities Exchange KCBT .Italian Derivatives Market IFOX .HFO .stock index (Spain) ICC .Japanese Government Bond [ top ] K Kanex .Hong Kong interbank bid rate Hibor .International Securities Market Association ITM .International Monetary Market (US.Joint Exchanges Committee .(UK) JGB .Institut Montaire Lunxembourgeois IMM .Hong Kong interbank offered rate HKFE .Index and Options Market (US.International Stock Exchange (UK.interest rate guarantee ISDA . CME) IPE .immediate or cancel order IOM .Irish Futures and Options Exchange IMI .Hong Kong Futures Exchange HSI .Kobe Rubber Exchange KSE . CME) IMRO .Investment Managers' Regulatory Authority (UK) INS .heavy fuel oil Hibid .Kuala Lumpur Options & Financial Futures Exchange (Malaysia) KRE .

market on close order MOF . contract on CBOT.Marché à Terme International de France MBS .Mercato Italiano Futures (Italy.Meat and Livestock Commission (UK) MMI .London Commodity Exchange (UK) LCH .London interbank bid or deposit rate (UK) Libor .derivatives exchange in Barcelona.long term rquity anticipation sevurities (US) LEPO .Morgan Stanley Capital Index [ top ] N NASD .mortgage backed security ME .liquidity data bank (US.Mercado de Opciones (Spain) MQP .London Stock Exchange LTOM .mandatory quote period MSCI . SOFFEX) Libid .Milano Indice Borsa (Italian Stock Index) MidAm .Manila International Futures Exchange (Philipines) MIT . Fox) Mibid .London interbank offered rate (UK) LIFFE .London Traded Options Market (UK.National Assocation of Securities Dealers Automated Quote System (US) .liquid petroleum gas LSE .low exercise price options (Switzerland.London Metal Exchange (UK) LOCH .L LAUTRO .Major Market Index (US. Chicago) MIF .National Assocaiation of Securities Dealers (US) NASDAQ . Spain MEFF Renta Variable .London Interntional Financial Futures and Options Exchange (UK) LME .Metallgezellschaft Metals Index (UK.Madrid interbank bid rate Mibor .London Clearing House (UK) LDB . Spain MERFOX . now part of LIFFE) [ top ] M MAS .Monetary Authority of Singapore MATIF .Madrid interbank offered rate MIB 30 .Montreal Exchange MEFF Renta Fija .Life Assurance and Unit Trust Regulatory Authority (UK) LCE .London Options Clearing House LPG .MidAmerica Commodity Exchange (US.Ministry of Finance (Japan) Mofex .derivatives exchange in Madrid. CBOT) LEAPS .Mercadode Futuros y Opciones (Argentina. Amex. derivatives exchange) MIFE . EOE) MOC . derivatives exchange in Buenos Aires) MGE .Minneapolis Grain Exchange MGMI .market order MLC .market if touched order MKT .

Options Clearing Corporation (US) OCO .over the counter OTM .obligations assumilables de trésor (France.margin system on OMLX OMX .National Futures Association (US) NOB .notes over bonds (US.Option Market Index (Sweden.over the top (warrant) [ top ] P P&ampS .New York interbank offered rate (US) NYCE .(former name of OMLX) OMLX .New York Futures Exchange (US) NYMEX .public limit order (UK.New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange [ top ] O OAT .order book official (US) OBX .public limit oder board (UK.Oslo Stock Exchange (Norway) OCC .Potato Marketing Board (UK) POM .price reporting system PSE .Nagoya Stock Exchange (Japan) NYBID .OM Stockholm Fondkommission (Sweden. government bonds) OBO . derivatives exchange in Vienna) OTT .one cancels the other order OFT .New York Stock Exchange (US) NZFOE .The London Securities and Derivatives Exchange OMS .NFA .New York Cotton Exchange (US) NYFE .Pacific Stock Exchange (US.New York Mercantile Exchange (US) NYSE .Phildelphia Board of Trade (US) PHLX .Office of Fair Trading (UK) OGE . CBOT) NSE .protecte payments system PPI . LTOM) PMB . equity index) OPEC .offical index period OM .New York interbank bid rate (US) NYBOR . LA and San Francisco) .Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries OSE .Oesterreichische Termin und Optionborse (Austria.Paris interbank offered rate PLO .producer price index PRS . options market) OML .purchase and sale (statement from broker) PBOT .Overseas Investment Exchange OIP .Osaka Grain Exchange (Japan) OIE .Philiadelphia Stock Exchange PIBOR . LTOM) PLOB .out of the money (options) OTOB .Osaka Securities Exchange (Japan) OTC .public order member PPS .

Stock Exchange Automated Quotation System (UK.recognised clearing house (UK) RCR .synthetic agreement for forward exchange SAFEX .Stanza di Compensazione Titoli (Italy.registered commodity representative (US) RFC .registered floor trader RIE .special drawing rights SEBI .Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange S&ampP100.Sydney Futures Exchange SIB .standard qulaity quotation (UK) SRO .retail price index RSI relative strength indicator (technical analysis) [ top ] S SAEF .Sydney computerised overnight market [ top ] .standard Malaysian rubber SOFFEX .500 .sterling warrants into gilt-edged securities SYCOM . LSE) SAFE .Securities and Investments Board (UK) SIMEX . settlement agency) SDR .retail automated execution system (US.standard portfolio analysis of margin SQQ .[ top ] Q R RAES .retsricted life option ((UK.Securities Exchange of Thailand SFA . stock index) SWIFT . CBOT) SAFE . part TALISMAN settlement system) SES .simulation analysis of financial exposure (US.Straits Times Index (Singapore.Securities and Exchange Board of India SEAQ .South African Futures Exchange SCMS . operator of MONEP) SDA .Singapore International Monetary Exchange SMR .Société de Compensation des Marchés Conditionnels (France.Singapore Stock Exchange SET . LSE) SEHK . CBOT) RCH . LIFFE) ROT .recognised professional body RPI .Stock Exchange of Hong Kong SEPON .Self Regulatory Organisation STI .Stock Exchange Pool Nominees (UK.Stock Exchange Automated Execution Facility (UK.registered options trader RPB .Securities and Futures Authority (UK) SFE .registered floor clerk RFT .(system of electronic bank transfers) SWINGS .stock indices (US) SPAN .recognised investment exchange (UK) RLO .

LIFFE) TSE . stock management for market-makers (UK.United States Department of Agriculture [ top ] V VIBOR .Tokyo Commodity Exchange (Japan) TOPIC . equities settlement system) TAURUS . videotext stock price network) TRS .when issued WTI .Vancouver Stock Exchange (Canada) [ top ] W WCE .theoretical indicatve margin system (US) TOCOM .Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange (Japan) TIMS .Winnipeg Commodity Exchange WI .trade registration system (UK.Tokyo Grain Exchange (Japan) TIBOR .teletex output of price informationby computer (UK.T TALISMAN .west Texas crude (oil) .Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE .(TED spread) US T-bond / eurodollar spread strategy TGE .transfer account lodgement for investors.(UK.Vienna interbank offered rate VSE . share registration system cancelled in 1993) TED .Toronto Stock Exchange [ top ] U USDA .Tokyo interbank offered rate (Japan) TIFFE .

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