Music Video Treatment

Song: One and Only Artist: Adele

The artist the video will be based on is by Adele. She is a song-writer, vocalist and performer. We have chosen to produce a music video, and a Digi-pack which will include the design of the DVD cover and Magazine advert promoting the artist and the Digi-Pack.

Narrative The song is about a girl who is torn between whether she is falling for the one she loves and the problems between them. The majority of the performer’s videos consist of her sitting down a lot with elements of dialogue and the singer singing. So what has been decided for this song is to have a narrative performance with the elements of dialogue and the singer singing. Then throughout the song we will be cross cutting between the performance and the narrative story. As she does this she is looking through or coming across certain things that remind her of her boyfriend or the one she wants for example, gifts, pictures, videos. These items represent flashbacks of the good times they had together. Towards the end of the song we see scenes/flashbacks showing the problems and arguments that resulted in the break up. For example there are scenes where: - She is standing at their meeting place waiting for him. . - They are disputing (which is the prequel to the introductory scene).

Locations The main idea of the music video is for it to convey heartbreak, loneliness and confusion felt by the performer. This is shown through the conventional locations which represent these emotions i.e. bedroom, park etc. The locations we will be using is mainly is the school hall and a bedroom as well as some other romantic locations such as the beach and park

Pace Throughout this song the pace is quite slow, however during the bridge the song the pace slows down a little but picks up at the end, so what we have decided to do for that is to make a quick cross cut which shots of pictures of happy and sad moments in their life and merge it with the narrative. This would make the telling of the song come across stronger till the very end.

Colour/Tone The video will be in black and white (greyscale) and have the flashbacks in colour to signify the sadness without him in her life and the happiness she feels when she thinks about him. The pace of the video is fairly moderate as it has to fit the beat of the song which is not very fast, or the other way. On the DVD the main image is close up of the artist. This is simple and effective as it requires little effort from the audience to decode.

The Artist/Style and Form We will be endorsing some of the modern conventions of a pop music video as we will be using: • • Flashbacks Black & white as well as color shots.

Locations Places such as forty hall, a house • • Idea of her watching the home video of them together on the TV. Narrative- we will be using a conceptual style of video, as this follows a ballad format.

• Aesthetics- the style will be modern yet have a unique style it would be fairly representative of the genre.

Mise-en-scene Picture frame/Photo Album: the audience is able to understand how their relationship was by little things such as this. It also emphasizes the unity and how she was happy then compared to now. Necklace/Watch/Jewellery: This would be representative of the artist as being quite sentimental and she cares about her image.

Costume/Make-Up We planned to dress our actresses who will be playing the role of Adele (Eloise on the piano and Rebecca in the dialogue wearing black clothing because in many of Adele’s videos she mainly wears dark black clothing (See music video analysis for evidence).

Lighting There will be shots of Eloise playing the keys of the song on a piano alone room. The objective of this shot is to highlight her loneliness and how she is independent and in control of her own life. Also as we will be using a green screen it is essential we have the appropriate lighting.

Technology As well as using the technology required to produce this video, we will be trying to extend our use of technology to as much as there is available to us and make the most of it, although it is limited compared to what signed artists have.

Filming The filming equipment will be using is a Canon LEGRIA FS306. This camera has a good quality picture. The camera is a small and it makes is easier to film shots steadily. Also this camera takes in memory card (SD card). I will be using a standard tripod to help me get steady shots and for the editing I will be using Adobe Premiere CS5 software. This is what we also used last year. However this year we will be using green screen as well.

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