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Features and benefts
Allows smart purchasing, logistics
set-up, and on site adapation of
system (top/bottom cabling,
number of distribution unit)
Robust and space effcient system
structure with earthquake protection
Zone 4, and only 400 mm depth.
Transient limiting or normal
distribution in same type of system.
Reliability and compliance with
regional telecom standards
Standard Single and Multi Cabinet Solutions,
-48 V DC, 3.2 153.6 kW, 60 2880 A
NetSure 701 is the frst medium system in Emersons new
generation of DC power systems based upon truly smart and
modular units. The units can be used in an almost unlimited
number of system confgurations, have been tested and verifed
both individually and in worst-case-system confgurations
in order to secure compliance with regional telecom standards
and norms (including cabling, heat, EMC, safety etc).
Therefore, when a new confguration is required the regional sys-
tem testing and verifcation is very quick. The required space for
the cabling, what performance can be promised due to cabinet
depth and number of rectifers in the system, that safety norms
etc will not be tresspassed all this is already known.
NetSure 701 is available in both 400 and 600 mm depth, and
various DC distribution options with both large fuses and small
circuit-breakers can be mixed in the same cabinet.
For the systems AC supply, confgurations vairy from simple AC
terminals to AC distributional panels with individual AC circuit
breakers per rectifer, and optional surge protection, service
inlets and/or RCD
Footnote: For customer requirering earthquake protection zone 4 and/or transient limiting
distribution a special NetSure 701 SDS system is available (see separate NetSure 701 SDS
RCD = Recidual Current Device. Additional safety protection for personal security.
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Emerson Network Power Energy Systems 2006
Technical Specifcations
Typical Applications
Small, medium and large radio base stations
Private branch exchanges
Small to large fxed network telecom exchanges
Other types of business critical applications
Electrical System Specifcation:
Nominal system voltage: -48 V DC
Adjustable range for operating voltage: -42 V DC to 58 V DC
Output power, system: 153.6 kW @ Vout >48 V DC
Input voltage, nominal: 200 240 V AC, 1 phase
Input voltage, permitted variation: 85 290 V AC
Line frequency: 45 65 Hz
Mechanical Cabinet Specifcation:
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1800/2000/2200x600x400/600 mm
235 kg (fully equipped)
Details: Front access, plus top AND bottom cabling possible in all
confgurations for smart sourcing, easy logistics, installation
and maintenance
Environmental System Specifcation:
Operating temperature range -5C to +70C (full power up to +45C)
Operating relative humidity <90%
EMC EN 300 386-2 class B, FCC part 15 class B
Safety IEC 60950, EN 609501
Cabinet IP 20
Earthquake protection Zone 2 (For zone 4, see NetSure 701 SDS)
System units:
Cabinet(s): 1 main cabinet equipped with control unit
0 3 extention cabinets 3 extention cabinets 3 extention cabinets
Interconnection with cables or busbars
Controll units available: Standard Control Unit (see separate SCU datasheet)
Advanced Control Unit (see separate ACU datasheet)
AC connection: Terminal/distribution for up to 12 rectifers
Optional surge protection, RCD and service outlets
Rectifers / Power Supply Units: R48-3200 (see separate rectifer data sheet)
Up to 12 x R48-3200 rectifers (38.4 kW) per cabinet
Multi Function Units: With or without controller position. Including distribution
and battery connection.
Contactors: 0 1x500 A prio + 0 1x500/1000 A main 1x500/1000 A main 1x500/1000 A main
With place for battery and/or DC distribution CB:s
Standard Distribution Unit (DU): 40x13 mm or 28x18 mm breaker positions
Circuit breakers sizes: from 2 A up to 200 A
Distribution Fuse Unit: 1 units per cabinet with 6xNH2 sized fuses
Fuse sizes: 100, 200, 250, 315 and 400 A
Optional bar(s) for parallell connection of 2 fuse holders
Battery Connection Units: For connections of up to max:
6x200/4x300/2x400 battery circuit breakers
or 2x630 A battery fuses
Battery shelves: 0 4x400/600 mmdepth battery shelves 4x400/600 mmdepth battery shelves 4x400/600 mm depth battery shelves
Supervision Module I/O: For generic monitoring, contactor control
Optional units and spare parts:
Extension Std. DU: with 40x13 mm or 28x18 mm circuit breaker positions
Rectifer R48-3200 3.2 kW
Cabinet door Including lock
Temperature sensor 3 or 10 meter cables
Standard Single and Multi Cabinet Solutions,
-48 V DC, 3.2 153.6 kW, 60 2880 A
A Cabinet interconnection
B DC Distribution Unit with fuses
C Battery Connection Unit with fuses
D Multi Function Unit
E Controller
F DC Distribution Units with circuit breakers
G Rectifers
H AC Distribution Units
I Supervision Module I/O
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