these men frequently allude to some fragment of the initiatory rites. Translated From the German. . The final four degrees are the Greater Mysteries of the great manifestation of Light. These hints have been carefully organized. Most of the great philosophers of antiquity were initiates of State Mysteries. 71.Crata Repoa OR INITIATIONS TO THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES OF THE PRIESTS OF EGYPT. taught the handgrip and dressed in a hood. Led by the Thesmophores (Guide or Tester) to the Gate of Men. There are twelve stages altogether. Library. Renard. Delaunay. Ant. Rue St. If worthy. Rue Palais Royal. and published by the Bro. the fifth is a threshold to the three degrees of the Lesser Mysteries that teach the Humanities. The Pastophoris then ascends the ladder and is taught that it is a symbol of alchemical transmutation or Metempsychosis. The Crata Repoa is made up of fragments from many ancient authors. These latter Mysteries teach love or agape in the sense of charity. He must prove he has command over his desires. After a year of Apprenticeship. He is then given the word of recognition. Anne. THE LESSER MYSTERIES 1. The first four are preparatory. Paris. apron and collar with tassels. the Thesmophores (Guide or Tester) then addresses more questions and if found satisfactory. Rue Thibautode 8. 2. The result is a restoration founded on the actual words of the initiates themselves. the candidate is introduced to the Assembly. the Pastophoris is feasted by beautiful temple virgins and invited to make love to them. and connected with an editorial tissue. the Candidate is initiated as a Pastophoris (Apprentice). In their writings. Between the columns is a ladder with seven steps and an allegorical figure portraying eight doors.-At Ant. 5821. placed in sequential order. Bazileul. His duty is then to guard the Gate of Men. The unknown compiler had as his purpose a restoration of the ancient Mysteries based upon the hints and illusions contained in classical writings. Bailleul. Editor. Having taken an oath. The Hierophant (Teacher) exhorts the Pastophoris to guard his prejudices and passions that might draw him from the road to happiness. The steps of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries are: PREPERATION AND TRESHOLD Circumcision and meditation. light is restored to him and he is placed between two square columns. The seven degrees of initiation described in the Crata Repoa equate to the last seven stages of the Great Work of Alchemy.

morality and virtue. He then drank a cup of bitter herbs and was dressed in buskins and a mantle. mathematics and measures. This cord was tied in a . invested with the armour and weapons of God. painting and rhetoric. Finnish Kullervo. the Neocoris is led to two pillars with a griffin between. His courage is then tested with a live serpent being thrown over him and he is made to imagine the chamber is filled with serpents. drawing. the Greek Perseus. Brought back with a peculiar embrace expressing the power of death. When meriting the next degree of a Melanophoris (Master Mason). where all the other Melanophoris were assembled. He was then led blindfolded to the Hall of Maat. The Pharaoh offered him a crown of gold representing material power and wealth. water. Romulus and Welsh Taliesin). life and brotherhood. In the Hall of Maat he was presented to the Pharaoh and Officers of the Society and there made a Chistophores. Maat is the goddess who represents the full illumination of the human soul.There he is sprinkled with water by the Stolista (Baptizer) and accepted as a Neocoris (Craftsman). He is then known as Moses. the Phoenix position. After eighteen months the resurrected adept was invited to the Greater Mysteries. This was a posture similar to the St Andrew’s cross used in the old rites as the symbol of resurrection. tied about the waist by a cord representing truth. His duty was to wash or anoint the pillars.1417 In return. the Gorgon Medusa. the Moses has then to fight his way through labyrinth galleries where masked men with flames and serpents attacked him. geometry and astronomy of Egypt. pushing a spoked-wheel representing the four seasons and earth. taught the word of the degree and taught of the fall of the human race. the Melanophoris was given the word Monach Caron Mini meaning I count the days of anger. She was represented by a white ostrich feather or jar. They set his arms and legs spread eagle. THE GREATER MYSTERIES 4. His work was to attend upon the dying and dead. This incurred the wrath of the Pharaoh and the Melanophoris suffered accordingly. He received with new robes for his spiritual body. He was instructed in architecture. air and fire. The bitter cup is a play on the meaning of Miriam or the goddess Venus as Miriam means bitter as well as the mare or sea. The new Melanophoris was then led into the presence of the Pharaoh. the Pharaoh recorded the Chistophores in the Book of Adepts of Egypt. geometry. meaning He who is drawn out of the waters (as were all new-born Sun gods such as the Indian Agni or Surya. 3. There he is invested with a caduceus. He was also taught the history. He was then instructed in alphabet. The term of anger is the time needed to master one’s own base or animal soul. The Melanophoris was to reject and trample on this crown in order to gain the spiritual crown of truth. He was to use his weapon to strike off the head of the beautiful but dangerous female aspect of Chaos. whose head he presented to the Pharaoh. Armed with a sword and shield. the candidate was led underground through the Gate of Death to a gloomy crypt containing the coffin of the assassinated Osiris. If his courage is proven.

since it breaks down the original chaotic unity into the four elements and then combines them again in a higher unity. The new Maawr was then taken to the Gate of the Gods and presented to the pantheon. The word of the degree was Ibis. 6. meaning the house of Manes with equivalence to the IndoHittite god king Manu. He was seated as the sole spectator to a drama where Horus slays and beheads the hundred-headed dragon. He was told of the One God from whom they all emanate. sustained by the court and able to communicate freely with the Pharaoh. 7. and received the history of the gods. Entry to the final degree was by invitation from the Pharaoh. the tonsure forms a squared circle: . There the Maawr was made a Saphenath Panache or Man who knows the Mysteries. He was rowed across in the Barque of Caron and received by the Assembly. At the end of the procession an Assembly was held in a special room called the Maneras. The new Balahate was then given the word Chymia and taught the skills of Alchemy. The new Chistophores became a courtier. called the tonsure. He also received a beautiful striped robe called the Etangi representing the blazing White Light of the illumination and discipline in which he lived. Formerly. The Chistophores was presented with the Code of Laws and the emblem of an owl representing Isis. the symbol of the wise god Thoth. Typhon.the squaring of the circle was a problem that greatly exercised medieval minds. He drank of the Cup of Sweetness. There he was made a Maawr. and was told that he had arrived at the end of all the proofs. meaning Seer or Priest of Astronomy. The aspiring Chistophores was led in irons to the Gate of Death through which a crypt was filled with water. His head was next shaved with a square coiffure. There the Demiurgos (Chief Prophet and Initiator) taught him the secret history of Egypt. meaning that he had become a life source or life bestowing spirit for others. In silence Horus exhibits the vile head emblematic of the mastery of ones own base nature. its Order and a list of all Chief Inspectors of the Society and members throughout the world.half bow or Ankh representing the strength and frailty of the brotherhood. . the world and the universe. The Chistophores could then demand the degree of a Balahate or Philosopher. meaning circumcision of the tongue representing the higher self. Together with the skull.. the Maawr’s penis was circumcised as a sign of purification of the lower self.. later Athena for the Greeks and Minerva for the Romans. It is a symbol of the opus alchymicum. He received the history of the Society. He was taught the secret Ammonitish language and sciences of the human soul. the heavenly ambrosia beverage Oimellas. He received an Ankh to wear on his heart. He was then instructed in astronomy and the Priestly Dance of the movement of the stars and constellations. A grand reception was arranged for the Maawr and it formed a public procession called the Pamylach. 5.

also wine 3. who was guarding the exterior.5 the Thesmophores took him by the hand (Apuleius. or the body of God. expressly stating that these columns were found in subterraneans near Thebes. and the Neophyte answered categorically.The tonsure therefore represented the third eye. who wrote an authorization to the Priests. ordinarily made the proposition. Scromat I. (Jamblique. but after his initiation this restriction was relaxed.) They put him on a particular diet. Ptah. called the Gate of the Profane. book 2-Mysterus ex agresti imanique vita exculti ad humanitatem. where they bandaged his eyes. book I. Pausanias. and presented him at the Gate of Men. The Hierophant questioned him anew upon various subjects. and invited him to announce the Aspirant.1 Having applied at Heliopolis.) When he had accomplished this an Initiate. The greatest attribute he received was the right to vote in the election of Pharaoh and it was from his new rank that the Officers of the Society were drawn. which he did by knocking at the gate of entrance. Memphis. such as vegetables and fish. and governed the four main temples of Egypt. PREPARATION When an Aspirant desired to enter the Ancient and Mysterious Society of Crata Repoa. of an elastic nature to his hands. the Aspirant was referred to the learned of the Institution at Memphis. book 2. He introduced the Aspirant into a grotto.) The Neophyte having satisfied the questions asked of him. in Lacon Apoph. interdicting him the use of certain foods. upon which were engraving those maxims which he was required to learn by heart. including the royal key to the scriptures of other nations. he had to be recommended by one of the Initiates. (Porphyre-Vie de Pythagore. The Saphenath Pancah was then given a complete explanation of the Mysteries and permission to read the Books of Hermes. (On one of the Pyramids this act is naturally figured. they conducted him to a gallery surrounded with the columns of Hermes. and attached bonds or manacles. approached him. He was then strictly examined to ascertain the limit of his intelligence.) Here he was circumcised.1419 These Officers of the Society represented Ra. de Mysterus.) Upon his arrival the Thesmophores touched the shoulder of the Pastophoris (one of the last apprentices). (Ciceron. and these sent him on to Thebes. Hermopolis. The Pharaoh represented the mind of God.) They then caused him to travel round the Birantha (Histoire du .2 (Herodotus. Clement of Alexandria. The King himself. He held in his hand a large scourge with which he kept back the people from the entrance. (Plutarch. They compelled him to pass several months imprisoned in a subterranean vault. Lysander.4 abandoned to his reflections he was allowed to write his thoughts. termed the Thesmophores (Introductor). It was based on releasing the spiritual consciousness through the Gate of the Gods. de Legibus. When the time had arrived to quit his prison. Metamorphoses. which conducted to the Gate of Men. the Gate of Men opened and he was admitted. Heliopolis and Thebes. FIRST GRADE-PASTOPHORIS The Apprentice was charged to guard the entrance. book 2nd. The Aspirant having been prepared in the grotto. et mitigati sumus. These are the two small holes in the skull called the parietal foramina.

They also taught him that the names and attributes of the Gods had a higher signification than was known to the people. hail. book 1. It was his duty in turn to act as Guard of the Gates of Men. (Plutarch. or reader of laws. Admonit ad Gent. They also taught the symbolical language and the common hieroglyphically writing. This sole being has produced all things. but addressed him as follows: "To you who come hither to acquire the right of listening I address myself: the doors of this Temple are firmly closed to the profane. read to him the constitution of the Society. Preparat Evangel.) They also taught him the grip of the hand. moon and stars to wit-ness his sincerity. and they placed round his loins an apron termed Xylon. Clement of Alexandria. (Eusebius. If you earnestly desire to tread the true path to felicity. and tempest. and another allegorical figure with eight doors or gates of different dimensions. Round his neck he wore a collar with tassels falling on the breast. too much discouraged.6 and He preserves them. lightning. the Menes.) After this address they caused the apprentice to ascend the steps of the ladder and taught him that it was a symbol of Metempsychosis. claps of thunder. listen to my voice. be discreet.) He had then the bandage removed from his eyes and was placed between two square columns named Betilies (Eusebius. In other respects he was unclothed. (On gene. Menes." (Eusebius. Cont. rain. Life of Pythagoras. Child of Celestial works and research. but you. thunder. Caesar. before the Hierophant. by this. and signified. page 44). (Jamblicus. Life of Pythagoras.) If he was not. and nothing can be hid from His sight. the Hierophant gave the Initiate the word by which they recognized each other. and endeavored to terrify him by artificial lightning. Book 5. Musee. book 1). Cels. remember that you are always in the presence of that All-powerful being who governs the universe. Preparat Evangel 1-13. This word was Amoun.) They clothed him with a sort of hood which terminated in a pyramidical shape. Guard yourself from those prejudices and passions which might draw you from the true road to happiness. for I am about to disclose unto you great truths. Between these two columns was placed a ladder of seven steps. invoking sun. Admonit ad Gent. they taught anatomy and the healing art. Chapter 10. before whom he knelt. Demonst. They put the point of a sword to his throat and caused him to take the oath of fidelity and discretion. Evang. fix your thoughts upon the divine being and keep Him ever before your eyes.Ciel. they cannot enter hither. The Hierophant did not at once explain the mysterious sense of these emblems. through Him they exist. He promised to conform himself thereto. Of Isis and Osiris. in order the better to govern your heart and senses. no mortal can behold Him. Clement of Alexandria. The instruction of this grade was scientific or physical. . they explained to the Neophyte the cause of winds. and how to compound drugs.) The reception finished. (Jamblicus. (Alexander ab Alexandro.-page 34 of Bouchereau’s translation). After this adhesion the Thesmophores conducted him with uncovered head.

and the four spokes of the wheel indicated the four seasons. which he throws over his body. They then led him towards two high columns. it was a gilt artificial serpent). If the Pastophoris during the year of his Apprenticeship had given sufficient proofs of his intelligence. they instructed him in geometry and architecture. or those who open the corpses occupied in their labours. by beautiful women. The chamber appeared to be filled with reptiles. (Julius Firmicus Maternus. (Norden gives designs of this Sort). 10-11 The sign consisted in crossing the arms on the breast. by which they measured the inundations of the Nile. The Stolista (or Sprinkler) threw water over him to purify him. so much the more was he lauded after reception. If the Neocoris answers satisfactorily. and only revealed to those whose knowledge was far above that of the people. THIRD GRADE-THE GATE OF DEATH The Initiate of this Grade received the name of Melanephoris. They instructed him in the art of calculating the hygrometer. which he had over his passions. having in his hand a living serpent. or Virgins dedicated to Diana.] In the midst of the vestibule . As it was the place of the dead the Neophyte found the Paraskistes. But these were great secrets. He was conducted by the Thesmophores into a vestibule. When the Neocoris had by intelligence and good conduct merited the degree. who were either the espoused of the Priests.7 After this the Thesmophores comes to him.9 (The Caduceus of Mercury. After a satisfactory declaration. The word of the grade was Eve. the Thesmophores runs towards him." The place was filled with different species of mummies and coffins. and have also an affinity with two of the higher degrees of the Council Series. His Insignia was a baton entwined with a serpent. to teach the Neocoris to withstand bodily terror. he was put in an obscure chamber called Endymion (Grotto of the Initiates). emblem of the movement of the sun round the Ecliptic). liv. they carried him at once for reception. but withdraws with the bottom of his apron. Here he also found the Heroi. Here he was served with a delicious repast to animate his failing strength. they imposed upon him a severe test to prepare him for the grade of Neocoris (Annobius. Chapter 2. says. The duty of the Neocoris was to wash the columns.8 The greater the courage shown on this trial. above the entrance of which was written "Gate of Death. They invited him to love by gestures. between which was a griffin pushing a wheel. 5). The griffin was the emblem of the sun. The Columns indicated the East and West. and propounds a variety of questions. and the calculations and graduations of such measures as he had afterwards to use. The year having expired. represent similar ceremonies in Craft Masonry. he introduced him into the assembly.SECOND GRADE-NEOCORIS This degree. and on this occasion they recounted to him the fall of the human race. (See representations in the Grand Cabinet Romaine). and the next. [See Norden’s designs. analogous designs ornamenting the walls. They required him to affirm that he had conducted himself with wisdom and chastity. He must triumph over these difficult tests to prove the command.

The King. The word was. After his reply in the negative. also Alecton. 3. who always assisted at this ceremony. and Orpheus (Diodorus of Sicily.] The two Tapixeytes overthrew the aspirant. Never to leave a dead body unburied. or persons who inter the dead. two Tapixeytes. its geometry. I count the days of anger. [The Emperor Cornmodius fulfilled this duty for a day. Metamorphoses. accosted the aspirant with a gracious appearance. of which the object was to express the power of death. he struck the Neophyte (gently) upon the head. He was taught a particular alphabet. as the History of Egypt. The aspirant. He also received lessons in rhetoric. 2). and presented a golden crown for his acceptance. To await a resurrection of the dead and future judgment. . The sign of recognition consisted in a peculiar embrace. as it was part of his duties to decorate the coffins and mummies. They then disengaged him of his wrappings and mortuary apparel. took possession of him. and finally condemned him to wander in the subterranean galleries. liv. and to assist members of the society whose life might be endangered. 2. where Pluto was seated upon his throne. or a Heroi. "Outrage! Vengeance!" and. enquiring if he considered himself to have sufficient courage to sustain the trials he has to undergo. seizing the sacrificial axe. or if they could Only make of him a Paraskiste. and as he was supposed to have been recently assassinated it bore traces of blood. and was moreover desired: 1. Monach Caron Mini. They conducted him into a hall where the other Melanephoris were habited in black. and the elements of astronomy were in this character.12 (Ter tullien Ori Baptism. they transported him through a door over which was written "Sanctuary of Spirits. Charon took possession of him as a spirit. which was all the more useful to him. 5. He then received instruction. with flashes of lightning. Never to thirst for blood.) Then the king cried out. knowing that he ought to reject this crown. and the pretended dead found himself surrounded with fire (Apuleius. having Rhadamanthus and Minos at his side. This redoubtable tribunal addressed to him some severe strictures upon his course of life. Orpheus. The Melanephoris remained in these subterranean galleries until they could judge of his capabilities for advancing in the higher sciences. named the Hierogrammatical. Alaster. and acquitted himself in such an energetic way that it became tragical. and the Paraskistes enveloped him in mummy bandages: amidst the groans of assistants." and as it opened claps of thunder were heard. Ch. 4).was placed the coffin of Osiris. for he was obliged to pass the rest of his days in these offices if he attained not to true knowledge. himself. threw it down and trampled it underfoot. Nicteus. The officials demanded of the Neophyte if he had taken any part in the assassination of his Master. and he descended amongst the judges of the shades below.13 The new Melanephoris had to study drawing and painting. so that he might know how to give the funeral orations in public. liv.

hardly able to sustain himself. and his eyes were dazzled with the brilliancy of the decorations. They invested him with divers ornaments. by which he was led into the hall where he was to receive a new grade. saluting him graciously. 9]. and so artistically manufactured that it seemed to be living.FOURTH GRADE-CHISTOPHORIS Battle of the Shades (Tertullien. the Zacoris (Treasurer). bearing a plume as his coiffure. attacked the Initiate. He was then raised extended and introduced to the assembly. de Militis Corona). Below these high personages were seated the Stolista (Purifier by Water). and when that had passed the Thesmophores went to see the Initiate. which they termed cice. they then bandaged his eyes and passed a cord round his neck. Gorgol. They seized upon this circumstance to impress upon him that he . Hist. invited him to follow him. he perceived the figure of a very beautiful woman. and. behold the enemy’s cavern!" Entering there. but succumbed to numbers. Gorgone. or Steward of the Banquets. the hall offered an as-assemblage of the most gorgeous pictures. They ordered him to seize upon a scimitar. in order that he might strike off the head of an individual to be found at the bottom of a very deep cavern. 34. The King. ornamented with a hood. speaks in these terms :-"Eum omnium hominum justissimum et tenacissimum opportebat qui circa collum imaginem ex saphiro gemma confectam gesta-bat. and struck off the head. crying-Panis! The Thesmophores incited him to confront all dangers and surmount all obstacles. the Hierostolista (Secretary). are the Egyptian names of Medusa).15 The new Chistophoris approached the figure. Var. chap. The term of anger was ordinarily eighteen months. which he has to endure (perform) to furnish complete proofs (of his integrity). They over-ran the sombre galleries. himself. they put upon him the buskins of Anubis (or Mercury).. [This was the veritable beverage. they informed him that it was the head of the Gorgo (Gorgo. and they covered him with the mantle of Orci. 14. All wore the Alydee [Aietheia]. with flambeaus in their hands and serpents round them. which was presented to him. took it by the hair. which he had to penetrate. liv. He defended himself with courage. it was composed of very fine skin or bladder. He urges the neophyte to persevere for the reason that he has only half completed the labors. It was an Egyptian decoration. which bore the name of Xuxeon: Athenee. and bring the head to the King. which he presented to the King and Demiurgos. After applauding this heroic action. He received the buckler of Isis (or Minerva). was seated beside the Demiurges) or Chief Inspector of the Society."] The orator or chanter14 pronounces a discourse in which he praises the new Chistophoris for his courage and resolution. or spouse of Typhon. liv. when suddenly some men masked under hideous figures. and who was the cause of the assassination of Osiris. which it was necessary he should drain. Actianus. after arming him with a sword and buckler. At the same moment all cried "Niobe. truth. They presented him with a cup filled with a very bitter drink. and the Komastis. The light was restored to him.

Orus drew his sword upon arriving at the entrance of a cavern from which flames proceeded. at the bottom of it was the murderer Typhon seated with a crestfallen appearance. the object of which was to prepare him. the palm and olive branches were the symbols of peace. the buckler a legitimate defense against calumny. He then in silence exhibited the hideous heads. which still continued to vomit flames. The candidate was conducted to the entrance where the assembly was held. (Diodorus of Sicily. having a terrifying appearance. Typhon raised himself up. 26. and the allegory was thus interpreted -Man at his birth is blind as the owl. and his arms were of immense length. under the form of an owl.) The Aspirant having over-run the Lesser Mysteries. up to the moment of his being admitted to the Greater Mysteries) and to the knowledge of the sacred doctrine called the Grand Manifestation of Light) when there were no more secrets for him. liv.17) FIFTH GRADE-BALAHATE The Chistophoris had the right to demand and the Demiurgos could not refuse this Grade. and received his daily nourishment from the Court. threw him down and overwhelmed him. they marched into the Hall and appeared as if seeking something. Orus advanced to-wards the monster without allowing himself to be in the least discouraged by his dreadful aspect. or in the City of Sais. garnished with arrows. and all the members received him. (Grand Cabinet Romain. The casqued expressed the highest degree of wisdom. in which he was. and becomes man only by the aid of experience and the light of philosophy. His name was inscribed in a book amongst the other Judges of the land. in a way. which is to say. liv. 1. He then received permission to put on a new clothing. the decapitated head the repression of the passions. It represented Isis. the cruse of water a thirst for science. He rejoiced in free communication with the King. p.) This name was also the word of the Order. where Chistophoris alone could be admitted. which was presented to him. a hundred heads reposed on his shoulders. his whole body was covered with scales. they instructed him in the human sciences. that by his reputation one can at a great distance make a profound impression.) With the code of Laws they gave him a decoration. A personage called Orus accompanied the several Balahate who all bore torches. de Judiciis Ægyptiorum. . the pike persuasion carried afar. the quiver.16 (Diodorus of Sicily. (Am-monitish was a mysterious language. disposed for a theatrical representation. As Orus approached. The Initiate was taught the Ammonitish language.) They further taught him that the name of the great legislator was Joa. the power of eloquence. 1. the column firmness. De Egyptiis Legum Latoribus.was to be always the avenger of evil. which he could only wear at the reception of a Chistophoris. or Minerva. and threw the corpse into a cavern. He was then conducted to another Hall. He then decapitated him. The members held meetings at times. The Chapters were called Pixon (Source of Justice): and the word in use at these holdings was Sasychis (an ancient priest of Egypt). for each member took a part. see word of the 1degree. the sole spectator.

where he beheld all the Gods and saw them represented by magnificent paintings. He was then laid into the midst of the assembly in order to take a new oath. He was advertised to be on his guard against the Astrologers and drawers of horoscopes. The Demiurgos retraced anew the history. and to conform to the labours they exacted. It was explained that Typhon symbolized fire. for this Mysterious Society held them in aversion. and which included the explanation of this allegorical scene. After having pronounced it they explained to him the history of the origin of the Gods. The word of the order was Chymia. He was informed that they enclosed the remains of those members who had been put to death for betraying the secrets of the society. These astrologers had chosen the word Phoenix for the word of the order.19 (Herodotus. and introduced him into the Pantheon. Some coffins placed here and there struck the eyes of the Candidate. SIXTH GRADE-ASTRONOMER BEFORE THE GATE OF THE GODS The preparations of this degree began by putting the Candidate in irons. whom they looked upon as the authors of idolatry and superstition. but they indicated to him at the same time the necessity of conserving polytheism for the common people. by the aid of which man performed great and useful enterprises in subduing the violence of fire. and appropriating its force.18 They amplified the ideas which had been presented to him in the first degree. liv. upon the doctrine of a sole Being who embraced all time. and which the Astronomers turned into derision. He had the assistance of masters when he needed the researches and experience. and who. by his nature. which had to be descended by four steps. and by which they amused and directed their credulity.This ceremonial terminated by the instruction which was given to the Balahate. and which was on this occasion filled with water in order to row the Barque of Caron. which were the objects of the people’s adoration. The grade was consecrated to the instruction of the Neophyte in the knowledge and practice of astronomy. was above the comprehension of the human spirit. as also a tabular list of all the members of the society spread over the face of the globe. directing its power. presided over the union and regularity of the universe. The Thesmophores conducted him to the Gate of Death. 3. and they menaced him with a similar fate if he committed the same crimes.) After the reception they conducted the Initiate towards the Gate of the Gods. which they had in that science.20 They taught him the . They placed under his inspection a list of all the Chief Inspectors in the chronological order in which they had lived. Hist. Orus represented industry and labour. Aethiop. because the Cavern of reception was that previously used for the third degree. notwithstanding which nothing in the world can be done without it. concealing nothing from him. He was obliged to give the night to observations. The Chistophoris was instructed in Chemistry and the art of decomposing substances and combining metals. which is one of the most terrible agencies.

and he was obliged to wear it continually. The Astronomer could riot obtain this degree. He was invested with a very beautiful white striped robe. without the assent of the King and Demiurgos. after a time. In it they gave a detailed and most complete explanation of all the Mysteries. These houses were called Maneras (residence of the Manes). and at the same time the general consent of the inner members of the Society. which they called Poutre Royale. which had several apartments ornamented with admirable pictures. p. 29).Priestly dance which figured the course of the stars. The principal sign was made by carrying the hands crossed in the sleeves of the robe. arrive at the offices of the Society..])21 They then exhibited to the people the sacred objects. Ch. in Additionibus). The Prophet had permission to read all the mysterious books. the Members of the Society departed clandestinely to the city during the night. (Plutarch. and called Etangi. (Porphyre Dc Abstinentia).2). and even to that of Demiurgos. (Pierius. The new Prophet could. (Lucien. of which the signification was peculiar. SEVENTH GRADE-PROPHET OR SAPHENATH PANCAH (The man who knows the Mysteries-Jamblicque De Mysterus Ægypt. between which were some coffins and a sphinx. De Providentia). 32. (veritably omomeli. The procession finished. Histor. composed of wine and honey. The word of the degree was ibis. representing human life (voyage of Lucas in Egypt). for the people believed that the Initiates held a peculiar commerce with the Manes of the departed. signifying crane. Gd. The greatest prerogative of this grade was to contribute his vote in the election of a King. root of Adonis.66). prim. Dc Amore Fraterno. Liv. by which they wished to say that the Neophyte had acquired all knowledge which they could give him-his tongue was acute. Athenee. singular Adonai. the new Prophet was presented with a beverage named Oimellas. synt. (Rufin. (Synesus. [This would seem to be a figurative expression. and his coiffure was of square form. to which they gave him the key. public and politic. The reception was followed by a public procession to which they gave the name of Pamylach (Oris circumcisio--circumcision of the tongue). which were in the Ammonique language. the Maneras were ornamented with a great number of columns. Deor. Lilio Gregor au-tore p. which symbolized vigilance. 2.22 He was then invested with a cross. repairing to an appointed place and reassembling in some houses of a square form. and he was permitted to speak of all knowledge.23 and known only to the Initiates.) This Grade was the last and most eminent. Cabinet Romain. Liv. On arrival. which were very wide. . Dc Saltatione). 9). They shaved his head. Diodorus of Sicily. The word of the order was Adon24 (Lord. very ample. and they told him he had arrived at the end of all the proofs. Liv. which established his aptitude in all the functions.

and learning in all its branches was cultivated exclusively by the priesthood. 2nd degree-The Hierophant was clothed nearly the same. He wore a robe of sky blue. to taste the sweets of sleep. the priests were the actual governors of the empire. and a yellow ceinture (Montfaucon. 3rd degree-The Stolista. with the exception of those whose turn it was to watch in order to introduce by the Gate of the Gods (Birantha). and remained the whole of his life under the guardianship and protection of the priesthood. sprinkled with embroidered stars. and education was under the direction of a small number of chosen individuals who were organized into the Mystery Schools or sacred State institutions. 1. 7th degree-The Komastis had charge of the Banquets and controlled the Pastophores. and suspended from a golden chain. or rather to direct. The king was placed on his throne by the priests.. the initiates of the 6th degree who desired to make celestial observations. death come at the convenient hour. which commenced thus: "Oh. But in ancient Egypt learning was regarded as a high privilege. all mankind has a right to participate in knowledge according to the extent of his intellectual capacities.THE OFFICES AND HABILIMENTS 1st degree-The Demiurgos. In modern civilization it is regarded as a sacred principle that knowledge be common property. except that he wore on his breast a cross. others to give themselves up to meditation.10. fig. Chief Inspector of the Society. but might have a beverage resembling our modern beer.25 They carried round the table a skeleton. They were not permitted to use wine. He was also Supreme Judge of all the land. according to the hour. pledges." All the members joined in chorus. maintained there by priestly influence. was charged with the introduction of Aspirants. 8th degree-The Odos was orator and chanter. the astronomical labours. BANQUETS All the members were obliged to wash themselves before going to table. p. The temples were the sanctuaries of the Letters and Sciences. . charged with the purification of the Aspirant by water.27 The Odos intoned a hymn called the Maneros. the greater number. called Canonicon. for ink. or Butoi (Sarcopha-gus. 5th degree-The Thesmophores. 2. Liv. The guardianship of the vestibule was entrusted to his care. 1. 4th degree-The Hierostolista (Secretary). wore a robe of white stripes and a peculiarly formed foot covering. Ungerus. The members of these groups were united by bends. and held in his hand a vase of cylindrical form. When the repast was finished all retired. 6th degree-The Zacoris fulfilled the functions of Treasurer. some to attend to their occupations. De Singulis).26figure of a coffin). and vows of secrecy. The government of ancient Egypt was theocratic. had a plume for his coiffure. He wore from his neck a sapphire surrounded with brilliants. these were obliged to pass the entire night and even to second. While the Pharaoh appeared to be the head of the State.

Bro. but this is only one of the interpretations of this symbol). whose Mysteries they celebrated with appropriate rituals arid rites. he had delved deeply into the secrets of the temple and had come into the possession of a secret knowledge. 11. the motion of the sun is represented by the snakes. The wisest initiates recognized the unity of the divine principle and left to the ignorant and uninformed populace polytheistic theologies. Primitive languages were composed only of consonants. and shew the bearing of these societies upon the transmission of the Ancient Mysteries and Modern Freemasonry. but this is to give him the opportunity of adopting hibernating customs. 5. however. As we bring together this particularity with the remark that we find in a celebrated hook. and contribute to the result. We may some time give a paper on this subject. In other words. and perfect God. 14. likewise. recognized one God. 9. Clement of Alexandria says something of this kind. 4. The worship of the One God was celebrated by the greatest of the Greek philosophers in the temple of Elcusis under the pretext of venerating the Goddess Ceres. had mastered the principles of religious legislation and he gave proof of this when he became the leader of his people. This is . like the Egyptians. The Caduceus of Mercury is the emblem of the movement of the sun around the ecliptic (editorial note. It seems also confirmed by recent Assyrian inscription discoveries Also there yet exist in the Himalayan fastnesses societies of most ancient date. The copti possessed the art of depriving them of venom. 12. and woe to him if he falls from his vows. The Druses offer it as the last great trial to the Initiate. No one can doubt that the ancient languages were harmonious in their pronunciation. 7. The Druses and other societies known in our 29 degree follow the tame ancient custom. Moses. one will find without a doubt that the resemblance of the systems deserves the concentrated attention of thinking people. which they cause the Initiate to ire by Mesmeric will." 13. 3. The speaker or reader inserted the vowels according to certain accepted rules. One of the deepest secrets of the metaphysical doctrines of antiquity was belief in one. By this is meant that which was called in Freemasonry of the 18th century a cabinet of reflection. This may be thought by some improbable. and the day’s fasting and trials. Godfrey Higgins suggests that this is the origin of the popular belief that all Freemasons are branded. In the Mythraic Mysteries he replied. 8.2. It precedes the shadowy appearances in what may be called the Hall of Spirits. eternal. 10. continued to venerate an elaborate pantheon of divinities. or a room set aside for concentration and meditation. The Hindu Yoga does the same. The Editor asserts this a mistake. who had comprehended badly his Egyptian instruction. but it is nevertheless true. The Greeks. the profound significance of which has never been doubted. which transmit such information. 6. to be attributed to Plato. The less informed among the Greeks. unique. We must not forget that the author of Genesis had been brought up at the court of the Egyptian Pharaoh and had been initiated into the Mysteries. "Mythras is my Crown.

Thus. 20. showing the great perfection to which the Egyptians had reduced the science of Theology. It is the epidermis that covers the interior of the dewlap of the ox. It is significant that this last word is the sacred word of the 88th degree of Mizraïm. Religious persecutions in the different eras had expatriated initiates who spread philosophies among foreign nations. With the decline of the pagan Mysteries. The Hero. The Priests professed absolutely to exhibit to the Epora’ the various orders of Spirits. leading the unlearned into error and the abuses which inevitably result from error. honoring the men rather than the virtues which they represented. the elemental potentates. to feelings that are philanthropic.-John Yarker. a portion of the philosophy professed by those who dwelled along the Nile penetrated into the forests of Germany. disseminated among uncultured peoples. or half gods. while elevating the soul. the ox was used to symbolize strength. outstanding Virtues. they scattered fragment. It is through an error that it is written as zao in the books of the Rite. and tutelary Spirits. archangels. lost the name of action and degraded to theological despotism and fanatical superstition. Thus for example. knew what we call today goldbeater’s skin. of the old doctrines among many races and peoples. Moreover. angels. devised to reveal the principles of life and the workings of universal law. It is a truth demonstrated by thousands of examples that knowledge develops brains-that the lights of Philosophy. in a clear and precise manner. but in the course of ages the true meaning was forgotten and men worshipped the ox not as a figure but as a fact. cheating. they described and explained the origin and qualities of these different orders of the upper world.. Poetry is the language of the Gods. Heroes were venerated for their prodigious actions. The traditions of polytheism were not absurd at their origin. It is easy to understand how wise doctrines. and were enemies of ignorance. 15. It has several uses. In those remote times the priests professed the most enlightened and sane doctrines. Thomas Paine in a pamphlet mentions researches he made into the origin of Freemasonry among the habits and practices of the Druids. though we truly can say that the J or Dja of the Hindu was expressed by the Z in certain countries. art in gratitude for the services they had rendered society. and superstition. the most important is in surgery. and in the Tuileur de Tous Les Rites. 17. 16. unimaginative mortals deified these of the principles of the Qabbala. After a time. Other writers contend that Freemasonry had its . Orators and priests in reciting sacred things expressed themselves in a kind of chant. traveling to different parts of the world. 18. page 121. to opinions that are wise. where it mingled with barbaric practices and lost its purity and sublimity. The ancients probably. and it is natural to bestow a certain rhythm upon the recitation of hymns and sacred poems. Jamblichus clearly explains what this was. and to actions that are honorable and useful. The word Jehovah expresses without doubt Joa. treachery. the members of the Secret schools separated and. 19. The emblems themselves came to be confused with the principles they represented. These traditions resulted from the invention of ingenious emblems. This is how superstition denatures reasonable things. spread reason and lead men to ideas that are just.

The Greeks.origin among the rites practiced in the Pyramids. according to all appearance. The cup represented knowledge or wisdom from which wise men drink as from a fountain of ever living water. Y. and so stop breathing. . This is probably a note of the French Brother. which is the singular of Adonai. 27. The account of the beverage of sweet and agreeable liquor that was presented to the new prophet should be understood allegorically. reminding the guest that even as they feasted and made merry death was never far from them-to use an old adage. for example. It would appear that the presence of Freemasonic symbolism among so many dif-ferment peoples points to a common origin of the symbols. It is from here. 21. a human skeleton was always seated in a place of honor at elaborate banquets. The word Adon means lord and is the root of Adonis. and the interpretation. This form represents the four corners or angles of the world. live well in this world but never forget that you will soon leave this temporal state. It is more probable that the circumcision was real and not figurative. who translated the work from the German. consecrated to various religious beliefs. 25. According to the old traditions. that the word sarcophagus had its origin. Mahomet concurred in this attitude and made temperance one of the pillars of Islam. used cruciform ornaments Their buildings. the doctrine. were built in the form of a Cross. 24.-J. 23. The Egyptian priests were very strict in the use of any alcoholic beverage and did not permit wines or strong drink to any of their orders. 26. The forms of the Cross-goes back far beyond the origin of Christianity. The Hindu practitioner of Hathi Yogi has the tongue cut loose at the underside to enable him to insert the end in the gullet. 22.

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