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Deputy Secretary (PC)

Economic Affairs Division

Block ‘C’, Room No. 407
Pak Secretariat, Islamabad

Subject: Expression of Interest (EOI)

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your advertisement for submission Expression of Interest (EOI)
to participate in the programme for conversion of debt towards development in Pakistan
initiated by the Economic Affairs Division, GOP, with the assistance of the Government
of Italy.

Friends of Literacy and Mass Education (FLAME) is a registered national NGO engaged
in the promotion of mass literacy amongst the underprivileged and poor population in
Pakistan and has been operating since 2001.

Starting in early 2001, with 5 Non-formal basic education (NFBE) schools in poor
localities of Islamabad, FLAME has increased the number of schools to 182 spread over
a wide geography covering Islamabad, 5 districts of Sindh, Khuzdar and Hub area of
Balochistan and poor Kachi Abadis (Slums) in the outskirts of Karachi in Baldia Town
and Landhi. Currently over 7,000 children, both boys and girls are getting free education
up to primary level in these schools.

In addition to providing free primary education, FLAME is also providing free health
care to over 4,000 children of over 110 Islamabad and Karachi schools through its
program of Mobile Health Units (MHU), employing 11 qualified MBBS lady doctors.

Our mission is to empower the underprivileged children through education. We have a

vision to expand the organization by opening up to 10,000 schools and provide education
to 350,000 children in the next 10 years and provide basic healthcare to most of these

FLAME’s third part of the program is to establish Vocational Training Centers (VTC) to
provide technical training in professions such as electrician, plumbing, motor mechanic
etc. to boys and sewing, stitching, beautician courses to girls. This program would help in
making these children economically independent and alleviating poverty.

Currently we are running with a budget of approximately Rs. 6.5 millions per year. Funds
between 2001 to 2006 were raised by FLAME through donations from Pakistanis living
within and mostly outside Pakistan. However, we have received a grant of Rs. 5 million
from the Government of Sindh, 5,000 Pound Sterling from Mayor of London and Rs. 1
million from German Women Association. We plan to use these funds to open new
schools and VTCs in the province of Sindh and adopt some Government schools which
require urgent repair, renovation and teachers’ training.

We would like to state that FLAME has no political and / or religious affiliations with
any other organization and is being run purely for the purposes of promoting education
and basic health care amongst the underprivileged children of Pakistan.
We hope FLAME would get the opportunity of participating in this program. The funds
which will be available shall be used to promote and further the cause of literacy amongst
the most underprivileged children of Pakistan.

We are attaching the following documents as required:

1. Certificate of Registration under Societies Act XXI of 1860

2. NPO Certification Award
Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP)
3. List of members of Governing Body in place since 5 May, 2001
4. List of Schools in different parts of Pakistan showing FLAME’s countrywide
5. Annual Reports for the years:
I. 2004-2005
II. 2005-2006
III. 2006-2007
6. Annual Audit Reports
I. 2004-2005
II. 2005-2006
III. 2006-2007
7. Summary of Donations / Donors for the last 3 years.

Thanking You

Kind Regards

Ambassador ® Mansoor Alam
Chairman – FLAME
Dated: January 25, 2008

Internal Memo:

Mr. Nadir has been continuously complaining about his low income and his inability to
meet his expenses.

Since an immediate increase in salary from the organization is not possible, I have
thought of an alternate solution to ease his financial burden.

I, Mr. Aurangzeb, Mr. Khushbash Alam, Mr. Abdul Ghnai pay him Rs. 100 every month
to him, so as to collectively give him Rs. 500 which will help him siginificantly.

In return, Mr. Nadir has to promise that he will work extra hard in the office and also
follow orders of his superiors, use polite language with every body and avoid name
calling at all times.

If you agree to the above, please sign below.

Mr. Khushbash Alam ___________________________

Mr. Abdul Ghani ___________________________

Mr. Aurangzeb ___________________________

Mr. Yawar Khayyam ___________________________

I am grateful for the above agreement and promise to abide by all the rules mentioned
above and understand that in case of disobeying the orders of any staff member, this
agreement will be terminated.

Mr. Nadir
566/18, St # 9, Allahabad,
Westridge III,

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: Quran CD

I received the Quran CD day before yesterday. I appreciate your staff member calling me
and verifying my address and then sending the CD.

Unfortunately, the CD contains some corrupt files in the SURAH folder due to which
complete program cannot be installed nor can I make any further copies to distribute to
family members and friends like I promised.

I am sending back the CD hoping that you will send me another one that is in good
working condition.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

May Allah bless you all in the fine work you are carrying out.

Thank you very much

Yours truly,

Yawar Khayyam
A-997, Sector 11-A, North Karachi
Mobile: 0300-2394069

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