Lead Butt Racing Team Newsletter

October 2007

2007 Lead Butt Team
This is our Lead Butt Team roster as of September 1st. The Lead Butt Team: Dan Bibeau-Pengilly, MN. John Binder-Plymouth, WI Faye Blaubach-Kerrville, TX Jeff Block-Greenwood, WI Darrin Braun-Marshfield, WI Darlene Brown-Greenwood, WI Jeff Christensen-WI Rapids, WI Gary Janssen-Greenwood, WI John Mayenschein-Greenwood,WI Melissa Niemeyer-Saukville, WI Joe Pairitz-Coon Rapids, MN Kevin Syth-Greenwood, WI Deanne Willems-WI Rapids, WI Jennifer Benjamin, WI Rapids, WI Charles Isensee, Hayward, WI Bryan Bormann, Medford, WI Pam Piotrowski, WI Rapids, WI Michelle Bibeau-Pengilly, MN Mark Blaubach-Kerrville, TX Jerry Block-Greenwood, WI Craig Braun-Marshfield, WI Scott Brown-Greenwood, WI Julie Eggener-Hartford, WI Don Haugen-Washburn, WI Auldy Johnson, Stillwater, MN Russ Mueller-WI Rapids, WI Doug Niemeyer-Saukville, WI Bob Swanson-Eau Claire, WI Al Thurber-WI Rapids, WI Jim Nesbitt, Mosinee, WI Don Howell, Burlington, WI Harold Werth, Marshfield, WI Chris Mueller, Chili, WI

Ass-Piring Members
This newsletter tried to feature a short biography of members each month. The bio included a picture, info about the member (family, occupation, and other interests), how long biking, their bike(s), why they race, a most memorable biking experience, and some words of wisdom regarding bike racing. Most Lead Butt’ers were too bashful to send info but we will try it again next year. Here is another “fill-in” for this spot. Lead Butt’er Kevin Syth shown finishing the Cleghorn 44 mile RR in September… sure looks like he is ahead of everyone else!

Spirit of Wisport Traveling Trophy

Lead Butt Jersey/Shorts
Scott Brown (715-267-3106 or dabsab@tds.net) still has one Lead Butt skin suit left from a previous Garneau order. It is sized XXL but he said that the real fit size is actually a size smaller…thus XL. It will be sold for $90. Contact Scott if interested. John Binder (920-892-7627 or dpatric2@gmail.com) also has two extra shorts from the past order; size XL, that are available for $51 each.

The trophy pictured here was presented three years ago by Emery’s Bicycle & Super Fitness Stores in memory of Darwin Vollrath. It is a traveling trophy and is presented each year at the Wisport end of year banquet. The first recipient was Ken Thomson in 2006. The Lead Butt Racing Team was presented the award in 2007. The holder of the trophy each year decides who the new recipient will be. Several Lead Butt Team members put their heads together to make the selection. The award recipient is presented the trophy in a surprise announcement at the end of the year Wisport banquet to be held in Grand Marsh, October 27th.

Lead Butt September Events
September saw 11 of our Lead Butt team members participate in one or more of the six September Wisport events. Three members participated in the Cameron Chris Kerr RR, 3 in the Fort Atkinson Ride the Rock RR, 2 in the Cleghorn 22 mile RR, 3 in the Cleghorn 44 mile RR, 5 in the Alma Wisport World’s RR, and 5 in the Alma Wisport World’s TT. Results for Wisport September events can be found on the website… http://www.wisport.org/schedule.php After all the September events the Lead Butt Team moved up to third place on the team standings with 5788 points. Big Ring Flyer’s Team was first with 7562 points and Flying Bobcats were second with 5853 points. More individual standings can be found on the website… http://www.wisport.org/disp_team_stand.php The Alma Wisport events completed the 2007 Wisport racing season. Congratulations to all Lead Butt members for their efforts this season. A good time was had by all and we hope to see all of you during the 2008 Wisport season. This will be the last newsletter until next year. Hope it was valuable to keep up on the team happenings throughout the season. Any suggestions for next year would be appreciated. Just a reminder that the Wisport end of the year banquet is in Grand Marsh on Oct 27. Plans include a crisp, cool, sunny group ride followed by a catered meal and awards. Grand Marsh is located in Adams County about 25 miles NNW of Portage. This is a great event with lots of food, good cheer, awards, and drawings (have to be present) for some valuable prizes. Look for more details on the website. Hope to see you there.

Lead Butt T-Shirts
Kevin Syth. The shirts sell for $13 and can be purchased through Scott Brown (715-267-3106 or dabsab@tds.net).

Recruiting New Members
All are encouraged to recruit new Lead Butt’ers for next year. With events spread out across the state a membership that is also spread out across the state will help the team have at least five Lead Butt”ers at every Wisport event. It is not true that you have to have a big ass or be a big ass to be a Lead Butt’er! The only criteria for membership is to be “normally obsessed” and enjoy biking and the camaraderie of a team. An attempt will be made to look at past Wisport events and contact those who are listed as “none” for team membership.

You Are a Bike Weenie If… You yell "On Your Left!" when passing another car… You view
crashes as an opportunity to upgrade components… You mount a $600 cap, on a $1,000 pickup truck, so your $3,000 bike doesn't get wet… When driving your car you lean over the steering wheel, just like an aerobar… Your car sits outside your garage because your garage is full of bikes and cycling gear… You spend weeks during the summer spraying arrows on the sides of roads… You start yelling at cars to "hold your line."… You have more bike jerseys than dress shirts… You empathize with the roadkill.