SmartAX MA5600T (GPON) Basic Operation and Maintenance Practice Guide ISSUE2.


0 General Practice Configuration 1. No Spreading without Permission 192. III II 2 Confidential Information of Huawei.250 IP addresses of the operation terminals are given by the label of the computer 192.1 Objective This practice is aimed to help you to be familiar with the command line and basic configuration of MA5600T.SmartAX MA5600T (GPON) Basic Configuration Practice Guide with VLAN ISSUE 2.168.1 Network 1.50.x. 1.13 IV .2 Networking and service description G-4 La MA5600 Figure Introduction to equipment networking and practice environment IP address of the maintenance network interface of the MA5600T is 192.

168. 1. then input :telnet 192.1 Configuration environment establishment Please check the physical connections between the equipment and the operation terminals to understand how the configuration environment was established. the following attributes should be changed: Bits per second: 9600bit/s. Please log in the system according to Click: Start-->Run.4.250 Or according to Hyper Terminal : Click: Start-->All programs -->Accessories-->Hyper Terminal Note: You can also try to establish a serial line connected configuration environment.4 Practice Tasks 1.SmartAX MA5600T Laboratory Exercises General practice ISSUE1. otherwise others cannot login the system by telnet. if the serial line is available.2 Getting Start MML basic commands (1) Change the MML mode: MA5600T>enable MA5600T#config MA5600T(config)#interface gpon MA5600T (config-if-gpon-0/1)#quit MA5600T(config)#quit MA5600T#disable Confidential Information of Huawei. please DO NOT change the IP address of the maintenance network interface of MA5600T.0 General Practice Configuration Note: During your practice. when setting the hypertrm. Flow control: NONE.50. Under the serial line mode.4. The current configuration environment was established in the telnet mode. 1. No Spreading without Permission 3 .

password and other information. No Spreading without Permission . default user-profile is “root” ) MA5600T(config)#terminal user name (2) Change the existed user’ level MA5600T(config)#terminal user level (3) Change user’s password MA5600T(config)#terminal user password (4) Query terminal users information MA5600T(config)#display terminal user all (5) Query online terminal user information MA5600T(config)#display terminal user online (6) Delete a terminal user MA5600T(config)#undo terminal user name 1.4 System management (1) Query boards information of a given frame: MA5600T(config)#display board 0 (2) Query board information of a given slot: MA5600T(config)#display board 0/2 (3) Query software/hardware version : MA5600T(config)#display language 4 Confidential Information of Huawei.SmartAX MA5600T (GPON) Basic Configuration Practice Guide with VLAN ISSUE 2.4.3 Terminal user management (this is for management terminal user) (1) Add a new user (Input any username.4.0 (2) On-line help(show all following commands): MA5600T#display(‘spacebar’) ? (3) Intelligent match: MA5600T#con(‘spacebar’) (4) Interactive operation: MA5600T(config)#interface (‘enter’) (5) Set Timeout Exit Time MA5600T(config)#idle-timeout 255 1.

this command help you configure the service while there is no service board yet) (2) Confirm a new board: 5 Confidential Information of Huawei.4.5 File management (1) Backup system data to workstation: // This command should be work with TFTP/FTP server// MA5600T(config)#backup data tftp (Meth port / tftp / ip address needed) (2) Restore system data /patch/language/program/bios to system: // This command should be work with TFTP/FTP server// MA5600T(coMA5600T(config)#load data tftp/ftp 1.4.6 Board management (1) Add a new board: MA5600T(config)#board add 0/11 (system can auto-detect newly inserted board.SmartAX MA5600T Laboratory Exercises General practice ISSUE1. No Spreading without Permission .0 General Practice Configuration MA5600T(config)#display version 0/9 (input 0/x you can query a certain board) (4) Query system log record : MA5600T(config)#display log all (5) Query board CPU occupation MA5600T(config)#display cpu 0/1 (6) Display configuration: MA5600T(config)#display current-configuration (7) Backup system data to flash memory : MA5600T(config)#save (8) Change system time to current time: MA5600T(config)#time (9) Change site name MA5600T(config)#sysname (10) Erase the configuration files in the Flash MA5600T(config)#erase flash (dangerous operation) 1.

1. please do not reboot system ) 1.1 Smart VLAN (1) Add a smart vlan: MA5600T(config)#vlan 1000 smart (2) Add a upstream port of a specified smart vlan : MA5600T(config)#port vlan 1000 0/19 0 (3) Add service-port of a specified smart vlan (4) Create a vlan-interface and IP address MA5600T(config)#interface vlanif 1000 MA5600T(config-if-Vlanif1000)#ip address 100.5.1.SmartAX MA5600T (GPON) Basic Configuration Practice Guide with VLAN ISSUE 2. No Spreading without Permission .0 MA5600T(config)#board confirm 0 (input 0/x you can confirm a certain board) (3) Reset system: MA5600T(config)#reboot (dangerous operation. it will effect services.1 24 6 Confidential Information of Huawei.5 Vlan Configuration(Smart Vlan / Mux Vlan/QinQ Vlan ) 1.

2 Mux VLAN Add a mux vlan and repeat the above operations Mux vlan can have one service-port only.5.0 General Practice Configuration 1. (1) Add a mux vlan: MA5600T(config)#vlan 1000 to 1002 mux (2) Add a upstream port of a specified mux vlan : MA5600T(config)#port vlan 1000 to 1002 0/19 0 1. so different subscriber should use different vlan-id. No Spreading without Permission 7 .SmartAX MA5600T Laboratory Exercises General practice ISSUE1.3 QinQ VLAN (1) Add a VLAN MA5600T(config)#vlan 50 (2) Add a upstream port of a specified smart vlan : MA5600T(config)#port vlan 50 0/19 0 (3) Set the VLAN attribute MA5600T (config)#vlan attrib 50 q-in-q Confidential Information of Huawei.5.

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