A WebQuest for Year 10/Te Reo Māori ‘Tāngata Rongonui’

“The Nominations are……………….”

Te Puea Herangi

Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana

Whina Cooper

Hone Heke
Introduction The Quest The Process

Apirana Ngata
Evaluation Conclusion

Throughout New Zealand’s history there have been some amazing Tāngata Rongonui (famous Māori people).

“And the Winner is………..?”
2006 is the first year of the annual ‘Awesome kiwi’ awards and it is going to be televised internationally. Your group are part of the judging panel for the awards show and have the important task of deciding who will win the most prestigious of the ‘Awesome Kiwi’ awards. Who should receive the award for ‘Most Influential Tāngata Rongonui’?
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The Task
Your group’s task is to present a well-researched biography of the person your group decides should receive the award for the ‘Most Influencial Tāngata Rongnui’. All four members of your group will have specific tasks which you will bring together in a presentation that supports your choice
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The Process
STEP ONE: As a group you need to decide who should win the ‘Most influencial tāngata rongonui’ out of the five nominations. If you decide, as a group, that there is someone else, who is not nominated, who you think should win this award please talk to your kaiako. STEP TWO: Each group member should choose which role they want to be and complete the individual tasks for each role:

The roles are:

Timeliest You are to research the timeline of your tāngata rongonui’s life. You are only interested in the years that person lived and the events that happened throughout their life. You are going to focus on questions like: When were they born? What schools did they attend? Who made up their family? Influence tester You are interested in the influence this person has had on today’s society. You are going to find out why this person is the most influencial Māori New Zealander. You are going to focus on questions like: What effect has this person had on today’s society?

Historian You are interested in the effects of the events of this person’s life. You are going to look at questions like: What is the person is famous for? Why? What was happening in New Zealand or the world at the time which may have had an influence on this person’s actions?

Event detailer You are interested of the details of an event in this person’s life. You are to choose a major life event and research it in detail. You are interested in questions like: When, who, where and how did this event take place? What was their involvement in this event?

To find resources about the tāngata rongonui you have chosen click on the picture of that person above:
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Your presentation should have as much Te Reo Māori as possible!
STEP FOUR: Present your presentation to the rest of the class. You need to convince your other class members that the person you have chosen should win the ‘Most Influential Tāngata Rongonui’ award. Kia Kaha!
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1. STEP THREE: You now need to bring your information back together and prepare a presentation to the class 2.

Research and Presentation of an influencial Tāngata Rongonui. Marking Schedule
Beginning 1 Individual group participation Developing 2 Accomplished 3 Exemplary 4 Score

The student The student The student The student contributed an contributed contributed a fully average amount most of the time small amount to participated in to the group in the group the group work the group work work work

The student The student The student There is researched researched researched their Researched evidence of a their role and their role and role well and produced presented their information little research presented their in the student’s information information to a information to a role that was of level of level of merit average quality excellence
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“And the Winner is………….”
You have researched and presented a biography of a tāngata rongonui, you have used sentence structures and writing techniques discussed in class and have used a technological tool to present it, Well done!

Something to think about: ~ Do you think that there should be just one winner of the award? ~ What do you think would happen if there were no tāngata rongonui? ~ How important is it to have tāngata rongonui? ~ Discuss other tangāta rongonui you know of.
Introduction The Quest The Process Evaluation Conclusion

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