Format: Author, Title, hb/pb, Publisher, Date, number of pages, Condition, (if any, other helpful info), Price.

I will cover postage, USPS media rate. If anyone wishes something else, I am happy to send any way if YOU pay. So, figure prices include postage unless you wish other arrangements. Any book that is xlibrary will be so noted. N = New, LN = Like New, F = Fine, NF = Near Fine, VG = Very Good, G = Good, P = Poor (example - listed thus: F/VG...(fine jacket, very good book) 1. Howard, Leon ( ed. Barbour, James and Thomas Quirk), Essays on Puritans and Puritanism, HB, New Mexico, 1986, 221 pp, F/F, $10.95 2. Kuiper, R. B. The Glorious Body of Christ, HB, Banner of Truth, 1967, 383pp, F/F, $14.95 3. Watson, Thomas The Beatitudes, HB, Banner of Truth, 1971, 307pp, VG/VG, $14.95 4. Davies, Samuel Sermons of the Reverend Samuel Davies (3 volumes complete), HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 1995, about 650 - 670 pp per volume, LN/LN, $95.95 5. Conant, T. J. The Meaning and Use of Baptizen, HB, Kregel, 1977, 192pp, F/VG, $10.95 6. Warns, Johannes Baptism: Studies In the Original Christian Baptism, HB, Klock & Klock, 1980, 352pp, No DJ as issued/F, $14.95 7. Owen, John Biblical Theology, HB, Banner of Truth, 1994, 861pp, VG/F, $29.95 8. Durham, James Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments, HB, Naphtali, (still in shrink wrap so can't see the date of pub, etc, New, $18.95 9. van Buren, Paul Christ In Our Place: The Substitutionary Character of Calvin's Doctrine of Reconciliation, HB, Eerdmans, 1957, 152pp, VG, VG (a few pages with underscoring), $13.95 10. Fisher, Edward Marrow of Modern Divinity, HB, Reiner, 1978, 369pp, F/F, $24.95 11. Carson, Alexander Baptism It's Mode and Subjects, HB, Kregel, 1981, 500pp, F/F, $19.95 12. Ferguson, Sinclair John Owen on the Christian Life, HB, Banner of Truth, 1995, 297pp, F/F (opening blank page has a fold), $14.95 13. Gordon, William R. The Supreme Godhead of Christ, HB, Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1855, 187pp, G, xlib (college library), $19.95 14. Douty, Norman F. The Death of Christ, HB, Reiner, 1972, 120pp, VG/VG, $19.95 15. Smith, Morton H. Systematic Theology, (2 volumes), HB, Greenville Seminary Press, 1994, 850pp, LN, $32.00 set 16. Bahnsen, Greg L. Van Til's Apologetic, HB, Presybterian & Reformed, 1998, 764pp, F/VG, book would be fine exept first two blank pages have slight fold, $18.95

17. Gerstner, John H. Theology in Dialogue, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 1996, 621pp, VG/VG, book wouild be fine except spine has wrinkle to it looks like a manufacting flaw...not viisble due to DJ, $14.95 18. Rushdoony, Rousas John The Roots of Reconstruction, HB, Ross House, 1991, 1124pp, Fine, no dj as issued, $15.95 19. Rushdoony, Rousas John The Institutes of Biblical Law,HB, Presbyterian & Reformed, 1973 (date given of Craig Press ed., this is printed much more recently) 890pp, LN/LN $14.95 20. Reymond, Robert L. A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, HB, Nelson, 1997, 1210pp, LN, $19.95 21. Goodwin, Thomas Exposition of Ephesians Volume 1, HB, Sovereign Grace Pub, 2001, 564pp, LN, $18.95 22. Wallace, Dewey D. The Spirituality of the Later English Puritans,HB, Mercer, 1987. 246pp, VG/F, $!4.95 23. Gerstner, John H. Wrongly Dividing the Truth: A Critique of Dispensationalism, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 2000, 476pp, LN/LN, $16.95 24. Kuyper, Abraham The Work of the Holy Spirit, PB, Eeerdmans, 1979. 664pp, VG, $14.95 25. Hall, David D. The Antinomian Controversy: 1636-1638, HB, Wesleyan Univ Press, 1968, F/F, $15.95 26. Bozeman, Theodore Dwight, The Precisianist Strain - Disciplinary Religion & Antinomian Backlash in Puritanism to 1638, HB, North Carolina, 2004, 349pp, LN/LN, $15.95 27. Macleod, John Scottish Theology in Relation to Church History, HB, Banner of Truth, 1974, 350pp, VG/F, $16.95 28. White, WIlliam Jr., Van Til, Defender of the Faith, PB, Nelson, 1979, 233pp, G, $4.00 29. Fairbairn, Patrick Ezekiel And The Boof His Prophecy: An Exposition, HB, T&T Clark, 1855, 504pp, LN (rebound in brown buckram), $39.95 30. Heywood, Oliver Heart Treasure, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, n.d., 400pp, F/F, $12.95 31.Carroll, Peter N. Puritanism and the Wilderness: The Intellectual Significance of the New England Frontier, 1692-1700, HB, Columbia Univ, 1969, 243pp, Very good book in a worn, but solid jacket, $10.99 32. Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church, HB, AP&A, about 3,000pp combined, 3

volumes complete, books near fine with a few minor defects, jackets very good with few small defects, ex church library but no external marks, $32.95 set 33. Payson, Edward, Memoir of Payson, HB, leather spine, cloth boards, American Tract Society, volume 12 of the old Evangelical Library Set published in the latter 1800s, though this has no specific day of printing, moderate foxing, cover worn, only about good but a fine reading copy and a nifty old printing486pp, $12.95 34. Pike, J. G., A Guide For Young Disciples of the Holy Savior, HB, leather spine, cloth boards, American Tract Society, volume 11 of the old Evangelical Library Set, published in the latter 1800s, though this has no specific day of printing, cover worn, only about good but a fine reading copy, 465pp, $12.95 35. Brown, David Christ's Second Coming Will It Be Premillennial?, HB, Still Waters Revival Books, 1990, 468pp, near new(# 823 of a reprint run of 1500), $18.95 36. Wood, James The Gospel Fountain, HB, Presbyterian Board of Pub, 1859, 295pp, exseminary library with typical markings, dampstaining and foxing, still a solid copy, about fair, $12.95 37. Charnock, Stephen The Existence and Attributes Of God, HB, Baker, 2000, two volumes in one, VG, no DJ as issued, about 1150 pp, $11.95 38. Brooks, Thomas The Works of Thomas Brooks (Vol 6 only), HB, Banner of Truth, 1980, 502pp, book fine, dj vg with tear on back panel, but in a mylar cover, $11.95 39. McMullen, Michael D. (ed) The Blessing of God: Previously Unpublished Sermons of Jonathan Edwards, HB, Broadman & Holman, 2003, 390pp, no dj as issued, $12.95 40. Burroughs, Jeremiah Gospel Fear, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 2001, 147pp, like new jacket and book, $10.95 41. Rainsford, Marcus Our Lord Prays for His Own: Thoughs on John 17, HB, Moody, 1958, DJ VG but for damp stain to back cover, book itself near fine, 476pp, $14.95 42. Toplady, Augustus Contemplations, HB, Gospel Standard Baptist Trust, 1976, DJ good with a few flaws, book itself is fine, 116pp, $5.95 43. James, John Angell The Christian Father's Present,HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 1995, 416pp, fine jacket, fine book $12.95 44. Foster, Frank Hugh A Genetic History of New England Theology, HB, Russell & Russell, 1963, 568pp, VG book, missing opening flyleaf page, "Book sale" stamped on first page, book has brown jacket, not sure if it is the original, $14.95 45. Lyford, William The Instructed Christian, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, not dated, Like new jacket and book, 345pp, $14.95

46. Boettner, Loraine The Atonement, HB, Eerdmans, 1941, 136pp, some yellow hilighting and undescoring, previous owners name, good, $8.95 47. The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, HB, OPC, 2007, 450pp, no jacket as issue, almost new, $14.95 48. Pearson, George (ed) The Remains of Myles Covedale,HB, Cambridge, 1846, 618pp, an attractively rebound in buckram book, so looks new, pages lightly toned, overall contents VG, cover as new, $19.95 49. Harris, Robert The True Way to Happiness, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 1998, 460pp, book and jacket almost as new, $12.95 50. Ridderbos, Herman Paul An Outline of His Theology, HB, Eerdmans, 1979, 587pp, Fine/ Fine, $11.95 51. Zodhiates, Spiros The Compete Word Study Dictionary New Testament, HB, AMG, 1993, 1505pp, jacket and book nearly new, $18.95 52. Carroll, Peter N. Puritanism and the Wilderness: The Intellectual Significance of the New England Frontier, 1692-1700, HB, Columbia Univ, 1978, 243pp, about a G+ book in a G+ jacket, jacket has wear, but is in a mylar cover now, $9.95 53. Bennett, James The Theology of the Early Christian Church, HB, Jackson and Walford, 1841, 460pp, only Fair to Poor: Leather spine, but taped in clear tape, title legible, leather corners, A little tape inside front covers, foxing here and there, back cover lose at lower end, but holding fairly firm, ex-seminary library. $15.95 54. Meeter, H. Henry (Revised by Paul A. Marshall), The Basic Ideas of Calvinism, PB, Baker, 1997, 221pp, almost as new, $5.00 55. Calvin, John Commentaries on the Epistles of Paul to the Galatians and Ephesians, HB, The Calvin Translation Society, 1854, 383pp, this volume is rebound in dark buckram, looks as new. Inside pages are toned with a some being underlined with brief notes. $24.95 56. Calvin, John Commentaries on the Book of Joshua,HB, The Calvin Translation Society, 1854, 500pp, rebound in buckram, looks new, inside about 4 pages with underlining noted, damp stain on bottom right corner of last few pages, text not involved. Pages age toned. $29.95 57. Calvin, John Commentary of St. Paul to the Romans, HB, The Calvin Translation Society, 1854, 437pp, binding, etc as listed in 55 and 56 above. No notes or underling seen. Pages are a little age toned. $29.95 58. Toon, Peter Puritans and Calvinism, HB, Reiner Publications, 1973, 110pp, Very good book in very good jacket that is price clipped. $13.95

59. Bailey, Albert E. The Gospel In Hymns, HB, Scribners, 1950, 600pp, a near VG copy with some light fading to lower spine, and a tiny bit to upper front board. Gutters have a little foxing. No Dj, do not know if it came with one or not. $12.95 60. James, John Angell, The Widow Directed To The Widow's God, HB, Soli Deo Gloria, 1996, Like new book in LN DJ, $10.95 61. Edwards, Jonathan Freedom of the Will, HB, Yale Univ, 1957, Very Good book in a Good DJ, 494pp, opening blank page removed, next page stamped "book sale," underscoring in the first 50 pages or so, notes written on inside back cover, $12.95 62. Schaff, Philip History of the Christian Church , HB, AP&A, 3 volume set complete, books are almost like new, DJ's are very good,with small tears and flaws, church library card pocket on inside board of each volume, but no other library marks, over 800 pages per volume, $39.95 63. Stanford, Charles Symbols of Christ, HB, Jackson, Walford & Hodder, 1865, 360pp, rebound in blue buckram, looks new from the outside, $29.95 64. Dixon, James Expository Thoughs on Genesis, HB, Evangelical Press, 2005, almost as new, 15.95 65. Robinson, Hastings, ed, The Zurich Letters, Comprising The Correspondence of Several English Bishops and Others, HB, Cambridge, 1842, ex-seminary library book rebound in maroon buckram, cover looks new, $28.95 66. Gerstner,John H. The Early Writings, HB, 2 volumes, Banner of Truth, 1998, about 300 pps per volume, almost as new, $27.95 67. Pike, J. G. Persuasives to Early Piety, HB,Soli Deo Gloria, 1996, 363pp, Fine copy, $10.95 68. Plummer, Alfred The Gospel According to St. John, Baker, 1981, PB, 382pp, (Thornapple Commentary series), VG, $8.95 69. Craigie, P. C. The Book of Deuteronomy, HB, Eerdmans(NICOT),1976, 424pp, very good book, very good jacket, $10.95 70. Woudstra, M. H. The Book of Joshua, HB. Eerdmans, (NICOT), 1991, 396pp, very good book, vg jacket, $10.95 71. Verhoef, Pieter The Books of Haggai and malachi, HB, Eerdmans (NICOT), 1986, 364pp, very good book, VG jacket, $10.95 72. Thomas, I.D.E. Puritan Daily Devotional, PB, Hearthstone, 1995, very good, $4.00

73. Sasek, Lawrence Images of English Puritanism, HB, LSU, 369pp, 1989, Fine book, fine jacket, $14.95 74. Barnhouse, Donald Grey Revelation: An Expository Commentary, HB,Zondervan, 1971, 431pp, very good book, very good jacket, $9.95 75. Harrison, Roland Kenneth, Introdution to the Old Testament, HB, Eerdmans, 1985, 1325pp, Other than a prior owner's name on opening page, nearly as new, $16.95 76. McBeth, H. Leon The Baptist Heritage: Four Centuries of Baptist Witness, HB, Broadman, 1986, 850pp, fine book in a very good DJ, (retails at $49.99) $17.95 77. Lecerf, Auguste An Introduction to Reformed Dogmatics, PB, Baker (Twin Brooks Series), 1981,407pp, very good, $8.95 78. White, John L. The Apostle of God: Paul And the Promise of Abraham, HB, Hendrickson, 1999, new (still in shrinkwrap), $7.95 79. Mudroch, Vaclav (Albert Reeves, ed) The Wyclif Tradition, HB, Ohio Univ, 1979, 91pp, Fine book, Fine DJ, $5.95 80. Frame, John M. Worship in Spirit and Truth, PB, Presbyterian & Reformed, 1996, 171pp, VG, (would call it fine but for a previous owner's name written on title page), $4.95 81. Gildrie, Richard P. The Profane, The Civil & The Godly: The Reformation of Manners in Orthodox New England, 1679-1749, PB, Penn State, 1992, 242pp, Fine (really as new, except previous owner wrote his last name only on two pages), $5.95 82. Bacchiocchi, Samuele Hal Lindsey's Prophetic Jigsaw Puzzle: Five Predictions That Failed!, PB, Biblical Perspectives, 1992, 149pp, Very Good, $4.95 83. DeMar, Gary Last Days Madness, PB, American Vision, 1999, 455pp, Very Good, $6.95 84. Pink, Arthur w. The Satisfaction of Christ, HB, Truth For Today Publications, 1996, 313pp, Fine (almost as new save previous owner name written on opening page), $19.95 85. Jones, Nicholas & Phyllis, Salvation in New England: Selections From The Sermons of the First Preachers, HB, Texas, 1977, 198pp, Fine book, VG DJ, $6.95 86. Vos, Geerhardus The Pauline Eschatology, PB (Twin Brooks Series), Baker, 1979, 374pp, Very Good, $6.95 87. MacEwen, A. R. The Erskines, HB, Oliphant Anderson, 1900, 160pp, Very Good, cover has shelf wear, but still an attractive copy, $14.95 88. Philpot, J. C. Letters and Memoir of Joseph Charles Philpot, PB, 1981, 560pp, a Good + copy - cover has shelf wear, spine has reading creases, previous owners name stamped in

small print on top block, not a beautiful copy, but a good reading copy, $4.95 89. Clarke, James F. Orthodoxy: It's Truths and Errors, HB, American Unitarian Assoc, 1878, 512pp, college xlib with normal markings, slight loss to top of spine, $7.95 90. Knight, Janice Orthodoxies In Massachusetts: Rereading American Puritanism, PB, Harvard, 1997, 301pp, Fine, $7.99 91. Lindsay, Thomas M. A History of the Reformation (2 volumes), HB, Charles Scribners, 1910, 538 pp vol 1, 628 pp vol 2, VG, appears to be rebound, text in both volumes has underlining and notes which appear to be mostly in pencil, previous owners name in both vols, binding of vol 1 shows a little shelf wear, but still a fairly handsome set, $19.95 92. Clark, Gordon J. A Christian View of Men and Things, PB, Baker (Twin Brooks Series), 1981, 325pp, Near Fine, $7.95 93. Levy, Babette May Preaching In The First Half Century of New England History, HB, The American Society of Church History, 1945, 215pp, ex-seminary library with normal markings, Very Good, $9.95 94. Marcel, Pierre Ch. The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism, HB, James Clarke, 1959, 256pp, very good copy, $9.95 95. Morrison, George H. More Meditations on the New Testament and Psalms, HB, AMG, 1996, 650pp, fine book, fine DJ, (like new) $9.95 96. Water, Mark The New Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs, HB, Baker, 2001, 956pp, Fine book in a VG DJ (DJ has some surface scratches near top of spine), $14.95 97. Hislop, Alexander The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship, HB, Loizeaux Bros, 1959 (given date, but probably printed much more recently), 330pp, Fine copy, nearly new except for 3 small holes in back of jacket, $9.95 98. Bobgan, Martin & Deidre, Prophets of Psychoheresey ll, PB, Eastgate, 1990, 310pp, top of spine bumped, otherwise would be as new, VG, $4.99 99. Bobgan, Martin & Deidre, Prophets of Psychoheresey,PB, Eastgate, 1989, 360pp, name written on opening page, otherwise Fine, $5.99 100. Brooks, James A. Mark, (The New American Commentary) HB, Broadman, 1999, 288pp, almost New, $7.95

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