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Nights in Rodanthe Nicholas Sparks Romance/ Realistic Fiction April 28, 2011/ May 14, 2011 222 9.5

Point of view Nights in Rodanthe is told in third person omniscient point of view. The author shows the thoughts and feelings of almost every character in the novel. The main character is Adrienne Willis, so the reader knows her thoughts more than any other characters. “In the darkness, she couldn’t stop thinking about the evening she just spent. The conversations replayed endlessly in her mind” (Sparks 97). I know that the story is in third person because of how the author shows other characters thoughts such as, “Paul smiled again, thinking how much he was enjoying the conversation. Enjoying her. In the silver light of the approaching storm, she looked beautiful, and he wondered how her husband could have left her” (89) Because the story is a romance novel, the author chose third person omniscient point of view most likely so the reader can see Paul and Adrienne’s (the two main characters) process of falling in love with one another. The reader also know how both of them feel about each other the whole story and how they constantly think of each other. This choice was very effective because knowing more than one character’s thoughts and being that the story is narrated by someone that is not a character in the story; the reader knows more of what is happening in the story. Also, knowing all the characters thoughts and feelings lets the reader know a character’s real feelings rather than what just one character thinks they are feeling. If the point of view was different, then we wouldn’t be able to see how Paul and Adrienne

Martha because of his bad past. a doctor from Charlestown. the protagonist. This part of the story is the rising action and Paul’s internal conflict because he was hurt from having a bad past. Adrienne. Adrienne had a story she had to tell Amanda that she thinks will help Amanda with her loss. Amanda. Mark is now a doctor doing volunteer work in Ecuador while Paul closed his practice and is off to Rodanthe to talk to a man whose wife had just died in surgery that Paul was performing. Paul is now a new man trying so hard to repair his shattered past. When she begins to tell Amanda the story. When Paul drove up and walked toward the house. Robert’s son was outside and talked to Paul asking who he was. The story is also in third person omniscient point of view. With the pain from her husband leaving her. The man Paul is going to Rodanthe to talk to is named Robert Torrelson. She loved talking to him and he loved talking to her. Jack. who needs to be in a nursing home. Once Paul told him who he . We also wouldn’t be able to see the thoughts and feelings that the other characters in the story had which would make a big difference because we would only know one character’s rather than several character’s thoughts and feelings about an event that happened in the story. The story takes place in Adrienne’s house in the year 2002. Robert filed a law suit against Paul thinking that the reason Robert’s wife died was Paul’s fault. This shows us the hint of the conflict when Adrienne whispers a word to herself. Paul planned to go to Ecuador to fix his relationship with his son after he finished talking to Robert about his wife. inn in Rodanthe while Jean is at a wedding. Amanda had just lost her husband eight months prior to the story and is in a deep depression. Amanda told Adrienne that Adrienne didn’t understand what it felt like when the one you love dies. Once Paul arrived at the Inn.both had feelings for each other right from the second they met each other. The next day. Plot Summary: In the exposition of the story. The story that Adrienne is telling Amanda happened to Adrienne 15 years prior to the story in the town Rodanthe. this is the inciting incident. she also is sad about her father. Paul went to Robert’s house to talk to him. While Adrienne is trying to help Amanda. She very much loved and needed her father because she always had such a close relationship with him and now he is in a nursing home and she doesn’t know how she is going to pay for that. North Carolina. going to Rodanthe.husband. The story starts with Paul Flanner. he helped her make dinner and he talked to her all night while they ate dinner and walked on the beach. who left Adrienne for a younger woman three years ago. Jean’s. Paul worked far too hard as a doctor in his past which caused poor relationship with his son. and is now 60 years old trying to help her daughter. and she had a love at first sight with Paul too. This is the internal conflict for Adrienne.wife. is watching her friend. he fell in love with Adrienne at first sight. Adrienne is also still missing her ex. who is divorced with her husband. With him being the only guest. This is also the external conflict because he hurt his son and his ex. Jack. we learn about Adrienne. Adrienne doesn’t know how she is going to pay for him staying in a nursing home because she doesn’t have the money. “Rodanthe”. Mark. during this time.

She died from removing a tumor on her face. She listened and understood him. Robert Torrelson showed up at the inn to talk to Paul. This leads to the falling action. She always had that tumor and Paul did not know how or why she died during the surgery he was performing. A hurricane was coming to Rodanthe so Paul helped out Adrienne by helping her board the inn after Adrienne went to the store to gather supplies for the hurricane. While they say by the fire together. People are never too old to find true love 2. After they were all prepared for the hurricane. Amanda knows now that she has to be a mother rather than a mourning woman that doesn’t take care of her children as she should. Robert’s son wanted him to leave immediately. After Adrienne is finished with her story. she takes them for ice cream to spend time with them. her kids were in bed and her brother was taking care of the house. The letter told Adrienne that Paul had died in a mudslide while gathering supplies for the children he was doctoring. even though they wrote each other and he occasionally called her when he had a telephone nearby. Paul listened to Robert and understood him knowing the pain he was going through. The next day. All of the happy emotions went away when she received a letter from Mark Flanner.was. This put Adrienne in a deep depression. Themes: 1. With Amanda in a deep depression. Paul was fixing the relationship with his father and they talked all the time now. they made love and two days later. her kids know that their mother isn’t really there anymore.eyed. Adrienne was feeling much pain with Paul being gone. they both changed their clothes and sat by the fire in the fireplace while the hurricane outside was getting worse. she stayed strong even though it was very hard for her to do. The next day. Almost one year later. he a note to Robert that told Robert where Paul was staying if Robert still wanted to talk to Paul. but throughout the rest of her life. This part is the revolution. Amanda knows that Adrienne is telling her to stay strong for her children because they need their mother. Paul didn’t want to cause trouble so he left. That night. She kisses them and hugs them. Robert told Paul how much his wife had meant to him and how much he had missed her. knowing that he hated the fact that the Torrelson’s think Paul killed their wife/mother. . Paul arrived to the inn and told Adrienne what had just happened. Robert left leaving Paul teary. not knowing that Robert sent a letter to Paul asking Paul to come and talk to him. they talked to each other enjoying their company and falling in love. Paul said good bye to Adrienne and left for Ecuador for one year. Amanda now understands why Adrienne is telling Amanda this story. They missed each other dearly and they wrote each other constantly. Everyone must stay strong when mourning the loss of the one they love most. When Amanda came home. At Ecuador. She goes to her kid’s room and cradles them in her arms. This is the climax of the story. Adrienne was overjoyed and very excited. Paul was coming to Adrienne’s house for Christmas. Amanda thanked her mother and went home.

The book was written to narrate a love story.3. Author’s Purpose: The author wrote the story to narrate. “Adrienne began her story” (17) Intended Audience: The intended audience is young adult to adult. Mankind sometimes has to make sacrifices for love. Mostly adult because Adrienne is an adult in the story and this may attract more of an adult audience because adults like to read about adults. “A few months into her sixtieth year. I know this because the story is fictional and almost every fictional story is a narrative. Adrienne hung up the phone” (2) .

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