Application Plugin Module ( APM


Unique Oracle Features:
• "Hot" backup • Supports multiple Oracle databases within a single machine • Easy to use graphical user interface • Selectable database backup operations • Raw tablespace support


NetVault Features:
• Uses native NetVault API for application integration • Easy to use administration GUI for UNIX, NT, and Linux • Point and click install of APM to servers or clients across networks • Extensive media verification • Threshold-triggered backup • Allows pre and post processing scripts • Supports raw devices and file systems • Extensive low level error checking, logging and reporting • TurboVault provides tunable shared main memory and block size for optimized performance • Local or remote backup and recovery • SAN LAN-free backup • Duplication for off-site disaster recovery • Dynamically Shared Drives (DSD ) allows library sharing across SANs or shared SCSI

Information is the priceless asset of all organizations. Oracle environments are experiencing exponential growth as the importance of data and its uses has become a competitive edge for fast growing organizations. With the increasing size and number of Oracle databases comes the need for a reliable and easy to use solution to protect those assets. A database specific online backup and restoration solution is critical for keeping user data protected. Oracle RMAN provides increased control over Oracle data backups. NetVault integrates the protection and granular control of Oracle RMAN with your backup strategies.

Storage Management for Oracle Administrators
The Oracle RMAN Application Plugin Module (APM ) for NetVault provides increased application availability via fast, online backup of Oracle databases in both UNIX and Windows NT environments. The APM includes a wide variety of important features such as hot backup, support for multiple databases on a single machine, an easy to use graphical user interface, and support for backup with and without the recovery catalog.

Hot backup: With the NetVault Oracle RMAN APM, user databases remain online and fully accessible during backup operations, assuring zero downtime for users. Supports multiple databases operating on one machine: The NetVault Oracle RMAN APM displays all available servers. The APM allows backup or restore operations to be applied to any or all available Oracle servers. Selectable database backup operations: Back up only what is needed with the Oracle RMAN APM. An easy to use, point and click user interface provides precise tuning of the backup and restore sets down to the individual tablespaces control file and archive log files. Whole database backup: With a single click select to backup all the tablespaces of your Oracle database. As desired you may include in the same backup, the database control file and/or the archive logs. Recovery Catalog Support: Back up Oracle databases including databases that use an RMAN recovery catalog. Multiple Backup Modes: The Oracle RMAN APM supports full, incremental, differential and incremental cumulative backups.

• SmartClient transfer eliminates the backup server from the data path for maximum SAN performance

• Disk staging for increased performance
across networks

• Supports as many data streams as there
are devices

• Standard, non-proprietary tape formats,
CPIO for UNIX and MTF for NT

Replace complicated backup routines with one simple solution, NetVault.

System Requirements:
• Client / Server Platform: HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO Unixware, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 • Backup Server Software: NetVault 6.01 or later • Oracle Database Software: Oracle RMAN 8.0.6, 8i • Client only install requires license • No additional third-party software required

An easy to use, point and click user interface provides precise tuning of the backup sets down to the individual tablespaces, control file and archivelog files.

NetVault from BakBone Software, Inc., is a truly scalable, truly modular, high performance backup and recovery storage management solution. Available for UNIX, Linux, NT, and Windows 2000 NetVault's unique architecture provides the flexibility for growth and continued enhancement as your information storage needs expand and change. NetVault supports SAN and NAS backups easily and effortlessly. An easy to use GUI delivers enterprise-wide control in distributed and centralized environments. NetVault is able to operate in multi-vendor networks and supports a broad range of servers, clients, databases, applications, storage media, and high performance devices.

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