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> Updated 2-08-95 I have (with the assistance of others) put together a list of a references for those who are interested

in Tesla and his work. > Tesla Book Company, PO BOX 121873, CHULA VISTA, CA 91912 This catalog is pretty good: Tesla Coil handbooks, Tesla Coil design manuals, coil plans, Tesla's Diary, Tesla's Lectures, Colorado Springs Notes, and many other titles. The catalog has a 1-800-398-2056 information/order line. > Twenty First Century Books, Box 2001, Breckenridge, CO. 80424. Twenty First Century Books also has a very complete Tesla book catalog, with several new titles (first edition of Tesla's "New York Lecture, April 6 1897" to name one). Tel: 303-453-9293 > Lindsay Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 12, Bradley, IL. 60915 > Voice - 815-935-5353 ; Fax - 815-935-5477 Lindsay also offers a good selection of Tesla literature, classic electronics publications, reprints, and T-Coil Design software. Ask for their new Technical Catalog available this week. > High Voltage Press, 4326 S.E. Woodstock, #489, Portland > OR 97206 USA Tel: 503-775-3209 Publishes and sells the three booklets by George Trinkaus > THE INTERNATIONAL TESLA SOCIETY, INC, (ITS) P.O. Box 5636, > Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80931, USA The ITS has a book shop that mail orders: > High Energy Enterprises, P.O. Box 5636, Colorado Springs, CO. > 80931, USA Tel: 719-475-0918, Fax: 719-475-0582 This source has many good Tesla publications and literature/ instructions on high voltage devices; historical and modern. I would vote this the most improved catalog of Tesla literature in 1994. Get the "1995 Resource Guide" which is the best and most comprehensive Tesla catalog I have seen to date: oscillator handbooks, HV capacitor construction guides, Tesla Coil construction guides/manuals/software, Tesla's Colorado Springs Notes, Radio Tesla, Tesla's Diary Comparisons, and many, many more Tesla titles. A must have catalog for any Tesla buff. To get a complete listing of the books, pamphlets, and software I have reviewed below, you will need to contact all of the book sources above. There will be some duplication of titles, but a unique gem or two will be found from each source. These book sources also cater to fringe "science" people. I tend to stay away from titles with words/phrases: free-energy-scalar-wavezero-point-gravitobiology-time-travel, etc.. I include this material in the fringe or "crackpot" scientist catagory. Of course, what you do is your business, but: CAVEAT EMPTOR! > The TESLA COIL BUILDERS ASSOCIATION, (TCBA) Harry Goldman, 3 > AMY LANE, QUEENSBURY, NEW YORK, 12804, USA. Publishes a quarterly newsletter NEWS, with parts mart, Q&A, reader project, historical project, topical reprints (such as the two Popular Science projects recently mentioned here), etc.. Back

453 Martin Rd. Jacob's ladders.. files (public domain). Fax: 603-672-5406. Box 716. and advisor to the Nikola Tesla Museum. and supplimentary papers and manuscripts. This edition ran in 1978. public domain information accepted and available.. Assoc. Patent Office.S. NH.. plasma globes.. tasers. In addition to a couple of books reviewed below. HV power supplies.. > Tesla Memorial Society. 7675 Matai Court.. Prefaced and annotated by Dr. and sent them to the museum publisher NOLIT. 126 Fifth Ave. Recognized as a national hero. who built a museum in Belgrad (spel Belgrade & Beograd) to house them. DC. stun guns. rail guns.. Yugoslavia. and B&W photos. Beograd. Published by NOLIT. they also have a video tape: NIKOLA TESLA: THE GENIUS WHO LIT THE WORLD. Prof. BOX 1031. CO. or. I list them because they have really been increasing their number of Tesla titles. NY 10011 Tel: 1-800-242-6657. write to: Chip Atkinson.. CO.objinc. In the mid 1970s the Tesla Museum organized Tesla's notes from the 1899-1900 experiments at Colorado Springs. CA. then forwarded to his next of kin. of EE Beograd Univ. the government of Yugoslavia had set up a small trust fund to insure Tesla had rent and food. Tesla was actually a Yugoslavian dependant. > AND TRANSMISSION OF POWER . New York. TX. Villa Internet mailing list for Tesla info. 03031.. plundered a bit. Tel: 603-673-4730. Yugoslavia where some of Tesla's handmade exhibition equipment was still operational. or just plans. Tesla papers and Tesla info. 1899-1900 By Nikola Tesla. that takes the viewer inside the Tesla museum in Belgrad. You must specify patent numbers. > Tesla Information. and his original demonstrations are reproduced. 92667 They carried Tesla coil design instructions. Amherst. Yugoslavia. P. tell Harry I sent you! > Information Unlimited. Has Tesla software.O. manuals. 80503 Tel: 303-652-3616 .O. TELEPHONY. Hardcover. 75150 BBS: 214-324-3501. At the time of his death.50 each. kits. USA Tesla Coils.. lasers.. > Barnes & Nobel Booksellers. Aleksandar Marincic. P. > NICKOLA TESLA ON HIS WORK WITH ALTERNATING CURRENTS > AND THEIR APPLICATION TO WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY. Copies of Tesla's patents are available for $1. Books to look out for: > THE COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES. Nice catalog. Completed units. Mesquite. parts. Lackawanna. Yugoslavia. > chip@grendel. it transcribes Tesla's original english manuscript w/schematics. NY.issues and index are available. Niwot. 1978. 18321 Edgewood Ave. 440pp. his personal effects were examined. plasma cutters. When he died in 1943. 14218 Produced the video mentioned above. Order: 800-221-1705 > The U. Washington. > Vangard Sciences.

One of the attorneys conducting the interview held an EE degree. Tesla's Wardenclyff project was beginning to show signs of stalling: cost overruns. etc. were submitted by Tesla as the stenographer recorded his answers and explanations. this book is the transcript of Tesla's pre-hearing interview conducted by his legal counsel in 1916. None of this material was intended for print. Div. schematics. This is a real gem. this is the original work. The lecture (presented in 1895) covers his RF work and lighting systems with details of single terminal bulb design. March 5. One resonator schematic used for production of X-Rays was heralded as a great improvement when it was re-invented 38 years later by D.. reprinted 1986. published in 1992 by Sun Publishing. the AND logic gate schematic (incredible).95 cover price. London by Nikola Tesla.. $12. and some coil design and construction. P. ISBN 0-9636012-1-0 (hard cover) ISBN 0-9636012-7-X (soft cover). paper 237pp. Tesla was the third speaker of the evening April 6. Anderson. and problems with financing. 1994. The hour grew late and the presentation was cut short. The appendix is quite interesting. mechanical drawings. and consists of a reprint of an article that was solicted by "Electrical World and Engineer" magazine for their 30th aniversary issue.This is a fine product of a modern legal research. 1904. radio and X-Ray tube construction and experiments. (edited and prefaced by Leland I. of Boyle & Anderson. construction delays. circuits. CO. and there is no question as to accuracy or authenticity.BOX 2726. > THE INVENTIONS RESEARCHES & WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA . Mcgraw Publishing Co. Library of Congress Card No. Angriff Press. Leland Anderson has retrieved the entire lecture as it was originally written by Tesla. 123pp. 1897. 80219. At the time the appendix article was written. Library of Congress Catalog #92-60482. 1897 Nikola Tesla. drawings. and has included the sections that Tesla had determined not to present due to conflicts with pending patent applications. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! > NIKOLA TESLA: LECTURE BEFORE THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES > . ISBN 0-9632652-0-2. edited by Leland I. His testimony and depositions led to a US Supreme Court decision in his favor 1943. patent covers. The lecture covers coil construction (complete with techniques. The interview was precipitated by a number of pending court cases in the fledgling radio industry. Photos.O. New York.: 94-61004.APRIL 6. with an appendix by the same author: > TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRIC ENERGY WITHOUT WIRES 1904. Hollywood CA 90078. ISBN 913022-25-X The title is a pretty apt description. Highly Recommended > EXPERIMENTS WITH ALTERNATE CURRENTS OF HIGH POTENTIAL AND > HIGH FREQUENCY: A Lecture delivered before the Institution > of Electrical Engineers. Tesla also expands on his ideas for wireless power transmission that were presented in a lecture in St. and photos). Denver. The project of course never saw commercial completion. Louis in 1893. radio schematics. This is another overwhelming proof that Tesla was at least a half a century ahead of his time. Sloan. This is no interpretation. though Tesla did fire it for experimental purposes. 162pp. Anderson) published by Twenty First Century Books.

14469. Marincic's original comments were edited from 67pp in his original Serbo-Croatian. ISBN 0-9603536-0-7. omissions. and should be read in full to get a better understanding of Tesla's Colorado Springs work. 1986 by the Antique Wireless Association. schematics. paperback..). The loss of commentary was significant. $14. 182pp. Aleksandar Marincic. 23228.Nikola Tesla. Richmond VA. to only 37pp in the NOLIT english translation. $9. Stone devoted his entire life to developing radio. but Tesla. fluent in at least five languages. making an association with Lee de Forest (inventor of the audion. edited by Jim Glenn. Holcomb. Ratzlaff went the Beograd museum. he clearly and concisely traces the radio industry back to Tesla's 1891 lectures and Tesla's patents that followed. and noted the errors in the NOLIT edition. THE COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES 1899-1900 by N. Anderson. and comments on the 1978 NOLIT publication.S. published as "THE A. Excellent! > NIKOLA TESLA'S DIARY 1899 .A. and wiring diagrams of Tesla polyphase systems. Barnes & Nobel item # 1903210 The title says "THE COMPLETE PATENTS". Required reading! > GUIDE TO COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES Richard Hull. ISBN# 0-9636012-2-9. however. The book concludes with six selected Tesla patents needed to better understand Prof. Anderson and was very impressed with Stone's views and interpretations of Tesla's work. 1893 (edited and prefaced by Thomas Commerford Martin). I received this 41 page paperback booklet courtesy of Leland I. paperback. > THE COMPLETE PATENTS OF NIKOLA TESLA Nikola Tesla. carefully examined Tesla's original documents.S. his work was greatly influenced by Tesla.1900 John T. Barnes & Nobel. 1994. Ratzlaff & Fred A. had dozens of additional patents approved in countries outside the U. (Item #1774447. Inc. Needless to say. Marincic comments. REVIEW" Volume I. 512pp. 129 pages. RF systems etc. then going on to become a leader of the Institute of Radio Engineers: president in 1914-1915. Tesla. 1979. Richard Hull is head of an informal group: Tesla Coil Builders Of . published by Twenty First Century Books. patents are reproduced in their entirety. This book opens with the corrections. Tesla Book Co. all one hundred and twelve U. the museum consultant. > JOHN STONE STONE ON NIKOLA TESLA'S PRIORITY IN RADIO AND > CONTINUOUS-WAVE RADIOFREQUENCY APPARATUS edited by Leland I. Medal of Honor 1923. ISBN 1-56619-266-8. the first triode tube amplifier). 1994. Ratzlaff then moves to include the correspondence between Tesla and George Scherff (who managed Tesla's New York lab during Tesla stay in Colorado Springs) which gives an insight of the equipment Tesla was using..98 US) Transcripts of Tesla's famous lectures and articles up to December 1893. New York.. and his day to day concerns. or available from the author: Richard Hull. Jost. Stone went on to a career in wireless. The second section proceeds with the full translation of the commentary by Prof. hardcover. with many sketches. paperback.S. published by Barnes & Nobel (1992 second edition). bulbs.98 (plus a couple of bucks shipping and handling in the U. 535 pp. ISBN 0-88029-812-X.W. Prof.. 7103 Hermatiage Road. John Stone Stone was witness to Tesla's famous trio of lectures in New York in 1891.

crystal detectors. (Barnes & Nobel item #1611151. Tesla regenerative. Mr. Corum. Ohio. Marx generators. Cost is $22. Angriff Press. Corum. No ISBN.R. Hull converts all of Tesla's archaic units of measurments into the modern Farads. published by Corum & Assoc. 1983. rotating rectifiers. 44099. hardcover.S.). and photos of classical radio and high-voltage circuits and components such as: coherers. Many charts are easily understood. As such. vacuum tube detectors. but offers enough for the beginner to be on the "read" list. > TESLA'S MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER . and Hertz. published by Dorset Press. which is currently the world leader in Tesla Magnifier development. 1987. At the time it was written the Tesla Magnifier was still a mystery. the chapter on Tesla's work at Colorado Springs and details of the oscillator there are woefully inaccurate. Trinkaus has pasted in wiring diagrams. available from Barnes & Nobel. USA.C. Mr. Hollywood. 320pp.D. 8551 State Route 534. Tesla is portrayed fairly and in his best light. The biographical details are complete. resonance. Mr. P. Tesla Math.BOX 2726. schematics. Windsor. The sections on grounding and earth conduction are excellent. Tesla Tanks. Not only is this book easy to read. John J. Henrys. and good reading. Hull slants the perspective toward the practical coiler who is looking for better power processing efficiency.O. informative. ISBN 0-88029419-1. but it opens the mind. patent covers.). paper 326pp. Tesla mutiplex. 1944 reprinted 1978. all pictured next to clear and concise text explanations. Ph. O'Neil was a friend of Tesla's in the newspaper and publishing business and began work on this book shortly after Tesla died. > TESLA. High Voltage Press. theory. Hull also offers a video tape series which includes a video presentation on the construction of homemade pulse discharging high-voltage capacitors (Video #3). and Kenneth L. > RADIO TESLA: The secret of Tesla's Radio and Wireless power George Trinkaus. and the history of resonators.Richmond (T. Mr. Still. a good reader. MAN OUT OF TIME Margaret Cheney. CA 90078. O'Neil. Included is a 32 page appendix with numerous closeup photos of the author's Magnifier lab. magnetic detectors. This paper is both unique and informative. but the rest of this publication shines. Hull is qualified to review and guide the reader through Tesla's sometimes cryptic notes from the Colorado Springs Lab. This book falls short in technical presentation. and well worth the price. > VACUUM TUBE TESLA COILS James F. This book is geared more for the advanced coiler with some knowledge of calculus. > PRODIGAL GENIUS THE LIFE OF NIKOLA TESLA John J. ISBN 0-924758-00-7. $7.. 1981. tube coil circuits. then explains Tesla's experiments so anyone can clearly understand what he did.98 US). booklet 37pp.B. Tesla's hetrodyne. the infamous lab at Colorado Springs. no ISBN or Lib of Congress No.50 (which includes shipping and handling in the U. This book is a guide to the significance of Tesla's Extra Coil work. drawings. Inc.O. accurate. Well balanced and researched biography of Tesla. while it was not the author's purpose to burden the reader with technicals.

$ 11. James and Kenneth Corum. Classic transformer reference text. Chicago. Other papers centered on: Tesla beam weapons (no real data presented). Marc J. (calc. 60915. New York. > PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1988 INTERNATIONAL TESLA SYMPOSIUM edited by Steven R. Good use of references. ground. 185pp.. > ELECTRICITY AT HIGH PRESSURES AND FREQUENCIES Henry L. Leicester. from a simple roof antenna. reliablity. Seifer. RI 02881. Branch Publishing. and safety.95 : Classic coil text. Inc. Dynamic Systems. > TESLA COIL SECRETS: Construction Notes and Novel Uses R. Yost. Lindsay Publications. > THE TESLA EXPERIMENT: LIGHTNING AND EARTH ELECTRICAL RESONANCE > A Commentary on 1983 Research & Test Results Charles A. Elizabeth Rauscher to name just a few of the better ones. booklet. excellent bibliography. "Classic" means before the age of plastics. cloth ISBN 55918004-8. 1916. much of which was reprinted in 1985 by R. ISBN 0-9620394-2-X. Seifer. 40pp. 1983. Reprinted 1988. Joseph G. booklet 37pp. Seifer's doctoral thesis on Tesla.. and the AC/DC wars. etc.. The author has done his homework to provide a good overview of the Tesla transmitter theory without getting too techincal. Kingston.. 1985. $ 11. Bradley. 60915.. Elswick... reproducable data. but the Tesla coil/capacitor designs are primitive by today's standards. The conference ended with several worthless (reviewer's op) papers on "zero-point-N-machine-levitation-"lost"-unified-theory". Inc. Many of Tesla's patents are tied together showing how Tesla may have intended the use of advanced multiplex circuits and superconducting coils in his commercial transmitter stations. 1986. This is a chapter (Section 6) taken from Dr.95. Lindsay Publications. Paperback. Inc. No. second edition 1921.. Ph. Lindsay Publications Inc.. Everday Mechanics Co. as the focus of much of the conference concerned resonate modes of the earth and Tesla's Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyff oscillators. BOX 32.D. ISBN 1-55918-054-4. Bradley IL 60915 ISBN 0-917914-31-7. field strengths.Marc J. and a Hewlett Packard 1207A Storage Tube O'scope. Ford. and these historical coils and coil components frequently lack efficiency. The experiment measures electrostatic transients caused by lightning strikes up to 50 miles away and presents the unaltered data which strongly supports Tesla's earth resonant ideas. This paper by Charles Yost is very interesting in that it provides modern. useful in designing coil control systems. published by the author. paperback. This book is a compilation of the papers that were presented in 1988 at the Symposium in Colorado Springs.A.) inductance. Good spark gap and xfmr info.A. Lindsay order number 20030. 246pp. coax. electrotherapy. Dr. 247pp. 1988. Illinois. published by Tesla Book Co. Excellent technical book. capacitance. published by the International Tesla Society. NC. Authors include Dr. Reprinted 1990.. Lindsay # 20544.. and Dr. Bradley IL. > HIGH FREQUENCY APPARATUS Thomas Stanley Curtis. no ISBN or catalog #. 74pp. paper ISBN 1-55918-003-X.. no ISBN or Lib. Ford in his book "Tesla Coil Secrets". Transtrom.of Cong. Several of these papers are significant. Paperback. orginally published: 1913.. Ford researches and repro- . coils.uggg.

No ISBN or Lib.95.. A solid state design that uses a surplus auto ignition coil and a power transistor. Fascinating. Nice historical information. including turbines. Their service was EXCELLENT!! I have tagged each book with a brief "review. but too short! ***************End*of*imported*text****************************** > TESLA COIL DESIGN MANUAL > JHCTES TESLA COIL DESIGN SOFTWARE > TESLA HANDBOOK > TESLA COIL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE (Separate Titles) John H. **************Imported*text************************************* MB> I hope the following information on Tesla books will be of MB> interest to some of you. $ 9. $ 9. of Congress catalog #. > EXPERIMENTS WITH ALTERNATE CURRENTS OF HIGH POTENTIAL # 4392. Booklet (by George Trinkaus). Interesting (and easy . Almost all Radio Shack parts. 1988.95. He updated nothing.. 92126 USA. The basic math for 1/4 wave coil winding. but when it comes to using his charts to predict the best design parameters.duces several classic Tesla coil and component designs from publications of yesteryear. JHC Engineering Co. etc. Short descriptions of several of Tesla's most interesting inventions. $ 12. (no review given by Mark. Couture. .. Step-by-step guide to building your own induction coil." The opinions are my own.95. $ 5. Lindsay order numbers are given (#). ozone production. 1992. Reprint from early 20th century magazine project. etc. Small coil winding) project. Step-by-step process from old radio magazine on building an spark-gap transmitter. but did include a decent section on rotary spark gaps. is well laid out. . but these are available from the author and the bookdealers listed previously. but not a Tesla coil..Mark Brown MB> MB> MB> MB> MB> I recently purchased the following books from Lindsay Publications. Some info on Kirlian photography. 1992. Bradley IL 60915: Their Technical Books catalog has many Tesla Coil books in it. performance. etc. $ 4. tank circuit design. Many of my best coils would never have been built if I had gone by his data.95.000 VOLT INDUCTION COIL # 844. San Diego. it falls short. etc. but it is an EXCELLENT experiment book) > HOW TO BUILD A 40. The first two titles are based on John Couture's design theory and some empirical data. Good. > TESLA'S LOST INVENTIONS # 748. & 1994. > DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION OF INDUCTION COILS # 20404.. fascinating processes and diagrams. 10823 New Salem Point. > HIGH POWER WIRELESS EQUIPMENT # 4953.. but many turned brass parts. saying they exceed the construction voltage breakdown limits! The program is based on the same sets of data. CA.95. His JHCTES TESLA COIL DESIGN SOFTWARE also kicks out my coil designs.

4326 S. Bylund. Mr. Vacuum Tube.. This one is a simple Tesla Coil built from scratch: neon sign xfrmr.. Tesla Book Co. TX 75225. paperback 142pp. I am sorry Mr. specs. you missed the boat to the 20th century. Duane has developed very powerful. > MODERN TESLA COIL THEORY Duane A. Ritchey. hermetically sealed secondary coil with no holes in the coil form and a large high Q copper pipe primary that can be tapped for a wide range of efficient operating frequencies. paperback. no ISBN or Lib. While I am sure the coils that are detailed will live up to the promised performance of 24 inches of spark. and advocates using small (even tiny) primaries. Ritchey. Turner. USA. The author also advertises manuals. Useful to have for the wiring diagrams. OR. As usual. and parts: Ritchey Productions.. of Congress No. These guidelines indicate that John Couture's design process is derived more from radio theory. kits.. Spark Gap. Jr. copper toilet tank float for a discharger.. but this book should be available from at least one of the bookdealers who specialize in Tesla.00. PVC plastic pipe secondary.. 1991. Dallas. beer bottle salt water capacitor. published by the Tesla Book Co. 38pp. Woodstock. Extensively Revised. #489. > TESLA COIL George Trinkaus. COMPACT. published by High Voltage Press. > TESLA COILS! 100 Years of Electrical Magic Brent C. & 1989. and basic math. Third Edition. No ISBN. Portland. his math section is very well thought out and organized. but the author still advises that coils be wound with insulated stranded wire. and reliable. TESLA COIL Lloyd F. 1986. solid state oscillator circuits for base . I have no address for Brent. 1987. I like a high inductance. wire tables. This short booklet details the plans for two basic Tesla coils evolved from the "classical" designs of the 1920s and 30s. Coils built with this design method do work. This update does away with some of the problems of the earlier publications. no ISBN or publisher. Couture has laid out some good wiring diagrams. Need I say more? > TABLE-TOP LIGHTNING : HOW TO BUILD A > POWERFUL. and a series of experiments. 7803 Stanford. and not from years of experience in actual Tesla coil construction and testing. ISBN: 0-914119-26-5. Trinkaus has a few Tesla booklets out for under $10. brass bolt spark gaps. His grounding suggestions have improved only slightly from his previous titles (they are still inadequate). Briefly covers three basic coil types.95).The TESLA COIL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE is a 1994 update of the TESLA COIL DESIGN MANUAL. A beginner would find this a useful book. Ritchey. My own designs and techniques are years ahead of Mr. large capacitors and small dischargers. and they sacrifice a lot efficiency and reliability. 97206 ($4. 1992..E.. but they require larger power supplies.. primary wound on a Rubbermaid "Servin' Saver" bowl. efficient. Faraday cage instructions. some "OK" coil plans. Solid State. 1990. all plastic. but his ideas for RF filters and choking are now closer in agreement with mine. I found the book to be full of the misunderstandings and misinformation that are extensions of the design errors that coilers began making 70 years ago.

design and develop tomorrows highly efficient Tesla coil systems. MT. Cox's company (see publication notes above) and I assume he sells completed coils. Cory. 92-35798. This is a compilation of reprints from: old Pop. KS. This is a must have book for any serious coiler. 2851 W.00 in his hands (no personal checks accepted: . a Tesla patent. some recent tables showing electrical properties and constants for modern plastics.51. I guess it is available from Randy at: 16671 T. RTE. multiphase coil systems. some instructions taken from Transtrom's book (reviewed above) and finally. DC Cox is a pro. booklet of about 25 pages. sections on waveforms.. WI > 53913 USA. and then. and includes chapters on spark gap and tube coils. and parts (sources say he sells rotary gaps). toroid math. KS 66061. Lib. 127th St. and bibliography.R. although it does have design math. 1994.. no date.. These solid state driver and coil designs are excellent for lighting bulbs and for conducting experiments with wireless power transmission through ground currents. etc.. Scott. published by Lambda Publishing Group. 45868 This publication is a compilation of Randy's favorite designs. no date or ISBN. and several pages of essential capacitor math (which you could photocopy out of any current amateur radio or electrical engineering handbook). Peterson... But he won't reply to even an information request without $10. Cox. reviews > Resonance Research Corp. CJ Publishing. Magazine capacitor projects. The book opens with a chapter explaining theory. and evaluate today's technology. 1993. measure. What I found missing were dielectric tables. cover price $6. designs and builds museum coils. but never forget he is in it for the $$$$$. The coils are "OK".50. The book concludes with a very nice math appendix. > HIGH VOLTAGE CAPACITOR DESIGN HANDBOOK K. which given the detail of the rest of the book seemed a glaring omission. Kaiser. 1. The book is also chock full of Tesla math and theory. some capacitor descriptions from an old radio catalog. I will quote from the inside jacket: "This book was written and dedicated to the young coil builders who will design. 66044-8894. ISBN. Tel: 608-356-3647 This is D. but still not the last word in a capacitor reference book. a decent glossary.R. of Congress No. but a little dated. then moves on to separate chapters for each type of commercial capacitor design. and his company Resonance Research. Randy used to ship out complete kits and fully assembled coils in his spare time. No ISBN number. Baraboo. grounding and counterpoise experiments.BOX 1894 Lawrence.O. including basic math. > THE CAPACITOR HANDBOOK Cletus J. Ohio.C. > MODERN RESONANCE TRANSFORMER DESIGN THEORY D. test. .. Additional resources. Shadylane Rd. publisher.. hardcover 124pp. published by the Tesla Book Co." I don't think I ever got a thing out of this book.C. modify. etc. ISBN 0-442-01558-5. This is a nice little book. I found it both interesting and useful. P.feeding Tesla resonators. > THE TESLA COIL COMPENDIUM Randall S. plans.. Olathe. USA..

Sounds goofy. Tesla mentioned only once. ~ 100.00.. Go Figure. 2527 Treelane Ave.000volts.000volt system > INTERNET-freebie. > THE BELL JAR Journal on vacuum work written by Steve Hanson and published quarterly.. Fun With Tesla > Coils. pencil... One chapter on a neon sign transformer based tesla coil. and a power supply to drive a small coil to light bulbs etc.. Riverside. (magazine) pp 937-942. 3283 Belvedere. a few resistors.. and calculator time to mere seconds. but it did have clear photos and diagrams of what not to do. ION RAY GUN & Other working Space > age Projects by Robert E. > GADGETEER's GOLDMINE by Gordon McComb. Available from Lindsay Publications.. My archives contain a self extracting program (TESLABLD. $15. This is a first class Tesla Coil design package that reduces the hours and hours of paper. Iannini. caps. Write to: Walt Noon III.00). others. CA > 91016 USA Bill Wysock is a well known.SEPTEMBER 1991 This issue has a construction project for a soild state tesla coil by Duane A. PHASER. CA 92507 USA > October money orders or cashiers checks only). Also has a chapter on building your own PLASMA GLOBE.EXE) that gives detailed instructions on building this project. Popular Electronics pp 69-71. > RADIO ELECTRONICS . > November 1993. Lots of parts sources listed. A good general explanation of spark gap types and functions.. 35 Windsor Drive. > Tesla Technology Research. by Charles D. but there a lot of interesting and workable designs here. Electronics World + Wireless World. Bylund. by George Pickworth: "Marconi" this and "Marconi" that. The project uses a 567 tone decoder IC. and (at least until his the July 94 ZAP SHOW at the Colorado Springs Tesla Symposium) reliable coiler. Rakes This article builds a small solid state coil using a driver oscillator which base feeds the HV HF Coil. The secondary is wound on a piece of 4" PVC. 03031 Many high voltage projects. My sources say he sells rotary (circuit cookbook directory) There is a nice small book by Harry Suomalainen called TESLA COIL THEORY AND APPLICATIONS . Amherst. All constants and formulas are already programed into the menu driven package. Similar to above. As well as useful photos of damped wave trains produced with authentic gap systems. Monrovia. respected coiler.'s in POSTSCRIPT . Check out anon ftp to ftp. ~250. just "plug n chug" for a fast accurate custom coil > BUILD YOUR OWN LASER. "The spark that gave RADIO to the world".ualberta. > THE TESLA COIL DESIGNER IBM DOS coil construction software by Walt Noon. looks simple and inexpensive (~$80.

00. NY 11040 USA Source of high voltage capacitors. > The Condenser Products Corp. University > Technology Center. he manufactures custom high-voltage inductors and transformers. Inc. Box 2009..O.. SE. TS> MA 02744. The Transformer Bank. (Tesla) capacitance. 802-226-7582. 1 Industrial Dr. > Bruns.. pulse discharge. Elk Grove Village. tel: 800-528-5014.S. 506 North Warren Avenue. Brockton. 1605 E.) . Inc. TS> Plastic Capacitors.. #60 (9).. > Brooksville. Minneapolis.. > Jefferson Electric Co. minimum shipping time about 6 weeks.. 134 Fulton Ave... Good source of non-shunted step up xfrmrs. High-Voltage. cooling loops. pg 797 *****Parts*&*Supplies******************************************** > Vacuum Tube Industries. Rodney French Blvd. MN 55415 > Tel: (612) 379-3958. Rebman. FL 34609 USA > Tel: 904-796-3561. > NWL CAPACITORS. (T. fax: 508-584-0096 Specialize in new and rebuilt 450 KC power tubes for commercial RF induction heaters and the supply & control xfrmrs. 2131 Broad Street. NJ. NWL Transformers is a sister company in Bordentown. 1313 Fifth St. > Larry J. American Journal of Physics. 8050 Monetary Dr. pulse discharge. plastic film (Tesla) Capacitance TS> Cornell-Dubilier. IL 99120 TS> Tel: 312-489-2229. MA. Illinois USA > phone is (708) 806-6500. 1992. 02405 USA > tel: 508-584-4500. sometimes has some interesting stuff around. > Sprague Electronics. BTW. in an old 3 story brick schoolhouse converted to a factory/warehouse. These are the type tubes I would use for a CW coil..> A SOLID-STATE LOW-VOLTAGE TESLA COIL DEMONSTRATOR by Donald G. in VT. Among other things. Sept. Manufactures and supplies neon sign transformers > NWL Capacitors. New Bedford. 2623 N. > P.. These are where my big commercial capacitors come from. > Garden City Park. 33404 > Tel: 407-848-9009 Custom manufactured high voltage pulse discharge Tesla caps. Riviera Beach. etc. as they will build them to your specs. I bet you'd find him interesting even if he didn't have whatever model you currently need. FL. NC 28580 > Tel: 908-842-5757 FAX 908-842-1161 or as it was given to me by a reliable coiler. Tel: 508-996-8564 They bought out Sangamo > Danny Churchill at Commercial Radio Co. Chicago. Fax 904-799-0221 Manufacturers of commercial high-voltage plastic film. Fax: (612) 379-5962 Suppliers of surplus high voltage transformers and transmission equipment. Pulaski Rd.. Snow Hill.. Minimum order $150.

305 Wisconsin Ave. power supplies. CA 92054 Tel: 619/967-7225 Surplus Sprague HVDC rated capacitors. Lima. FAX 419-227-1313 "One of the best sources for electronic surplus. mica caps. capacitors. 149 Hunter Ave. etc.. 85285 > TEL: 602-820-5411 Source for the tube coil builder. 60564. San Marcos.O.Goldman > The Coax Connection: Joe Cassata. > Daily Electronics. Inc. Brewster. > Antique Electronic Supply.. Ask about left over units from production runs. excellent bypass caps > Maxwell Labs. NY. bussing.> Hipotronics. 810 Rancheros Dr. 10590 (or 10509) > TEL: 914-279-8091 Manufacturers of high-voltage test equipment. 8888-G Balboa Ave. New York. P." H. Box 5029.O. transformers.. power supplies. He sells by the pound and his prices are decent. Compton.22. > Hi-Way Company. Good quality stuff! <Mark Graalman> > American Welding & Fabrication. (Tesla type) capacitance. RTE. toroids. pulse discharging. Highbanks Rd #25 > Debary FL 32713 USA Supplier of spun aluminum toriod and sphere discharge terminals. Tempe. AZ. He carrys in stock sizes from #22 gauge to #10 gauge. 333 E. OH (no zip given) > Tel: 419-223-2196. CA. 540 Westchester Dr. Campbell.) for projects like "Lil Tesla Coil" of the 1960's Pop Electronics era. tubes. > Weisner Electronics. Box 27468. mica caps. > CSI Capacitors. Inc. sometimes you will find a bargin in a top quality cap. San Diego. Surplus Electronics. CA. > Oceanside.O. 12206 > TEL: 518-438-2801 Another source for the tube coiler. highvoltage. P. etc. commercial plastic film. > Fair Radio Sales. 96069 > TEL: 619-747-4000 Another source of custom made. Capacitors. Ill. 92123 > TEL: 619-279-5100 Manufacturer of commercial high-voltage equipment. and can order other sizes. Albany. CA. Phone# (708)-420-0342 Here is a good source for coax cable AND magnet wire. many old/rare vacuum tubes and related equipment (sockets. P. etc. 10 S.. 90224 > Tel: 213-774-1255 High powered triodes for Tube Tesla (Continous Wave) coils. 419-227-6573. Box 1105. CA Supplier of discharge terminals > Tungsten face on steel slug spark gap electrodes The Miller (welding supplies/parts) part numbers are: 95008 . > Ross Engineering Corp.. These are the guys who make the test gear that power utilities use to destroy their xmission equipment to determine breakdown limits. are available. Meadow lane > Naperville.. Plate xfmrs. etc.

> Another good catalog: C & H Sales Co. etc. 4/base This also comes as an assembly. HV & LV capacitors. Fax 407-844-8764. "Wingate Electric". limb. and $10. EMI line filters. critical coupling.BOX 12685.25 Prices are for each piece. 10028 Manchester Rd. or attempt to. each one holds 2 gaps Al. and I had to cancel my dealings and association with Mr. spark gaps. or property should anyone choose to. USA I have a two hour video tape that documents my 10" diameter secondary coil and 10 KVA power supply in operation. > Get the latest catalog from Marlin P. Revelant text files from this (and related threads). cooling fins all around steel slug w/ tungsten face. It covers a wide area of related high voltage experiments and techniques. NY 14420 USA I list this address for completeness. porcelain. 63122.095 621 base $3. 545 Salmon Creek Rd. To obtain a copy: send a blank. self addressed mailer. > Edward Wingate.) Due to the dangerous nature of this work I cannot be responsible for the safety of life. are available. a first class postage pre-paid.O.. power control relays.. > P. > Richard T. my GIF file spark gap diagrams (w/text instructions & parts lists). or. Inc. > Brockport. VHS video tape. Tel: 407-848-8236 Sources for surplus: ferrite toriod cores for HV RF chokes. 4/base. as well as Tesla Coil shareware calculator programs and other public domain programs/material. > Missouri. GIF wiring diagrams and circuit schematics (with accompanying text instructions/explanations).44 floppy disk. fans. Wingate due to problems of shifting prices and shipping dates. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Mr.52 020 603 HF point $3. variacs. there are no assurances that ANY of the information posted here is error free.. Richard Quick . Tel: 818-796-2628 Filters. Quick II. While I always try to be as accurate as possible. Current transformers for panel ammeters.50 020 622 point holder $8. meters. Wingate is mailing flyers advertising rotary spark gaps. PASADENA CA 91117-9988 USA Fax: 818-796-4875 Tel: 800-325-9465 Tel: 213-681-4925.00 US. Headache. LV transformers. 2179 E COLORADO BLVD > PO BOX 5356. (Jacob's Ladder. Glendale. that there is no risk in acting on this information. RF choking. reproduce any of the equipment or experiments featured on the video. relays. I will happily trade tapes. Jones & Assoc. etc. switches. This text file gets regular updates. high quality. Suite 253. This "company" was not registered in the state of New York when I last checked. as I both see and receive. This information/software is also mailed out at no charge to anyone who sends me a self addressed postage pre-paid mailer and a blank 1. YOUR references or reviews would be welcomed additions to this file. etc. FL 33403 USA > Fax 1-800-4329-9937. Lake Park. meters. many requests for information on this subject.