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How to Research Candidate Backgrounds Online

Use the following instructions to obtain further information about candidates. Please read ALL instructions before beginning.


Confirm that you will have approximately 90 minutes to devote to this task along with continuous access to the Internet on your computer

with updated virus and firewall protections. If you have any questions about your computer, contact IT. Have the candidates file, which should include a headshot, the interview materials, and application forms, as well as a resume or

curriculum vitae. If not, contact Human Resources. 3. Have appropriate forms to fill in with your notes and final evaluation.

Generating Search Results:


Open the website Be sure that the SafeSearch Filtering option ( is set to

default behavior (Use moderate filtering). Type the candidates name into the search bar for the Web and hit enter.

CAUTION: Do not click links to websites that trigger warnings from our firewall or appear to be unsafe. If you are unsure about how to judge a websites security, review our companys web safety materials on our website. Contact IT if you have any further questions. 6. 7. Scan only the first five page results for potential background information on the candidate for each search. Eliminate any search results that do not fit the candidates personal history.

Completing Forms: 8. 9. Make note of any profiles on other websites. Make note of any major activities and accomplishments.

10. Make note of any materials associated with the candidate that do not align with our Employee Code of Conduct.
NOTE: The Employee Code of Conduct includes policies on but is not limited to profane language, criminal activity and evidence thereof, sexual harassment, and disparaging remarks on the basis of federally protected classes (i.e., race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, veteran status, and genetic information). Please review the Employee Code of Conduct on our website if you are unsure of any guidelines. 11. Now click the Images tab and make note of any verifiable supportive and/or inappropriate activities. Please note that inappropriate activities include but are not limited to those that do not align with our Employee Code of Conduct. 12. Repeat Step 10 using the Videos tab. 13. Review the candidates education, employment history, and listed activities. Use associated school and company names, locations, job titles, and references as keywords in the search bar with the candidates name to verify any past history that has not yet been confirmed.

Optional Procedures for more thorough searching:

14. Repeat Steps 4 through 12 using the following search engines, noting any additional information: Bing ( and Yahoo!
( 15. Using the companys login for social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, and LinkedIn), find and, if possible, review the candidates profiles. Make note of any verifiable supportive and/or inappropriate activities.

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Troubleshooting and Submitting: 16. If you have trouble with your computer or accessing websites, please contact IT. 17. If you have questions regarding the candidates file or how to fill out your forms and evaluation, please contact Human Resources. 18. Submit your notes along with a general evaluation of the online search with the candidates file to Human Resources.