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Sheila Mae Abcede CvSU Silang Campus (CvSU Silang) sepak takraw specialists Mark Angelo Dublin, Renz Lara and Richard Lescano brought home the bacon as they employed different kick combinations in sepak takraw mens division finals against CEMDS Knights, September 21. CvSU-Silangs Baby Ruth Dublins incredible roll spikes executed from the first game up to the championship with his team buddies Lara and Lescano made them the gold medalists in sepak takraw mens division. Silang sepak takraw trios risky kick antiques only showed no fear against their competitors and they proved to one and all that they are the team to beat. This is a quiz photo shot by Honey Joy E. Andres . Who do you think among the two rattan kick artists did the lethal volley during the mens sepak takraw finals? Lea Andria T. Terrible Go, batters! CvSU-Silang Rising Phoenix baseball team humbled CvSU-Imus Heroes, 8-7, September 23. Scoring 6-5 in second inning in favor of the Imus Heroes, Rising Phoenix being the last batter gave their best to overpower their opponents. Ambions homerun made them the night to the crown. Yells of Silangueos boosted Rising Phoenixs spirit in continuing to snatch the gold. Team captain Mico Tolentino said that he is proud to be part of his team and he is thankful to his teammates because they did exactly what they had planned practice. Matagal na naming pinaghandaan to.two months. Marvin Bayla added.

Jomar B. Laureles and Ericka Mae R. Sagun

CvSU-Silang volleyball men striked in the game against the CvSU Main CampusCollege of Education (CED), 2521; 24-26; 15-11, September 20. JM Calderon, SC captain ball overpowered the CED on the first set of the game. Together with his alliance, they made used of unexpected tactics that made the ball rolling in the air and this led to the defeat of CED. On the second set, SC proved its supremacy, but Erich

Torres, CED captain ball over up their score at 26. On the final set, SC proved that they really own the ball game. They over estimate their power ending the game at fifteen eleven. "Hindi ko inaasahang mananalo kami dun. Pero gagawin namin ang the best namin... Hindi din kami iinom ng kape para hindi kami kabahan" Calderon said. Meanwhile, the volleyball women were not as lucky as the mens volleyball.

RP lawn tennis womens doubles,
Sarah M. Detruz CvSU Rising Phoenix Jeanette Catangui and Angelica Roca, dominated the ladies field at the elimination round winning two of the last three games. Catangui and Roca battled in their first game with the College of Nursing (CON). The duo lost with the score of 7-5 in favor of CON. In a heated fourth round on Tuesday, the 20th seeded Roca put up a respectable fight versus CON and held several set points in the first set tiebreaker, before they fell 7-5. At the second game last Wednesday, the 21st Silang defeated CEIT by a love set scoring 6-0. The final two points highlighted a major key to the encounter. Catangui would doublefault before Roca would slam one for her for the day down the tee. We gave the best to win, said but Catangui. I thought we had our chances, we played really well in the game. If it were not for her really great serving, I certainly had a real good look at winning the match. In the third game, Rising Phoenix defeated Naic Campus with 6-2. Catagui and Roca, defeated the unseeded player of Naic Campus 6-2. Roca and Catangui had trailed 6-0 and 6-2 in the second and third games before turning up their power game to seal the match.

Kenneth Paeldon A night full of beauty, brains and glamour welcomed the students of Cavite State University as they watched the Coronation Night of the Mr. and Ms. University Games last September 21. CVMBS, represented by Ray Madrona, managed to win the title of Mr. University Games while the representative of CEMDS, Miss Jamella Cruz, outshone the crowds favorite, CON and brought home the title of Ms. University Games. Different categories are considered in order to select the most deserving candidate out of 12 pairs of candidates coming from different colleges and campuses. The event was made possible by this years host of the University Games, CEIT.

Silang Medals Final Tally

What can you say about the university games of CvSU?

Gold- Grand Slam for the Rising Phoenix Gold- Baseball Team 3 Golds- Sepak (men) 2 Golds- Lawn tennis (women/doubles) 3 Golds-Taekwando (Featherweight/ Welterweight/Bantamweight division) Boxing slashed. Kurt M. Ma. Coll (with cap) gets information 1 Silver- Taekwando from the contact sports (Lightweight division) coordinator regarding the fate 1 Silver- Discuss Throw of boxing. Boxing hopefuls 2 Bronze- Badminton (men/ gather around to listen for doubles) reasons why this sports M. Ma.Coll by: Kurt event 2 Bronze- Taekwando (flyweight/Featherweight)

Gun fires.

"Okay! Maayos ang mga games kaso di ko naman napanood lahat kase sabaysabay ang games eh, pero yung mga napanood ko na games, nagagandahan ako sa laro." -Donna, CvSU- Trece "Masaya talaga ang U-games! Nakadagdag pa sa saya yung mga banda, may rock - rockan for rockers." -Rona Mae, CEIT "Mainit ang buong linggo pero enjoy. Tapos yung nakapagpasaya talaga yung Mr. Bacoor." -Ara, CON

Kurt M. Ma.Coll

colleges and satellite campuses but the CSPEAR Warriors gradually competed for 1500 meter run at take positions and they are Runners controlled the last lap making him CvSU oval, Monday September 19. to each other whilst ,Jason literally close won at 00:04:34 - 00:04:36. "Sinabayan ko lang Harley Runners took their positionsCEIT leads the race withmga kaRodriguez of and their whilst were jam-packed in varsity ko. Hindi naman talaga ako Julian of CSPEAR next to him. On the first two the starting line. Jason Rodriguez of pang 1500m. pang 400m. lang talaga laps of the raceko." Julian revealed . CEIT Tigers leads but CSPEAR CEIT initially lead the

CvSU runners of different colleges and race with Harley Julian of CSPEAR satellite campuses to him. On the first two laps of next competes for 1500 meter Gun fires! run at different the September 19. CvSU runners from CvSU oval, race CEIT Tigers were on the lead

Warriors gradually overtakes on the last lap making him won at 00:04:34 - 00:04:36.

"Sinabayan ko lang mga ka-varsity ko. Hindi naman talaga ako pang 1500m. pang

Lea Andria T. Terrible S-IL-ANG laban Silangueo! Despite of the slippery field due to drizzle, Rising Phoenix made 100% clean routine as what they trainer, Kit Samar expected. Having uniqueness in concept, undefeated stunts and self confidence made them grand slam to their title. Sobrang nakaka-speechless yung nangyari. Noong una naiyak ako kasi last year nung lumalaban kami 1st , 2nd at 3rd lang yung kinukuha tapos biglang natawag na yung tatlo wala ang Silang tapos ayun grand slam pala nakaka-iyak talaga. Jesther Ian B. Romero said after winning.

by: Lea Andria T. Terrible

asked by Sumilang Chronicles, she is CvSU-Silang not so happy since she was not able to Rising Phoenix break her own past record of 8.92 pepsquad prepairs THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF CAVITE STATE meters. UNIVERSITY SILANG to her throws equal to Fritz Ruzz N. Dariano Because defend their title as CvSU that of mens, a passer-by quipped, University Games Special Issue, Hinila lang ako ng mga Babae ba talaga yan? Cheerleading September, 2011 softball players para hindi maCompetition default ang Silang, quoted swim EDITORIAL BOARD champion for three Lea Andria T. Terrible novice Jay-ar Bayot from BSTRM. consecutive years. Editor-in-chief Although he is not really Staff According to their Kurt M. Ma. Coll engaged in competitive running, he Rowena S. Peascosas trainer, Kit Samar, he still managed to finish the 800 Kenneth Paeldon Kenneth Paeldon Jeneth S. Laureles meter-run and ranked eight out of Rostum B. Gumatico, Jr. Imus Campus has proven 20 entries in this middle distance Ruskin John D. Desingao once again that they are the Fritz Ruzz N. Dariano event last September 20. Jomar B. Laureles This is the first time that champions on the dance floor at the Frances Mhay P. Mose CvSU-S sent delegates for recently concluded dance sports Jhaymie Millicent M. Set competition held at the University Sheila Mae E. Abcede swimming events. Ericka Mae R. Sagun Quadrangle last September 21. Jane R. Villasor They competed for two Jeffrey M. Ison Edeline Pearl O. Aoso categories, namely Latin-American Honey Joy E. Andres and Modern Standard Discipline by Sarah-Micah B. Param Amiel Moyes sending off two pairs of equally Fritz Ruzz N. Dariano Trixia Mae G. Bantilo talented pairs of dancers each for both Sarah M. Detruz Marbenn DV. Gapit In four consecutive years, categories. Different colleges and Michelle Profeta of CEIT satellite campuses also joined the said Dr. Leopoldo M. Delacruz Adviser conquered the field as she gives her competition. by: Fritz Russ Damiano But the delegates of Imus hand throws in shotput-womens Dr. Rowena D. Resurreccion campus proved that they are the home division last Sept. 19. Campus Secretary Hinila lang ako ng mga softball Another pride and glory for of the best dancers by grabbing the Dr. madefault players para hindi Julio G. Alava ang Silang, CEIT as Michelle made a throw first and second spot for both Campus Dean double the length as her co- categories. They will now battle and quoted swimmer Jay- ar Bayot from BSTRM. represent the whole university for the contenders, but when Although he is not engaged in regional level. swimming, he still managed to finish the 800

meters run and ranked 8 out of 20 in the race last September 20. This is the first time that CvSU-S send

by: Lea Andria T. Terrible CvSU-Silang Rising Phoenix pepsquad prepairs to defend their title as CvSU Cheerleading Competition champion for three consecutive years. According to their