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Hi! My name is Shuchi . The portfolio here gives a brief review of my work , both in the academic and professional environment. The portfolio begins to talk about two of my works, both done at the graduate level . Followed by a project done as at undraguate level . Then a new chapter gives a brief insight of my work done as an intern .

Table of Contents
Studio work

Green High Rise ..........................................1 (Graduate) Bike-Hike ....................................................... 9 (Graduate) National Soccer Stadium....................17 (Undergraduate)

SOM 2010..................................................25 SOM 2008...................................................31 SOM 2007...................................................35

Green High Rise, ON


Name: Green High Rise Location: Niagra Falls, ON, Canada This project was a aprt of my graduate level studio. I wanted to incorporate more than photo voltaic panels on my roof. I wanted to look at more ways of harenessing and producing energy to balance out as much possible the energy needs of high rise structure. Concept: Venturi Effect

Green High Rise (324 ft)

Minolta Tower (325 ft)

Hilton Hotel Falls View(581 ft)

Skylon Tower (775 ft)

Niagra Falls (Horse Shoe Falls)

Site Plan 4

Building acting like a “Wind Catcher” on the windward side

Building expading views to the great Niagra falls for the inhabitants


Building with varied roofs for being used as a roof top gardens


Cooling floors Wind Turbine floors Mechanical floors

Area Programming: Hallways & Floor services= 50-60% Public guest room/ reception/ Lounge = 4-7% Restaurants/ Bars/ hospitality= 4-8% Banquet/ Meeting room/ Conference= 10-12% Domestic areas: Kitchen/ Stores= 9-14% Administration/ Management= 1-2% Maintenance/ Repair= 4-7% Leisure/ Sports/ Shop= 12-20%

Wind interaction with building 6

Use of Geothermal pipes under the floor for heating and cooling the building



Bike-Hike Manhattan , NY


Name: Crowd-sourcing the city: Bike-Hike Location: Manhattan, NY

When surveying and interviewing new yourkers, three major problems where identified: a) Bike parking b) Cars in the bike lanes c) Pdestrian-bike crashes The three problems was a major concern in nyc and were the top reasons for ‘not using the bike’ in the city.

This was a project done in my final semester of graduate studio. The topic of the studio was crowd-sourcing the city, where we had to gather information from the crowd and give our design solution back to them. Hence while surveying new yorkers and studying the new yorck city, i deceided to use the blanck walls of the city and design around them. Concept: To promote bike usage and make use of unutilized spaces


a) Bike parking

The front elevation of the proposed bike stand using the blank walls in the city

Side section 13

Detailed section

a) Cars in dedicated bike lanes



Insert cash
Credit/ Debit Card

A1 A2 A3 A4 A5

B1 B2 B3 B4 B5

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

E1 E2 E3 E4 E5
Enter Cancel Cash

Verify Card

Bikes are installed with cameras which capture the licence plates of the car when it detects a car in its lane for more than 4 seconds

Ease of using cash, card or monthly bike parking passes

Photomontage showing the real case scenario

The chronological order


c) Pdestrian-Bike crashes

Pavement Surface

Road Surface

Slot saw cut into pavement lled with silicon

Epoxy Peizoelectric Sensor Connected to the sensors under the bike pads Connected to the sensors under the pedestrian pavement

Use of two peizo electric sensors shown in sectional-elevation

Impact Cap

Preload Stud


Ampli er Quartz Element Charge Collection Plate Mounting Hole

Use of two peizo electric sensor

Pedestrian Pavement

L Co






Two Peizoelectric sensors connected in Series
L = Inductance due to the seismic mass and inertia of the sensor C e = Inversely proportional to the mechanical elasticity of the sensor C o = Static capacitance R = Insulation V = Voltage

Peizo sensor electrical drawing showing its methodology 15

Bike Pad





on sec


1 se


Renderings showing the working of the peizo electric sensors to avoid the crash

When it detects the two weights on it, it lights up to warning the pedetrian of the approching bike and vice-versa 16

National Soccer Stadium, Qatar

Stadia are the new cathedrals of our age, where communities come together with common purpose and depart with memories shared and stories to tell of the legends born

Name of the project: National Soccer Stadium Location: Doha, Qatar Proposing Authority: Qatar Football Association Site Area: 90 Acre

This project was done in my tenth semester of five year Architecture degree. We had to choose our projects. I chose this, as I was always curios about the spatial arrangements of the empowering stadiums. They always facinated me due the fact that stadiums is just one single structure and it handles people of different hierarchy. I was all the more amused when I did my case studies and actually had a chance to see the VIP area of the stadiums, the lavish restaurants, the Suits, etc. I put my heart and soul into this project and I know I am capable of something even better than this.

View of the site from the road

D-Ring road (from the city to the city)

View of the road from the site

Doha Expressway (From the city to the airport)

The North-South orientation of the stadium is chosen, keeping in mind the wind direction, sun path and the hot climatic conditions of the place.

Spectator Entry

20% 40% 40%

N Media/Press
Spectators Players VIP/Officials Player and VIP Entry

VIP/Amir Player VIP/Pass holders Spectator

Spectator Parking

Ticket Counter

Spectator Entry Practice Fields Stadium

V.VIP Entrance

V.VIP Dedicated Entrance

Administartive Block VIP Exit Media and Player Entry


Entry for V.VIP Entry and Exit for Players Exit for V.VIP

Spectator flow through entry/exit points

Spectator entry to the stadium area only through the ticket counter


Spectator flow from Parking to the Stadium via Ticket Counters

Player Practice Fields

VIP Area

Spectator Area

Ramp for V.VIPs


Media Cente (accessed by dedicated and isolated elevator)
Level 4

VIP Area

V.VIP Ladies Area V.VIP Area
Level 3

Spectator Circulation Zone

Level 2

Participants Area Coach Assembly area Player Area Player Entry Player Area Interview Area
Level 1 24

SOM 2010

Jeddah Cornich , KSA 27

Firm: Skidmore Ownings and Merrill, New York Time period: June 2010- August 2010 Projects Worked on: Al Rajhi Bank Headquarters, Riyadh, KSA Jeddah Cornich, Jeddha, KSA Qingdao, China LG headquarters, New Jersey, USA I interned with SOM in the year 2010 for a period of 11 weeks with the team headed by Mr. Aybars Asci again. I worked initially on the production of renderings and producing presentation drawings for the competition project Qingdao. I then worked on the making of study models for Al Rajhi Bank Headqurters. Later I worked on the rederings and presentation drwaings of Jeddah Cornich Tower. The last part of my internship was the LG headquarters. I worked on the project from conceptual stage uptil the intial development of the project (Site plan, parking layout and furniture arrangements).

Jeddah Cornich , KSA 28

LG Headquarters, NJ 29

LG Headquarters, NJ 30

SOM 2008

Al Sharaq Tower 33

Firm: Skidmore Ownings and Merrill, London Time period: May 2008- June 2008 Projects Worked on: Qatar Petroleum Complex Project

(QPCP), Qatar Al Sharaq Tower, Dubai, UAE I worked with SOM in the year 2008 for a period of 6 weeks with the team headed by Mr. Aybars Asci again. I worked initially on the preparation of study models of QPCP and Al Sharaq Tower, Dubai for about two to three weeks. Later I worked on the plans and sections of the Al Sharaq Tower, making changes with respect to the internal walls of individual housing units. I helped the team in preparing presentations for the meetings.


SOM 2007

Qatar Petroleum Complex Project 37

Firm: Skidmore Ownings and Merrill, London Time period: May 2007- June 2007 Projects Worked on: Qatar Petroleum Complex Project, Qatar

I worked with SOM in the year 2007 for a period of 5 weeks with the team headed by Mr. Aybars Asci. I worked initially on the preparation of study models for about two to two and a half weeks. Later directly under Ms. Souraya Daouk I worked on the plans of Recreational Center, making a few changes with respect to the landscape around it.


Mosque Offices



Ph . no. 765-606-1169 shuchi 986@gmail .com .

Shuchi Sinha

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