DATE October 4, 2011__ MARKED

MAYOR 1. Appoint Commissioner HR (Exempt)(Folts) APP MAYOR – EXECUTIVE 2. Plan Bd-SEQR Notice of Determination-891 Delaware(Nia) R&F 3. Plan Bd-SEQR Notice of Determination-142-148 Grant St(Nia) R&F 4. Plan Bd-SEQR Notice of Dtermination-60 Hedley Pl(Masten) R&F 5. Strat Plan-Land Disposition Agreement for 918 Main St APP 6. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-1989 Broadway(Lov) CD 7. Strat Plan-Report of Sale-328 Woltz(Fill) CD 8. Strat Plan-Req to Modify Contract Camiros, Ldt. To Include Creation of a Preservation Plan APP COMPTROLLER 9. Certificate of Necessity Capital Outlay Equipment R&F 9A. Certificate of Necessity Capital Project-Tree Management R&F 10. GASB 54 Fund Balance Certificate Policy ADOPT COUNCIL PRESIDENT 11. Appointment to Buffalo Arts Commission ADOPT 11A Response Police Dept-Request for Info on Behalf of Council’s Police Reorg Comm PUBLIC WORKS 12. Access Requested to Fourth St ROW by Nat Fuel for Testing & Monitoring APP 13. Bailey Ave Bridges Emergency Repair Contract R&F 14. Permission to Hire Consultant Fire Dept Quick Action Plans APP 15. Permission for Purchasing High Density Filing Sys-City Court APP 16. Report of Bids-City Court Basement(Ell) APP 17. Request to Purchase Equipment Bed Knife Grinder APP 18. Request to Purchase Equipment-Wheel Loader APP 19. Snow Removal Standard Operating Procedure 2011-2012 CD th 20. Appoint Traffic Signal Specialist(Prov)(4 Step)(Adamczyk) CS POLICE 21. Approval to Purchase New Police Flat Bed Tow Truck APP 22. Approval to Transfer Vehicles APP PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 23. Collector License (New) APP 24. Food Store License(New)-544 Fargo(Nia) APP 25. Food Store License(New)-272 Georgia(Ell) LEG 26. Food Store License(New)-224 Virginia(Ell) LEG 26A Food Store License(New)-278 Trenton(Ell) 27. Lodging House License-340 Elmwood(Nia) W/O REC 28. Request to Award Contract 918 Main St Abatement/Reconstruction APP 29. Restaurant Dance Class IV-234 Delaware-aka 252 Delaware(Ell) LEG 30. Second Hand Dealer-431 Tonawanda(North) LEG ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE 31. Appoint Admin Treas & Collections(Prov)(Inter)(Comerford) CS

32. Appoint Mail & Supply Clk(Prov)(Inter)(Dari) CS 33. Appoint Superintendent Automotive Supplies(Prov)(Max)(Desiderio) CS CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION 33A Response Contracts EB Jacobs & IO Solutions CITY CLERK 34. Notice of Intention-Name New Field at Mulroy Park ”Pierce Field at Mulroy Pk”_R&F 35. Liquor License Applications R&F 36. Leaves of Absence R&F 37. Appoint Senior Leg Assist(Shaw) ADOPT 38. Notices of Appointments-Council Interns ADOPT 39. Notices of Appointment-Seasonal R&F 40. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 40A J. Baird-Reforming Bflo’s Tax Foreclosure Process 41. A. Bartley(PUSH)-Req Support for Phase II Mass Ave Park Revitalization FIN 42. D. Grotke-Food Truck Dispute LEG 43. Info from Spec Leg Mtg-Mobile Food Vending LEG 44. M. LoCurto-Bringing Pond Hockey to Hoyt Lake CD 45. S. Mulligan-Info Food Truck Regulations LEG 46. NYSDEC-Inactive Haz. Waste Disposal Site Notice-Republic Steel(Marilla St) _R&F 47. D. Pridgen-Proposed Idea By D. Allen Jr-Building a Better Buffalo City Hall FIN 48. D. Pridgen-Building Owners-Condition of 500 Block of Main St R&F 49. D. Smith-Req. Update On Small Business Assistance Prog for Inner City Bus._MBEC 50. D. Smith-J. Booth-Bicycle/Ped Advisory Bd Snow/Ice Removal Policy CD 51. D. Smith-D. Burns-Letters re: Post Office Closing R&F 52. D. Smith-A. Rudnick-Urging NYSDOT for Rescission of Notice of Intent on Peace Bridge Exp Proj CD PETITIONS 53. D. Mika, Agent, Use 2497 Delaware, Illuminated Pole Sign(Del) LEG,CPBD,ZONING 54. M. LoCurto & O-Changing Prkg Regulations Bird Ave Btwn Soldiers Pl & Elmwood_ LEG,PW RESOLUTIONS 55. Fontana Proposal to Sell 217, 231 Brinkman to Patricia GauthierADOPT RES’S REM CD 55A Fontana Waiver of Fees Annual Lovejoy Halloween Parade 56. Franczyk Keep Main Post Office Open ADOPT 57. Kearns Increased Appropriation-Capital Outlay Equipment APP 58. Kearns Issuance of Subpoena to Obtain Info Req BPD by the Joint Comm To Examine Police Reorg WITHDRAWN 59. Kearns Reports on Implementation ADOPT RES’S REM FIN 60. Kearns,etc Supporting the 2011 United Way Annual Campaign FIN 60A. Kearns Transfer in Funds Capital Projects-Tree Management APP 61. Pridgen Let There Be Light ADOPT RES’S REM FIN 62. Russell Budget and Personnel Amendment-PW APP 63. Smith Memorial Poles ADOPT 63A Smith Appoint Asst Leg Aide II Masten District(Fortune) ADOPT 64. Smith Felicitations/In Memoriam ADOPT

TABLE ITEMS ------Waterfront Neighborhood Community Development Agreement (ccp #3, 8/14/2010)

1. Com 11 2. Com 19 3. Com 20 4. Com 21 5. Com 22 6. Com 23 7. Com 24 8. Com 31 9. Com 5 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 6 Appoint Sr. Operations Communications Coord(3rd Step)(Amos)(MIS) APP Appoint Associate Engineer(Prov)(4th Step)(Bidell)(PW) APP Appoint Chief Water Pollution Inspector(Perm)(Step 4)(Lackie)(PW) APP Appoint Deputy Director of Building Operations(Perm)(Ihenko)(PW) R&F Appoint Street Worker(Perm)(Step 4)(Betancourt)(PW) APP Appoint Truck Driver(Perm)(Step 11)(Judd)(PW) APP Appoint Truck Driver(Perm)(Step 5)(Wozniak)(PW) APP Notices of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(Cty Clk) R&F Appoint Director of Comm and Intergovernmental Relations (Exempt)(DeGeorge)(Mayor) R&F Appt Assistant Corporation Counsel II(Perm)(Osher)(Law)(#32,3/22) R&F Req to Enter Into Contract EB Jacobs, LLC-Written Exams/Assessments Fire Lieut, Fire Capt., Battalion Chief and Div. Chief(HR) W/O REC Req to Enter Into Contract I/O Solutions-Written Exams/Assessments Ctrs Police Lieut, Police Captain, Inspector and Detective(HR) W/O REC M. Kearns-M. Higgins-Future of the E.M. Cotter, Buffalo’s Fireboat W/O REC J. Pajak-C. Paladino-Concerns Bflo Re-Use Project Building Permits and Concerns Grant from NYS Dormitory Authority to Statler Towers LEG Funding for the Arts and Cultural Organizations Veto Message(Mayor) R&F Implement Use of the Shared Asset Forfeiture Fund(exc resolves) SAFF Opening Gift Shop Tourist Info Ctr on 25th Floor of City Hall(exc resolves)R&F W/O REC Article-Postal Service Considering Closure of Bflo Mailing Facility(CP) R&F APP K. Kubiak,Owner,Use 234 Delaware for an Outdoor Café(Ell)(hrg 9/27)APP W/COND M. Kearns-Letter from Simon Manka re: Hazardous Cond 486 Potters Rd R&F Used Car Dealer-426 Abbott(South)(EDPI)(#30,7/12) APP W/COND D. Gordon-New Street Name Colvin Estates-Rachel Vincent Way(hrg 9/6) R&F J. Roganski-Oppose New St Name Colvin Estates-Rachel Vincent Way R&F J. Roganski-New Street Name Colvin Estates-Aster St R&F J. Golombek-S. Green-Req Change in Fees for Ice Time-Riverside & Caz Rinks(#45, 6/28) R&F Restaurant Dance License(Renewal)681 Main St(Ell)(EDPI)(#31,5/17) APP W/COND Ord Amend-Ch 309-Parks and Other Open Spaces R&F

10. No 53 June 28 11. Com 47 Sept 6 12. Com 48 Sept 6

13. No 35 Sept 20 14. No 40 Sept 20 15. Com 1 Sept 6 16. Res 76 Sept 21 17. Res 105 July 20

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 18. Com 8 Sept 20 Report of Sale 341 Wyoming(Mas)(Strat Plan)
19. Com 9 Sept 20

LEGISLATION 20. No 43 Sept 20 M. Green, Agent, Use 1416 Hertel for a Restaurant(Del)(hrg 9/27)
21. No 44 22. No 38 23. No 74 24. No 68 25. No 69 26. No 70 27. No 71 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 20 Sept 6 Sept 6 Sept 6 July 12

28. No 79 June 14 29. Res105 Sept 7

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