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LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 1

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2 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

About the Upgrade Exam

Assessment For LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Pre-requisites
You are qualified to take the LoadRunner 8.0 CPC Upgrade exam if you hold a LoadRunner 7.6 CPC title.

Installation of LoadRunner 8.0

General Test Instructions
Questions in the upgrade exam may be asked in any of the following formats:

Multiple choice questions: Clearly mark the circle beside the letter/s in the answer sheet. Multiple choice questions that contain “Select all that apply” indicate more than one correct answer. Fill in the blanks: Write your answer/s in the blanks provided clearly and legibly True or False: Clearly mark the circle beside the word “True” or “False” in the answer sheet Briefly Describe/Explain/Essay-type: Answer in one to three sentences.

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Answers to the review questions are included in the back of the book.

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 3

4 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

Review Items

1. The Controller, Analysis, Tuning and Diagnostics program have been grouped under: a. Samples

b. Application c. Advanced Settings

d. Documentation e. The applications are under the program group for LoadRunner 2. The licensing feature in LoadRunner 8.0 was moved from the __ to ___ a. LoadRunner program group to Controller About menu b. Controller About menu to the LoadRunner main screen c. VuGen About to LoadRunner program group d. LoadRunner program group to the LoadRunner main screen e. The licensing feature has not changed locations in LoadRunner 8.0 3. True or False: There is a single VuGen installation for LoadRunner, Performance Center and Topaz. 4. True or False: Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 added a Web Services Test Wizard that can create automatic scripts with random values.

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 5

5. Name two functions that VuGen generates intuitively when testing Oracle applications (GUI-level Web support). 6. Which of the following statements is true for Mercury LoadRunner 8.0? a. Diagnostics is now located under Tools > Options

b. Mercury Tuning Console is now integrated in LoadRunner 8.0 c. LoadRunner now provides detailed information for J2EE, Oracle, Siebel and Web analysis d. All of the above 7. What version of Microsoft Jet DB engine does Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 require when installing on an NT machine?

8. Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 does not support which operating system? a. Win 95

b. Win XP SP1 c. Win 2000

d. Win NT 4.0 SP 6a e. Win 2003 f. None of the above

9. True or False: Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 supports Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology but it can be disabled from the BIOS if necessary.

6 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

10. What is the minimum Internet Explorer version supported by Mercury LoadRunner 8.0? a. IE 5.0

b. IE 5.1 SP 1 c. IE 6.0 SP 2

d. LoadRunner 8.0 supports IE versions lower than 5.0 11. In order to emulate WAN applications, what component must be installed on a load generator machine?

12. What are the minimum requirements for the Remote Performance Monitor server? a. IIS Server: _______________ b. Windows: ________________ c. Internet Explorer: ___________ 13. True or False: Load generators running on Windows 2000 machines can be optimized using the Background Services option. 14. What is the minimum version for SAP GUI client supported by Mercury LoadRunner 8.0?

15. Circle the correct answer: On a load generator machine, should GUI Vusers run as a process or as threads? 16. True or False: Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 supports Sybase Vusers running on Unix. 17. What is the LoadRunner file that should be run if you install Internet Explorer after installing LoadRunner? (Hint: Found under the BIN directory)

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 7

18. True or False: The Web Services Vuser can grab WSDL files from a URL. 19. True or False: In Mercury LoadRunner 8.0, you can record HTTP/HTTPS on nonHTML applications. 20. Problem: During recording on a web application, no statement is generated when the user clicks on the Back button of the browser. What should be the workaround? a. Avoid using the Back button on the browser

b. Look for a back to top or Home button in the web site and use that instead of the Back button c. Hit the Refresh/Reload button on the browser

d. Programmatically add the object after recording 21. Which of the following functions are service functions? a. Web_add_auto_filter

b. Web_custom_request c. Web.image

d. Web_create_html_param e. Web_add_header 22. True or False: The function web_reg_find requires the run-time setting “Enable image and text check.” 23. This setting ensures accurate snapshot generation upon opening the Run-Time Viewer during Web Vuser playback in HTML mode.

8 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

24. Which of the following statements is true for Mercury LoadRunner 8.0? a. The Microsoft COM+ monitor can display nested methods b. The SAP GUI monitor can run through a firewall c. Each SiteScope server can serve only one Controller at a time d. LoadRunner supports JProbe and Sitraka JMonitor e. All of the above 25. During a long scenario run, monitoring the Network Interface object of Win 2000 Server may result in a system problem. What is this system problem that may occur?

26. This is the LoadRunner component that sends HTTPS traffic from behind a firewall using port 443.

27. Which of the following statements are true for the Network Delay Monitoring? Select all that apply. a. Cannot measure from a source machine to itself

b. Does not support HP source machines c. Will not work if an intermediate driver is installed on the same machine from which network delay is being monitored d. All of the above e. None of the above 28. True or False: TCP protocol on Windows NT supports Ethernet cards only. 29. What is the effect of using UDP and ICMP protocols to monitor a machine behind a firewall?

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 9

30. True or False: WAN emulation supports token-ring and Ethernet token-ring hybrid interfaces. 31. When running WAN emulation over a firewall, the proxy server must be excluded. Where can you configure to exclude the proxy setting?

32. True or False: You can set a maximum number of threads for driver setting in the Controller. 33. When launching the Controller, the following error message appears, “Cannot install license information, probably access to system resource was denied.” The message indicates that you need to log in with administrator permission. What LoadRunner file should you modify in order to change registry permissions?

34. You changed the value of an environment variable on a load generator machine, and configured it to automatically run Vusers. To use the new value: a. Restart LoadRunner b. Restart the load generator machine c. You do not need to restart either LoadRunner or the load generator machine. 35. Which of the following Vusers can be run over a firewall? Select all that apply. a. Corba-Java b. Jacada c. RMI-Java d. None of the above

10 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

36. Which of the following transaction names will not be read by the Analysis tool as a valid J2EE transaction? a. Transaction-X b. Transaction_X c. Transaction.X d. TransactionX 37. True or False: The new Web Correlation feature saves snapshots of images and movies. 38. Why does it take longer for a Vuser script to run in VuGen than in the Controller? a. Because the VuGen runs scripts with threading on b. The VuGen script runs in Debug mode c. The VuGen does not create snapshots d. VuGen scripts do not write any log information to disk 39. True or False: LoadRunner does not support recording a Telnet session opened from the Netscape browser. 40. True or False: You can parameterize arguments of Web Services components using any available view in LoadRunner.

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 11

Answers to Questions

1. B 2. B 3. True 4. True 5. Web_button and Web_edit_field 6. B and C 7. MS Jet 4.0 SP6 8. A 9. False 10. B 11. Single Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network interface card

12 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

12. a) IIS 5.0 b) Windows 2000 server or 2000 advanced server c) IE 5.1 13. True 14. SAP GUI 6.2 15. process 16. False 17. Register_vugen.bat 18. False. The files must be copied locally. 19. True 20. C 21. D and E 22. False 23. Activate snapshot on error 24. C 25. A handles leak 26. MI Listener Agent

LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review 13

27. A and C 28. True 29. May fail or partial results 30. False 31. Controller, Load Generators > Details > WAN Emulation 32. False 33. Setlicensepermissions.exe 34. B 35. A, B, C 36. C 37. False 38. B 39. True 40. False

14 LoadRunner 8.0 Upgrade Exam Review

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