The Problem

Ten-year-old Alisa, diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, was struggling in school. Her parents were embarrassed that their daughter was getting into trouble. She had always been a great student in the past. Things were heating up at home with nightly arguments about homework and grades. Alisa confessed in a school conference that she “felt like giving up because I’m never going to be able to do the work.”

The Solution
The school guidance counselor suggested that a Club Z! tutor help in a one-on-one setting at home. After meeting with the family, Club Z! assigned an energetic and encouraging tutor who used lots of activity to help Alisa work through her assignments. The tutor’s specialized reading methods worked magic in a oneon-one setting. Alisa’s confidence grew as her grades improved. Her mom called Club Z! “Alisa was just chosen as Star Student for her team at school! She loves school again!” Club Z! Director Peggy Thomas also got a call from the school. “Club Z! steps in and helps calm the entire family. You do so much more than tutor students. Thank you!” said Alisa’s counselor.

Experts Agree
Fayette County Teacher


“The magic of Club Z! is that it meets children
where they are and pulls them up to where they need to be.” – Joanne Dirring, Club Z! Tutor and retired

Nine New Words in One Night
By Peggy Thomas, Club Z! Director

“I always feel confident when I refer clients to Club Z. I know they will carefully
match the needs of the student with just the right tutor.” – Lynda BoucugnaniWhitehead, Ph.D., Private Practice of Neuropsychology


ric was beaming when he walked up to my booth at the Fayette Expo. He showed me the text he had just gotten from his wife, “Jack learned 9 new words tonight.” Eric told everyone around us about his great decision to seek a Club Z! tutor for his Kindergartener. And this was only the first night of tutoring. Why would Eric want a tutor for his Kindergartener? Early in elementary school, Eric was put in “the slow reading group.” He wasn’t pushed to reach his full potential. He felt that stigma followed him through high school, and he was only able to overcome it when he went to college in another state. When his son showed signs of struggling to learn his letters, Eric decided to get help now. With input from Jack’s teacher, Club Z!’s tutor discovered a common love for pizza, drew new words with sidewalk chalk and hop scotched her way into Jack’s heart and mind. That’s how five-year-old Jack learned nine words the first night. And was rewarded with prizes, stickers, and a proud papa.

“Club Z is more than just tutoring, it is closing
educational gaps while building a personal relationship with your child. My son appreciated his tutor and looked forward to their meetings. His grades improved as his confidence increased. – Terese Benefield,
Parent/Guidance Counselor, J.C. Booth M.S.


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