Indian music culture “onair” in Berlin... - promotion initiative moves from the Elbe to the Spree.

(FHH- 10/03/2011) - Germany is celebrating the 22nd time on the “Day of Reunification” and the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic (Hamburg) snatches at the German capital Berlin. From a training & civilian community radio located close to the Alster lake moving to the World Culture Radio in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg the serial and new media productions will go "onair" at Multicult.FM (Berlin). 2005-2011 ... For the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic the year 2011 is an important year of production, the sixth in an unbroken sequence (first broadcast: 28th Nov 2005). Significant turnouts have been operated for expansion, increase in professionalism and internationalisation: - February 2011: IMC receives after a 3 year application period its own radio channel in the "Internet Archive", the world's largest archive on the Web with a legitimate/legal status as "virtual university library" - June 2011: The IMC radio production studio occurs during the summer break 2011. The operation of regular productions commenced in July. - May-August 2011: Expansion to three other radio stations in Switzerland (Schaffhausen) and Austria (Upper Austria, Salzkammergut) - October 2011: After four months of testing the entire production portfolio of IMC programs is to be absorbed in the “German Broadcasting Archive” (DRA – Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv) under leadership of ARD Foundation - 11/11/2011: With the inauguration of MultiCult.FM’s new Radio cafe in Berlin for IMC - India meets Classic Indian and Indian E-music will begin officially a new era as second home on the river Spree. Hamburg - Berlin ... Until today and for the launch in Berlin in November 2011 it seems a good omen that the radio productions of IMC - India meets Classic began with recordings of a live performance (Tabla Group Hamburg) at the Festival of Cultures in September 2005. The 3-day open-air festival in Hamburg was an offshoot of the original “Carnival of Cultures” in Berlin. MultiCult.FM also started its first broadcasting via FM (88.4 and 90.7 MHz) at Whitsun weekend 2010, with reporting about the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. Thus, the formats IMC - India meets Classic and Indian E-music will be “onair” from 11 November 2011 on as Hamburg-Berlin axis, in the first two major cities of Germany which have together 5.3 million inhabitants. It is stated: Indian musical culture in the Elbe-City and Spree-Capital City. MultiCult.FM has the focus on broadcasts by authors. There are professionals at work as Klaus Martin Hoefer, who can be heard on Deutschlandfunk and WDR radio, and his scientific journal cogniRADIO on MultCult.FM. - Or Wolfgang König, who is radio producer since 1989, former employee of Radio Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), Music journalist and musician.

The World Culture Radio ... MultiCult.FM runs as a multi-lingual channel (in Chinese, English, Catalan, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish besides German) by a professional team of journalists led by Chief Editor Brigitta Gabrin. Gabrin herself was born in Romania and grew up with German as her mother tongue. In Germany is still widespread the idea of the demand for integration in terms of one-sided adaptation and subordination which contradicts entirely the selfunderstanding of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic and its proclaimed purpose of broadcasting for the knowledge transfer and an intercultural dialogue between South Asia / India and Europe / German language areas (Austria, Germany and Switzerland). MultiCult.FM defines "inter-cultural" as an equal footing with each other, aligned on an open dialogue. MultiCult.FM lives the philosophy of programming and permits diversity (by independence), appealing to all ethnic groups, and thereby calls for personal responsibility and connects broadcasters, producers and listeners. The self-understanding of MultiCult.FM is "Go Glocal – Go Global & Act Local". It is not about mainstream content and quotes, more it is about qualitatively content. MultiCult.FM is a "Tune-In Programme" for "special interests groups". Lothar JR Maier the founder and producer of IMC - India meets Classic: “multiculture isn’t dead in Germany, which shows us the every day life on the streets, at work and in face-to-face encounters between people." De facto Germany is an immigrant society. In the recent history of migration, which flowed through the centre of Europe for thousands of years, since 2005 Germany has a gain of 600,000 people with an immigrant background. ... further Lothar JR Maier: “Learning together of each other, mutually enriching, in multi-lingual diversity and in critical, empathic dialogues, only then we people (throughout all provincial, national, intellectual and religious boundaries) will master the challenges of the 21st century, such as resource scarcity, climate and environmental protection. In practice, this is already happening in many places. That it is possible MultiCult.FM demonstrates as an inter-cultural broadcaster in Berlin and other media projects such as the English-language news magazine ‘The Local’ same produced in Berlin. " Ideology of Broadcasting for Berlin ... From its beginning in 2005 the program concept of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic was invested for the long term, i.e. not surfing on the short-lived trend wave 'India & Bollywood ". Indian classical music as it presents itself today is a result of more than 2000 years old music system (Ghandarva Veda), out of which the Western classical music had developed in the European Middle Ages via Greece (keyword: pentatonic / 5 notes music). The ideology of broadcasting of IMC - India meets Classic was always conceived as InfoEduTainment format, no entertainment in the Western sense, instead "learn to listen" the Indian ragas. With this mission/policy IMC - India meets Classic will go “onair” again in Berlin at MultiCult.FM.

Social responsibility ... Indian classical music and the Indian music system was always designed as so called ‘healing music’. The structure of ragas in a modal form, the Indian instruments and Indian vocals are a training of consciousness. The Indian music maestros (instrumentalists, singers and percussionists) act as a kind of mediator. Indian-classical music is for the audience ‘per se’ a kind of passive music therapy. Recent studies show that mental disorders are still on the rise. For many years the WHO (World Health Organization) has warned. The dramatic increase in adults, in children and adolescents damages any modern society of the information age in its substance, particularly the Western, post-industrial countries like. Annually suffer 38.2% of all EU residents (164.8 million people) with a clinically significant mental disorder. People with mental disorders, diseases or mental disabilities that can lead to crippling, not only the health care system, more so the social stability of communities, family and national societies as a whole are burdened. Lothar JR Maier: "I am encouraged to know with MultiCult.FM, its editorial team and the chief editor Brigitta Gabrin as a psychologist and thoroughbred journalist a station which character is profiled as a real world culture radio, and herewith having for our social ambitions in terms of a ‘music therapy effect’ a reasonable understanding and receiving adequately support of air time." _______________________ The English version of this press release was published via . Die Deutsch-Fassung dieser Presseerklärung wurde auf veröffentlicht.


Basic information: The radio market in Germany in 2011 ... The result of the media analysis II in July 2011: The use of radio in Germany remains stable over all target groups. As in the last report (ma 2011 Radio One) the daily reach in the current survey remained unchanged at 79.3 %. The listening time is 199 minutes constantly as well as the dwell time (= listening time of those who listen to radio). These figures each are based on the German-speaking population at the age ≥10 (during Monday to Friday). In the age group of 14-49 years are noted slightly increases: Here the listening time increased from 201 to 204 minutes (during Monday to Friday), the daily reach ranges from 78.6 to 79%. "The enormous stability of usage data shows that radio is positioned in the growing media environment excellently and competitively" said Dieter K. Müller, CEO of Radio In Germany was launched on 1st August 2011 nationwide the DAB digital radio for operating programs at 27 locations, broadcasted with the new digital DAB+ standard. Nationwide there are currently twelve-air channels (90Elf, Absolut Radio, Deutschlandfunk / Deutschlandradio Kultur / DRadio Wissen, Energy, ERF Radio, Kiss FM, Klassik Radio, Lounge FM, Radio BoB! und Radio Horeb). Radio MultiCult.FM (short profile): World Culture in Local Diversity Historical antecedents of MultiCult.FM: at 31st Dec 2008 - 22:00 pm the Radio Multikulti was turned off by the station RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg). A nationwide wave of protests could not prevent the closure of Radio Multikulti. The RBB itself was established on 1st May 2003 as merger of Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) + Ostdeutsches Radio Brandenburg (ORB Potsdam), itself a child of the German reunification. MultiCult 2.0 started virtually coincidently with the closure of Radio MultiKulti, as Wolfgang König reported, former radio editor, presenter and co-founder of Radio Multicult 2.0 (source: Since then a fraction of the former radio makers sends maintained radio with daily 4-6 hours on FM 88.4 MHz and 24 hours on the net as web radio - . In September 2009, the foundation of Intercultural Association for Media Development (InKuM – Stifterverein für Interkulturelle Medienförderung) was founded. The NGO services for the supporters and network. There is also the multicultural Friends Association with Klaus Bade as chairman, who is scientist for migration. The multi-professional team and its many volunteers look behind the superficial patterns of "migration background", the cultural diversity as the norm and form from for the radio program with highlighting the opportunities of an immigrant society as Germany is. The radio is operated by the non profit business company "Multicult radio & media productions gUG (limited)" which was founded in December 2009. The advantage of the locational in the cultural heart of Berlin city makes possible a participatory approach. Since March 2011 produces in a "glass studio" in the Marheineke market hall (Berlin-Kreuzberg), 24x7 as Internet Radio and daily as FM on 88.4 and 90.7 MHz (Monday-Friday: 06:0010:00 am, Saturday & Sunday: 06:00-12:00 am). 88vier is a non-commercial radio project that broadcasts since May 2010 in Berlin-Potsdam on FM frequencies (88.4 and 90.7) -

IMC - India meets Classic (short profile): Enjoy listening to good music! On 28th November 2005 went the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic for a radio special first time “on air”. There was no idea about that 6 years later then a total of 114 broadcastings via radio and 95 hours of production time (5,684 minutes airtime), the trail was blazed and can be taken from Germany's second largest city, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (approx. 1.8 million / 755.25 km ² in 2010) to Berlin (approx. 3.46 million / 891.02 km ² in 2010) as the German capital. However, the development of IMCRadio.Net by a media producer, connected to a transmission from a training and community radio at a young media campus near the Outer Alster (HMS - Hamburg Media School / Tide 96.0 (radio + TV)) to an independent producer no coincidence. Slots in Austria, Switzerland and the two largest cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg) are the result of constant professional and a progressive concept of a social nature, the traditional values in times of fast pace and superficiality does not throw overboard. Lothar JR Maier as the founder/owner of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic is 25% of Polish origin, and sees himself as world citizen. He was born in Bavaria, grew up in Swabia, and was seven years in a mixed marriage to a Peruvian. In the 90 years he worked in shipping, international sports sponsorship (sailboat racing) and consulting for strategic marketing. The maternal grandfather was born in Berlin and worked as a body makeup artist at the State Opera House of East Berlin and as a violinist in the opera orchestra, whose own parents were from southwest Poland. Contact ... promotion initiative "IMC - India meets Classic" c/o Lothar J.R. Maier Sootboern 7 D-22453 Hamburg (Germany) Tel: +49-(0)40-41431-2872 (International: -2892) Mobile: +49-(0)170-8828176 email:

More details .... IMC - India meets Classic presents ... Indian e-music - The right mix of Indian Vibes! - IMC's Internet Archive: IMC's policy - Promotion initiative and the social idea - +++

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