Tic-Tac-Toe Natural Disasters Project

Choose three projects to complete about your assigned natural disaster to create a horizontal or diagonal tictac-toe. You cannot make a vertical tic-tac-toe. Verbal/Linguistic Write a set of journal entries. You will write 3 form the point of view of a) a survivor, b) a victim and c) a first responder. Each journal entry must be written in first person and be a least 75 words in length. Logical/Mathematical Create a graph, table or other mathematical graphic representing the disaster. It can focus on the number of deaths/injuries, costs or other fact that can be represented by numbers. Visual/Spatial Design a poster with information about the disaster. Include at least 5 facts that are different from the time line and 5 pictures. The name and date of the event MUST be included (and is not part of the five facts) Design a PhotoStory that highlights the before, during and after of the disaster. At least 5 photos/drawings/graphics are required. Please include appropriate music and pictures. Create a cartoon or picture showcasing the important information and pictures about your disaster. At least 5 events must be highlighted. (If you choose this option, be advised that artistic ability will be a consideration.

Write a news article reporting the natural disaster. You must include a headline, the 5 w’s and the h, one picture and one “quote” from an eyewitness. It must be at least 150 words in length, and it cannot be copied from another source.

Create a timeline of your event. It should include a minimum of five events and pictures.

Give a 2-3 minute presentation to the class that highlights the controversies and/or opposing viewpoints of the disaster. This should NOT just be a retelling of the event.

Write a series of “what if” or “if/then” statements about the event:  If people had been warned earlier, then… (what would have happened differently).  If first responders had reacted faster, then…  If safety measures would have been taken before the event, then… You need to have a minimum of 100 words. Your response should show an intelligent and thoughtful reflection of this event.

Topic Choices       Mt.1947 Galveston Hurricane. Helens Eruption. St.1918 3 Mile Island Nuclear Disaster.1986 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster.1900 Spanish Influenza Epidemic.1979 Chernobyl Disaster. 10/12) Begin your third activity. (Fri. (Wed. 10/11) Turn in your second activity.1906 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. 10/7) Begin your second activity (Tues. (Mon. Please allow two days per activity. 10/4) Begin your first activity. 10/6) Turn in your first activity. (Fri.1980 Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion1985 Lockerbie Airplane Bombing.1937 San Francisco Earthquake Fire.1988 Hindenburg Disaster.2004 Project Check List          Pick your topic. 10/14) Present an overview of your disaster to the class (using the assignment from either your visual or logical categories). (Tues. 10/13) Turn in your third activity.1912 Texas City Explosion. 10/17) .1989        Sinking of the Titanic. (Thurs. (Thurs. (Monday. 10/3) Read information about your event and complete note taking graphics.

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