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Youth LITE Constitution:

Call For Leadership 1.Explain the mission of Youth LITE.

PANEL INTERVIEW 2.Explain the vision of Youth LITE.
1/2 3.What are the official colors of Youth LITE and what
do they symbolize?
To the Panelists: it alright that I change Youth LITE's official color
Be respectful. into _____? (The answer should be NO.)
Select and ask the most important questions if time is 5.What does the logo mean? (Youth Arm? Soaring
of so much restricted. Arm?, etc)
Don't bite the interviewee. 6.What are the qualifications for applicaton in Youth
7.What are the types of membership?
Character: 8.Does an applicant already have a responsibility to
1. Introduce yourself and tell us some interesting things the organization?
about you. 9.What are the four Rights and Privileges of an
2.How well are you dressed up and well-prepared in applicant?
this interview? 10.If an applicant reads the logbook of Youth LITE,
3.Identify all the members present and their respective can s/he be subjected to corrective actions? Why?
committees and if officers, their respective positions. 11.What is the difference between an Active &
4.Recite Youht LITE's Preamble. Regular Member and an Active & Probationary
5.What are your reasons in joing Youth LITE? Member?
6.What are your work ethics, principles and habits? 12.Give at least five Rights and Priveleges of an
7.How can you be an assest to Youth LITE? Active Member.
8.What are your weaknesses? How will Youth LITE 13.Give at least five Duties and Responsibilities of an
help you to defy these weaknesses? Active Member.
9.Do you have what it takes to be a future member of 14.How will an inactive member permanently lose
Youth LITE? future officer? What are your qualitities his/her membership? Give at least 2
that qualifies you to be a future officer? 15.Inactive member is a member who did not file for
10.Define professionalism? reinstatement at the start of each semester. Can an
11.Whay is it easy to be a student leader? inactive member still be subjected to corrective
12.Why is it hard to be a student leader? actions?
13.How do you see yourself 10 yrs from now? What are 16.What are the offenses that can be grounds for
your career plans? corrective actions?
17.Who can specifically file a case for corrective
Tourism: 18.What are the possible sanctions against a
1.Define tourism. member who is guilty of offense(s)?
2.(If Tourism major) Why did you take up tourism? Any 19.What is the highest deceision-making body of
plans of shifting? Youth LITE?
(If Non-Tourism major) As a ______ major, how do you 20.What is the policy-making body of Youth LITE?
think tourism can be linked to your area of learning? 21.When shall be the decision of the General
3.What difference do you think you can make to further Assembly considered legitimate?
empower the tourism industry? 22.What composes the Executive Board (EB)?
4.What do you think is the role of the youth in boosting 23.GIve at least 3 functions of the President.
the tourism industry? 24.Who has the power to create ad hoc groups and
5.Give a certain tourism issue today and make a who oversees the performance of these ad hoc
reaction to it. groups?
25.Give at least 8 functions of the Secretary-
Organization: 26.Who spearheads the renewal of recognition of
1.State the complete name of the organization. Youth LITE?
2.What is your first impression of Youth LITE? 27.Who is in-charge of updating Youth LITE's 201
3.Tell us something about your Buddy & give a brief file?
message to him/her. 28.What is the name of the official publication of
4.If ever be a member, how determined are you to Youth LITE and who heads this body?
make Youth LITE alive? 29.What body determines the membership status?
5.What are the activities that you have attended so far 30.What body is responsible for the interpretation of
and what are the things that you have learned from Youth LITE Constitution?
these activities? Classify the activities of Youth LITE 31.What is the role of the adviser?
according to the declared Principles of the organization. 32. Does the adviser have powers to totally disrupt
6.Is there anything you want to change in the Youth LITE's operation?
application process and requirements? Why? 33.What body has the sole right to conduct elections
and declare the winners of the said elections?

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Youth LITE 4.Supposed that you are an active member and
Call For Leadership always present in meetings and activities of the
PANEL INTERVIEW organization. However, there is one G.A. that you did
2/2 not attend because of a valid reason. It turned out that
during the G.A., a decision has been made and you
34.Can a member who is the chair of any other totally disagree to this decision because it will bring
organization still run for presidency in Youth LITE? the organization to a extemely bad situation. What will
35.Can a new member run for an office? you do?
36.What are the restrictions of a new member running
for an office?
37.When and how long will the campaign period take 5.Supposed that Youth LITE has a very big problem.
place? And its only you who can solve this problem. And the
solution is that you leaving the organization. What will
38.When is a special election administered? you do?
39.When shall the term of office of the duly elected
officer start and end? 6.Supposed that you and the AVP for Finance &
40.Any officer may be re-elected into office but there is Marketing are superbestfriends. Then one day, you
a restriction. What is that restriction? discovered that your bestfriend is falsifying entries in
41.Which part of the academic year shall serve as the Financial Statement and s/he is embezzling
training and planning period for the new offficers? funds. She promised you that s/he will return all what
42.What are the causes of termination from office of she got and she's even willing to do anything for you.
officers? All your bestfriend wants is you dont tell it to any
43.Differentiate impeachment from resignation. member of Youth LITE. What will you do?
44.Can an ianctiove member run for an office?
45.What are the gruonds for impeachment? 7.Supposed that you are a member of the Executive
46.What body shall have the sole right to conduct the Board. You have alloted so much time in the
impeachment proceedings? organization because you feel it is necessary for you
47.Who can cast a move for imoeachment of any officer to be most effective and efficient EB member.
of Youth LITE? However, your boyfriend/girlfriend demands a fair
48.What will happen to the membership status of of an share of time as s/he feels s/he is neglected and even
impeached officer? resigned officer? has always come to a point that you quarrel everytime
49.What are the roles of the Constitution Commission there is an organization activity. What will you do?
(ConComm)? Give at least 3.
50.When can amendments of the constitution be done?
51.Who will settle the the differences in interpretation of Ending:
the constituion, the HR Committee or the ConComm? 1.Why do you think we should accept you?
52.What are the requirements to be a legitimate 2.If you get accepted, what committee do you wish to
member of the ConComm? work for?
53.Cite at least one provision of the constitution that 3.Who is the worst co-applicant?
you want to amend. 4.Who is the worst Youth LITE member?
5.With a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, rate
yourself according to your performance in this
Situations: interview.
1.Supposed that you are a project head and has to be 6.Rate your performance so far in the application
present during the event but you also have an exam at process.
the same time. Which one will you prioritize? 7.Rate the performance of Youth LITE members in
conducting the application process.
2.Supposed that you are the AVP for Finance & 8.Give any comment about the organization, the
Marketing and the organization has grave lack of funds members, application process, suggestions,
and that a supposed supplier has to be paid everything...
immediately otherwise the members of the Executive 9.Recite the Youth LITE Preamble.
Board shall be sued? What will you do? 10.Give a brief message to the members of Youth
3.Supposed that you are a menmber of the Executive
Board and that you deeply feel that you already
established a mutual feeling with a member of the
organization. The problem is if you let the organization
know about it, there are members that will violently
react on this because it turns out that they are your
competitors to the heart of this member and you know
that this incident will eventually affect the machinery
and integrity of the organization. What will you do?

credits to:mengsoriano.jonamvalezaVer2.2007