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This book is dedicated to those who have spent hours
with me talking about strange things over coffee at the local café. Understand, this is what caffeine can do to you.


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” 7 . managed to catch the receiver before it hit the floor. On the other end of the line was the desperate whisper of an old friend. He heard the shuffling of feet down the hallway. It was reminiscent of those Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran in its symbols and structure.” “Parsons.” “What are you talking about?” Taylor responded. His right hand reached for his pistol. you were right. The phone rang. through the panic. His frozen body refused to move. everything you believed. It seemed to liquefy. when they laid it on the counter. “Taylor. he broke free of the fear and slowly scanned the silent room. “Taylor. Father Parsons. and straightened into a 2’ X 2’ square sheet of metallic foil right before my eyes. this scroll did not look like it came from a cave. It unfolded. He continued. In the center. knocking the base off the bed stand.” Parsons looked around. He somehow. maybe an imprint of some kind. Taylor’s eyes flew open wide even though they felt full of grit. it was an amazing artifact. The military has just delivered a box to the Vatican. He lunged toward it. It sounds like you might be in trouble. It had some type of symbols engraved around the borders. It didn’t even look like it was of Earth at all. I haven’t got much time. Listen. expanded.Prelude Startled. be careful. It is marked “AREA S1. After some coercion.” I watched as the observers as they wrenched it open and pulled out a small shiny crumpled up piece of metal. “Where are you?” “Listen Taylor. it had a laser-like scan of a scroll.

You were right. this silver scroll spoke of a half-alien humanoid. It even had a time and a place of the arrival.They both heard the sound of military boots coming down the hallway. 8 . He heard the rustling of footsteps. Taylor heard voices. “Parsons! Parsons!” All he could hear was Parsons gasping for his breath. “Parsons get out of there!” “Taylor. Taylor heard them yelling in the background. He fell to the floor.” In the background of the call. Someone picked up the phone. Taylor-there was an invas” Silence. who would lead us into a reign of world peace. as he struggled with his last words. There was a light repetitive thumping sound as the silencer sent the deadly bullets through Parsons back. Someone picked up on the other end of the phone. “I’m sending you some info. Taylor dropped the receiver and quickly gathered some of his things.

It was one of God’s newly created dominions. The impact of the hurling fire ball was so great off the coast of Mexico that it sent tidal waves rippling across the land. and it spread black ash. 9 . but own it. He was often observed descending to earth and looking at his reflection as it beamed off the massive ocean. now known as Satan. an august Archangel. was passing through the Universe. His Chief Archangel. Satan and the Watchers were imprisoned within the dark mass of the Universe. By the time Michael found him. the very place that led to his destruction. it sent black smoke into the heavens. he began to tire of serving God and dreamed of being the ruler of the Universe. 1 Col. repulsed by the sin. Michael was attacked by a host of rebellious angels-. the covering cherub of God. It was the central and most beautiful part of the Universe. As Lucifer guarded the planets.the fallen Watchers. Heaven deserved a Covering Cherub. And there she was frozen. and a magical. Lucifer. over it.They chose to reside on Venus. was adorned with the most beautiful garment prepared by God himself. Michael called on his captains to war against Satan and his Watchers. and God began to smell the stench seething into Heaven. musical genius. He began to imagine how he could not only take care of it. Then one day. They all watched in the distance as the earth breathed here final breath. God loved the Universe so much that He placed one of his top angels. Satan had already set an ambush against him. and Lucifer. As the war raged. darkened and dead. it convulsed. he marveled at their beauty. Lucifer. It was as majestic as the Universe he guarded. After all. He looked at the pregnant Earth teeming with Pre-historic life. God. At that time. He loved the colors that these stones of fire reflected. which covered Earth with darkness for a hundred years. Satan had forgotten that his glory was from God. I 13:13-26 It was morning in Heaven. turned away. Michael engulfed Satan in God’s holy fire and hurled him into the ocean of earth. His heart turned to pride. With his back to the Universe. God called on Michael. to take care of the problem.Frag.

and they went down to earth to investigate this new creature. he created a vessel of the third dimension and breathed His Spirit into it. “Just to make us jealous. He and the others. the darkness cleared with the current. and light caused the earth to once again bring forth life-. The Watchers observed God form a man and create him a that could love Him by choosing to honor him. a garden in Eden. and give him access to Heaven?” then as if answering to himself. In this prison. He decided to trap man in this Universe and destroy his heavenly connection. all different.The plants. From the mountain they could see that God was definitely doing something they didn’t understand. He even created a new creature to inhabit it-.” Satan hissed. They watched as His hand cracked the ice and began to warm it. Why would God trap his beautiful human here in this prison. she was used to him hanging around. God had commanded it. the chief angel. Eve approached the tree that she was not allowed to touch. remembered the glory they were missing. After coiling up in thought. One afternoon. speaking to her. He 10 . all new. even in the shadow of Lucifer’s lair. “What an amazing work. heard the voice of God rumble through the Universe. I’m sure. He once again proved His love for the universe. Through tears of mercy. All he had to do is make them do what he had done to fail—make him believe that he can be his own god. the animals.God could not let this happen very long before He decided to touch the earth once again. like always. Satan called to his captains. in amazement of God’s creativity. The captains of the watchers sat on the mountain of Jordan looking down over the Garden of Eden. Then suddenly enraged. Satan watched. he came up with a plan. Satan had wondered close by Eve daily. In this prison called the Universe. for a brief moment. This man could live in the heavenly realm while being alive in the physical one. All of the Watchers descended to see what He was doing. God was forming a creature that was going to live in it and experience freedom. Satan disguised himself and slithered in for a closer look. Shemihaza.

had never been unfriendly. “Soon she was holding it. who had just bitten into its prey. he convinced her to hold the fruit in her hand.” Satan sighed with relief. Caught up in the excitement. “Just touch it. Eve was frightened by his bravery. and ever so slowly. he leaned back in the branches. 11 . it’s beautiful. It hasn’t hurt me.” “She reached out and felt of the silky skin covering the forbidden fruit. but I do. “Ah yes. they both slowly suffocated into sin and death.” Patiently. she convinced Adam to enjoy this new consciousness with her. “See. and physical sensation. he watched her lose her life from the venomous bite. her immunity die. Her mind was engulfed with the beauty of earth. “Now they are mine.” She looked upon it. his evil laugh tarnished the Universe. surely God wouldn’t keep it from you.” Satan sat there in silence letting his poison slowly eat away at her like a Komodo Dragon. “What would God do?” she wondered. It was divine. Satan slowly squeezed the breath of life out of them. a goddess. He knows that it will make you like him. I want to see you be what you were meant to be. his work was done. He doesn’t think your ready. Eve turned to Adam filled with deception. As he constricted. Yet after some coercion. he watched her Spirit grow weak. just waiting for the germ infected saliva to do its work. newfound knowledge.” And with that. For a brief moment she discovered the power of choice. This time he was sitting in the forbidden tree. As they were infected by the deception.

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I was there. They probed my body. and now the counseling chamber had become routine. this doctor has counseled many people who feel the way you do—people like you. Cathedrals. I realize how traumatic it must be. “We have about 10 more minutes. she reached out and took the card. In his hand was a business card. She needed peace. You can trust him. I can’t do that. They took my baby!” “Now. It’s not imagination or false memories.” Jill just sat there quietly. This is our sixth month in counseling. you must understand. like you might think. calm down. I have an idea.” “Father.” “It’s ok.Before The Beginning Parsons spoke up.” Silence settled into the room. confession stands.” “What do you mean. He’s a doctor” “Oh no. It’s not a delusion. and frankly. I haven’t seen any change.” He moved from around the desk and sat in the chair next to her. I can’t tell anyone else. Finally. now. He’s an old friend. “Jill. Sitting across the desk from the Father didn’t bother her. “I want you to see this man. It is real. That’s why I want you to listen to me. ‘people like me’ father?” “This man has a group meeting every week for people who feel that they may have been abducted by aliens. They violated me. father. Father Parsons offered it. What happened to me is true. 13 .

Most fragments eventually settled in the Vatican and a wellknown museum in Israel. “It’s the Vatican. The diary was enjoyable to read because of its personality. the Father covered his phone with his hand. He had taken great pains to keep exclusive notes on some of the discoveries they had made during the digs.The phone rang. After he realized it was the Cardinal. The “proper” translating would rest in the hands of the Vatican. see you soon. Still by 1997. carried a lot of biblical information. He was serious. These scrolls. I’ll give him a call. It seemed that every discovery his father made was for the first time again. some of the scrolls he had discovered have not been released for public viewing—even though the Vatican formally announced that they have. The loss of his mother unleashed his decade-long locked up grief over his father’s death. Jill—“ She was already putting on her coat.” She looked into his eyes. for you. Qumran and some other findings at Masada—later part of the Dead Sea Scroll collection. but Taylor’s dad was also a good translator. He hadn’t realized how deep his passion had grown for him and his writings until he was lonely.” Taylor often calmed himself by reading out of his dad’s diary. Taylor’s father was known for his discoveries at Cave 4 and Cave 11 of Khirbet. Taylor 14 . “Ok. The Vatican had collected over a thousand of them by the 70’s. “Thanks Father. Some of the information in the diary was translated from the scrolls. the manuscripts of Qumran. I’ll see you next week?” “Not unless you promise me you’ll at least call him.” “Thanks Jill. but only from a few selected ones he had found.

” Taylor was just a child while his dad was in Israel.” He thought.” Certainly. She had brought him up in Catholic School. or better yet. “Perhaps I can do something with them some day. “If I could have just been there. It is believed that the people of Qumran were on some kind of mission to more properly interpret the Old Testament laws. Among them was a 15 . “If I could have just seen joy on his face like I see it in my mind as I read his words. “Could there be something there that would destroy Christianity as we know it? Are they hiding something that would make us look different at our own world religions?” His dad had hinted that the discoveries could reveal more about the Bible. Taylor remembered the box that had arrived after his father’s death was mostly filled with books. Taylor never had many questions about the Bible. His mother was devout Catholic. he felt as though there was a side of his father he wished he’d known—not just a religious man. but a passionate one. By reading the notes in the diary. During those years his father was on archeological digs for the University.” he thought. except for her marriage outside of the faith. His writings often alluded to the Bible and to other Hebrew literature. if his father wasn’t a religious man before Qumran.had some of these fragments of unreleased scroll translations in his care. he wondered about Qumran’s religious implications. something definitely happened in Qumran. Taylor viewed his father as a religious man. “Freelance it to a magazine. Most of the scrolls were Old Testament fragments and commentaries. Now at the age of 38. make money.

The deadline is two weeks and I haven’t even seen a proposal. “Bill collectors. Someone must have believed the things written there. 16 . but not that fresh. the new age magazine that Taylor was working for. Beep. the Book of Jubilees. I hope you have something. He never really understood why it was in his father’s library. Taylor picked up the Turkish Bible wondering if his father spoke that language too. Right there. Usually you already have the article to me. There were 21 messages. But he listened anyway. Walking to the bookshelf. “Taylor. and the Catholic Apocrypha. Editor of Inner-Lightening. and in his many books. He didn’t know if he wanted to put himself through it. an English translation of the Book of Enoch. We need something fresh. Taylor opened it up but could not even read the index. He now had them all on a bookshelf collecting dust and bringing back memories along with their many questions. Beep. On and on the messages went. but it was a book in this bible. Give me a call. which was a gift from Taylor’s mom. Beep. let me know what’s going on. He lightly smiled to himself and wondered about the interests that remained hidden in his father’s grave. He walked over to his answering machine.” he thought.Turkish Bible. Then he saw it. at the top of the index the title. “Wasn’t Enoch the name of the man who was translated into heaven without seeing death?” He didn’t remember a book by the name “Enoch” in the Bible. Beep. “Just another souvenir” he thought. The first was from Chancellor. I haven’t heard from you. “Enoch” was circled.” Beep.

still. not by the direction of someone else. “Could I build an interest in the secrecy surrounding the scroll discoveries?” He wondered. Reading his father’s journals was inspiring to Taylor. 13 and 14 was missing. He did have some fragments collected from Cave 4 and Cave 11 that could not be found in any library. and leaned back into his chair.Taylor had been writing for years. Taylor had been waiting to write something by inspiration. As if passing on the writing mantle. it somehow lost its creative magic. He could have continued his father’s work. He looked over at his bookshelf full of his dad’s collections. etc. 1 Col 1. no clue what he would write. He wondered if those Dead Sea Scrolls would be an interesting topic. His liberal audience would be interested in its strange social implications. Taylor had some how fallen through the cracks and landed in New York. but never legally separated. but he never felt he had the chance. His father was too involved with the scrolls through the 60’s. Seated in the recliner. 17 . his mind filled with ideas until his notebook slumped over into his lap and his pen fell to the floor. 2. narrow audience. Taylor looked over his calendar reminding himself that he hadn’t even started the article. Writing on demand had become the norm. Taylor figured it was the strong catholic background of his mother and the Orthodox traditions of his father that kept them legally tied together. It had all become so mundane to him. He was sure of it. Topic. but he had part of 12 and 15. His parents had drifted apart. Frag. Taylor took a sip of his Hazelnut coffee. His parents mutually made the decision to remain apart. his father’s journals revealed Taylor’s innate ability to paint pictures with words. His father chose to stay in the Middle East.000 words.

18 .

He finally managed to stand up. God showed Adam and Eve the curse they had brought on themselves. 19 . And in His love. made his first blood sacrifice to cloth them. who was perched on the cliff edge overlooking the Euphrates River. with a minor lack of concern. God lifted His fiery eyes to Satan and said. He kicked at the small rocks scattered about like some child having a tantrum and swore that he would get revenge. 1 Col. numbed his legs by a word and left him lying there helpless in a serpentine form. One day. He called and there was no answer. I 14:36-54 It was approaching evening and God came to walk with Adam in the cool of the day. and then He banished them from His garden to keep them from eternal damnation. and through the dusty storm looked at the distant Earth. In the meantime. then we can take everything for ourselves.Frag.” “Quiet!” Satan commanded. something that could be seen from the heavens and mark his territory. In their folly. “What we need is a bigger troop. “They’re no match for the power of angels. He fashioned it after himself as a reminder to all that he was the sole owner of the Universe. the fallen angels would come to earth and watch the activities of the man. Satan determined to build a statue of himself.” Then after a short silent stare at the sand. Lucifer laughed and came strolling over to interrupt. We could fornicate with the female humans and raise up a great army to fight against the angels of God.” “Idiot” another snarled. He took shelter in a small cave and rested throughout the windy night. “That is the way I will lay you before kings of this earth. He shook himself. When morning had come. “Be gone!” And without warning. one of them approached Satan. Satan found himself plastered against a red rocky river bed of a Martian crater. Now his face could be worshipped even on Mars.

The men consented. So they and their chiefs all took for themselves women. an honor to the one Satan had carved on Mars. more sorcery.It was in those days that mankind increased. and conjure up evil. giants were born. This was an evil time. The giants born unto them were fast growing. 20 . You know that God will utterly destroy us. defiled them and taught them sorcery. The women continued to give birth to giants. They began to cast spells. we will all take a human wife for ourselves. However. incantations and the casting of spells. They taught the women how to use the powers of this dimension. This was a time when the giants ruled the earth. of this Universe. Shemihazah said to them “I am not going alone. They grew to be very large men. This has always been one of his rules. tall. or I alone will be guilty of a great sin. strikingly attractive women were born to them. trading intelligence for the use of their women. These giants married the women in exchange for supernatural power. This unholy matrimony could yield no life. “Do not interfere with my created beings!’” They replied “We swear under oath that we will join you in this venture. This led to more fallen Watchers committing fornication. and more jealousy of the male humans. who were being used as servants to them. I don’t trust all of you to follow. They were responsible for the construction of pyramids and the great cherub also known as the Sphinx. From this unholy union. They made havoc of the earth. The men became their slaves. They devoured the food and became very selfish. The Watchers began to lust for them and said to each other: Let us go and pick out women from among them and have sons of our own. They were also very intelligent. many stood up to 16 ft. The evil Watchers taught them how to wield their power and allied with them to affect the natural things at their request.” So the angels descended from Mount Hermon down to Jordan. You must do the same. They bargained with the humans. and super intelligent.

genetically and morally pure. As for the giants. reminded him of Noah. His friend. but as He ascended back to Heaven. they would disintegrate at death. Yet. rain would fall. Satan angered God with his evil. He vowed to eradicate life from the earth. Their spirits were at the mercy of the mediums. and it would fall along with the rest of the human race. if killed.The giants would devour human flesh and would burn the remains until the bones were nothing but powder. on the day of Methuselah’s death. Enoch. God chose to spare him because he had kept his family from the evil and was an obedient servant. 21 . He looked back down to the earth and saw Noah.

22 .

I have to go.” The 23 . We’ve got to move on. We’ll continue this discussion later. By now Helen was frustrated with the passive approach to the group meetings. Bye.” “Helen. We are not ready. Everyone waited for someone to break the ice. I have found resolve by embracing their goals. Helen. No one wanted to really talk.” “It stands to reason. You mean the aliens? You believe this—even at the expense of the violations? You were abducted against your will. you have been through the same situation every woman that attends has been in.” “They. but there isn’t much time left. how can any of us move on until we understand why this has happened?” “Gotta go. I think that if we could focus on a plan in the meeting everyone would feel better. weren’t you?” “Yes.” “Move on! Move on! Doctor. For now. They only want to help us change our own future. But. Helen. “Hathaway. Why do you think ‘a plan’ is better than airing thoughts and building like relationships?” “Doctor. but it’s because we don’t understand.The Emergence room was quiet. They are trying to prepare us. I feel we just need to listen to each one share their thoughts and try to support one another in a more “down to earth” manner.

. my father. and it will be cleansed from the great corruption. There will be great anger and flood over the earth and there will be great devastation for a year. As they walked away. treating them like enemies? Why do I feel guilty. “I thought they finished beating on doors by nine” He watched them walk off in the distance. “Jared. he had translated a fragment from the Book of Giants.. He walked over to the coffee table and picked up the diary.) Now I know. The coldness pushed him even further into the recesses of his own mind for warmth and safety. But this boy born to you and his three sons will be saved when those there are above the earth die.they changed in order to go with women and sin with them. “If these artifacts hold a spiritual truth. He suddenly felt like a prisoner. “Am I such a sinner not to let them in? Am I wrong for ignoring them. they infringed the word of the Lord. they married some of them who gave birth to creatures not like the spirits but made of flesh. “Why dad.. In the margin. It was just a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses. one that had imprisoned himself. Taylor leaped out of his dream. then God had reason to destroy the world! (I always wondered why He would be so angry.they sinned and infringed.." 24 . Then will rest the earth. He peeked out the curtain and waited for them to leave. I’m not obligated to open up to them!” His thoughts betrayed his lonely pain. Taylor felt his own isolation. why did you stay away? Why didn’t you at least make it back home?” He opened it up to relieve his conviction.” Below it. was written.The doorbell rang.

They were now in the natural realm. but they were always there when he needed them. did you take my father without letting him say goodbye? Why do I feel so empty inside as if something was left undone?” Taylor pulled the curtain back and took one last look at the mercenaries walking up the street. With an open Bible. Taylor thought about how his friends had become Christians. For this reason he had not spent much time with them over the years. Well. He said that the fallen angels left their spiritual habitation. “Why God. 25 . Taylor shook the loneliness and after a while began to put his thoughts on paper. fallen angels. that proved to be false. herbs. One looked back at him. His mind turned to a couple of his friends. The fallen angels genetically mixed with the human race. also known as “Watchers” traded the use of incantations. He dropped the curtain. but he just hadn’t taken the time to get back to him. when the men desired to fornicate with the angels that visited their city. the Book of Enoch.This journal left him feeling that his dad was more of a Charismatic than a Jew. Quickly. he began to type notes for his own article: An Alien God-Special Edition Part I Evil ruled the world. and Revell had been leaving messages. Jude reminds us of how it was in those days. This evil union before the flood produced mutated humans— giants. and his knowledge of history. because his best friends remained Christians. Jude reiterates that Sodom and Gomorrah had committed the same type of evil thinking. and all sorts of magic for women. According to the Book of Enoch. He hadn’t heard from Parsons for a while. and how he thought it was just a fad. his mind turned back to the journal and his father.

and used as slaves. doing sorcery. even the fallen angels made things worse. reading the signs of the sun. This was the time before the flood. III states that the fallen angels were responsible for the following evil: They taught incantations. The Pyramid of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán are said to have been built by giants before the Aztecs came along. angels and giants ruled the earth. Giants could have been the ones to build the pyramids. We find it unbelievable. The Book of Enoch Col. The giants continued to increase in the earth. the Titans were a type of giant. This world is full of enormous ancient markers that can be seen from the sky. the undoing of magic.The giants dispersed. Some of these great symbols can be seen from Mars and the Moon. It was a world of giants using humans to fulfill their needs. cutting roots. Not just the giants though. Perhaps mythology holds some truth. reading signs of the earth. reading the signs of the moon. Below you’ll find the names of the chief Watchers listed in the Book of Enoch: Ramt’el Kokab’el Ra’ma’el Dani’el Sahari’el Youmi’el Zeq’el Asa’el Baraq’el Hermoni Tumi’el Martar’el Anan’el Sato’el Shamshi’el Turi’el 26 . dying of starvation. Yet we have a hard time understanding that long before us. using astrology. reading the signs of the shafts. using the sign of lightening. Men were vanishing. After all. Women were being abused. All of them revealed these secrets to their human wives.

Taylor was feeling a little confused about what he was reading and writing, even though it was, in his eyes, the making of a good story. He was discovering some uncanny correlations of scriptures to scrolls. The scrolls said that angels and men mingled. “What did that mean?” The night grew more interesting as he studied his dad’s bible and the scroll documents he had in his possession. The next morning, Taylor decided to connect with one of his long time friends, Father Parsons. They had become friends back in Catholic School. He now lived just a few streets away. They spent quite a bit of time together when the Father moved to his New York parish. Parsons was just a different kind of person, he was a priest. Eventually, their friendship grew more distant. They continued to share memories, but lately Parsons was spending time in Rome. The distance was now invading their friendship. Parsons, unlike Taylor, took Catholicism seriously; it was his dream to eventually live in Vatican City. He was almost there. While Parsons was everything from an altar boy to priest, Taylor had pursued a different lifestyle, going out with friends, sneaking away from the school, and even flirting with the sisters. Every once in a while, Taylor would think of Parsons and check in with him on email or occasionally drop in and visit for old-times sake. They had not seen each other much over the last year though. Taylor walked into the kitchen, where his computer was, and logged on. He emailed Parsons posing his questions about the interaction he had just read between angels and humans. He explained that he was doing a study on the paranormal and it had led him to mythological creatures of evil—fallen angels. To:


Now, you know I don’t believe in all of these fantasies, but just curious about what you would say about angels and their encounters with humans. When he finished his email, he pressed <enter>. A couple of days passed and “Somebody has mail!” appeared on the screen. In the return email, Parsons listed encounter after encounter in Catholic writings, and then went on with Celtic history. He must have already had a database of angel-human affairs. He categorized many creatures that Taylor always counted as mythological: the incubi, succubae, satyrs, sylphs, and other creatures of the past few centuries. They harass, abduct, and abuse humans in the stories. What captured Taylor’s attention the most was the last paragraph. “Sons of God” in the bible was incorrectly translated in Genesis 6. He said other places in the Old Testament it was translated “angels.” He mentioned the book of Job as another reference where angels were translated as “Sons of God” and suggested Taylor look into it.


Frag. 1 Col 2 9:20-29 The earth had not seen rain before the flood, instead it was watered by a vapor from the tropical earth atmosphere. The entire earth was like a rainforest. A flood was prophesied through Methuselah’s name. “Muth” is a Hebrew word for death. When he died the flood came. This can be calculated write out of the Bible. The flood devastated the earth. It killed every land animal. God spared Noah, his family, and all of the animals on the Ark.. The fallen angels fled from God’s fury. The giants drown in their own deceit. Their spirits were sent into desolation. They required embodiment, and struggled, lost without a host. The family that had been saved now had the task of replenishment. They were to replenish a changed world. The old world was gone. A new one of divided continents and changed behavior had come. As humanity dispersed, something unusual began to take place. The demons, famished from roaming the earth for a warm body to enter, found refuge in the life released from the Ark. Animal began to attack animal, animals began to attack humans, and humans began to attack each other. The earth had suffered the horrible curse of warfare. The day of emergence was coming. The world would never be as it was. Giants would soon again infest it.


30 .

“Pastor Revell!” “Taylor.” “I can do that. He stood to move closer to it. The Cardinal returned. my friend?” “Great.” “How strange.” 31 . Parson’s looked across the desk at the manila folder with “CONFIDENTIAL” stamped in read on the top right corner. Just wanted to touch base with you. The discussion was muffled.A Spiritual Awakening “Excuse me for a moment. something he seldom does. wondering if he could capture anymore detail about a secret scroll or a mysterious metal. Nowadays I am commanding the military and putting out fires in Vatican City. “Mysterious Metal. Father. It said.” “Let’s just meet at our usual spot. but it seemed to concern a secret scroll. My schedule is clear. He couldn’t help but see the one piece of paper that had slid out when it was tossed there.” the Cardinal said. Screening was the norm. how are you. “Important business. Parson’s eyes dropped to the floor. Taylor?” “How ‘bout we talk over dinner.” “What’s going on. “I used to think I was a minister in a church. I haven’t seen you for a while.” Taylor answered his phone.” Parson’s thought.” The Cardinal walked out the door pulling it to.

” 32 . She had come to know John as a faithful friend of the family. religion.” Pastor Revell was a little charismatic for Taylor. sir.” It was a small Italian restaurant that they both had grown familiar with over the last few years. Taylor treated John like his own brother.“Seven?” “Seven’s fine. and Parsons all ran together—a wicked mix. “Pastor. See ya there. “We must start as early as history itself” Taylor said. he and John Revell were childhood friends. I realize I’ve never been this interested in the bible before. They grew up as neighbors. At one time Taylor. she had not attended anywhere her last few years. Before the waiter could take their drink order. When his mother passed away. Revell. He had never seen him this interested in the Bible in all his life. Even though she was Catholic. Now they lived at opposite ends of the metropolis.” John interrupted. Taylor wanted to discuss with him the subject of these fallen angels and their demonization. “Could I have just a few more minutes?” “I’ll be back in a moment. John was amazed at Taylor’s interest in angels and sought opportunity to look into Taylor’s heart. “Could I take your order?” the waiter interrupted. Taylor had John do the funeral. and you probably think I am a little over the edge talking about demons and fallen angels…” “Before we go any further. “I would like to share something with you. The real reason for the meeting was because Taylor’s studies had put him in an uncomfortable place. Taylor had already taken the plunge into the real reason for the phone call and visit.

I believe this emptiness in you that can only be filled by God. don’t you think?” “You really think they’re out there?” “Yes.” Taylor sat there wondering how his friend could be so genuine about his belief in a relational God. I was praying for you when this happened. “I do believe in love. but I’m not sure if Jesus is the answer to my needs. the fallen angels know that you are interested in them.” “Taylor. “I do good things. There are a lot of choices for salvation you know. I’m not sure where this study will lead you. or look for the eternal bliss of Islam.” he replied. I’m just being hard to get along with. pastor. Frazzled out a bit—spooking myself lately. I guess. I’m not sure about the God part. I could be my own god.“Go ahead. He loves you more than you’ll ever know. Jesus loves you. but I’m concerned that if you don’t make sure that your life is right with God first.” “Taylor. Taylor’s mind shifted to his living room peering out the self-imposed prison window remembering the Jehovah’s witnesses as they walked away. The evil might overcome you.” The pastor looked into his eyes. I was praying the other night and I felt an evil presence in the room. I couldn’t understand why. that’s a good concern. Taylor’s heart began to pound.” Then he stopped himself. I could choose other religions. I’m concerned about your protection and your life.” he said. He remembered the one looking back at him. Don’t let him walk in the cool of the day without you. “I’m sorry pastor. God’s love—well. not one day. “Taylor.” “Where?” 33 . “And I have thought about my loneliness. I do.

” John read it clearly.” “What’s on your mind?” “Maybe demons and fallen angels—well. “Before you do. or is there more here than meets the eye.” He responded halfway convinced. Over Tiramisu. never mind. uh. His thoughts began a long journey back to the Old Testament and the Israelites. John couldn’t help but try.” “Giants? Really now. 34 . I need to go. they continued to discuss a more personal gospel.” Then he shifted his discussion. Taylor.” Somehow they managed to order and eat over a continued discussion of truth. It’s good to know where the enemy is waiting. Taylor looked up from the swirling cream he was pouring. never mind— we’ll talk later. Have they stood by and just been the Watchers. and I know your there for me.” Drawn aside by his thoughts. Taylor did quite well with the material the pastor presented. Did they continue to try to mix with man? The bible does mention the giants were born from them.“I wish I knew. Taylor watched as the white saucer landed in front of him. I want to mention something to you about this whole fallen angel. He wondered about these “fallen angels” as the waiter set the coffee cup on it and filled it up.” “I’m just thinking out loud. “I’ll be careful pastor. go ahead.” “No. but the conversation was short lived. You’ve got this ol’ pastor trying to figure out what the angels did after they were alienated by God. demon thing. “Well pastor. “Do you remember—um. buddy.

After the discussion. "Now the giants. He appreciated the Pastor’s hesitation to the answer and the honest thinking that he did out loud. fall.” he continued. he never listened in Catholic school. Taylor’s mind filled with questions about the history of the giants in the bible. which shall oppress. Taylor picked up a Dead Sea scroll from the kitchen table. After arriving home. because they were created from above. who are born on earth. both Taylor and John had a lot of questions to ask themselves about their own beliefs. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth. Are fallen angels and demons two different things? He had never heard such a thing in Catholic school or in church. and bruise those upon earth. and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. If they were the same then their characteristics would be the same." This puzzled Taylor. On his way home. and on earth shall be their habitation. shall be called upon earth evil spirits. The spirits of the giants shall be like clouds. from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. the Nephilim. “Could it be that God’s demands that the Jews be a separate race have something to do with protecting their genetic line? Could it be that the angels continued their mixing with the human race?” He remembered a section of Genesis that mentioned that giants existed after the flood also. corrupt. I’ve always considered the fallen angels the same as the demons. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh. Maybe the answer was there. “Well Taylor. He began reading out of the Book of Enoch. contend. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven. but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits. “I have to be 35 . The next day he contacted Pastor John and posed the question. who have been born of spirit and of flesh. Of course.

At least. They are more like disembodied spirits different from angels. There are biblical examples of them in animals as well. Do demons always reside in the souls of men?” “Not necessarily. “Let me look into it. and I’ll get back with you.” Taylor responded. not angels. their appearances and disappearance. in everlasting darkness.” “Doesn’t that make them different from fallen angels? Taylor asked. all have me all baffled. that is interesting. 36 . I was reading and wondering. and continued to document his journey. “Taylor. “the Book of Enoch says that the demons are the spirits of the giants. I wonder why? Why is there not much about fallen angels written in the New Testament?” “Well pastor.” There was a thoughtful pause in their conversation.” “That’s it!” Taylor leaped into a Revelation.” After talking with Pastor Revell.” “So have I. “It is fairly clear that demons reside in living creatures. and after reading Father Parsons’ e-mail. I have been thinking a lot about angels. uploaded his files. As I study about their imprisonment around us. and warnings of their appearances as angels of light. “My.” Revell said.honest in saying that since we talked the other night. Taylor sat down at his table. This time he studied more about the creation of the giants. “I’m glad someone understands it. that’s how I understand it. It’s as if they need a warm body. Now it’s making sense to me” Pastor responded.

.) There is a genetic reason for the giants born unto the alien-human union to only be men. even equal to them according to Luke 20. you will be much like angels. and are the children of God. it was 37 . Angels are capable of taking on the physical look and functions of Homo sapiens. They can appear very human. and accept Jesus as your final authority in life. In the pre-flood age. their own habitation”. There do not seem to be two sexes of angels. neither marry. “I’m not redeemed. someone remained righteous. Angels eat. Jesus died to make this possible. they will be changed in a more physical manner. Their bodies are just made of a different substance. realizing that he was not protected form the angelic evil. "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world. Christians teach that they will be much like them when resurrected. then one day. He shook himself out of the story for a moment.) Taylor hesitated for just a moment. The term in the Greek is the same used to say. Christians will leave their physical estate and move into a new habitation. then continued: As in every generation. According to the New Testament.. and speak. nor are given in marriage: Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels. This just isn’t biblical.An Alien God-Special Edition Part I (Cont. Don’t be fooled by all the pictures of the pretty female guardian angel. they appear male in the Bible.” he thought. It sounds like a Y chromosome problem to me.. a spiritual one. being the children of the resurrection. “The angels left their first estate. His heart panicked. and the resurrection from the dead." If you are “saved” which I understand means that you have ask God to forgive you of your sins. redemption (I suppose that’s another book altogether. touch. when the world first turned evil.

What happened to Enoch seems to be a changed estate. I Peter 3:19 says. it was evil. Enoch. who warned of the flood. because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony. Another scriptural indication that the Judgment of the fallen angels happened close to the flood can be found in the New Testament. Since the flood. There is no way that angels and humans mixed. there has been no scriptural sign of an alien-human genetic mix. eight souls were saved by water. wherein few. How they got here was probably just as diabolical. after all. at his death. “Do I really believe this could be true? Surely not. while the ark was a preparing. “By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison. He sat back stunned at what he had written. for God took him. could not convince God to spare the preflood world. I’m just tired. so surely 38 . Even though the earth was flooded and everything alive outside the ark was killed. that is.Noah. that he pleased God. The invasion had begun. and whose son’s life prophesied the flood. what am I thinking? I don’t even believe in angels." Enoch. However. Which sometime were disobedient. Peter says that Jesus. when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah.” Hebrews 11:5 says. had already been taken to Heaven without seeing death." The evil that had taken place was more than just sin. we were warned--Giants still existed after the flood. and was not found. there were giants after the flood. “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not. Genesis 5:24 states. who walked with God and was taken directly home with Him. ‘By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death. preached to spirits in prison.

I don’t believe in alien creatures nor genetic freaks of supernatural size and power. He saw something. He had a brief flashback of his youth. He remembered how he used to fear lights crossing the night sky. It wasn’t a helicopter or a plane. just a round glowing light quietly crossing at dusk.” he thought. 39 . “Could it really be? Are their really aliens or fallen angels out there? Are we being deceived?” He couldn’t seem to shake his thoughts. He got up and walked over to the window and stared into the starry night.

40 .

Perhaps I can do some other things later. but not to start some organization. doctor. or some new religion. Jill spoke up. early thirties. I’m sure we can find some other way to help you achieve your goals.” “However you want it.” She looked around the room at each of the victims—all women.” Helen responded. I want him to realize what you’re really 41 . all afraid.” He turned to Helen. I think I know what we need to do. I’m fine. all in their late twenties. why no.” Immediately all eyes landed on the doctor whose head was now wagging downward toward the floor. Helen. “No. I want to stay with this group. These are the things that Helen wants to do. “Go ahead.” He turned to the group. I just don’t feel like it is time or that this setting is the place to discuss alien philosophy. “We are here to share our thoughts and experiences.The Revelation “I would like to say something. help and protect my friend Taylor. “If you don’t want to be a part of this group. “Dear God.” Pastor Revell’s knees hit the wooden floor of his study. He is so intrigued by this study. but Doctor Hathaway doesn’t want me to share it with you.” Hathaway responded. Helen. of course not. “Is it true doctor? Is there something you don’t want us to know?” “No.

” He grabbed a Hebrew/Greek Concordance off the bookshelf for clarity. “Will You show wonders to the dead.” he thought. He opened it to the word dead. and show me the things of the Spirit. This is not about humans. he learned that the fool does not realize that the dead and her guests are in the depths of hell. “That’s odd. he rose up. lead me as I study. but about love. “They’re dead. They will not live eternally. the writer asks. and would not be remembered by God. shall they get up and praise You?” In Proverbs 2:21. He has an empty hole inside that only you can fill. and that if 42 . He suffers tremendously from the grief of the deaths of his mother and father. without opportunity of salvation?” Looking again he separated the thoughts. In Psalms 88. And God. reveal to me the hidden things. Help him find repentance and power in the Holy Ghost. They can’t live.about. This is strange indeed. They are physically dead and spiritually dead. and freedom. There he read a verse that says the dead will not live again. It said they were punished and destroyed. It appears that these spirits have been destroyed and then caused to forget who they were. He looked at the references. or demons. The Hebrew word was “raphaim”.” Without hesitation. Please give him divine direction. “They are dead” seemed to be a permanent death. “Who could be the ‘dead’ in this verse who had no opportunity of Eternal life. For these there was no salvation. Lead him to the cross of Calvary. He remembered seeing that word used in the bible other places. truth. not fallen angels. took his bible and opened it right to Isaiah 26:14.

we read that Hell is moved to meet those under Gods judgment. This sent cold chills down the Revell’s spine as he realized that there was more to Taylor’s study than a simple article. Look into it. They were writing directly to the already dead. Psalms. ‘Raphaim’ means “spirits of the dead”. This all led to one conclusion in the Pastor’s mind—dead in these scriptures uses the word “raphaim” or “spirits of the dead”. and Proverbs. He sat at his desk and continued to type his interpretations: 43 .we wonder from understanding that we will remain in the congregation of the dead. Taylor. Perhaps Taylor was on a quest for his own salvation. He immediately emailed Taylor a note: To: Subject: Spirits of the Dead I find that God is trying to tell me that the Old Testament writers were not just referring to dying humanity. the inhuman. for your information. and that it stirs up the dead. It’s all there in the Old Testament” After receiving the From:Revell@siw. It reminds me that the Giants had judgment coming. even the chiefs have been raised to thrones and are rulers of the earth. Taylor began to look in the Bible for information about these giants after the flood era. And again in Isaiah 14. Raphaim is the name of the last living giants on the earth. I have inserted the word to emphasize the following passages out of Isaiah.

it was already very late Rome time. until the day that Noe entered into the ark. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking. The Bible says that he was “perfect in all his generations”. They did eat.Special Edition Part I (Cont. they drank. and the flood came. they married wives.” We are warned here of the condition that the world will once again see. “Pronto”. or is this a reference to alien-human relations?) and given in marriage (could it really happen again by permission of our own governments?). so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Luke 17:26. “And (they) knew not until the flood came. We are told that people will be seeking pleasure.” “Un momento. they were given in marriage.m. “Pronto.An Alien God.” Matthew 24:37-38. so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. and destroyed them all. marrying and giving in marriage.. until the day that Noe entered into the ark. He was surprised to actually get through to his old friend. Parla Taylor. 44 . and took them all away. Matthew 24:39 says. He practiced his bad Italian. just like Sodom the world will once again be. Someone picked up. KJV “But as the days of Noe were.) So the flood came (Gen. the unaccented voice of Parsons answered.” Taylor picked up the receiver and called Parsons who was in Rome. so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 6) and Noah was spared. The accent threw Taylor off. He had forgotten that although he made the call at 4 p.” The voice responded. having a "good time". vorrei parlare a Parsons.27 KJV “And as it was in the days of Noe. even marrying (is that wrong.

” “Why would I be interested in that?” “If what you are thinking is true. Not only that. This article could change the world!” Parsons slowed him down. my theories about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible are coming together faster than I expected.” responded Parsons. don’t you think?” “How do you know this Hathaway guy?” Taylor asked. and how are things going with your project. Hathaway. “Yes. Tell him you are interested in abduction. but demons are disembodied spirits!” “I thought everyone knew that. “If the world would pay attention. then fallen angels are still trying to genetically mix with humans. I’d like for you to pick up the phone book and call Dr.” “Do that.“Parson’s!” Taylor exclaimed.” “Wait until you see this!” Taylor exclaimed. you don’t understand. but I have come across some interesting information and most of it from the Bible!” The Father responded laughing. He’s a long time friend and co-worker. “How are you. I’ll email you the facts. “I believe that angels and aliens are the same.” “No. I’d like to see what you’ve found. Sounds no crazier than what you’re telling me. And it sure would make for an interesting article. Sherlock?” Parsons replied. “You knew that demons were spirits of the giants?” “Spirits of giants?” Parsons asked. my friend. “Parsons. my friend?” “I’m fine. Taylor. alien abduction. “I’ve tried to get you to read it for years. 45 .” He continued. you’re not going to believe it. “But we live in a world that prefers mystery over the truth.

“Well. His eyes searched the stars. the Pleiades. 46 .” He felt a sudden silence come over his room. I do have friends other than writers and priests. In my many years of being a priest. She said they were aliens that were doing research using human genes. I had a “patient”.” By the way. Orion.” Taylor went back to the Bible and his study of the flood. “I’ve found something you might be interested in. sending chills down his spine. that thought she had lost her baby to the “Star People”. He felt like he was being watched. Then softly he whispered. continuing his search again for the answers to his questions concerning the flood.” The word seemed to hover in front of him and then began to coil around him. Just check into it. But something was wrong. “Evil. The cold draft sent him back inside where it was safe. or is it death. or so he thought. The Milky Way was full of lights. I’ll tell you about it in a few days. if you will. you know. “God if you’re really out there. He looked up at the clear sky. this is getting creepy.” he said. I hope you are protecting me. It seemed thick. Is life really out there. occasionally someone would be traumatized from past experiences. He tried to confront his fear by stepping out on the back porch into the warm breezy night. A chill ran up his spine.

“Oh God. He was very dizzy. but the shade was still down. Taylor could hear mumblings or deep low grunting sounds. down the hall to the living room.” 47 . He remembered seeing the T. He could see in front of himself. He glanced over at the clock. He went to his reading chair in the other room. where he suddenly sat up in bed. God don’t let it be true. His feet were barely following along.V. but was being carried on his back. His heart pounded. He felt himself being carried through the next room. Suddenly he had a feeling of being carried through the house. What is happening? Please. to the left and the bookshelf in front of him. He was exhausted. He looked over at his bedroom clock. He felt “lumpy things” unevenly distributed down his back that “held” him. and he was rushed backward to his room.m. He sat on the edge of the bed. 4:55 a. and right beside the chair he always reads in. He struggled in his mind but felt numb and couldn’t move. which said 2:45 a. He realized that shadows were moving at the doorway of his room. During the entire experience. Without warning or any awareness after the shadows. 1:43 a. He noted the curtain moving as if the window were open behind it. He was exhausted. He slumped forward onto his knees against the footstool.m. please help me. he remembered closing them both before he went to bed.m.Lost Time The last thing Taylor remembered was shutting off his computer and going to his bedroom. He looked over at the window and noticed the curtains were open. lying down and closing his eyes. he saw the clock. His numbness started wearing off his legs. taking off his shoes.

he drifted off. Hathaway. a preacher of righteousness. Enosh’s fear was that Lamech. Taylor made contact with Dr. II Peter 2:4 reminds us that God did not spare the angels that sinned. He lived about an hour away. to hide inside the very genetic map of man in order to be spared? I suppose there could be 48 . might have been born through being violated by a giant. He knew God sent Noah into this world completely human.He finally dosed off.) Even before the flood. He reviewed his audio on the way. but it was difficult because of the evil. but threw them in Hell and placed them in chains of darkness waiting for judgment. So what is Satan’s scheme? What is this fallen angel or what I call. the father of Noah. I need your help. Hathaway invited him to have dinner and discuss his findings. men tried to live holy. When he saw the child had a bright complexion just like that of an angel. God brought the flood on the ungodly. He had spent all morning and afternoon recording his study of the giants of post-flood Canaan. So Noah obeyed God while the alienhuman unions were birthing evil--giants on the earth. Taylor took his micro cassette player and headed down the road. alien agenda? Could it be a plan to hide from the punishment of imprisonment. “I really believe you’re out there. God. This is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Noah grew up a just and genetically pure man. He goes on to say that God did not spare the old world. but saved Noah. the eighth person.” The next day. He remembered the words of his pastor: “Jesus loves you.” “I believe”. An Alien God-Special Edition Part I (Cont. He walked with God.

and the scroll of Jubilees. So when Israel crossed into the Promised Land. and then the Phillistim. and the Emim. But what about now? What is he up to? The Bible says that the Nephilim was the first group of giants mentioned in Genesis. Pathrusim. Casluhim. as represented by creatures in the book of Revelation. and so we were in their sight.other reasons. It is then recorded. It was intimidating. The first on record was named Cush. Naphtuhim. As I read these books they leave me sleepless at night. Lehabim. “There we saw the Nephilim. The Children of Israel came across the giants in Canaan. Anamim. Yet God promised this land to His people. the Raphaim. The scroll of Giants. the cursed son of Noah. They were reminded of the evil. who come from the giants.” Numbers 13:33 The Anakims were descendants of Arba the giant. and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers. This was Canaan as the Children of Israel saw it: A paradise filled with giant creatures. in other forms. Next we have a term used after the flood called the ‘Gibborim’ these were mighty men. Taylor stopped the tape. The size was intimidating. but the oral and written traditions around the campfire reminded him of the same type creatures in the pre-flood era. the Zuzim. Caphtorim. But it definitely looks as though Satan was learning to create genetically mutated humans. it was a historical flashback of the flood days. nor their impact on the biblical text. Following and descending from these were other groups: Ludim. the sons of Anak. First giants appeared. These all seem to be descendants of Ham. one way or the other. He had never realized how many giants there really were in the Old Testament. His son was Nimrod. The city walls reached the heavens. He had studied so much that he had 49 . Then a second round of giants appeared after the flood. Then. As they read the scroll of Enoch.

and then to the kitchen. don’t be shy. only leaving him with many more questions. His wife listened intently and did not say a word. Hathaway was very attentive. and a genial smile. The implications of his discovery were staggering. blond headed man appeared in the doorway to greet him. a reverent look.” They went inside. She had long dark brown hair waving down her back. Then took him on an express tour of the mansion. bad wrong. “Make yourself at home. He shared with Taylor about the group sessions he was hosting. always refreshing. The Oaks lined each side for what seemed like a mile. colored tee shirt underneath.” She showed him to the washroom room. A peach cobbler was the dessert highlight. He had a beautiful southern wife. you know the one. The house was a mansion. She reached out with a stern handshake and a “howdy” that led Taylor’s mind from the anesthetic world back to a warm smile. University ring. supper is waiting. “I’m stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. He was wondering about his own safety and security. “Welcome. as he finally pushed away from the table. small gold chain necklace. and usually required after a few hours on the road. He had that psychologist appearance. Evil had penetrated the world. He found himself praying before he went to sleep at night. except for an occasional request to warm the coffee. Taylor was surprised 50 . He still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He wore his cardigan sweater. every night. there is plenty. They had a wonderful meal.even memorized their names and clans. They took him into the Living Room where they sat and talked for a couple of hours. His hand engulfed mine as he shook it. Taylor turned onto the long concrete driveway. all the mashed potatoes and roast beef He could eat. welcome to our home.” he said. A tall.

“Taylor. 51 . everyone has questions.” he took it off and handed it to him. no matter how bad it hurts. My job was to rebuild his confidence.that the doctor had so many patients that claimed that they had been abducted. he was sent to me. You see. knowing that it was—it had become personal. Some things are not as they appear. just the plain truth. but he feared what he might say next. His ability was all based on who or what he was willing to listen to. what about you. Then just like a counselor. he continued. and society just passively addresses it. Why are you so interested? What are you looking for?” Taylor sat there searching. Hathaway sat back. anyone?” his wife called out. I got this ring because every time one of the players lost favor with the crowd. He looked Taylor in the eye. and began. “This ring says I was college basketball team member. took a sip of his coffee. What is real and what is not is perceived.” “More coffee. I never played basketball. But. The media plays it like a hoax and yet people all around the world claim to have been abducted. Then Dr. “I believe that alien abduction is a phenomenon that has been swept under the rug. Christians write it off as fantasy. Taylor. everyone needs answers. The government ignores it. the team won. If something is going on. “See this ring. who is behind it? Who is responsible? What are we going to do about it? “Makes for a good article too” the doctor concluded. They give common descriptions in every language. I want to know the truth. so that he could go back out and score. “And you Taylor.” He continued. After he gathered his thoughts. “Do you think a player’s ability to play the game was in the voices of the crowds. of course not. When He listened to me. you must be willing to listen to the truth. So if you want answers.

He believed in angels.” She poured the coffee from the carafe into his fragile coffee cup. Then and only then can you embrace the unknown and uncover its secrets.“Yes. 52 . He read about the Anakims and Emims. After reading several passages of the Old Testament. His mind began to stretch into the depths of the cosmos.” Taylor responded. I’ll take some please. “Taylor. He had gone further than he wanted. Yet unlike many others. He looked up into night sky. sometimes you have to close your mind to the crowd and listen to the voice inside. Discover them for yourself. and aliens. demons. He felt like he was spiraling downward like the cream in the coffee cup. he believed. he saw demons as spirits of the giants that once ruled the earth. and he watched as the cream she poured marbled through the caramel colored coffee. He read in Genesis 14 and 15. and Deuteronomy 3 about the various Giants. and aliens as angels that had fallen from their heavenly estate. For the first time in his life. Now. His memories were working their way back together. When Taylor returned home. your own past. The steam swirled up. he picked up the Bible and continued where he had left off on the way to the doctor’s house. The Milky Way was clearer than ever outside of town. He felt as though he had just entered the “twilight zone”. Taylor didn’t remember much after that. and about the battles and possession of the Promise Land. and for all of us. Taylor felt more like a theologian than a journalist or a freelancer. he was being sucked into the Black Hole. This evil was somehow worse than the hell he had learned about in church. Why did his mind keep digging up a fear he had had since he was 13? Thoughts haunted Taylor as he walked out the front door that night.

According to the bible Esau and the Divine Hand of God killed them off. Gath. Now they were about to enter the Land of the Giants. and the cultures living around them were very organized militarily. and of course David was responsible for finishing him off. His descendants. The bible says that David and his men killed all the brothers of Goliath. Joshua apparently destroyed them. after His son. The Walls of the Cities were fortified and stood very high. God detested them. It appeared that the Fallen Angels had once again done their diabolical deeds to the human race. were mutants. their weapons were spears and iron chariots. The remnant of the Giants that had served under Og were called the Raphaim. Later.) God had separated his children form any genetic mix. Moses destroyed him. the last giant ruler.An Alien God. Mizraim. they are found in Nineveh and the surrounding area. The Bible records that giants were intelligent creatures before the flood. and Ashdod. There is also a hint to this same tendency after the flood in Canaan. the cursed son of Noah had occupied this territory. Ham. The remnant of Giants seemed to have collected under the leadership of Og. God intervened on behalf of the Children of Israel and killed the giants. He had three sons who controlled the Valley of Giants. Later Moses encountered the descendants of Arba in Hebron. They lived in Ashtaroth and Edrei. The only others mentioned later are those encountered among the Philistine Army. The children show up as clans of giants throughout a region of Canaan. Esau came in contact with some of these giants.Special Edition Part I (Cont. but their children were scattered into Gaza. 53 . The descendants of Arba were the Anakim.

Including Ashtaroth and Baalim.The influence of the giants may also be reflected in the City of Nineveh. There is one other part of the history of giants we should mention. They were wicked. Although there were no signs of giants later on. the city itself housed the largest library in the world. He sat there in amazement of the revelation. Their gods became prominent throughout Old Testament times. the forerunners of many gods we study in mythology. Their names translate into evil titles. Does it come as any surprise now that Nineveh had such a collection of intelligence? This is the last place the giants held their ground before finally being destroyed. He began putting together a database for future use: Giant Groups Locations Other Titles/Refere nces Given An ancient group None Giants None None None None None Children of Anak None Emims Horims Zeboiims Kanaims Zuzims Kanaims Raphaims Anakims Avims 54 Shaveh Kiriathaim Seir Ammon Ammon Ham Ham Ashteroth Og Unknown Zamzummims Ammon . The city was also threatened with destruction during the time of Jonah.

Father of Goliath Brother of Goliath Son of Giant in Goth 55 Unknown Goliath Goth or Gath Goth or Gath . the City Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown King of Zeboiim Goth or Gath None From Hebron Son of Arba Son of Arba Son of Arba Cursed Son of Ham Chlid of Mizraim Child of Mizraim Child of Mizraim Child of Mizraim Child of Mizraim Child of Mizraim Child of Casluhim Child of Mizraim None Giant in Goth.Caphtorims Arba Ahiman Sheshai Talmai Mizraim Ludim Anamim Lehabim Naphtuhim Pathrusim Casluhim Philistim Caphtorim Shember Unknown Unknown Arba.

Saph Lahmi Ishbibenob Goth or Gath Goth or Gath Goth or Gath Brother of Goliath Brother of Goliath Brother of Goliath. Reigned over Last Giant Leader Ashteroth and Edrei. 56 . 6 fingers. “Am I reading from a different Bible?” he wondered. Goth or Gath Probably Goliath’s brother Ishbi-benob He was surprised that he never remembered any of these in church. 6 toes Og King of Bashan.

He once again experimented with the human race. Perhaps they were given over to evil. There is no discussion in any historical writings about their location after the flood.) Most of the human race flourished in the Land of Canaan. and Canaan was off limits. Perhaps he traded knowledge for the abuse of women once again. He saw his notes coming together into a story the world needed to hear. “Was the world ready? Were Christians?” With the disappearance of the Book of Enoch from religious studies. Satan chose to begin his work there. Are the fallen angels behind the mass hysteria we now know as alien abduction? Most abductees claim that some kind of interest and research concerning reproduction is going on.The Prophecy An Alien God-Special Edition Part I (Cont. It seems that the fallen angels were working out of sight. But intelligent life is appealing to the human race. He is the “prince and power of the air” according to Jesus. The only hint we have is the curse on part of Noah’s family. Is Satan trying to make his own “son”? Satan had to come up with another plan. Doesn’t it? Taylor had been writing for hours. I suppose Satan could have actually discovered how to mix with the human race and continue the cycle through the generations in another way. and with a focus away from the Old Testament and an increased emphasis on the New Testament. it would be easier to write off alien-human half-breeds than to 57 . even mutated? Sounds like a repeat of Genesis 5. Giants weren’t frightening anymore. or serve as military men. This time it seemed involuntary. Entire cultures had huge deformed men who began to travel in clans. Could we be trading knowledge for our own people to be studied.

But what about the seed of Satan.” 58 . ”Maybe Christianity for a short time has forgotten what the Bible has to say about giants. even if negative from a Christian world who might study for themselves to find the truth about it all. as if planted there by someone from above and watered by the Spirit. isn’t this what Satan was doing planting a seed in the human race? In Genesis 3. along with myth. Was there more hidden in the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments? Was there something to make a Christian reader look at twice? Was there something that a New Age Magazine would embrace? Maybe this article would be a hit and draw attention. So. the internet. books. The first word was “seed”. Curiosity caused him to settle in for one of those weekends of nothing but ice tea.explain them. then perhaps there is more about his enemy hidden there. after all. God said that there would be enmity between the seed of the devil and the seed of Eve. If this Genesis prophecy is about him. Was her seed the Christ Child? Is this a prophecy of the Messiah way back in Genesis? Taylor was suddenly enlightened as if a spiritual closet light just had its string pulled. there Taylor sat with all the questions. religion. and possible answers one by one coursing through his mind. Taylor began by looking up every word he could think of relating to genetics in the bible. coffee. “Wow!’ he exclaimed. when does this happen? When does he plant a seed? Is the rest of the story in Genesis also?” he continued to hypothesize “Perhaps the prophecies of Jesus would be the best place to roll away the stone and unveil the truth. He realized this first prophecy of the bible was a prophecy given directly from God to the Serpent. “Never noticed that before.” He found himself glued to his studies. and of course. especially when confronted by an intelligent science minded society.

It also mentioned that this man has no interest in females. The word “Anti-Christ” would better be stated “PseudoChrist”.” Taylor thought He referred to the Scroll of Daniel section of his father’s diary. In it. This correlated with his understanding that giants were always male. Why did Daniel mention this? 59 . They were not creating. and this world would be destroyed. He prophesied of the coming seed of Satan called the Anti-Christ. the book of Daniel appeared in two languages. Daniel suggests that the human race is mixed with another. this demonic spirit in a man. which necessitated a continuous interaction between the fallen angels and humans. the last half was written in Hebrew. which means an imposter--a false Christ. “Thank goodness for dad. Now he is introduced with another aspect of this false Christ. In a vision. the Jews. The book of Daniel is so controversial.After a small sandwich and Bible in hand. they were manipulating. but because Daniel would have only written the prophecies to his own people. This creature would not have interest in women. his father explained how that even in the scroll. The word “mingled” caught his attention. They could not reproduce themselves. An Alien God-Special Edition Part II So where are these alien/angels? What are they up to? Jesus prophesied of a coming age when nature would be convulsing. This study was leading him to the Book of Daniel. mixing it with their own kind. stealing life and altering it. Taylor turned back to his typing. “Iron mixed with clay. Part of the book is written in Hebrew and part in Chaldean. So.” The outcome seems to be a man who worshipped an alien god. This puzzled Taylor. unknown race. The scholars explained this as “very significant” not just for the find.

“the Space Station!” he thought. 60 . he prayed as he glanced back up to the wide open sky. “yyouch!” Just as quickly as the coffee woke him up. He saw something unusual among the stars. Taylor’s thoughts found their way back to his childhood. ten o’clock. He felt like he was thirteen again.Taylor stumbled across the passage and look up from his recliner. By then the light was gone.” Then he spilled coffee on his hand. “Ten o’clock! It should have passing overhead two hours ago. out the window and into the darkness. He stepped onto the deck where a warm breeze breathed down his spine. In the back of his mind. He noticed a light moving slowly across the sky straight overhead. He looked down at his watch.

In a giant triangle on three sides of us. Then the one Parsons was signaling began to jiggle.Flashback “This is the coolest haunted house we’ve ever made. we’ll have to do this every year.” “Yeah. “It’s a star!” Someone yelled in disbelief. It was moving so fast. It’s too far away. and then another appeared. It wasn’t the star we thought it was. its—its moving. It was so fast that all I remember is that it was already over top of us. my right leg hit the corner of a rusty. I limped quickly out the back and there they stood staring at the sky. I ran through the dark with a flashlight.” I looked around and saw another “star” moving. “No. it was impossible. We all saw it. Then as quickly as we could think it approached us. The others joined us as we stared at this. “Hurry. metal army bunk we were going to rest the casket on. look!” Parsons screamed out. It came low over the trees. It was kind of scary being in the house alone. “UFO”. Taylor nervously claimed. I laughed. “There’s no way it’s going to get that signal. fluttering around. it seemed to be 61 .” Parsons responded as he stepped out the back door. “A helicopter can’t even do that”. I returned to front room working on the casket. a UFO!” There was no electricity in the house. it wasn’t a plane. stars were moving. We all did. and looking up at it. He started flashing his light on and off toward it. They all suddenly stopped and stood staring at us. This machine was silent. I hit the ground frightened. “Quick!” Taylor yelled.

62 . We all agreed however. We were all scared out of our wits. and with good reason. No one believed us. Taylor did not remember it coming that close. parents. Afterward I remember seeing it in the distance. It is as if someone had taken a small bone sample out of my shin. neither did any of the others that night. a star. and others claimed that it never flew near us. and yet there it hung in the sky for all to see. It never again moved. I told them that it flew over top of us and hovered. Parsons said it came close. that it could not have been a plane or helicopter. As for my bleeding wound from the bed rail. He turned off the lamp and went to sleep with the memories still lurking in every corner of his room. though. Pastor Revell closed his old journal and placed it back into the desk drawer.transparent. it had stopped. We called the police. Funny. but not over us. I know it was the right leg that I remember hitting on the bed. everyone. I have a notch in my left leg—an indented scar. It looked like a grid of black rails and lights in a square form over us. Even today.

She shook herself from a frightening memory and began to slowly whisper. Mister Taylor?” “Yes. we carry the child. You seem to be an intelligent woman that knows the phenomenon first hand. they send us back.” She spoke louder. “They took my baby. Taylor followed Helen out the door.” Dr. You also seemed to care about Jill and the others in there. Helen. with it all. they inject chemicals in our bodies. “Could I help you. This was her third visit. put her arm around her.k. The others tried to calm her. I mean. “It’s going to be alright honey” Jill shuddered at the gesture. “It’s all right. they abduct us. “We are all here to help each other. “I couldn’t stop them” she grew louder and louder. Hathaway responded.The Abductions Jill sat there with her hands crossed and closed off from the rest of the group. “You sure you don’t have anything to share?” Hathaway asked.” 63 . Helen again stepped in. “They took it. She had never spoken.” ”They took my baby.” “They act as though we should be o.” After the session. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this whole abduction matter. and then they steal it away from us and expect us to be happy when they take us back against our will and show us a mutant and call it our child.” Then with more awareness. sitting next to her. this time with fear in her voice.

I am not afraid of what others may think. They are who others know as our Space Brothers.” “Who is they?” I questioned. He stood there bewildered at her philosophy. we shall understand more about them. only because they do not know them. I am not like those who believe they were victims. bone marrow removed. I am one of those who will share my stories. 64 . but would we willingly go to be a part of such great project? Surely if we understood what we were doing for the human race. Perhaps they are our guardians. “How do you know so much about these beings? Have you ever been abducted?” “Abducted?” she repeated. Many call them aliens. If someone doesn’t teach you how to take care of Mother Earth and her children. “They are what the Hopi and Lakota know as the Star People.” I replied. “There are many things that happen in our lives that we find difficult to share with strangers. Before Taylor could say a thing. DNA or reproductive studies to be done if it could change the fate of humanity? Before you answer think about how important it might be to the human race. Think about your own fate as a human race. blood samples taken. Some call them the Nordic Type—tall people of light complexion. we wouldn’t mind volunteering. surely they mean no harm. and our own history. As they reveal to us the way of our future. “I will see you again. she sternly responded.” She opened her car door. will the human race learn on it’s own before it’s too late? If someone is watching over us.“Mister Taylor”.” She paused as if to hear another thought come to mind. for they were here much further back in history than we. she had driven off into the distance. do you believe you would volunteer to have some tests run. soon. “Mister Taylor. “I suppose we would view it as abduction. I believe they are trying to help us in our endeavors of a better world—a world of peace.” She said as she vanished into the black car.” “Miss Helen.

the more he wondered.) Satan began to influence mankind to believe that higher powers existed in nature and began to manifest these in the physical realm. The Greek and Roman Empires were birthing along with many gods. like always. she was at least interesting enough for the quest. in the strange turn of events. Taylor couldn’t help but think how different the truth was in her mind. he thought. “How incongruous”. attracted to her. He was. His fingers skillfully stroked the keypad: An Alien God-Special Edition Part II (Cont. The Fallen Angels continued to experiment with the genetic code from a distance.overtaken by her beauty. They were told that humans needed guidance and that they would retrain them in their ships. When Taylor got back to his house. Although he didn’t agree with all of her philosophy. women who have lost their own child through genetic manipulation against their will. They kept hidden away from humanity as if nothing was happening at all. They hoped that 65 . Her controlling attitude somehow challenged him. he. was tugged back to his computer by his writer’s mind. and enamored by her calm. and yet authoritative invitation to understand what was going on. peaceful. She was telling him that the most terrifying thing in the lives of these people was also the best thing that could ever happen to mankind. It seemed easier to start where he left off. or so they believe. Taylor wondered about Helen. Her perfume lingered in the air. and gods of higher forces. but mostly wanted to get to know her better. The more he thought about it. He began to influence religions based on the stars. Here she was trying to help abductees “experiencers” of an alien encounter.

The Prophets began to see what was going on. 66 . God would have to save their children too. Daniel warned of the genetic mixing. Isaiah told of the fall and warned of the giants being dead spirits with no mixing their seed with humans. and the coming seed. the Anti-Christ. but could not interpret the message they were receiving.

Dec. “Everlasting Father I pray to you in the name of Jesus. Interestingly. This commentary was written less than a generation after he walked among them in Judea. and I believe you are my salvation. I sure am missing America. He was a wonderful prophet. Taylor prayed. “How could they have missed Him. I see that it is about the fall of Lucifer. I want to be there too. The book of Enoch stated that the angels that fell had intermarried with the women and they had giants for children. I accept by faith that you are really out there. Jewish literature dating back to this time is not rare. and the words of Isaiah 63 and found himself on his knees. I have to wonder. God put on him. How could we have missed it. 1963 Today I was on a dig about a mile from the original site. He suffered for the sins of humanity. Upon translating. Sitting at the mouth of this cave. 5. but some of the stories sure are. What a curse. I was just reading an Isaiah scroll fragment yesterday about Israel once again flourishing. Can you 67 . Tired from all of the study. I know mom and dad are with you.” Most of all. he embraced his father’s journal. not too far from here. persuaded by all of the writing. and inspired by the enlightenment. How strange. Hope to be home with my newborn son soon. Please. He even saw “Yeshua Ha Mashiach”. Jesus the Messiah. There in his living room. Can you help me? Can you really take this dark cloud I feel hovering over me and break it up. This journey had taken him further than he wished to go. He finally gave in. I found a scroll of Isaiah much like the others dating back extensively. Israel has been flourishing as a nation now. A tear filled Taylor’s eye.

Not one word from God. why they would tell these lies to people. There was a preacher. not one thought. Regarding the TV. He felt that he had conquered the world. He had a sense of purpose.” Taylor knew prosperity came from purpose. humoring himself. But not always. He listened to the report. “Yikes!” he said. evangelist. 68 . Taylor listened.shine your love upon me? I’ve done a lot of bad things. He felt good for the first time in a very long time. Obviously most Christians are not prospering financially.V. Maybe it was the TV playing in the background that was feeding his eccentric ego. evangelist for such promises. “It may be possible. “Why do they have so much in common!” he said. Taylor chose to change the channel. discipline. Now he felt secure. That is what he now had. It was a Science Fiction Network. Before his prayer he was lost. He wondered why. he thought. There was a long silence. The show coming on the TV was an update on the Roswell Incident. Taylor felt good. stable-complete. so I’ll just say it like you were sitting here with me. Enveloped by a euphoric feeling. a T. and a future. telling him he would prosper financially. Remembering how much he hated T. if they were really saved. Would you come into my life and bring me eternal salvation? Would you forgive me of my sins?” Returning to his recliner. I don’t really know how to pray. His mind was like empty space.V.

They claimed an experimental weather balloon was what the military was cleaning up. eye witnesses of alien life forms and a saucer. what some Christians believe to be the sign of the last days. According to witnesses. the Commander of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell issued a press release stating that the wreckage of a crashed disk had been recovered. 1947. It is said that the wreckage was stored at Area 51. under high security. were all deemed top secret—in military eyes. Then a little later the first press release was changed to a new one that stated that the 509th Bomb Group had mistakenly reported the event. Even the media during the late 40’s called it a “military cover up. The military has ever since attempted to convince the news media that the object found near Roswell was nothing more than a weather balloon. there were a number of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings in the United States. It was a weather balloon. shiny metal that could be crinkled and it would just unfold into a flat surface. No one believes them. On July 8.” 69 . a top secret place the military now known to exist by the public around the turn of the millennium. during the time Israel was on the brink of becoming a nation.Roswell Incident In the summer of 1947. New Mexico. They were being called “flying saucers”. a secret worth killing for. not a saucer! That night the following announcement was aired: "The Army Air Forces here today announced a flying disk had been found" Yet a cover story was held to by the military. It was the beginning of July 1947 that one of these saucers crashed near Roswell.

Now the Internet and cell phones rule.” “50 years”.” He said before he turned off the micro-cassette. 70 . It was also in that year that the military began to use a primitive type computer. the time after Israel became a nation?” Taylor wondered. “Could it be that the Nephilim are back in a different disguise?” The bible prophesied that it would be the same as it was before the flood. A new age had come. Or was it? It was the year of the saucer crash in Roswell that seven manuscripts originating from Cave 1 passed into the hands of two antiquities dealers in Bethlehem. Antibiotics were released. The information age was being birthed out of an industrial age. It even says that Noah was pure. were they a coincidence?” It all became a sci-fi soup in Taylor’s head.“Of course this wasn’t the first time the west had a crashed saucer. All of this happened in the shadows of a nation being reborn—the prophetic Israel. This is same word was used when describing the genetic purity of sacrificial lambs in the Old Testament. The 50’s and 60’s outshined the earlier years. and aliens crashing in the US. God destroyed mankind that was learning evil from fallen angels. Genetic turmoil had taken place. the first record was in the late 1800’s. “Could it be that the Age of Aquarius prophesied by the New Agers to come in the late 1990’s really began with Jesus’ prediction of the last age. he thought as he saw 1947 flash across the screen. Could the fallen angels of old be behind the UFO phenomena? Well. “Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Qumran validating the Holy Bible. maybe but it will take more proof than just a few old scriptures. unblemished. “The story claims that there are graves for the short creatures that had died in the crash. Taylor began to think about the impact that last few years of the 40’s brought.” Taylor reminded himself. now thought to be one of the greatest catalysts of new viruses. What a coincidence.

He continued with his work: An Alien God. “If the Nephilim are coming back. Satan must have chosen another tactical approach. Now he would disguise himself as intelligent. then reading information on UFO’s should shed some light on this diabolical scheme. I was surprised at the vast amount of links on the subject. Obviously if scare tactics and intimidation didn’t work. He had become convinced that giants couldn’t have children from all the implications.Special Edition Part II I began to surf for the latest info on the UFO. then Satan’s plan would become more subtle. and humanlike. 71 . After they were all killed off. friendly. then how will they appear?” he wondered. He knew that if the UFO phenomenon was connected. Taylor typed in a scripture search highlighting key points: Hebrews 13 2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” II Corinthians 11 14 And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. “Would we dare recognize a fallen angel when we see him. they were always male both before and after the flood.He looked in his bible for the answers.

They are taken against their will. Channeling is a way the aliens often communicate. It would be another one of those nights where he gives his computer a tight hug and piece together the facts he finds over coffee and stale donuts. They seem to prefer a New Age worldview. Aliens seem to do two main things: abduct and Channel. Over 50. Is it really happening or is the world under a spell-Perhaps it could be both. move at high speeds.He was in for a long night. usually some type of experiment connected with reproduction is reported. and vanish suddenly. Another thing to notice is the behavior of aliens. and 72 . and telepathy use channeling. They seem to be able to do things that are outside the realm of physics and inside the realm of the spiritual. Most of the messages are apocalyptic in nature. succubae.000 abductions have been reported around the world. The individuals claim that the aliens speak through them or write through them as if they were possessed or hover over them in a conversation. satyrs. What a strange worldwide occurrence. Spiritualists. the more he learned about alien behavior. They give alternate explanations of coming earth changes. the occult. sylphs. It is basically the same as the incubi. The bible teaches these changes will come as a sign of the end of this age. The main issue or focus of these UFOs has to do with abduction. probed. These flying saucers seem to float free of our gravity. Could the 1000s of prophecies about our time reveal information about this phenomenon? The more he read. The aliens teach that we must get in harmony and in vibration with the earth so we can change with it. The most interesting item found was the “interdimensional behavior” of UFOs. often religious and anti-biblical.

Deuteronomy 13 says. and acted like another physical life form. They disguised themselves as gods. This approach caused much fear among humans and violence began between religions and cultures. dematerializing. They tell us they are our ancestors. Are they biblical? If these UFOs. To already know so much about us. the harass us. demons. then why haven’t they solved them? Why is their message so spiritual in nature? They tell us to get in spiritual harmony.other creatures of the past few centuries. and interbreed with humans in the stories. they program us. Taylor returned to his article notes: As mankind began to accept higher powers from the heavens. Are the Angels. demigods. changing form. but it is leading right into the prophecies of the Bible and that will plunge sinners into the pit. They seeded Venus. they tell us to become a peaceful people. Satan and his angels began to manifest themselves as higher beings. Mars. and then they lead us to a destiny which they are designing. controlling human events and actions. They abduct us. After getting tangled up for a while in the World Wide Web. Angels. We were planted here. they do experiments on us. 73 . manipulating and controlling the mind and defying laws of physics. and the Earth. They harass. are the Aliens or are they both-Alienated Angels? In this day Angels are looked at as sages. Now we have creatures calling themselves the Star People materializing. they sure are doing a lot of experiments. abduct. and humanoids. The Bible is very clear in this regard. and Aliens have the answers to our world problems. We were warned to stay away from this behavior. some books are being written about angels that are coming with messages. They spoke of this universe as their home.

just like he did before the flood—offer something in return. None of Satan’s previous plans worked.” Luke 17 states. Satan is sending his clone like a Christ. He thought about Satan’s tactics all through history.” He shut down the system. and increase trust. so in order to later bring a human puppet. They could be flying the craft. even fly one. “And as it was in the days of Noe. so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. imagine. whereof he spake unto thee. which thou hast not known. and giveth thee a sign or a wonder. God did not allow him to bring giants to the earth anymore. 74 . Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet. he would have to decrease fear in the human race. and let us serve them. by now there are adult mutants raising children. so he took to the air creating a craft that was able to enter our physical dimension so he could bring humans aboard. He could artificially inseminate them. An image of peace. or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you. God always put a stop to them. He could fool them. how the size of the giants intimidated God’s people. His plan in the past was not able to cause man to depend on him. found his way to the room and went out like a light. saying. he could take the children. and the thought of fallen angels victimizing humans. If this is true. his taking of women. do experiments on them. He grabbed a notepad and his hand began to write like being pushed on by some unseen force. He wrote.“If there arise among you a prophet. the fear. or a dreamer of dreams. Satan changed his plan. “If for a moment the mind could go there. Since the 70’s this has been reported. to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Let us go after other gods. or genetically altered creature into earth leadership. and interact with them as a higher intelligence. and he could genetically alter a generation that could live above the craft. And the sign or the wonder come to pass.

Who knows? Perhaps the new age alien. children of Satan themselves. Just imagine.walking on our planet. they could be among us. it can’t be.” He laid down his pen and pad and fell to his knees. the shiny suit. you know!” Taylor filled with a tremble as if his mind just fell over the edge of reality. please don’t let it be true. the big head. Please wake me up from this nightmare. a story teller! If you’re out there. the dark eyes. what do I do? Why am I the only one to see it all? I’m not a preacher or a saint. is a fallen angel. It can’t be. “Oh God. if it has happened. the slender body. I’m just a writer. Perhaps they are mutants. speak to me! I’m freaking out.” 75 . He rose up from his knees and walked away praying. “No God.

76 .

Someone is watching us. broken down. He crossed it to a door that was ajar. in so much that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Many times the facts are torn apart. Parson’s ducked down behind a bookshelf. He took a memory stick out of the drawer and downloaded the information. The Government has a sinister secret. 77 . Since the early 50’s several studies have shown that we have investigated and believed in alien life. “Many hours of surfing the web and checking in at the library only leads deeper and deeper into the dark truth about humanity itself. The labyrinth is full of bureaucracy.” A few dead ends and a few days later. he made his way to the computer. It was an invitation for dinner. changed the name. There are so many secrets that the very organizations that formed them don’t even know where the labyrinth leads to. but someone knows. Taylor hit the record button. When the Cardinal left. It was information taken from the “Mysterious Metal. Taylor came to one grand conclusion.” The phone rang. but they have always disbanded. The Cardinal put on his coat and hat and headed out. He peaked through and saw the Cardinal studying on a computer terminal.The Last Age Parson’s made his way quietly down the hall and into a library. or reorganized the study—many times moving them outside of the Government to operate and oversee the programs.

the FBI. perhaps wet your lips for more. and began making them appear in the light. but it has been hidden in the cost of a faucet knob. and from evil to environment. Taylor sent some of his thoughts for the article to Chancellor. right on the Television screen. I chose this segment to show you what I was writing about. There is a conspiracy going on.” (II Thessalonians 2) Surfing the Internet. and in a pain killer at the pharmacy. The lines are vague 78 . You know how I am. in a government facility. that they should believe a lie. I know its crazy. Satan’s face slowly turned from goblins to wizards. This article will be introduced as the plan of fallen angels to disguise themselves as aliens and take over the world. And for this cause “God shall send them strong delusion. the Senate.” The Alien God-Special Edition Part III In the last 3 Centuries. or the CIA.Someone is the end user. Studies in the paranormal have been part of our Government’s work since the 40’s. the difference in New Age Philosophy and Christianity. Chancellor. so he would quit leaving messages on the overflowing answering machine. He quit hiding his creatures in the shadows. and that someone is obviously bigger than the Congress. I realize now that UFOs and The New Age beliefs are locked hand in hand. “I have been involved with some unusual studies lately. but I guarantee controversy! So here is part 2. from witches to the popularity of Wicca (their religion).

and to the Christian. They believe mostly in the silver. They tell us that we are being directed by these entities. “all is God”.between those who believe in aliens and those who believe in peace and harmony in the universe. New Agers teach that Alien craft will abduct all those who cannot adapt to the changes on the earth. When in reality. thus destroying the one nation under God. It will continue and their influence will grow stronger as we move into a new time. blond. America. They all seem to believe that we are to be one with God and our fellowman. the messiah. the world will come together under the rule of one leader. the Anti-christ. that Christianity would have a infra-structure breakdown. On the other hand. Of course Christians appose this. technical-looking. Many New Agers believe in alien life forms. levitation. The agenda is to replace Christianity with a religion of universalism. The government has held to the belief that if Alien life was revealed to the world. Christians teach that we are being subliminally seduced and being controlled and conditioned. and they will be retrained to understand peace and harmony. 79 . reptile-looking. However. Both groups say that if we accept the god of forces as a power to bring peace. The occult is the way of the New Age to find the powers of this realm. These creatures are described as insect-looking. out-of-body experiences. big-eyed “grays” (greys) and the tall. and spiritism. including divination. Christconscience is the catch phrase. They believe in life forms such as angels. thin. Christianity is a barrier to this movement. and human-like creatures. to the New Age. Christians believe that an Anti-Christ will come in the form of a man. And they teach that all types of creatures will appear during the “Great Tribulation”. clairvoyance. Christians teach that they will be “raptured away” and come back to rule over the world! New Age believers say that we are being taught to move into a new dimension. Seems like the whole world is looking for the same future with a different ending. universalism is the way these New Agers must grow. They get in touch with God through occultism. human looking “Nordic type”(Nordics).

Mediums are conveying messages from Martians to entire churches throughout the world. A great time of cleansing is coming. except for Christians. and a higher state. but the Space Brothers would remove the Chosen and return them to Earth after the planet had once again been spiritually and materially reconstructed. and accepting Him into your life. automatic handwriting. (Strangely enough this axis tilt was discovered back in 2003) Such an adjustment would destroy earth in its physical sense. levitation. I have learned a lot about alien activity. There are prophetic words from the aliens. Star People of the Pleiades. The messages from all sources call for peace in the world. Contact from Venusians call for world peace. a new awareness. They believe the only peace that can be found is through asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins.Also in my studies. New Agers say that many of the enlightened people of the earth will be evacuated by UFOs and saved from the troubles to come. The Space Brothers. channeling. Man will attain a new consciousness. After this season of difficulty and changes on the earth plane. The intergalactic Federation wants us to prepare for their arrival. One of these is about the axis tilting. They encourage participation in astral projection. men will be guided with love. and clairvoyance. 80 . Wisdom is being channeled from extraterrestrials. On the flip side. and other Guides. Aliens teach cosmic awareness and transcendence to a higher spiritual plane. all call for intergalactic peace. a New Age consciousness will suffuse the planet. It will be difficult on humankind. Some have even learned alien languages and share alien technology in books you can buy in any major bookstore. They await the so-called “rapture”. Christians believe that the call for peace is a false security. In this New Aquarian Age. Some New Agers teach that our Space Brothers aboard UFOs are busy working on the religious scene. Spirit voices are speaking through people. “Rapture” is used to mean live on another planet as the time of cleansing unfolds on the Earth. wisdom and understanding.

Aliens are trying to preserve the earth. He decided not to mention the angel-alien connect too much. In the end. at least not yet. which will conduct itself on spiritual principles and permit all of its citizens to grow constructively in “love”. It all appears to be done in the name of love. Taylor read it over before sending the information. the spiritual dimension of abduction and “new consciousness” is that there is a profound sense of interconnectedness to other life in the Universe. ecological awareness and spiritual crisis. Some have a renewed interest in the deep causes of the times. 81 .This will lead to a single unified government.

82 .

Could it have been the Titans of mythology or giants of the Old Testament? Ancient Assyria has stories of Ashur. History proves different. most interviews with the average American reveal that they think UFOs are a thing of the last 100 years. It was believed by the descendents that complex human society and high technology was given to us from them. They say Great Pyramid of Giza. a winged god of war whose history was birthed in the shadow of Zoroaster in the sixth century. Flying humanoid gods that came to earth and interacted even interbred with mankind are extensively mentioned among ancient Egypt. Roman Historians described the flying disks as “fiery shields” and “phantom ships”. Greece. I have decided to share some UFO history for those who might need to catch up on it. This allowed for the creation of pyramids. Recent findings show it could have been built up to 12. Native Americans. Surprising to me. Mayas. 83 . we find that the Sumerians wrote stories about gods coming to earth. Incas.) Historic proof of alien encounters is not rare. As far back as we can go. known as Khafre. Horus flew on the winged disk of Ray before the Pharaohs reported circles of fire in the sky associated with a terrible stench. These gods often appeared on celestial disks or flying boats. exceeds the specifications of the tolerances allowed for the tiles of the Space Shuttle. and others.The Return of the Nephilim Taylor outlined the history of alien encounters as he searched the World Wide Web: An Alien God-Special Edition Part III (Cont. with no records that explain why it was built. Hindus.000 years ago.

channeling. In that meeting. They have had emissaries among us who have assisted in our own “spiritual development. pestilence. An extraterrestrial that birthed the native peoples will return with a new age of peace and harmony. New Zealand. While in the Middle East. stars flying. Christopher Columbus himself reports reappearing glimmering lights moving about. disks. It was the uniting of many Native people groups that lead the Native American hosted “Star Knowledge Conference” in 1996. In this meeting. shiny disks. The Hopi tribe shared about Crop Circles positively identifying them as hieroglyphs that they had been using for centuries.” Inca. 84 . and also the Native Americans reported other sightings. famine. lights. The New Age prophecies state that Star Peoples of seven different galaxies will return. Stories of Charlemagne report aerial ships. before there will be earth changes: earthquakes. Americas. and other tribes shared their common ancestry called “star people”. changing colors. it was revealed that secret tribal traditions spoke of visits from other worlds. Japan reported fireballs. The 13th century had sitings. drought. Europe and Asia sightings. Also other reports in medieval times speak of luminous cloudships. and strange visits from humanoid creatures. they shared stories of cloud ships. moon shaped objects. The stories of the Native people tell us that the Pleiades is the home of “Nordic type” people almost indistinguishable from modern man. Some shared traditions of ongoing contacts with extraterrestrial entities of the “Star Nations”. The contacts have been made by Para-psychological means: telepathy. flying chariots. The Lakota. floods.Luminous aerial objects “buzzed” the troops of Alexander the Great around 330 B.C. out-of-body and near-death experiences. and disks. flying arrows. The dark ages report luminous strangers. fires. monks in 1209 BC report a silvery disk flying overhead. Lapland.

He became the prince of the air by manifesting himself in the form of a higher intelligence. Other stories of these aliens mixing with humans include Egyptian legends. mankind began to see the manifestation of Beelzebub. built the city in one night. In history’s light. it seems that UFOs have been watchers since the beginning of our history. South American legends and Hindu legends. giants had built this city. From Alexander the Great on through time. Mayas of Central and South America have all claimed to have had contact with Star Beings from the Pleiades. Teotihuacán. The revelation and the preparation of the human race has begun. They are also believed to have descended from the clouds and to have had sired children with Incan women. has a legend that before the Aztecs. South Americans claim that men in Mexico taught them civilization. people 85 . city ruins of the Pre-Inca people. we are faced with the Natives of the Americas and Canada embracing their Star People heritage. world wide abduction cases. the constellation of the Pleiades. Teotihuacán. Now at the edge of the next millennium. which contains the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. It was manifested by key events: -Israel becoming a nation -The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls -The UFO crash in Roswell. Flying objects were reported as far back as in the 1800’s by Americans. NM. had city walls constructed from blocks of sixty tons reinforced by metal clamps.Aztecs. creating highways and living among them in very human ways. the name Christ assigned to Satan. Validated by history and prophesied by prophets a new age is unfolding. Their history states that mysterious white giants from Taurus.

as a whole agrees. and now the New Age philosophy of embracing alien assistance. working with our military around the world.believing the are meeting and flying with their creators. the government is hiding the truth. The U. The mind shift has been tremendous.S. the belief that aliens are living among us. and the majority wants to hear them say that alien technology has been among us for over half a century! 86 .

and other government agency employees with direct. it is said that one-third of Americans believe in extraterrestrials. foreign journals.The Final Assault An Alien God-Special Edition Part III (Cont. or the greatest truth that we’ve ever uncovered. 87 . just about anywhere you look in the night sky. and other publications. Since the outbreak in Mexico. a metal disk was videoed from different cities. professional articles. and many believe that they have seen one. first hand knowledge of UFO/ET(Extra Terrestrial) subject. It is either the greatest lie we’ve ever believed. In 1993. Most believe in UFOs. During a total eclipse. Israel. I have devoted much of this part of the article to recall some of the most notable events in current history. and periodicals on the subject. Arizona. After all. There are over ten thousand publications. government contractor. Just turn to the books. Mexico.) Now that you understand more about this historical delusion cast over the earth. the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has identified more than a hundred bona-fide military. There are even some that claim to have been abducted. intelligence. in Mexico City. motorist getting out of the cars and staring at the strange flying machines in the sky halted traffic on Avenida Reforma. Around the world people are being visited by strangers. Mexico City finds visits almost common since 1991. Mexico City is on alert with a radar detection system that warns Jets of the presence of OVNIs (Spanish for UFOs) to help citizens feel more protected. let’s turn to the present.

but mass reporting. There is irrefutable evidence that something is out there. There are people missing. On September 17. insect-like creatures. Ramat Aviv experienced traffic jams as drivers and passengers left their cars to view a UFO doing an air show. giant alien entities. burned out streetlamps. and abductions are only the surfacing information. crop circles. many are speaking in behalf or being used to speak for alien entities. that it has been deemed impossible to track the number of eyewitnesses on even a daily basis. there are people with missing time. Several have reported its presence even as far north as Mexico. hundreds of people witnessed and reported sightings as well as alien contacts with citizens. It should not come as a surprise to know that these encounters tend to be experienced within Israel’s boundaries given its spiritual significance.Israel has been another hotspot of strange encounters. There are hundreds claiming to have boarded their crafts. There are 88 . So many happen during some incidents. The question in our minds must not be: do they exist? The questions are: who are they? And what do they want? Electrical appliances burned up by the hundreds in Italy (2004) other burn marks at landing sites. We have now experienced not just isolated encounters. There is even a creature. 1996 in Tel Aviv. Over five thousand during one incident witnessed a UFO descending behind some buildings. During this encounter. cattle mutilations. the Chupacabra. or humanoid creatures? Is their life out there? Is it from this Universe or another dimension? Then there are those strange disappearances. both Iran and Australia both reported UFO sightings. Is it mass hysteria? Is it a delusion placed on mankind? Are there creatures that exist somewhere that match alien descriptions of frog-like creatures. said to look much like an insect and suck the blood out of animals that threatens Central America.

? An enormous Vshaped object with six leading and one trailing light appeared over Phoenix in the early evening. and the dramatically increased sightings of the 90’s. Now there are churches that follow Alien philosophy springing up around the globe. None were repeated and therefore disregarded as unidentifiable. Aside from the visitations. F16’s were scrambled. distorted look. These “space brothers” are directing our paths of peace into a one-world order. Government Officials have met behind closed doors at the U. Many pilots and traffic controllers saw it.S. but Luke Air Force Base claimed they were never dispatched.N.S.probes and robots that have vanished in route to Mars. and many other incidents including UFOs mysteriously appearing and vanishing before eye witnesses. 89 . our new millennium has been deemed the New Age by the world. Air Force escorting an alien craft to Nevada? There have been over 36 non-earth based origin signals received by Harvard’s Million-channel Extra Terrestrial Assay (META). Many have embraced the philosophy of an intergalactic spiritual federation that has come to teach us how to be awakened into a new dimension. Many of the leaders have written top selling books. It was reported to be about a mile long! Was the U. there has been conditioning. Astronauts have appeared as guest speakers concerning the UFO phenomenon. satellites of the moon. the Age of Aquarius. Hollywood began popularizing the Alien theme in the theaters. From this. Is it all a delusion or coincidence? What about here at home in the U. and in congressional hearings. The large craft was triangular with a transparent. About the time the Dead Sea Scrolls were validating biblical writings and Israel was beginning a New Era.

but take human beings against their will. This world will be found with a weak regard for tampering with creation. then they are liars! They promise peace. No matter how powerful they are. the lie they tell. freed us from war. We have idolized them. we can still stand for truth. At no other point in history have we been prepared like we are now. Society is demanding the Government to release the information it believes contains proof of alien contact. and why do they have to dissect us if they are our creators! I find it repulsive. But let me pose the question here. is this real? Is it a hoax? Are humans being manipulated. then why do we still suffer? Why have they not offered a cure to our diseases. Is science following the way of the aliens? Are we attempting to create a perfect creature to lead us to peace? What are we doing? The world is conditioned to accept the unusual Never before in our history has man accepted the unusual like we do today. The world is conditioned to embrace alien life form. Are you willing to embrace an intelligence that offers answers of peace. The 21st Century is at the point of welcoming alien life. Genetic mutation takes place more than we realize. Even today genetic research is becoming commonplace. Children find monsters entertaining. and spiritual life? Perhaps many of us are. This preparation for the reality of Revelations is upon us. We must draw the line somewhere. We have embraced mutated. ugly creatures-even feel sorry for them. not scary. Non-humanoid creatures are not uncomfortable for us. what about the integrity of truth? If they are out there and if they have the answers. dreams. are we being warned? Is the bible 90 . perform ghastly deeds and erase it from memory only to be brought back by time. You must ask yourself. health. or hypnosis.We are embracing this alien intelligence along with its attitude that tampering with life and genetic research are acceptable. If they are out there. However.

How are we going to refuse to be led into slavery by these creatures? Don’t go to sleep tonight. 91 . and the lies. the victimization. In my studies I found out that Christians are the one group that hardly ever reports being abducted!” Taylor hit the button sending the section of the article into cyberspace for Chancellor.verifying these events as prophetic? Is it all just a coincidence or planned? How can we put an end to the chaos. don’t close your eyes unless you’re absolutely sure that you are protected. I prayed last night for the first time in a long time. to read. “If he likes it. then perhaps I could even do a series.” This would also give him time for the needed research. don’t lay your head on your pillow.

92 .

put it in the envelope and dropped it in the mail. He locked up and got in the car with her. moral evil in the world. their discussion slowly turned to philosophy.” She said. As he walked out the door. that we should do it together.The Truth Exposed Father Parson’s pulled the memory stick from his pocket. nice light misty rain to share under the park lights. I think this is going to be the big one—a special edition.” “Yeah. “Coincidence?” he questioned. “I decided if I were to celebrate. “Sounds good to me.” Over cracking crab legs. The first one’s only been out one day and has already been met by raving reviews.” And with that they headed to the docks. “You call two months a while?” “Well. He fantasized. Taylor heard the horn honking and waved to Helen through the window. For three more days.” Taylor said. “How ‘bout seafood tonight.” “Yes. This man looked like someone that was standing at the corner when he left the office about an hour earlier. what a romantic outing nice cool evening breeze to cuddle in.” Taylor asked. he noticed that they were following him. It was five minutes till six. he noticed a man in a dark suit. “We’ve been seeing each other for a while now. moral good vs. three articles as segments back to back. Taylor’s 93 . you know what I mean.

She reached up and with one sweeping motion unpinned it and let the wind capture and toss it about. His urges were fighting their way through the sprinkles of rain. but he wanted to be with her. even though he caught himself second guessing the decision. 94 . Their lips brushed against each other. the breeze tugged at her thin dress. about life. he could hardly hide his attraction. He also knew this would be their last night together. But it was when they stepped out onto the sidewalk and under the street lamp that Taylor realized how beautiful Helen really was. As he leaned over to help her into the car. His testosterone tantalized. He couldn’t resist kissing her any longer. “Nice night” she said. Tonight was the night he would tell her goodbye. He knew that even now his feelings said everything was right. They could no longer see one another. and trying to get into the car. now he had come to a conclusion that she would not like. but his spirit disagreed. Still. it was all pulling at his emotions. He agreed. he fought off the temptations. Every ounce of his flesh was resisting what he felt in his spirit. Walking down the way. He had spent hours with her asking questions about these aliens. Her hair was teasing to come undone and blow in the wind. He had resolved to do it. Taylor could feel her breath on his neck. He didn’t know for sure where they were going. The light rain slowly penetrated her white blouse until Taylor could see her olive skin underneath. he couldn’t resist her. Her hair caressing her face. He had made his choice. He believes that they are demons. as her flirtatious glances grabbed his attention. He did not believe the way she did about things. her skirt flipping around. After a few minutes in the rain.romantic feelings for her returned.

slow down. He had been consumed with the excitement of aliens and angles. spiritual plane may have been enticing.” There was a time his desire to see this new world unfold as a peaceful. they talked about some of the people in the group. the rhythm of the drops against the windshield and the white dotted lines carried his thoughts away. Was he going crazy after all? He was preoccupied with her philosophy. She made sense. As she shared her philosophy. “So. “I feel like I’m being interrogated. Christians wouldn’t believe me anyway. you really believe in these creatures?” he asked. Now he was wondering. he realized again how differently they saw the world around them. Perhaps this whole bible thing is a little much. as always. and a Priest. “Have I really gone off the deep end? Was it stranger to believe that there is a higher intelligence out there trying to lead us all to peace?” The thought was uncomfortable. This led him to a Preacher. Somehow. But they are out there and maybe they really are our friends. “Hey. she turned the conversation back toward his true beliefs. During that time. his father’s diary. “Angels or aliens.Taylor went around to the other side of the car and jumped in. and didn’t want to. He thought about his own recent choices and changes of mind. He wondered about all of it. She saw things and knew things that he had never considered. He would 95 . Her answers were smart answers.” He explained to her that he was used to asking the questions. He attempted to turn the conversation around. He had started out innocently researching his own past. They were on the road for about twenty minutes. he continued to ask questions. the Bible. God seemed more reliable As they made their way through the rain.” he said. As the night progressed. who knows what or who they are.

the dreams. He tossed what ever appetizers. “Is everything o.? “No.k. The night is early. Then he silently prayed. the visits. “Stop the car. in an instant he was rolling over all the studies. It’s all wrong” he thought. pale. the bible. He felt her probing his brain. suffocating. 96 . It’s wrong. This was worse than sickness. and sweating. He looked toward the ground. She swerved to the curb and slammed the break.” “There is something sinister going on in this world. She looked right through him.” He said. “Too much food. Why did he feel it was evil?” he asked himself. main course. “The apple cobbler must have had a worm in it. I guess” he answered.” “Maybe it’s the demon inside.” He started getting sick.have been captured by her words.” He thought. the memories. “Well don’t quiet down too much. She was stretching out invisible tentacles and they were squeezing him to death. but why was it wrong. and desert would come up.” He threw open the door. but now he was not falling into the trap. “I think I’m gonna hurl. the Dead Sea scrolls. He could feel it. It splattered all over the door and then to the ground. “Everything she said sounded alluring. It looks right on the surface but it is seeping with the rotting scent of the dead. “Dear God.” In his mind. It was as if she entered his mind. “God reveal to me the truth. Stop it. break this spell! Deliver me from my enemy!” he called out. the notes.

why do you fight us? Why are you trying to destroy us?” “I don’t understand. not one of them. and she knew it. an alien?” “No. Taylor looked back past the hood and up to the sky. “There are more of us in this world than you could imagine. He turned and looked into her alluring eyes. He felt something powerful and bold stirring inside his spirit. he began to speak. Helen began to shift in her seat.” Then he suddenly realized. “Why do you refuse to hear the truth. He finally asked the question that had been burning into his mind for the last few minutes. It was the Milky Way clearer than he had ever seen before. clouds had now dissipated. It wasn’t the beauty that diluted him. They got out.Immediately. The claws of her mind lost their grip on him.” He responded. “Where are we going?” he asked. turning off on an unmarked gravel drive. “It’s a surprise. “Since when did you become us. She spoke.” She said as if she didn’t have a clue that he was torn up over the whole ordeal. They walked around meeting at the front of the car. a little off balance. With authority. There was a long half-cared for fence that ran along side the road. It was a cold wall of evil that pressed against him. Part of them. weighing against his mind. she was speaking of the demon inside. Then he felt the fierceness of God rising up inside of him resisting it.” She responded. or the aliens outside. “Are you one of them. She started back down the road. He stepped backward. 97 .” She stopped the car in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. The night was clear here.

But Taylor’s fears were overwhelming. “I-I can’t. Helen broke. “How do you know this place. “See that one. 98 . “Wait just a moment.” “It’s the most beautiful of them all”. I want to. she said. “Quit playing games. “Stay right here. right there?” She took his hand and pointed his finger in its direction. “Stay right there. “Yes. Don’t let them fool you. he felt like he was fighting a spiritual battle against evil. come with me” Staring into the dark sky.” She picked up her pace.” The two of them looked up at the starry night together...” he asked. There is no hope for me!” He grabbed her by the arm and to get her in back into the car. I-I am scared.I have something to show you something. that small bluish one. She said.” For the first time. “Be careful. “That was their home up there-. looking back at him. where you are going. Helen. The beauty was being replaced by a more dreadful thought. “Taylor. I see it. What are you doing?” He called out. It’s almost time. “Beautiful”. it could be dangerous!” he yelled.” She moved away. He felt like a charismatic Christian.somewhere.” She pointed to one of the stars. He spoke with an authority that he had never known. you can’t follow me” She moved more into the field. she led him off the gravel road.“You believe a lie. “Stay right there.

what is it?” he carelessly worked his way backward to the driver’s door of the car. and oval shaped. “Oh my God. Her eyes got huge. no—it can’t be. which had been left open.” He heard her voice in his mind. Taylor looked up to his left and there it was a light moving across the sky. Her face bubbled out until it formed a large forehead and a very small chin. He kept her in sight. why do you resist us?” “No. Her mouth shrank. “They’re coming for me.” She yelled out. She grew slender. Her nostrils were reduced to two small slits in the middle of her face.. It was hideously evil. He put it in reverse. He grabbed the door. Taylor was right. She was one of them. “In Jesus name. Her fingers stretched. as her arms and legs simply thinned out. He regained his composure and jumped in the car. “We are here. it vanished into the night. 99 . no. can you see it?” She yelled back.K. He slammed on the gas. He looked straight ahead to see that she was really gone. Then as quickly as it had appeared. He felt like he was about to pass out. growing larger by the second. It was coming in fast. Taylor turned to get into the car and everything went dark. Her beautiful olive skin turned shiny. black. almost disappearing. Taylor. no!” A light beam shined down on her and carried her up to the silvery disk that had become apparent overhead. look up there. ready to jump in. She was now one of the greys. even almost metallic under the moonlight.” He yelled out. “My God.“It’s O.

She claimed that a human that looked like a man. She spoke of health. It all sounded like the all too familiar work of Satan. it was only about 10. She claimed to have direction from intelligent beings. but they had to use her body to speak to him. The car spun halfway around as he stepped on the gas and headed out never to look back again! He looked down at the clock. 100 . He was almost fooled by the deception. Would she have taken me with her? He felt like he was in love. Helen said that they would gather in the sky and beam up Christians to retrain them for the future of the earth. but never shared them. Helen had spoken of peace. It was 3 a. Taylor has wondered what would have happened to him if he had believed her. but couldn’t provide it. but was clothed like an alien would lead all of us to peace and harmony. while dropping it into drive.m. She said they had cures for diseases. That was impossible.He cut the wheel sharply ninety degrees. but couldn’t make it happen. Since that night. That’s what she said.

We have been deceived. Help us to triumph over the evil. The signs are written in the heavens and on the earth. Taylor forwarded his complete article to Father Parsons and Pastor Revell for review. we should have seen it. He felt the awesome presence of God fill the room as he prayed a small prayer.. but abused as the human race and forced. The Book of Revelation is filled with creatures are just now beginning to arrive. Reveal to us the truth. Forgive us and help us walk in your ways. turned off his computer. closed his bible. as it were. brought under a delusion. concerning them I declare my oracle. He closed his books. They will split and fall and the peaks will melt and the high mountains will be flattened. and sat back in his chair. to assist in the diabolical scheme of forming an Anti-Christ. Judgment is coming and we have chosen to ignore the fact that we have been observed by those condemned by God.” 101 .. Yes. all the limits of the earth will split and they will be seized with shuddering and fear as the edges of the earth. saying: The Great Holy One will leave this dwelling and the eternal God will descend upon the earth and will walk to Mount Sinai and will appear with his great army and will rise in the strength of his might from the height of the heavens) All the Watchers will shake and will be punished in secret places in all the limits of the earth. The Book of Enoch states: “Now I speak about the chosen. “God have mercy on us all. not only observed.Signs of the Times An Alien God-Conclusion Looking back. we should have all seen it." Before turning in for the night. I should have seen it. Amen.

102 .

The Truth Unleashed Everything was cloudy. Taylor looked around him. It was a strange looking room, almost organic walls, brown, dark green, and felt very warm.
A soft female voice spoke to him, “Welcome Athielion.” Taylor turned to see one of the greys. She was his height, her arms and legs pencil thin, her head oblong with large dark eyes. “We’ve been waiting to show you something.” She continued. Taylor wanted to run but couldn’t. She swung out her left arm inviting him to look over to the side. A boy stood there looking at him. “Meet Canterin.” She said. The boy ran to Taylor and hugged his legs. Taylor didn’t know what to do. “Athielion, you don’t remember any of this?” “No.” Taylor said, “Why are you calling me that.” “That is your alien name.” “Alien name? What are you talking about? What’s happening here?” “Athielion, my earth name is Helen.” “Helen!” Taylor’s eyes searched for an opening, an exit.. He couldn’t figure out whether it was a dream or not. “Helen, or whoever you are. Where am I? What are we doing here?” “I thought I would show you who you really are.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I am not an alien. My name is not Athielion.” His eyes kept searching the room. “There is much more to discuss.” She continued. He realized that the boy was still holding on to him. “Who is this child?” Taylor asked. The boy looked up to him. His eyes somehow seemed familiar. “He is our son.” She said. Startled, Taylor awoke. His eyes scanned the room. He reached for his pistol. The phone rang. He lunged toward it, knocking the base off the bed stand. Through the panic, he somehow managed to catch the receiver before it hit the floor. On the other end of the line, he heard the desperate whisper of Father Parson’s voice. Telling him of a piece of metal he had seen. “This scroll did not look like it came from a cave nor did it even look like it was of Earth origin at all.” Parsons said. “This silver scroll spoke of a half-alien humanoid, who would lead us into a reign of world peace. It even had a time and a place of the arrival.” In the background, Taylor heard voices. There was a light repetitive thumping sound as the silencer sent the deadly bullets through Parsons back. Someone picked up the other end of the phone. Taylor dropped the receiver and quickly gathered some of his things. He made some quick phone calls down the street, but couldn’t get through to anyone. His friend Parson’s had been shot! Was he still alive? Could he find him? He staked out his apartment and then returned to grab up his things, thinking the only choice he had was to go to Rome. As he rushed through the kitchen, his eyes fixed on a yellow clasped envelope that had fallen off the stack of mail on the edge of the table.

He grabbed it up. It had no return address. For a brief moment his shock had sheltered him from Parsons dying words and fixed his mind on the task of finding hope in the memory stick he pulled out of the package. He plugged it into the USB slot. A picture opened. It was a plaque with a scripture taken from Daniel on it. “But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.” Dan. 11:38-39 The amount of time that it took to upload the Scripture Plaque let Taylor know that he was dealing with just more than a pic. Only one person ever sent him messages encoded in pictures, Father Parsons. He put in his decoder disk to work and watched the picture transmit the message. It was a document titled, “Frag. 1 Col. 1 & 2:” Taylor leaned back, took a deep breath and began reading it. It was morning in Heaven, and Lucifer, the covering cherub of God, was passing through the Universe… And with that, his evil laugh tarnished the Universe….


106 .

Someone is watching us. 107 . we know who. Now.

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