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Lesson Self- Assessment for ED 315 Lesson # 7 Name: Molly Rozga Lesson topic: Polygons Date: April 15,

2011 School/grade level/ number of students: Morgandale, 7th Grade, 30 Students Name of Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Andrea Payan Planning and preparation: Describe how your plan provided opportunities for active engagement. How did you provide for the needs of diverse learners? Did you adjust your plan in any way? Describe how and why if you did. This lesson was taught on the last day of school before spring break. I thought to keep the students engaged, I would do a lesson that gets them up and out of their seats. We started the lesson with a song. I was surprised at the reaction to the song. I was expecting to need to sell the song, but they were all about it. I even showed the video a second time, and they were singing along! Classroom environment: Evaluate the ways in which your encouraged student participation. How did you elicit student responses? How did you engage them in responding to you and each other? Evaluate your plan for individual, small group and/or whole class work. How effective were these different organizational techniques for keeping students involved in your lesson? I have noticed that if I stand at the front of the classroom and ask questions, I get very few responses. Because of that I specifically did not ask a lot of questions. I opted to really watch and observe how the groups were working. I was surprised to see which students took on the role of group leader, and how each group had such a different dynamic. After our discussion, I realized that I probably could have done 6 groups of 5 students to allow more students to be better connected to the lesson. I think it still worked pretty well. Instruction: Evaluate your choices of instructional strategies. Did they have the effect you intended? Were the needs of all learners met? What changes would you make if you repeated this lesson? Because this was a review lesson to get them thinking about geometry, I think I accomplished my goal. I think if I would have had smaller groups, I could have better identified which students were not learning as much. The students were having fun with math, and that is something I hope to emphasize throughout my career. Assessment: What assessment processes did you plan and how did they work? What did you learn from listening to student responses, examining their work or listening to

their interactions? How well did your assessment procedures inform you about student attainment of your lessons objectives? I thought about doing some informal assessment, and just making notes about which groups were successfully constructing the various polygons. In the excitement of the day, it didnt even occur to me that one of my goals was to practice informal assessment. I was able to make mental notes of which students were vocalizing a plan for construction. Professional responsibilities: What did you learn from your cooperating teachers feedback on this lesson? How will you apply it to future lessons? I didnt really think that my management technique was working, and my CT thought it was working really well, but I should give them additional time and sometimes further clarification of what I am expecting. I am really looking forward to future lessons to gain additional practice with management. I feel that I have learned so much about what kind of teacher I want to be in this field, and I have been testing my comfort with a variety of different things. Reflection: What did you learn about student learning and assessing from this lesson? How will it affect your planning for future teaching? Through this field I have really been working on finding engaging ways to start lessons. I think the students were engaged partially because of the song, and partially because of the style of lesson. I have learned that seventh graders are very social, and enjoy working collaboratively. I think I am learning that I really need to know the students that I am teaching so that I can be as effective as possible.