Pastor Appreciation Breakfast Saturday, October 22 - 7:30-8:45am Come early and join fellow Pastors on Saturday, October 22 to enjoy

:    The flavor of good food The blessing of fellowship with your peers The inspiration of the Word in music, drama, and spoken word Presenting at the Breakfast Include:
You will be inspired to hear the life-changing stories of Faith Travel by a leader in the industry with a passion for Isreal. Mark Dreistadt, Founder and President of Infinity Concepts, has personally led many first-time Holy Land tours for mega-church pastors. Mark, an ordained minister, knows how to bring new insights into the Word of God in the Land of the Bible.

You will rejoice with the music of Deborah Hightower, well known singer and speaker. Deborah has performed from the White House to women's retreats.

Mac McConnell, better known in small groups as the Apostle Paul or Simon Peter, will delight you with Biblically-based drama.

Come and allow others to be a blessing to you as we begin a day of learning, sharing and answering the question of "Where in the WORLD do you want to Travel and take your group?" Please complete the following registration form to confirm your participation. Thank you! Questions? Contact

Pastor Appreciation Breakfast Registration Form
Note: This complimentary registration will also give you access to the full One Day Conference and Two-Day Expo (valued at $75). For more details visit: Print Your Full Name: (As You Would Like It to Appear on a Name Badge): ________________________________________________________________________
Position/Area of Ministry: (Pastor, senior pastor, associate pastor, etc.): Church/Ministry Name:



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Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________

Please answer the following questions:
What is the size of your church membership? ___________

How many trips does your church plan each year? _____________ What Types of Travel Does Your Church Typically Organize? (Circle all that apply) Missions Other: Holyland Trips Fellowship Retreats

Please return this form to Melanie Flavin via e-mail or fax: or 203-878-2154
Become a member of our Faith Travel Community at and receive your free copy of the Religious Travel Planning Guide.

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