Modern European History Honors Section One September-October 2011 Mrs.


For Friday, 9 September Review summer reading For Monday, 12 September Timed essay on summer reading For Wednesday, 14 September Geography and History Palmer 1-8 The Crisis of the Later Middle Ages The Black Death, The One Hundred Years’ War Palmer 49-55 For Thursday, 15 September (long block) The Renaissance Palmer 56-65 For Friday, 16 September Continuation of the Renaissance Palmer 65-69 Handout, ‘Oration on the Dignity of Man,’ Pico della Mirandola For Monday, 19 September Renaissance Society Handout, 318-324 For Tuesday, 20 September Renaissance Art and Ideals Handout (continued), 324-334 For Wednesday, 21 September Machiavelli Handout, excerpts from The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. To give you a sense of just how closely you should read primary documents, and an idea of just how much you can extract from them, I will give you a set of questions that pertain to part of the readings. Read the sections first and see if you can answer the questions. Mark the text with observations, answers, and your own questions. Ask your companions at dinner what the word ‘machiavellian’ means to them.


28 September The New Monarchies Palmer 73-77 As you read about these ‘new monarchs. Know the context and circumstances of the key ‘actors. 27 September The Renaissance outside Italy Palmer 69-72 Handouts.For Thursday. Life of St. 30 September The Reformation Palmer 77-85 Handout. As we study the Reformation ask yourself Why? What? What was the significance for the commons. and the world? For Monday. Erasmus of Rotterdam and Thomas More For Wednesday. Europe. 6 October (long block) The Response of the Church The Catholic Reformation Palmer 91-98 Handout. Read the introduction to each passage carefully. 5 October Palmer 85-91 Handout. ‘The Machinery of Indulgences’ The Protestant Reformation was indeed an enormous religious. 26 September (long block) The End of Italian Hegemony The Fall of Constantinople Handout. and Friday. Ignatius Loyola Handout. Skim The Ninety-Five Theses and read pages 65-71 with care. What additional insights do you have into Luther? What additional insights did the peasants then have into Luther? For Wednesday. 23 September Paper on Machiavelli For Monday. Theresa of Avila 2 . Theresa. the elites. political. the Church. 22 September. John Calvin Continue to consider the causes. Which classes during this period benefitted most from order? What were the tensions and trade-offs in various countries? For Friday. 3 October Martin Luther Handout. consequences. 335-344 For Tuesday. Spiritual Exercises.’ For Thursday. and cultural upheaval. and implications of the Reformation.’ consider the ever-present issue of the balance between social order and individual liberty.

and The Thirty Years’ War 3 . 17 October Review For Tuesday. are there civilizations that have not been convulsed by wars of religion? Could you argue that the label ‘Wars of Religion’ is a misnomer? For Thursday. 7 October Parent Visiting Day The French Wars of Religion Palmer 130-135 Handout. 11 October Map assignment due The Revolt of the Netherlands Palmer 121-130 For Wednesday. Bartholomew’ For Tuesday. 12 October The Thirty Years’ War and the Disintegration of ‘Germany’ Palmer 135-141 Handout. The Reformation. Simplicissimus. ‘The Massacre of St. Here are some questions that will frame our study of the period: What was the role of religion in this war? What was the relationship between religion and politics? Can you make some generalizations that you could apply to the world today? Calling on your global knowledge of history.How did the Roman Catholic Church handle the challenges to its authority? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies and solutions it devised? For Friday. Hans Jacob Christopher von Grimmelshausen For Monday. 13 October The Thirty Years’ War continued Palmer 135-143 Handout. ‘Who Won the Thirty Years’ War?’ Peter H. ‘Cheat Sheet for The Thirty Years’ War’ Many historians consider The Thirty Years’ War to be the most catastrophic conflict in Europe before the twentieth century. Wilson Handout. 18 October (long block) Multiple-choice test on The Renaissance.