In 1844, U.S. Senate formed a treaty to get rid of Texas from the United States of America. The treaty had failed to set victory of the two-thirds of senators electing. The state of Texas finally joined the Union on the date of December 29, 1845. Texas became the 28th state from a joint resolution of both homes of Congress. The path of the resolution needed votes of a majority of members present inside each home. In 1685 French exploration began in Texas. A man named Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, landed at Matagorda Bay. He intended to start a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi. A rain storm on the Gulf of Mexico drove him to Texas. La Salle started a colony, Fort Saint Louis, inland, and made journeys westward to find gold and silver. He died in 1687 by a fight between him and one of his men. A soldier named Lieutenant Audie Murphy was the most decorated U.S. Soldier who was born in Kingston. The Alamo is a shallow, gray chapel of an old Spanish Mission, it served as a home to missionaries and there Indian converts for nearly 70 years. A famous war was fought there, Mission San Jose is thought of the most - good looking Texas Mission. It started in 1720, the church is one of the marvels of Spanish architecture in North America.

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On 1854.000.198.S. About four –fifths of people of Texas lived in Urban places. The U.Population The 1980 United States census told that Texas had 14. Texas owns 28 Metropolitans areas.655. when it gained independence on 1836. Schools and Colleges Texas owned only a little public school. Texas owns over 450 Public Libraries and Colleges. In all.Worth. Page 3 .574 people.227. The population had gained 27 percent over the 1970 figure. 11. Mexico had refused to start a nice public school systems with English speaking teachers. Houston and San Antonio. bureau of the census estimated that by 1985 the States populations reached about 16.370. Teachers conducted classes only in the language Spanish. About twofifths live in the Metropolitan areas of Dallas – Forth. Texas started a school system for the whole states. This was a major reason why American settlers objected to Mexican Law.

The Museum also own by the works of Frederic Remington. Texas on 1839 from the Republic of Texas. started in Austin. Page 4 . it includes Jewelries by ancient Greece and Spanish sculptures of the 1400’s.Libraries and Museum The Texas State Library. Also. it is the oldest Library collections at the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston. the famous American painter of the old west.

The coldest weather recorded was 23 degrees Fahrenheit below zero at Tulia on February 12.Weather Texas has an extreme weather across the state. Precipitation is about 27. Weather in Texas is very unpredictable. extreme heat. The extreme heat ever recorded in history of Texas was 120 degrees Fahrenheit at city of Seymour on August 12. 1936. ice cold and tornadoes are kind of weather that are experienced in Texas.21 inches. 1899. Page 5 . Hales.

Texas can raise cattle for less money than northern farmers. Drillers first found oil near Nacogdoches in Texas in 1866. The area is located above an underground region named as the Permian Basin. The state’s leading oilproducing is a belt that runs from Hockey County to Pecos County at West Texas. propylene. fertilizers. Texas leads the states in use of mineral production. Texas owns almost about 156. ethylene. Wholesales and retail trade makes the leading economy activity in Texas in terms of both the gross state product and employment. This represents the large in value of raw materials after they became finished goods. Most of the service industries art concentrated in the city areas. Beef cattle are Texas biggest source of farm income. when drillers brought in the famous East oil field at Kilgore Texas’ gross state goods. motor vehicles and petroleum products is important in the state. Texas produces about a fourth of the nation’s oil. grocery stores. The state’s farms and ranches cover about three fourths of Texas. As a result.000.000 more than any other states.000. Manufacturing make up for about 16 percent of the gross state product of Texas.00 every year. making about 50 percent of the annual total.Industries and Agricultures Service Industries make up for 67 percent of the gross state product of Texas. Large-scale production started with the opening of the Spindle field near Beaumont in 1901. This Permian Basin includes vast deposits of oil and gas. and sulfuric acid. about a fourth of the state’s workers. The wholesale trade of food products. Page 6 . and service stations. A lot of the nation’s biggest wholesales petroleum distributers are headquartered at Texas. These industries make up for 17 percent of the GSP and employs. Big areas of irrigate cropland are located in high plains region. Important chemical goods also include benzene. Major types of retail businesses include department stores. The best oil discovery in Texas happened in 1930. largely because of oil and gas. Chemicals are the leading kind of manufacturing goods in Texas in terms of value added from manufacture. Texas is one of the country’s leading manufacturing states. Products manufactured in the state own a value added from manufacture of approximately $56.

Texas had its first newspaper by Jose Alvarez de Toledo. Texas ranks number one in the nations in electric power production. Texas owns an annual fish catch valued about $180 millions. During the late 1800’s. Texas makes a lot more cotton than any other states. Eastern Texas owns many chickens and egg farms. Texas almanac which includes information about Texas. with the longhorns cattle they made the big herds of them. The state farmer also raised turkeys. crabs. Page 7 . started broadcasting at Dallas station in 1920. goats. oysters. red drum. who was a Mexican. Texas owns about 550 radio stations. The Dallas and Houston areas both own two major airport. A lot of famous trails crossed the wilderness of Texas in the early days. The states’ first radio station. Texas’ fish catch includes black drum. flounder.The state Texas leads the states in number of beef cattle. has been published since 1857. Texas own more sheep than any other state.Graceta de Texas in Nacoadochesin 1813. red snappers. Texas owns about 3. WRR. The central plains and Panhandle owns most of Texas’ hog farms. and sea trout. The first Texas railroad was built between Harrisburg and Houston in 1852 and 1853. ranches raised cattle that are called longhorns. and honey bees.000 miles of interstate highway system that crosses Texas. About two-thirds of the electric power generated at Texas comes from power plants that burn coal. horses.

Underground salt deposits happen at the Gulf Coastal Plains and at the western Texas.Natural Resources The great natural wealth of Texas includes big mineral deposits. especially petroleum and natural gas. In addition. Page 8 . Texas is one of the world’s best petroleum storehouses. the state owns fertile soil and rice grasslands.

Louisiana to the East. This is the most Historic river in North America.241 miles long. and Trinity. The Biggest River is Rio Grande. it measures 1. Bordering Rivers Texas rivers runs through southwards directions into Gulf of Mexico. State of Oklahoma to the North of Texas.Bordering States The States bordering Texas are New Mexico to the West of Texas. but the Canadian River drains into Arkansas River. Red. Page 9 . Arkansas is northeast. Other rivers are Brazos. and the Pecos river runs into Rio Grande River. Colorado. it also forms the boundary between the United States and Texas.

it measures about 87. Page 10 . The Total area is about 615. it the only major body of water bordered and nearly landlocked by North America. Other Mountains are Davis and Chicos Mountain. Major Ocean The Only Ocean next to Texas is the Gulf of Mexico.251 feet above sea level.Highest Mountain The Highest mountains of Texas rise in the basin and Range Region. The Biggest Mountain is the Guadalupe Peak.000 square miles.

Quick Facts Texas Motto: Friendship Tree: Pecan Tree Bird: Bluebird Population: 14. Texas Nickname: The Lone Star State Biggest City: Houston.227. Texas Page 11 .574 Highest Point: Guadalupe Peak Lowest Point: The Gulf of Mexico Origin of State’s Name: Tejas Fish: Guadalupe Bass Capital: Austin.

Page 12 . Then. although. it is also known for farmers and fishers producing State.Conclusion I learned so many interesting facts about Texas. Its population nearly triples is a decade. about three years ago. I think that Texas is very important part of United States of America because the resources it contributes and also many natural resources that it has. Texas is rich in natural resources as well. besides cotton. When I visited my cousin in Texas. the weather was so hot and sticky. all different climate can be experienced in Texas. I experienced rain with sun shining. But. The weather is very unpredictable. Also. Texas is the number one fuel producing State in America. in a matter of few hours.

Introduction I chose the State of Texas because my cousin used to live there. When I visited Texas few years back. natural resources and surrounding. I also want to learn more about the State. I thought that it would be all dessert and nothing around it. I was very curious what Texas is all about. Page 1 . I am very interested with the great stories he used to tell me about Texas. I want to learn about Texas’ history.


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