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Particulars of recipient of concessions, permits or authorization granted by aid:

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Name of the Programmes : Implementation of the Nagaland Coal Policy. Name and address of the beneficiary : N/A Type of Concession/Permits/Authorization/provided:Issue of Coal Prospecting License(CPL) and Coal Mining Lease(CML) to entrepreneurs/Pvt. Companies/PSU. Propose for which granted: For prospecting and extraction of coal. Eligibility: (i). for individual: Any Naga Indigenous inhabitant having sufficient experience in coal mining. (ii). For Pvt. Company (S): Any Pvt. Company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 with its main objectives for mining activities. (iii). PSU: Any PSU having its main objective for undertaking mining activites. Criteria for Eligibility: (i). For Individual:- Applicable for Only Naga indigenous inhabitants. (ii). For Pvt. Company:- Applicable for only those companies having sufficient experience in coal prospecting and mining activities. Company must be incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. Preferably the Company may have MOU or tied up with local people/landowner. 7. Pre-requisites: (I). For issue of Coal Prospecting License (CPL): (a). Prescribed application form in triplicate duly filled in. (b). Land Possession certificate/Lease Agreement/MOU with the land owner. (c). N.O.C. from Land owner and the concerned Village Council. (d). N.O.C. from local administration. (e). No due certificate from the concerned authority. (f). Affidavit:in the case of individual: that the applicant is not a holder of any CPL/ML before and that there is no due in his/her name (in the prescribed format). And in the case of Company: that the Company has file up to date IT returns and that there is no due in the name of the Company (in the prescribed format). (g). Location map extracted from the Toposheet preferably 1:50000 scale. (h). Indication of coal availability in the area in prescribed format duly signed by Geologist. (i). Prospecting Scheme prepared and duly signed by Mining Engineer or Asst. Mining Engineer. (j). Inspection Report from Mining Engineer or Asst. Mining Engineer (II) For issue of Mining Lease (ML):(i). Registration Certificate of Company Incorporation. (ii). Letter of MOU between the land owners and the company. (iii). N.O.C. from the landowners and the concerned village council. (iv). N.O.C. from the concerned Administrative stating that the land is free from encumbrances and it belongs to the Pvt. Party and is free from


Govt land/Forest land. Location map/surface map of the propose Mining area indicating some important surface features with area of lease and clear schedule of boundaries, distance from national Highways, State highways nearest villages, rivers, Police station, Post Office, Medical Centre etc. preferably 1:25000 scale. (vi). Mining Plan incorporating all necessary information as per Rule-3(iii) of the Nagaland Coal Mining Rules, 2006. (vii). Mines Closure Plan as per section 5(A) of the NCMR, 2006. (viii). Progressive mines closure plan as per section 5(B) of the NCMR, 2006. (ix). Project profile showing capital investment and mode of financing. (x). Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management Plan (EMP). (xi). Consent from the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). (v). 8. 9. Procedure to avail the benefits : Time limit for concession/Permit/Authorization 10. Application fee (where applicable) (i). For CPL Fees:- (a). Application fee (b). Prospecting License fee (c). Security deposit (ii). For CML fees (a). Application fee : (b). Mining Lease fee : (c). Security deposit : 11. Application Format (where Applicable): (i). CPL Application form : enclosed (ii). CML Application : 12. 13. 14. List of Attachment Format of Attachments List of beneficiaries : : : Not Applicable. : 1 (one) Year. : : : Rs. 2500/Rs. 5000/Rs. 10,000/Rs. 2500/Rs. 5000/Rs. 10000/:

Same as 7 above. Nil N/A