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Swedish conversation

regina harkin

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Recorded at Alchemy Studios, London Cast: Henrik Elmer, Jesper Konstantinov, Anna Miketinac, Maria Mysiak, Sarah Sherborne

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track listing conversation 1 part 1: an interview part 2: the interview continues 1 2

conversation 2
part 1: booking a room in a hotel part 2: checking in to a hotel

conversation 3
part 1: having a coffee part 2: having a meal

conversation 4
part 1: taking a taxi part 2: travelling on the metro conversation 5 part 1: going to the supermarket part 2: buying clothes


conversation 6
p a r t i : going to the funfair part 2: taking a boat trip to the archipelago conversation 7 part 1: going to the swimming pool part 2: a chat in the sauna



conversation 8
part 1: asking for directions to the pharmacy part 2: getting directions to a restaurant


conversation 9
part 1: going to a nightclub part 2: making plans to meet


conversation 10
part 1: being invited to a friend's house part 2: a dinner conversation


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Track listing
CD 1
track 1: introduction tracks 2-12: conversation 1 tracks 13-22: conversation 2 tracks 2 3 - 3 1 : conversation 3 tracks 32-40: conversation 4 tracks 41-49: conversation 5

CD 2
tracks 1-9: conversation 6 tracks 10-18: conversation 7 tracks 19-28: conversation 8 tracks 29-38: conversation 9 tracks 39-47: conversation 10

CD 3
track 1: introduction tracks 2 - 7 : conversation 1 tracks 8-12: conversation 2 tracks 13-17: conversation 3 tracks 18-22: conversation 4 tracks 23-27: conversation 5 tracks 28-32: conversation 6 tracks 33-37: conversation 7 tracks 38-42: conversation 8 tracks 43-46: conversation 9 tracks 4 7 - 5 1 : conversation 10 track 52: conclusion

Conversation 1
Part 1: A n interview
Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Hej! Hej! Jag heter Anders. Vad heter du? Jag heter Maria. Efternamn? Moberg. Vad jobbar du med? Jag r fotograf. Vad studerar du? Jag studerar engelska. Var bor du? I Stockholm.

Part 2: T h e interview continues

Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Vad heter du? Jag heter Anna Pettersson. Var kommer du ifrn? Jag kommer frn Uppsala men jag bor i Stockholm. Vad jobbar du med? Jag r busschauffr. Vad studerar du? Jag studerar svenska och engelska. Oj, vi r sena! Tack och hej d! Hej d!

Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria Anders Maria

Hello! Hello! My name is Anders. What's your name? My name is Maria. Your surname? Moberg. What do you do for a living? I'm a photographer. What do you study? I'm studying English. Where do you live? In Stockholm.

Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna

What's your name? My name is Anna Pettersson. Where do you come from? I come from Uppsala but I live in Stockholm. What do you do for a living? I'm a bus driver. What do you study? I study Swedish and English. Oh dear, we are late! Thanks and goodbye! Goodbye!

Conversation 2
Part 1: Booking a room in a hotel
Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Hotell Bellman, god morgon! God morgon! Har ni ett ledigt rum? Fr en person? Ja, fr en person. Till idag? Nej, till imorgon. Fr en natt? Nej, fr sex ntter. Ja, vi har ett rum ledigt. h, vad bra! Vad kostar det? Tusen kronor per natt.

Part 2: Checking in to a hotel

Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars God middag. Hej! Jag har bokat ett rum. Vad heter du? Lars Ekstrm. Frlt? Lars Ekstrm. Ett rum fr en person fr sex ntter? Ja, just det. Rum nummer nio. Varsgod, hr r nyckeln. Tack s mycket.

Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist

Hotell Bellman, good morning! Good morning! Do you have a vacant room? For one person? Yes, for one person. For today? No, for tomorrow. For one night? No, for six nights. Yes, we have a vacant room. Oh, that's great! How much is it? 1000 kronor per night

Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars Hotel receptionist Lars

Good afternoon. Hello! I have booked a room. What's your name? Lars Ekstrm. Pardon? Lars Ekstrm. One room for one person for six nights? Yes, that's right

Room number nine. Here you are, here's the Hotel receptionist key. Lars Thanks a lot

Conversation 3
Part 1: Having a coffee
Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Hej! Hej! En kaffe och en te, tack. Ngot annat? Ja, en ostsmrgs och en kanelbulle. Var det bra s? Ja, tack. Vad blir det? Sjuttiofem kronor, tack. Varsgod! Finns det mjlk och socker? Ja, det str p borden. Ingr ptr? Javisst!

Part 2: Having a meal

Waiter Lars Waiter Lars Walter Lars Hej och vlkomna! Hej! Vad vill ni ta? Tv "dagens rtt" tack! Och att dricka? En stor stark och vatten, tack.

(After the meal.) Lars Waiter Lars Waiter Fr jag betala? Javisst! Det blir hundrattio kronor. Varsgod! Tack! Hej d!

Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress Maria Waitress

Hello! Hello! A coffee and a tea, please. Anything else? Yes, a cheese sandwich and a cinnamon bun. Is that all? Yes, thanks. How much is that? Seventy-five kronor, please. Here you are! Is there milk and sugar? Yes, it's on the tables. Is a refill included? Yes, certainly!

Waiter Lars Waiter Lars Waiter Lars

Hi and welcome! Hi! What would you like to eat? Two 'chef's specials', please! And to drink? A large lager and water, please.

(After the meal.) Lars Waiter Lars Waiter Can I pay? Certainly! That will be 180 kronor. Here you are! Thanks! Bye!

Conversation 4
Part 1: Taking a taxi
Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Hej! Vart vill du ka? Hej! Kan du kra mig till Rsunda? Javisst! r det mycket trafik? Nej, inte s mycket. Vad bra! Matchen brjar om en halvtimme. Det hinner vi. Vilka spelar? AIK mot Djurgrden. Oj, d blir det mycket folk.

(Twenty-five minutes later.) Taxi driver Lars Det blir trhundratrettio kronor, tack. Hr, det r jmnt. Hej d!

Part 2: Travelling on the metro

Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Hej! Solna centrum, tack. Tjugoen kronor. Varsgod. Tack.Tunnelbanan r tyvrr frsenad. Jas? Ja, det r fotbollsmatch p Rsunda. Ja, jag ska dit ocks. Nr kommer tunnelbanan? Om en halvtimme. Nr brjar matchen? Klockan tta.

Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver Lars Taxi driver

Hello! Where do you want to go to? Hello! Can you drive me to Rsunda? Yes, of course! Is there a lot of traffic? No, not so much. That's good! The match starts in half an hour. We have enough time. Who are playing? AIK against Djurgrden. Gosh, then there will be a lot of people.

(Twenty-five minutes later.) Taxi driver Lars That will be 230 kronor, please. Here, keep the change. Bye!

Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders Girl in ticket booth Anders

Hello! Solna centrum, please. Twenty-one kronor. Here you are. Thanks. The train is delayed, unfortunately. Really? Yes, there's a football match at Rsunda. Yes, I'm going there too. When will the train come? In half an hour. When does the match start? At eight o'clock.

Conversation 5
Part 1: Going t o the supermarket
Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna Urskta, var finns tandkrm? Hr borta till hger. Och glass? Glass finns dr borta till vnster. Sljer ni saffran? Ja, det kan du kpa hr i kassan. Tack fr hjlpen!

(Ten minutes later.) Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Hittade du glassen? Ja. Var det allt? Kan jag f tv paket saffran? Javisst. Det blir hundratrettio kronor, tack.

Part 2: Buying clothes

Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Var finns barnklder? Hr borta. Vad letar du efter? Jag letar efter klder till en liten flicka. En rd kjol? Ja. Och en rd trja? Nej, inte den! En vit trja? Ja, den varfin.Var kan jag betala? Kassan r dr borta.

Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna

Excuse me, where's the toothpaste? Over here on the right And ice cream? Ice cream is over there on the left. Do you sell saffron? Yes, you can buy it here at the cash register. Thanks for your help!

(Ten minutes later.) Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Anna Shop assistant Did you find the ice cream? Yes. Is that all? Can I have two packets of saffron? Of course. That's 130 kronor, please.

Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant Lars Shop assistant

Where are the children's clothes? Over here. What are you looking for? I'm looking for clothes for a little girl. A red skirt? Yes. And a red top? No, not that one! A white top? Yes, that's nice. Where can I pay? The cash register is over there.

Conversation 6
Part 1: Going to the funfair
Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Kan du betala intrdet? Javisst! Var kper man kkuponger? Dr inne. Vi tar en glass frst! Jag bjuder. OK. Sedan ker vi berg- och dalbana. Nej, det vgar jag inte. Gr du inte? D ker vi radiobilar istllet. Ja, det gr vi. Det r roligare. Kom, s gr vi in! Nu ska vi ha roligt!

Part 2: Taking a boat trip to the archipelago

Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Vart ska vi ka? Jag vet inte. Vill du ka till Mja? Nej, det vill jag inte. Det r fr lngt. Har du varit i Vaxholm? Nej, det har jag inte. Det r fint dr. Det finns en bra restaurang dr ocks. OK, d ker vi dit. Var kper man biljetter? P bten. Jaha. Nr gr bten? Jag vet inte. Vi gr in hr och frgar.

Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria

Can you pay the entrance fee? Sure! Where do you buy tickets for the rides? In there. We'll have an ice cream first! My treat. OK. Then we'll go on the rollercoaster. No, I don't dare. Don't you? In that case, we'll go on the bumper cars instead. Yes, we will. It's more fun. Come on, let's go in! Now we're going to have some fun!

Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders

Where shall we go? I don't know. Do you want to go to Mja? No, I don't. It's too far. Have you been to Vaxholm? No, I haven't. It's nice there. There's a good restaurant there too. OK, then let's go there. Where do you buy tickets? On the boat. I see. When does the boat leave? I don't know. We'll go in here and ask.

Conversation 7
Part 1: Going to the swimming pool
Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Lars! Hej! Det r Anders. Ska vi g och simma? Ja, nr d? Vi kan trffas i simhallen klockan tre? OK. Vi ses d!

(An hour later.) Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Hej! Hej! Du, Anders ... Ja, vad r det? Jag har inga pengar, inga badbyxor och ingen handduk. Det gr inget. Jag ordnar det. Schysst! Hr r nyckeln till skpet. Nu gr vi in! Det ska bli sknt att simma!

Part 2: A chat in the sauna

Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars h, vad varmt och sknt! Hur varmt r det? Nittio grader. Det var lnge sedan jag badade bastu. Badar du inte bastu i London? Nej, det gr jag inte. Ska vi gra n't ikvll? Tja, vi kan g p bio eller ta en l? Vi gr och tar en l. Ska vi ringa Anna och Maria?

Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars

Lars! Hi! It's Anders. Shall we go for a swim? Yes, when? We can meet at the swimming pool at three o'clock? OK. We'll see each other then!

(An hour later.) Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Hello! Hi! Eh, Anders... Yeah, what's up? I have no money, no swimming togs and no towel. it doesn't matter. I'll take care of it. That's good of you! Here's the key to the locker. Let's go in! It'll be great to swim!

Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars Anders Lars

How nice and warm! How warm is it? Ninety degrees. I haven't had a sauna for a long time. Don't you have a sauna in London? No, I don't. Shall we do something tonight? Well, we can go to the pictures or have a beer? We'll go and have a beer. Shall we ring Anna and Maria?

Conversation 8
Part 1: Asking f o r directions t o the p h a r m a c y
Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Jag har s ont i huvudet! Jag Har du? Ja, jag behver en huvudvrkstablett. Var ligger apoteket? Ja, jag Det ligger ett apotek dr borta, men det r stngt. r det? Varfr det? Det r sndag. Javisst, ja! Finns det ngot apotek som r ppet? Ja, g rakt fram till korsningen. Ja, rakt fram till korsningen. Jaha. Och sen? Svng hger vid korsningen och g cirka trhundra meter. h, vad bra! Tack s mycket! s Det var s lite s.

Part 2: Getting directions t o a restaurant

Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna! Hej! Det r Maria. Hur r det? Hej Maria! Jo, det r bra. Vi ska g p pizzeria ikvll. Vill du flja med? Ja, grna. Vart ska ni g? Pizzeria Sicilien. Var ligger den? Ta tunnelbanan till Gamla Stan. Ja, och sen? G till vnster. Flj gatan rakt fram i cirka fyrahundra meter. OK. Svng hger vid korsningen. Vi trffas klockan tta! Bra! Vi ses d! Hej d! Hej d!

Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders

I have such a headache! Do you? (Have you?) Yes, I need a paracetamol. Where's the pharmacy? There's a pharmacy over there, but it's closed. Is it? Why is that? It's Sunday. Oh, yes! Is there any pharmacy that is open? Yes, go straight ahead to the junction. I see. And then? Turn right at the junction and walk about 200 metres. Oh, that's great. Thanks a lot! You're welcome.

Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria

Anna! Hello! It's Maria. How are you? Hello Maria! Oh, I'm alright. We're going to a pizzeria tonight Do you want to come along? Yes, I'd love to. Where are you going? The Sicily. Where is it? Take the metro to Gamla Stan. Yes, and then? Go to the left.Followthe street straight ahead for about 400 metres. OK. Turn right at the junction. We'll meet at eight o'clock! Good! See you then! Bye! Bye!

Conversation 9
Part 1: Going t o a nightclub
Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Vilken lng k! Ja, det r lning idag. Alla vill g ut. Har du varit hr frut? Ja, mnga gnger. Musiken r bra! Det ska bli kul att dansa. Vad kostar intrdet? ver hundra kronor, tror jag. Vad ar det fr ldersgrns? Tjugofem fr killar och tjugotre fr tjejer. Nr stnger de? Klockan tre.

Part 2: Making plans to meet

Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna r du ledig imorgon? Ja, det r jag. Ska vi trffas? Varfr inte? Vi kan ta en promenad? Ja, var d? Har du varit p Djurgrden? Nej, det har jag inte. Vi kan trffas vid T-Centralen klockan tv och ta bussen dit tillsammans. Ja, och sen kan vi g och fika.

Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria

What a long queue! Yes, it's payday today. Everybody wants to go out. Have you been here before? Yes, many times. The music is good! It's going to be fun to dance. How much is the entrance fee? Over a hundred kronor, I think. What's the age limit? Twenty-five for guys and twenty-three for girls. When do they close? At three o'clock.

Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna Anders Anna

Are you free tomorrow? Yes, I am. Shall we meet? Why not? We can go for a walk? Yes, whereabouts? Have you been on Djurgrden? No, I haven't. We can meet at T-Centralen at two o'clock and take the bus there together. Yes, and then we can go for a cup of coffee.

Conversation 10
Part 1: Being invited to a friend's house
Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Vill du komma p middag hemma hos mina frldrar imorgon? Ja, grna. r det ngot speciellt? Jag fyller r. Anders och Anna kommer ocks! Vad trevligt! Vi kanske grillar om det r fint vder. Jag tror det blir soligt imorgon. Jag hoppas det. Vilken tid ska jag komma? Vid fyra-tiden. Var bor dina frldrar? De bor i Vllingby, Anders har adressen. Vad bra! D ker jag med honom.

Part 2: A dinner conversation

Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Hej! Grattis p fdelsedagen! h, tack. Vilka fina blommor! Vilket varmt och soligt vder! Jaa. Vad vill du ha att dricka? En kall l, tack. Varsgod. Skl! Skl och grattis!

(A few hours later.) Maria Lars Maria Lars Vill du ha ngot mer att ta? Nej tack, det r bra. Det var vldigt gott! Nu r det kaffe och trta. Oj! Jag r s mtt!

Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars

Would you like to come for dinner at my parents' house tomorrow? Yes, I'd love to. Is it something special? It's my birthday. Anders and Anna will come too! How nice! We might have a barbecue if the weather is nice. I think it will be sunny tomorrow. I hope so. At what time shall I come? Around four o'clock. Where do your parents live? They live in Vllingby. Anders has the address. Great! Then I'll come with him.

Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars Maria Lars

Hi! Happy birthday! Oh, thanks. What beautiful flowers! What warm and sunny weather! Oh, yes. What would you like to drink? A cold beer, please. Here you are. Cheers! Cheers! And congratulations!

(A few hours later.) Maria Lars Maria Lars Do you want anything more to eat? No, thanks, I'm fine. It was very good! Now it's coffee and cake. Oh dear! I'm so full!

Listening skills: survival phrases

(Note: j , dj, gj, hj and Ij are all pronounced as 'y' in 'yellow'.) are you Swedish? can you explain ...? can you write it down? r du svensk? kan du frklara ...? kan du skriva ner det?

could you open the door, please? kan du ppna drren, r du snll? do you have a map? do you speak English? do you understand? do you want help? excuse me gentlemen Happy Easter Happy New Year have a nice weekend help how much is it? hurry up! I don't know I don't speak Swedish I don't understand I have a problem I'm not sure I'm sorry, pardon is it far? is it free (not paying)? is it free (unoccupied)? is it right/wrong? is it true? har du en karta? talar du engelska? frstr du? vill du ha hjlp? urskta (mig) herrar Glad Psk Gott Nytt r trevlig helg hjlp vad kostar det? skynda dig! [dejj] jag vet inte jag talar inte svenska jag frstr inte jag har ett problem jag r inte sker frlt r det lngt? r det gratis? r det ledigt? r det rtt/fel? r det sant?

it's occupied ladies listen! look! Merry Christmas one moment one more time please quickly sale see you later sorry thank you very much toilet too late what a shame what can I do for you?

det r upptaget damer lyssna! titta! God Jul ett gonblick en gng till r du snll fort rea(lisation) vi ses tyvrr tack s mycket toalett fr sent det var synd vad kan jag hjlpa till med?

Swedish-English glossary
Vocabulary: en-words indicated with '-en' or '-n' after the word, for example 'adress, -en', means that 'an address' is 'en adress' and 'the address' is 'adressen'. ett-words indicated with '-et' or '-t' after the word, for example 'namn, -et' means that 'a name' is 'ett namn' and 'the name' is 'namnet'. All verbs in the wordlist are in the present tense, for example 'I talk' or 'she talks'. Most Swedish verbs end with an V in the present tense. Pronunciation: use of bold indicates that the letter should be pronounced with a long sound. For example: adress should be pronounced with a very long's' sound: adresssssssss. The vowel before this long 's' and the long 's' itself make up the stressed syllable, in this case the second syllable, 'ess'. Example of long vowel sound: badar should be pronounced with a very long 'a' sound [baaaaaaaaaadar]. This 'a' and the following consonant ('d') make up the stressed syllable, in this case the first syllable, 'bad-'. Unusual pronunciations are indicated by square brackets. adj [ajj] goodbye adress, -en address allt all, everything badar: ~ bastu bathe; have a sauna badbyxor swimming togs bakom behind barn, -et child behver need berg- och dalbana, -n rollercoaster betalar: fr jag betala? pay; can I pay? biljett, -en ticket bio: g p ~ cinema; go to the cinema bjuder: jag ~ my treat blir: det ~ hundrattio kronor is/becomes; that's 180 kronor blomma, -n flower bl, -tt blue blser: det ~ wind; it's windy bokar: jag har bokat ett rum book; I've booked a room bord, -et table borta: hr ~; dr ~ away; over here; over there bowlar go bowling bra good, well bredvid beside, next to bror (brodern) brother (the brother) bulle, -n bun buss,-en bus busschauffr, -en bus driver bt, -en boat centrum, -et centre cigarrett, -en cigarette dagens today's dagens rtt chef's special dansar dance dit there dotter, -n daughter dricker: att dricka drink; to drink d in that case, then dr there eftermiddag, -en afternoon efternamn, -et surname engelska English familj, -en family fika, -t: g och ~ have tea or coffee; go for a coffee

fikarast, -en coffee break fin, -t nice finns det...? is/are there...? flicka, -n girl fotograf, -en photographer framfr in front of frukost, -en breakfast fljer - med follow; come along fr: ~ lngt to, for,too;toofar frlt pardon, I'm sorry frmiddag, -en before noon frsenad delayed frst first, at first frut before frlder, -n: mina frldrar parent; my parents Gamla Stan Old Town gata, -n street glas, -et glass glass, -en ice cream god dag good morning, good afternoon, hello god kvll good evening god middag good afternoon god morgon good morning god natt good night god, gott tasty grad, -en: nittio ~ degree; ninety degrees grattis congratulations grattis p fdelsedagen [flsedan] happy birthday grillar have a barbecue grn, -t green gul, -t yellow gr go (on foot), walk grna: jag skulle ~ gladly, I'd love to gr: det | inget do/does; it doesn't matter hail hello (on the phone) handduk, -en towel har have, has hej d goodbye, bye

hej hello hem till Anna to Anna's house hemma: ~ hos Anna at home; in Anna's house heter: jag ~ ... my name is ... hinner have time to hit here hittar find hoppas: jag ~ det hope; I hope so hotell, -et hotel hur r det? how are you? huvudvrkstablett, -en paracetamol hr here hger: till ~ right; to/on the right i in idag today igr yesterday ikvll tonight i morgon tomorrow in, inne in ingen, inget, inga no, any ingr is included inte not intrde, -t entrance fee istllet instead ja yes jaha I see jas really?, is that true? javisst certainly jo well, yes jobbar: vad ~ du med? work; what do you do for a living? just det that's right jmnt: det r ~ even; keep the change kaffe, -t coffee kall, -t cold kanelbulle, -n cinnamon bun kassa, -n: i kassan cash register; at the cash register kille, -en guy kjol, -en skirt

klocka, -n clock, time klder: barn~ clothes; children's clothes kommer come konditori, -et tea shop korsning, -en crossing kostar; vad ~ det? cost; how much Is it? krona, -n crown, krona kul fun kvinna, -n woman k, -n queue kper buy kr: kan du kra mig till ...? drive; can you drive me to ...? ledig, -t, -a free, unoccupied letar: ~ efter search; look for lite: det var s ~ s little; you're welcome liten, litet little, small lunch, -en lunch ln, -en (lning) wages (payday) mamma, -n mum, mother man, -nen man match, -en match med with men but middag, -en dinner mjlk, -en milk mobil, -en mobile phone mot: AIK ~ Djurgrden against; AIK against Djurgrden musik, -en music mycket: ~ folk; ~ trafik much; a lot of people; much traffic mnga: - gnger many; many times mtt: jag r ~ full; I'm full natt, -en night nej no nu now nummer number nyckel, -n key ngon, ngot, ngra some

ngot annat? anything else? nr when, at what time och [, ck] and ocks also, too oj! oh, oh dear om if ont: har - i huvudet/magen/foten pain; have a headache/ stomachache/sore foot ordnar take care of ostsmrgs, -en cheese sandwich paket, -et packet pappa, -n dad, father pengar money per natt per night person, -en person pizzeria, -n pizzeria pojke, -n boy polis, -en policeman pratar talk, chat promenad, -en: ta en ~ walk; go for a walk p on ptr, -en refill radiobil, -en bumper car rakt fram straight ahead regnar: det ~ rain; it's raining restaurang, -en restaurant ringer ring, phone rolig, -t fun rum, -met room rtt, -en course rd, rtt red saffran, -et saffron schysst good, kind sedan after that, then sen: vi r ~a late; we're late ses: vi ~ see (each other); see you Sicilien Sicily simhall, -en swimming pool (building) simmar: g och simma swim; go for a swim

ska will, shall skinksmrgs, -en ham sandwich skl cheers skp, -et locker skn, -t nice, comfortable snar: det ~ snow; it's snowing socker sugar solig, -t sunny son, -en son spelar: ~ fotboll play football stannar stop Stockholm Stockholm stor: en - stark big/large; a big glass of strong beer studerar study str: det ~ p borden stand; it's on the tables stngd, stngt closed stnger close svart black svenska Swedish svnger turn syster, -n sister sljer sell tack s mycket thanks a lot tack thank you talar talk tandkrm, -en toothpaste tar take te, -t tea till to tillsammans together timme, -n hour tja well, yes tjej, -en girl tror think, believe trffas meet (each other) trja, -n top, sweater tunnelbana, -n metro tusen thousand tycker think (opinion) tyvrr unfortunately trta, -n cake tanker think, contemplate

under under, beneath urskta excuse me vad: ~ heter du?; ~ blir det? ~ r det? what; what's your name?; how much is that? what's the matter? var. ~ bor du? where; where do you live? varfr why varifrn, var... ifrn: var kommer du ifrn? from where; where do you come from? varit: har du ~ been; have you been varm, -t warm varsgod, -a here you are vart where to vatten water vem who vet: jag ~ inte know; I don't know vid fyra-tiden around four o'clock vilken, vilket, vilka which, what vit, -t white vgar dare vder: vad r det fr ~? weather; what's the weather? vlkomna welcome vnster: till ~ left; to/on the left ker go, travel kkupong, -en ticket for a ride ldersgrns, -en age limit r am, are, is ter: vad vill ni ta? eat; what would you like to eat? l: ta en ~ beer; have a beer ppen, ppet open re, -t re (Swedish currency) ver over, above

English-Swedish glossary
address adress, -en after that sedan (sen) afternoon eftermiddag, -en against: AIK ~ Djurgrden mot; AIK mot Djurgrden age limit ldersgrns, -en all allt and och [, ck] any ingen, inget, inga anything else? ngot annat? barbecue grillar be vara, bli beer: a big/small strong l; en stor stark/en liten stark beer: have a ~ l; ta en l before frut behind bakom beside bredvid birthday: happy - fdelsedag, -en; grattis p fdelsedagen black svart blue bl, -tt boat bt, -en book: I've booked a room bokar; jag har bokat ett rum bowling: go ~ bowlar boy pojke, -n breakfast frukost, -en brother (the brother) bror (brodern) bumper car radiobil, -en bun bulle, -n bus buss, -en bus driver busschauffr, -en but men buy kper cake trta, -n cash register kassa, -n centre centrum, -et certainly javisst change: keep the - byter; det r jmnt cheers skl cheese sandwich ostsmrgs, -en chefs special dagens rtt child barn, -et cigarette cigarrett, -en cinema: go to the ~ bio, -n; g p bio cinnamon bun kanelbulle, -n clock: eight o'clock klocka, -n; klockan tta close stnger closed stngd, stngt clothes: children's ~ klder; barnklder coffee kaffe, -t coffee break fikarast, -en cold kail, -t come: ~ along kommer; fljer med congratulations grattis cost kostar course rtt, -en crossing korsning, -en crown krona, -n dance dansar dare vgar daughter dotter, -n degrees: ninety ~ nittio grader delayed frsenad dinner middag, -en do gr drink dricker drive: can you ~ me to ...? kr, kan du kra mig till ...? eat: what would you like to ~? ter, vad vill ni ta? English engelska entrance fee intrde, -t excuse me urskta family familj, -en father pappa, -n

find hittar first frst flower blomma, -n fr fr free ledig, -t, -a full: I'm ~ mtt; jag r mtt fun kul, rolig girl flicka, -n; tjej, -en glass glas, -et go ker good bra good afternoon god middag, god dag good evening god kvll good morning god morgon, god dag good night god natt goodbye adj [ajj] goodbye hej d great: that's ~ bra; vad bra green grn, -t guy kille, -en ham sandwich skinksmrgs, -en have har hello hall, hej, god dag here: - you are hr, hit; varsgod hope: I ~ so hoppas; jag hoppas det hotel hotell, -et hour timme, -n house: in Anna's ~ hus, -et; hemma hos Anna how are you? hur r det? ice cream glass, -en if om in i, in, inne in front of framfr in that case d included: is ~ ingr instead istllet key nyckel, -n kind schysst know: I don't ~ vet; jag vet Inte

late: we're ~ sen; vi r sena left: to/on the ~ vnster; till vnster live: where do you ~? bor; var bor du? locker skp, -et look tittar look for letar efter love: I'd ~ to lskar; jag skulle grna lunch lunch, -en man man, -nen many: ~ times mnga; mnga gnger match match, -en matten what's the -?; it doesn't ~ vad r det? det gr inget meet (each other) trffar, trffas metro tunnelbana, -n milk mjlk, -en mobile phone mobil, -en money pengar mother mamma, -n much mycket music musik, -en name: my ~ is ... namn; jag heter... need behver nice fin, -t; skn, -t night natt no nej not inte now nu number nummer o'clock: around four ~ vid fyra-tiden oh, oh dear oj! Old Town Gamla Stan on p open ppen, ppet over ver packet paket, -et pain: have a headache/ stomachache/ sore foot vrk, -en, ont; har ont i huvudet/magen/foten paracetamol huvudvrkstablett, -en

pardon, I'm sorry frlt parent: my parents frlder, -n; mina frldrar pay: can I ~? betalar; fr jag betala? per night per natt person person, -en pharmacy apotek, -et photographer fotograf, -en pizzeria pizzeria, -n play: ~ football: ~ with the children spelar, leker; spela fotboll; leka med barnen policeman polis, -en queue k, -n rain: it's -ing regnar; det regnar red rd, rtt refill ptr, -en restaurant restaurang, -en right: to/on the - hger; till hger ring ringer rollercoaster berg- och dalbana, -n room rum, -met saffron saffran, -et sauna: have a ~ badar bastu see: ~ you! ser; vi ses! sell sljer shall ska sister syster, -n skirt kjol, -en small liten, litet snow: it's -ing snar; det snar some ngon, ngot, ngra son son,-en stand str Stockholm Stockholm stop stannar straight ahead rakt fram street gata, -n study studerar sugar socker sunny solig, -t surname efternamn, -et

Swedish svenska swim: go fora - simmar; g och simma swimming pool (building) simhall, - swimming togs badbyxor table bord, -et take tar take care of ordnar talk talar, pratar tasty god, gott tea te, -t tea shop konditori, -et thank you tack thanks tack that's right just det there dr, dit there is/are ... det finns ... think tnker, tycker, tror thousand tusen ticket: - for a ride biljett, -en; kkupong, -en time: what's the ~; at what ~; have to; long ~ ago tid, -en; vad r klockan; vilken tid; hinner; lnge sen to till today idag together tillsammans tomorrow imorgon tonight ikvll too: - far fr, till, ocks; fr lngt toothpaste tandkrm, -en top trja, -n towel handduk, -en treat: my - bjuder; jag bjuder turn svnger under under unfortunately tyvrr wages ln, -en walk: go for a ~ gr, promenerar, promenad, -en; ta en promenad warm varm, -t

water vatten weather what's the ~ like? vder; vad r det fr vder? welcome: you're ~ vlkomna; det var s lite s what: ~'s your name? vad, vilken; vad heter du? when nr where: ~ do you live?; ~ do you come from? var; var bor du?; var kommer du ifrn? where to vart which vilken, vilket, vilka white vit, -t who vem why varfr will ska windy: it's ~ blsig, -t; det blser with med woman kvinna, -n work: what do you do for a living? jobbar; vad jobbar du med? yellow gul, -t yes ja yesterday igr

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