ADDENDUM Actions and inactions of Bishop Lawrence, as demonstrated bv the submitted evidence, establish abandonment of the Doctrine.

Discinline and Worship of The Episcopal Church J T E C ) ~ ~ h G a w r e zHis actions and inactions include, but are not limited to the ~is ~ . followinp: 1) Amendment to the Diocesan Corporate Charter Purpose Statement: "Episcopal Diocese" and The Protestant Episcopal Church "in the United States of America" were eliminated from the Diocesan Corporate Charter Purpose Statement, and replaced with "Diocese of South Carolina." [TAB 1, p. 15: Resolution Overview October 15, 201 0 Reconvened Convention] 2) Amendments to Diocesan Constitution: Articles I, VIII.l.a.2.e, VIII.l.b.2.e, IX, XI1 were amended, removing accession to The Episcopal Church Constitution where inconsistent with the Diocesan Constitution (Art. I); removing accession to The Episcopal Church Canons (Art. I); removing conformity to TEC Canons and General Convention for new parishes and missions (Art.VIII.1 .a.2.e and VIII.l.b.2.e); and eliminating "Canons of the General Convention" for trials of Clergy (Art. IX). [TAB 1, pp. 6-8: Resolution Overview, given lndreading approval October 15, 2010 Reconvened Convention, and 2"d reading adoption February 201 1 ]
3) Amendments to Diocesan Canons: Canons I1 Sec 1,111 Sec.1, V, VI Sec. 2, IX Sec. 2, XI11 Sec. 9.c, XXI Sec. 3, XXII, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXIX Sec. 5 were amended, removing accession to the Canons of The Episcopal Church, with the exception of retaining the Title IV 2006 disciplinary procedures; and repealing the requirement that all Parish, Mission, or Congregation Property is to be held in trust for the Episcopal Church and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina. [TAB 1, pp. 8-15: Resolution Overview]

4) Resolution adopted, naming the Bishop as Ecclesiastical Authority, unless no bishop is present, then the Standing Committee is Ecclesiastical Authority. [TAB 1, p. 5: Resolution Overview] Bishop Lawrence took no legal action against the leadership of the St. Andrews Parish, Mt. Pleasant, when it withdrew from (TEC) in March 2010 and retained its property. St. Andrew's website:

5 ) Resolution adopted and Bishop has declared verbally and in writing many times, that the Diocese of South Carolina is a "Sovereign Diocese;" that "the Presiding Bishop has no authority to retain attorneys in the Diocese;" that the Diocese "demands that the Presiding Bishop withdraw and terminate engagement of legal counsel;" and "the Presiding Bishop has wrongfully intruded into this sovereignty." [TAB 1, p. 4: Resolution Overview, March 2010 Annual Diocesan Convention ]

6) The Diocesan website, htt~://www.dioceseofsc.or~, approved and electronically published by Bishop Lawrence, who has sole Eccelesastical Authority, has removed substantially all references to TEC. More than half of the parishes with working websites

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