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Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of recreation and business, and the provision of services for this act. Tourists are people who are "traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited" (official UNWTO definition). The distance between these two places is of no significance. A more comprehensive definition would be that tourism is a service industry, comprising a number of tangible and intangible components. The tangible elements include transport systems - air, rail, road, water and now, space; hospitality services - accommodation, foods and beverages, tours, souvenirs; and related services such as banking, insurance and safety and security. The intangible elements include: rest and relaxation, culture, escape, adventure, new and different experiences.

Many countries depend heavily upon travel expenditures by foreigners as a source of taxation and as a source of income for the enterprises that sell (export) services to these travelers. Consequently the development of tourism is often a strategy employed either by a Non-governmental organization (NGO) or a governmental agency to promote a particular region for the purpose of increasing commerce through exporting goods and services to non-locals. The term tourism is sometimes used pejoratively, implying a shallow interest in the societies and places that the tourist visits. Wealthy people have always traveled to distant parts of the world to see great buildings or other works of art, to 3

" Hunziker and Krapf. He defined it as. "Sum total of operators. It includes movements for all purposes. short-term movement of people to destination outside the places where they normally live and work and their activities during the stay at each destination. provided that the stay does not imply the establishment of a permanent residence and is not connected with remunerative activities. city or a region. in 1942. International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism defined Tourism “In terms of particular activities selected by choice and undertaken outside the home environment. As long ago as the time of the Roman Republic places such as Baiae were popular coastal resorts for the rich. DEFINITION  DEFINITION OF TOURISM One of the earliest definitions of Tourism was given by the Austrian Economist Hermann Von Schullard in 1910.TOURISM SECTOR learn new languages. stay and movement of foreigners inside and outside a certain country.” 4 . "Tourism is the totality of the relationship and phenomenon arising from the travel and stay of strangers. defined Tourism as. or to taste new cuisine. to experience new cultures. which directly relate to the entry." In 1981." In 1976. Tourism Society of England defined it as "Tourism is the temporary. mainly of an economic nature.

 Persons arriving in the sea of sea cruise.  Persons traveling for convention.TOURISM SECTOR  DEFINITION OF TOURISTS The terms tourist and tourism were first used as official terms in 1937 by the League of Nations. Tourists are:  Persons traveling for pleasure. traveling in the expectations of pleasure from the novelty and change experienced on a relatively and non-current round-trip”. health and domestic reason. A number of experts have defined the term: “Tourist is a person who makes a journey for the sake of curiosity for the fun of traveling”. It has come from the word “tour”. The origin of the word “tourist” date back to 1292 AD. Tourism was defined as people traveling abroad for periods of over 24 hours. “Tourists are the voluntary temporary travelers. 5 .

According to an assessment. This shows the important role marketing plays as competition and demand intensifies. over the years. Tourism has a potential to create the maximum number of jobs. Telecommunication and Tourism. ranging from the biggest international chains recognizable worldwide such as Hilton and Holiday Inn to small independent 6 . Thanks to the increase in tourist traffic. passenger railways. not only in terms of frequency of flights and number of destinations.  Accommodation Accommodation includes hotels. cruise and ferry lines. coach and bus travel. the range of airline services has considerably. in India alone.TOURISM SECTOR TOURISM: THE INDUSTRY Tourism emerged as the largest global industry of the 20th century. It helps to earn valuable foreign exchange. car hire. In the new millennium global economy will be governed by Technology. 100 million additional jobs will be created by the Tourism industry in the next 25 years. and differing levels of service to meet different passenger needs. The tourism industry comprises of the following main and distinctive sectors:  Transportation Tourism industry is heavily dependent on the transportation industry which comprises of airlines. but also in terms of different services.

family. Under a central brand name. In order to gain recognition in an increasingly competitive marketplace.Indianvisit. which enable them to compete against the larger. Thomas Cook is one of the best known of such operators. they can offer central reservations services. for e. Other types of accommodations are also well established in tourist markets. and many transportation companies also offer holiday packages. incorporating travel and accommodation needs for the consumer. more established chains. as it is an area of the tourism industry which has seen a massive growth in the development of theme parks and other types of artificial tourist destinations in the recent years. 7 . they also offer travel agency and financial services to their consumers. adopting a consortium approach.g.  Tourism Destination Operators/ Destination Management This is new category in many However Disneyland and Disney world in America were the forerunners of this development in tourism marketing.TOURISM SECTOR establishments.  Tour operators Tour operators are the firms. They range from highly specialized operations such as www. An independent local coach firm may also be a tour operator. which specialize in providing the whole holiday package. to large operators offering services at all different levels to cater for budget. who customize every kind of trip that you can dream of. notably selfcatering apartments and club type complexes. or singles holidays to ‘near’ or ‘faraway’ destinations. and present a recognizable identity to consumers. many smaller independent hotels have grouped together. and they have been well established for decades.

On a smaller scale. CHARACTERISTICS OF TOURISM INDUSTRY  INFLEXIBILITY The tourism industry is highly inflexible in terms of capacity. the tourist cannot visit the place the opportunity is lost. this becomes one of its important characteristics. every modern tourist establishment and facility requires large investment frequently over a long time scale. heritage parks which being developed from Britain’s industrial wasteland such as Wigan Pier.  RELATIVELY LARGE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT 8 . Hence. The number of beds in a hotel or seats on a flight is fixed so it is not possible to meet sudden upsurges in demand similarly restaurants tables. It cannot be preserved. which make it area which should be considered separately as a tourism industry. and similar attractions now represent a significant amount of tourism activity. and the continuing trends.  PERISHABILITY An unused hotel bed or empty flight seat represents an immediate loss of that service as a means of earning profit.TOURISM SECTOR It is due to the recent growth. hotels beds and flights seats remain empty and unused in periods of low demand. Tourism product is used as a time of availability. Relatively large financial investment. Incase.  FIXED LOCATION Tourism destinations are fixed locations so effort must be taken in communicating the facility to the potential consumer. which attracted over half a million tourists in 1991. The new Euro Disney theme park in France is an example of a tourism destination operation.

The overseas players have brought in efficient systems and service standards from Europe and the US. Four Seasons. The customer has benefited in many ways. Indian hotels have reduced their tariffs significantly. The influx of foreign players has led to major price wars in the industry. The result is that the quality of service has improved. 9 . According to one hotelier. frequently over a long time scale. This means that the level of risk and the rate of return are critically important to tourism management.  PEOPLE ORIENTED Tourism Services are high contact services. Hilton. "India has become a normal market -– like others in the West or in Southeast Asia – with demand and supply determining the price". including Hyatt. several foreign chains have entered the Indian market. Tourism services are very people-oriented services. and the service people are plenty and have high contact with the consumers. In an attempt to woo customers. Competition has forced Indian hotel groups to improve their standards. The consumer interacts with a myriad of service people starting from when he books his ticket and throughout the course of his holiday.  BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS Since the economy opened up in 1991. as people interact with people at virtually EVERY stage of the way. Radisson and Holiday Inn. Regent.TOURISM SECTOR Every modern tourist establishment and facility requires large investment.

Medico Tratement (India’s Growing Medico Tour) 2. 3. Yoga) 3.TOURISM SECTOR CLASSIFICATION Tourism may be classified into the following types: 1. 5. INTERNAL TOURISM: It means visiting by residents of a country to their own country. TYPES OF TOURS IN INDIA 1. Natural Healink (Ayurveda. INBOUND INTERNATIONAL TOURISM: It means visiting to a country by non-resident of that country. NATIONAL TOURISM: It consists of internal tourists plus outbound international tourism. DOMESTIC TOURISM: It consists of inbound international tourism plus internal tourism. Art & Culture Tour (Taj Mahal Tour) 10 . 2. 4. OUTBOUND INTERNATIONAL TOURISM: It means visiting by the residents of a country to another country.

where foreigners travel abroad in search of low cost. Festive Tour (Diwali. Dasshera) 5. Beach Tour (Beach Holiday Destinations In India) 8.TOURISM SECTOR 4. Indeed. is gaining popularity in countries like India. Study Tour (Specialized Courses) 7.” And. the concept will likely have broad consumer 11 . world-class medical treatment. Excursion Tour (Mountaineering. Indian Traditional Tour MEDICO TOUR IN INDIA India is hoping to expand its tourist industry – to include visitors with heart conditions and cataracts. with prices at a fraction of those in the US or Britain. Exploration Tour (Wild Life & Heritage) 6. medical tourism. The field has such lucrative potential that Indian finance minister Jaswant Singh called for India to become a “global health destination. River Rafting) 9. Golden Triangle (Cities Of Golden Triangle) 10.

happy. The only difference of Human Body from the external World is the expression of CHAITHANYA or consciousness of life spark or spirit or soul. which favours the well being of each individual to lead a healthy. Ayurveda briefly explains the knowledge of the do's and don't one has to follow. Though the quality of health care for the poor in countries like India is undeniably low. The five basic eternal elements are 1. mentally & Socially. comfortable and advantageous life both physically. Earth 12 . the word AYUR literally means life and VEDA the science or knowledge. called Pancha Maha Bhoothas. private facilities offer advanced technology and procedures on par with hospitals in developed nations. According to Ayurveda every living and nonliving being in this universe is a combination of five basic eternal elements.TOURISM SECTOR appeal – if people can overcome their prejudices about health care in developing countries. Ayurveda also emphasises that prevention is better than cure. Human Body is also constituted by these five eternal elements in various compositions. NATURAL HEALING INTRODUCTION Ayurveda is a perfect ancient science of life. Hence it can be conceived that every cell of body is possessed with all the properties of life.

Fatehpur Sikri and many more. Water 3. it is the only thing" .” Health is not everything. Red fort. Ajanta Ellora caves near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. We offer the Ayurveda Tour with an aim of rejuvenating you mentally as well as physically. the Taj Mahal in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. mosques and churches tell their own tale. culture and architecture all across the globe. ART & CULTURE TOUR India has been the motherland of art. Qutab Minar. The most famous monuments are the eighth wonder and the Taj Mahal.this is what the Ayurveda tours in India stress on. Agra fort. These monuments 13 . Ether We take you on a special Ayurveda Tour in India. Temples of Khajuraho and South India along with many more structures depicting the art and culture of India. The Art and Culture Tour of India takes you to a unforgettable odyssey of the ancient monuments in India. caves.TOURISM SECTOR 2. Air 5. which covers the major Ayurveda Centres and Ayurveda resorts in India. temples. Fire 4. The historical monuments in India like the forts. palaces.

Onam or Boat Carnival of Kerala. Surajkund Fair. are excellent examples of art. as a tourist you witness a distinct feature in every festival reflecting the culture. The great Goan Carnival. architecture and culture of India. customs and traditions that belong to that region of India. The mega size and the cultural diversity inherent in these festivals are apparent enough to leave a tourist awestruck. Elephant Festival. that pull the whole of the tourist traffic towards India. These architectural marvels of India not only represent the deep-rooted art and culture of India but also the mathematical skills and an exceptional aesthetic sense possessed by the Indian artisans. FESTIVE TOUR Fairs and Festivals complete the hue and colour in the sketch of real India. All the festivals pay a tribute to Indian customs. traditions. culture and climate. Goa Carnival etc. coinciding the date of travel with the occasion of some Indian Festival. which form an indispensable part of Indian soil. Whether Holi. The renowned ones are the Pushkar Fair. Taj Mahotsav of Agra or Tansen Festival of Gwalior. Gangaur and Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan. Every year millions of travellers visit India with a purpose of India Festival Tour. The art and culture tour in India reflects the flexibility and the secular elements inherent in our Indian art and culture since the bygone days.TOURISM SECTOR made in the golden period when India was ruled by the Mughals. 14 . International Kite Festival.

squirrels and mongoose in the forests. See amazing animals on wildlife safari tours in India. monkeys. fun and frolic. You can see deer.some so big that almost the entire country participates. music. or elephants and rhinos trampling their way through the tall grass of a National Park in India. and some so small that it is confined to a little community in a remote village. all adding to the richness of the Indian way of life. colour. After the same festival is celebrated differently. Tour a land of natural beauty and wonder. pageantry. feasting. EXPLORATION TOUR • WILDLIFE TOURS IN INDIA Explore the wild jungles and forests of India on India Wildlife Tours.TOURISM SECTOR There is perhaps not a single day in the Indian calendar when in some part of the vast country a festival is not celebrated or a fair held. bear. Feel the excitement of seeing a majestic tiger prowling in a jungle. But the spirit is the same . In different parts. • HERITAGE TOURS IN INDIA 15 .replete with rituals. with exciting India Wildlife Tours. And given India's vast diversity.

TOURISM SECTOR India is famous for its forts. The Heritage Tours India by default transports you to a bygone era where you feel like a Maharaja. Then entire length and breadth of the country is dotted with the tourist places telling a tale of their own. Our most privileged Heritage Tours in India fulfil your dream of attaining the zenith of luxury and comfort anyhow. The Heritage Tours in India are an effort to familiarise the Indians as well as the foreigners with the wealth of Indian legacy. The temples. rock cut caves and even the exhibits of the Indian emperors boast of the royal traditions followed religiously in ancient India. palaces and mansions that exude the cultural legacy of India. STUDY TOUR 16 .

700 km.” The two-week Unique Study Tour to India will bring to life concepts of sustainable. Who should attend: Development professionals. field staff. and supporters of development? BEACH TOURS India is a land with a long coastline measuring over 6. community-based development through visits to both rural and urban community development projects and conversations with the different people involved.TOURISM SECTOR “Experience life in a rural tribal community. is washed by the Arabian Sea to the west. historical and religious significance. university professionals. students. the Bay of Bengal to the east and the Indian Ocean to the south. 17 . visit social and economic development projects and tour places of cultural.

Marari. Kerala (Kovalam. Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar. a perfect holiday. While. EXCURSION TOUR MOUNTAINEERING TOURS IN INDIA 18 . as does the all-pervasive holiday mood. an ideal vacation or even to fulfill your adventurous appetite through water sports. beach shacks and small restaurants serving delicious but affordable food. Have an unforgettable Trip to Beaches of India at your favorite destination. or beach bazaars with colorful balloons. Travel the most exclusive Beaches of India spread across the seashores of the states like: Goa. some of the beaches are well prepared for tourists and appointed with every facility. Poovar). and either a family holiday or a lone excursion. Varkala. The Indian Beaches offer you solitary and special moments whether for romantic honeymoon. the others are sandy and isolated retreats perfect for unwinding and relaxing. The hospitality of the people adds to the charm of the beautiful surrounding. Indian beaches are just the right place for fun and frolic. be it hotels and resorts.TOURISM SECTOR Explore the magnificent Indian Beaches stretching over the vast coastline of Indian Peninsula.

500 m that require technical climbing skills. 'border'. and Sikkim are the most important mountaineering destinations in India. there are numerous peaks with altitudes up to 6. man developed new modes of transportation and communication and venturing out on these difficult routes were not needed. the areas of Lahaul and Spiti as well as the Kulu valley have several challenging peaks. This inner urge to take up challenges has led man to do things that are quite daring. The peaks in India have been classified as 'open'. In Himachal Pradesh. In the course of time. Each category offers a number of choices. Northeast India. what remained was his nature to take risks and getting pleasure in conquering something totally unknown and unexplored. Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. and 'other peaks'. ADVENTURE HIMALAYAN SAFARI IN INDIA 19 .TOURISM SECTOR Mountaineering as a sport has a history as old as the history of the evolution of human race itself. to trade. Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh. In Kishtawar. Mountaineering started when the need was felt for people who could climb difficult heights and terrains to meet people across the border. MOUNTAINEERING DESTINATIONS IN INDIA Himachal Pradesh. The summits that are quite popular with the mountaineers are Num and Kun and the Zanskar range in Jammu and Kashmir. or to conquer new territories. 'trekking'. 'virgin'. Nevertheless.

wind surfing and sailing. If water sports are what excite you. snorkeling. and surfing. You can enjoy swimming. Feel the thrill of white water rafting and kayaking on the rivers of India. then India's long coastline and islands offer plenty of opportunities for water sports adventure tours in India. while on adventure tours in India. while hang gliding or parasailing in India. on adventure tours in India. camping and rock climbing on various mountain ranges. you're sure to enjoy wildlife safaris and adventure tours to the National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. while on your Indian Holiday. and trekking. You can enjoy mountaineering in the Himalayas. You can choose from a wide range of adventure tours in India. scuba diving. RIVER RAFTING TOUR IN INDIA 20 .TOURISM SECTOR India is a thrilling adventure holiday destination. when you enjoy an adventurous Indian Holiday. If you're a wildlife enthusiast. Take off from lofty cliffs and soar like a bird.

plunge over waterfalls and feel the icy spray splash on your face. Experience the thrill of white water rafting in India along tumbling snow-fed Himalayan Rivers in summer destinations in India. One of the best regions for river rafting in India is the stretch up to Rishikesh in Uttaranchal. you pick. tumble over rapids. as your raft races along a mountain river in India. The holiday you will remember for the rest of your life. white water rafting tours in India can also be organized on the Indus River in Ladakh and Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh GOLDEN TRIANGLE TOUR IN INDIA Welcome to the golden triangle tour of India.TOURISM SECTOR Be swept along a rushing river in a rubber raft. River rafting in India is an exhilarating experience that you can enjoy on your Indian Holiday. Bhagirathi and Ganga rivers is a popular adventure tourism activity in summer in India. White water rafting on the Alaknanda. The golden triangle tour of India is probably the 21 . For the more adventurous traveler. If you are keen to take the picture for the India Gate. which one will. The Taj Mahal or the Sand Dunes as the backdrop for your favorite photograph. Is it difficult to decide? Well at the Indian visit we offer you all the best of the holidays clubs Royal Rajasthan with the terrific city of the Taj Mahal besides the dazzling and delightful Delhi.

then proceeding to Gangotri & finally to Kedarnath & Badrinath. Although Chardham are accessible through a network of motor able roads. Over the years the Golden Triangle (Delhi . SPECIAL FORMS OF TOURISM For the past few decades many forms of tourism are becoming more popular. TRADITIONAL TOUR IN INDIA Traditionally. Sacred Sikh shrine of Hemkund Sahib. particularly: 22 . Panch Badris. The holy pilgrimage of Kedarnath nestles in Rudraprayag.TOURISM SECTOR most captivating holiday that can be spent at India. skiing paradise. the journey (Yatra) is done from the west to the east starting from Yamunotri. Badrinath falls under Chamoli & also house three out of five Panch Kedar.Jaipur) has made a firm footing on the tourist map of the world. Auli & the legendary Valley of Flowers.Agra . arduous trails remain the ancient sanctuaries of faith for fulfilling experience. Yamunotri & Gangotri fall under Uttarkashi district in Garhwal region of Uttaranchal.

visiting historical or interesting cities. etc. 2. Mumbai. Banglore. such as Delhi. or adventurous sports such as mountaineering and hiking (tramping). 23 . CULTURAL TOURISM It includes urban tourism. Amritsar.TOURISM SECTOR 1. ADVENTURE TOURISM This type of tourism involves travel in rugged regions. such as art museum tourism where the tourist visits many art museums during the tour. Chennai. or opera tourism where the tourist sees many operas or concerts during the tour. This type of tourism may also include specialized cultural experiences. and experiencing their cultural heritages. Ahmedabad.

famous places in the history of gardening. 4. such as Versailles and the Taj Mahal. take a wooded retreat or some other destination in personal-interest classes. GARDEN TOURISM It means visiting botanical gardens. 24 .TOURISM SECTOR 3. such as cooking classes with a famous chef or crafts classes. EDUCATIONAL TOURISM It may involve travelling to an education order to institution.

etc. often to "health spas". abortion.g. HOBBY TOURISM Tourism alone or with groups to participate in hobby interests. e. to meet others with similar interests. Athens. HEALTH TOURISM It means usually to escape from cities or relieve stress. euthanasia for non-citizens is provided by Dignitas in Switzerland. or to experience something pertinent to the hobby. square dance cruises. HERITAGE TOURISM It is visiting historical (Rome. POP-CULTURE TOURISM This tourism refers to tourism by those that visit a particular location after reading about it or seeing it in a film. 8.TOURISM SECTOR 5. Cracow) or industrial sites. for instance. etc. MEDICAL TOURISM It is used for advanced care that is not available in one's own country. in the case that there are long waiting lists in one's own country for use of free or cheap health care organisations for what is illegal in one's own country. euthanasia. 6. 25 . railways. 7. perhaps for some 'fun in the sun'. 9. Examples might be garden tours. battlegrounds. such as old canals. etc.

or national parks.TOURISM SECTOR 10. 14. GAMBLING TOURISM 26 . PILGRIMAGE TOURISM Pilgrimage tourism refers to ancient holy places (Rome and Santiago de Compostela for Catholics. such as Safaris (Kenya). 13. ECO TOURISM It means sustainable tourism which has minimal impact on the environment. shrines. golf and scuba diving are popular ways to spend a vacation. for tax purposes or to avoid being resident in any country. religious sites such as mosques. Rainforests (Belize) and Hiking (Lapland). Mount Athos or Painted churches of northern Moldavia for the Orthodox). and seeing them play everyday. Also in this category is vacationing at the winter home of the tourist's favorite baseball team. some of them. SPORT TOURISM Skiing. Temples and stupas of Nepal for the Hindus and Buddhist. PERPETUAL TOURISM It is mainly for wealthy individuals who are always on vacations. 12. etc. 11.

Las Vegas. Macau or Monte Carlo for the purpose of gambling at the casinos there. 27 .TOURISM SECTOR This tourism refers to tourism to Atlantic City.

TOURISM SECTOR MARKETING MIX Physical Evidence Product Price The Seven P’s of Tourism Marketing Mix Place Process People Promotion 28 .


hotel reservation Customer friendliness. the accommodation and facility as well as the entertainment at the destination all form the tourism product. Thus it is a composite product combination of attraction. BENEFIT MEANING WITH RESPECT TO THE TRAVEL AND TOURIS INDUSTRY Core Benefit The fundamental benefit or service that the customer is buying Basic. The views of the location travel to the destination. Each of these components has its own significance in the product mix and in the absence of even single components. functional attributes Set of attributes/conditions the buyer normally expects Traveling Basic Product Expected Product Ticketing. good food Augmented Product That meets the customers desires Prompt services. facilities and transportation. Components of Tourist Product.TOURISM SECTOR product is the combination of tangible and intangible elements. music Totally customized tour packages. which is mainly the destination. spectacular sights. A grade service at every stage Potential Product The possible evolution to distinguish the offer 30 . comfortable and beyond expectations convenient trip. The tourism product. the product mix is incomplete. can only be experienced.

which concerns with the product positioning. E. Pricing also depends on Seasonality. Air price changes tourism package also changes. in which the travel and tourism business responded to their highly complex pricing circumstances. Railways. Pricing of the tourist product is a complex matter because of its composite nature. Pricing is also based on competitors pricing. A very important way. Geographical location of the destination affects the pricing decision. All are included in tourism package. if Hotel charges change then also tourism package changes. Internet is also used widely. seasonality factor and varying demand cannot be overruled. Hotels. To match demand and supply tourist managers try to get either discount. to prevent competition. Bus.TOURISM SECTOR  PRICE Pricing in tourism is a complex process. Pricing includes the prices of other services like Air travel. The objective of pricing in any other firms is to fetch a target market share. At the same time. and to take care of the price elasticity of demand. There is also small agents spread all over the town who plays a role of place. value for the money. is to operate at two levels. The first level is corresponds with the marketing strategy. Taj is the tourist attraction in India. etc.  PLACE Different distribution strategies can be selected for Tourism marketing. Large travel 31 .g.g. The second level corresponds to the marketing operations or tactics where the prices are manipulated to match the current demand and competition. Pricing is also subject to government regulations. Seasonality is the most important factor in pricing. E. long run return on investments etc. Pricing also depends on the Geographic location of the destination. Tourism as a product is distributed as a travel.

The range of tourist products. they may also sell directly to customers. The middleman may be tour operators. They use electronic.TOURISM SECTOR companies like Thomas Cook. Cox & Kings. who buy tourism products in bulk and make them available to travel agents who are retailers. communication are important for the development of the tourist center. The major decision that the tourism marketer takes regarding distribution is relating to the channel of choice and channel members. But. transportation. etc. away form the  location at which services are performed or delivered  To facilitate the purchase of service in advance Different distribution strategies may be selected to reflect the company’s overall objectives. historical attraction. hotel accommodation.  PROMOTION Advertising and sales promotion in Tourism can be very effective when supplemented by publicity and personal selling. The latest mode of reaching the tourist is through Internet. because in most of the case the tourist destinations many be natural. print all sorts of media they use. Public or PR (Public Relation) 32 . Ticket booking can also be done through the Internet and payment is made with credit card. bus for local sight seeing. which are bought by the tour operators are airline seats. The tourism marketer may not have adequate choice of the tourist center. The uniqueness of tourism industry is predominant position of intermediaries. infrastructure facilities. and it is highly promoted industry. SOTC. The two major functions performed by the distribution system in tourism marketing are: To extend the number of points of sales or access. etc they act as a wholesalers and these wholesalers also act as a retailer.

Research shows that about 80% of the tourist visited different places on the persuasion of their friends and relatives and also their own judgments. The promotion mix plays a vital role as the users of service feel high degree of involvement and uncertainty about the product and their role in buying process. In people local people are very important. sales support and public relation. It is also through recommendation of friends and relatives this is a biggest promotion.TOURISM SECTOR plays an important role in tourism. Brochures are another form of communication provided by tour operators to stimulate customers and motivate them to buy. Normally a tourist assures a tourism quality like hotels. guides. Advertising messages may range from subtly attractive visual messages and symbols designed to appeal and stimulate travel desire and needs to simple sales announcements drawing attention to specific product offers. Travel Company also like Railways. Advertising and sales promotion activities in tourism can be very effective when supplemented by publicity and personal selling. etc they are the people. Some of the important aspects of promotion are advertising. 33 . staff of travel companies. The travel agents. sales staff. Travel Company.  PEOPLE It plays a most important part in tourism. persuading and influencing the decisions of potential tourists. Creation of awareness is an important factor in the formulation of marketing mix for the tourism industry. Air. etc. The promotion task simplifies the activities of informing. Word-of-mouth is a very important tool of promotion in tourism. that how they treat tourist. is included in people. They are used to demonstrate in pictures and words the images and positioning of the product and the organizations. publicity.

are expected to have a lot of patience. Liaison with providers of services --. The airline and transportation crew interact with customers while traveling. Hence it is imperative that they have to be at their best at all times.It is a composition of series of  operations that are required to plan a tour.TOURISM SECTOR The personnel who attend to the needs of the tourists form an essential ingredient in tourism marketing. The sales personnel are responsible for dealing with the customer behind the counter. contracts have to be entered with the 34 . Travel guides especially.Before any form of travel is  sold over the counter to a customer. good sense of humor. These contract persons must be trained on interpersonal skills as well as knowledge of the product. tact to transform the occasional tourists into habitual ones. Preparation of itinerates ----. who interact with the customers at the tourist location. The resort or hotel representatives enter to the needs of the tourist when they reach the destination. linguistic skills etc. In the tourism industry the travel agents and the travel guides are the two most important people who speak a lot about the industry. The tourist guides.  PROCESS The operation process of the tourism firm will depend on the size of the tourism firm. thorough knowledge of the places.The information regarding the  travel is provided at a convenient location where the potential tourist seeks clarification about his proposed tour. all form the people element in tourism marketing. The sequential steps involved in the delivery of the tourist products are: Provision of travel information --.

TOURISM SECTOR providers of various services including transportation companies.The computerized reservation system has in recent  years revolutionized the reservation system for both rail and air travel. etc. Provision of foreign currency and insurance --. which shows how different elements of the programmes are carefully planned to include all necessary information to make holiday establishes expectation of quality value for money. coaches for local sightseeing etc. comfortable seats while traveling. then the task of planning and costing the tour. Printed matters such as brochures also play an important role in the development of tourism. layout.In case of foreign  travel the final task provide foreign currency as well as insurance  PHYSICAL EVIDENCE The tourist attraction. which must be matched when the product is delivered. natural service scope. in tourism is intangible. As the product. which is an expensive for the customer must be tangibilised with the help of tangible items like. and design of the resort. There is a need to describe fully the product. which is done by providing an elaborate brochure. `Ticketing ---. this will depend on the tour selected as well as individual requirements. information regarding rules and regulations of the tourist spot and the sign regarding the public utilities like toilets. the sign posts that indicate directions. Planning and costing tours ----Once the contracts and  arrangements are entered into. hotel accommodation. telephone booth also form a part of the physical evidence. route maps. 35 . product image and status.


Holiday As A Base Demand As A Base Geography As A base Psychography As A base Demography As A base Socio-economic As A base Purpose As A base Age As A base


Market Segmentation




Though there are a number of bases for segmentation of tourists, one of the most important is Lifestyle. Traveling decisions are fantastically influenced by changing lifestyles. They are also affected by other factors such as level of income, availability of leisure time, etc.




Mass market Popular market Individual market


Primary Secondary Opportunity


International On the basis of regions, cities, etc.

Psychography 38



Personality motive Knowledge Demography Age Sex Religion Socio-economic Rich, Poor Rural, Urban Literate, Illiterate Purpose Business Travel Cultural Tourism Common Interest Convention Age Teens Youth Seniors

Such segmentation is useful when deciding the offerings to target a particular segment. For example,
The mass market consists of vacationists that travel in large groups

and prefer all-inclusive tours. They are generally conservative. The popular market consists of smaller groups going on inclusive or

semi-inclusive tours. This group includes pensioners and retired people. The individual market consists of chairmen, senior executives, etc.


but once they have children they would prefer family vacations where there are plenty of activities to entertain kids.TOURISM SECTOR  As the lifestyle changes. Teens and youth might prefer adventure holidays whereas senior citizens would probably prefer more relaxing vacations. a newly married couple might prefer romantic holidays. consumption of services might change. 40 . For example.

mountains and beaches: India is not only a vast country but also a beautiful country with world famous natural locations. as there are many modes of transport to reach here. India has all types of seasons at the same time because of its tropical nature. as you will find the climate hot. Diversity of culture. Also its location is not very out of reach but easy to travel. humid. cold and warm all at the same time in different locations. a culmination of deserts. which attracts lots of foreign tourist everyday. There is so much to explore in India. The different languages. forests. One cannot be tired of exploring its diverse culture.TOURISM SECTOR SWOT ANALYSIS  STRENGTHS India’s geographical location. dialects and other religious and cultural customs and traditions are all the sources of attraction in India. a blend of various civilizations and their traditions: India’s diversity is its greatest strength.  WEAKNESSES Lack of adequate infrastructure: 41 . heritage and locations.

The Indians have not made any efforts to change this image and this has proved very costly as foreigners still think of Indians as illiterates and narrow-minded  OPPORTUNITIES More proactive role from the government of India in terms of framing policies: The government is supporting India tourism industry with the recent appointment of Mrs. villages. are inefficient and do not provide basic facilities at airports. for example. The Indian tourism industry should take this as an opportunity and push forward its plans. The road condition in India is very bad. The airlines in India.TOURISM SECTOR It is a major drawback. An intolerant attitude among certain sections of people: This is among the people who do not like the foreigners and their entry into the Indian Cultures as they feel that they will change the Indian Culture and attitude and replace it with foreign culture. Renuka Chaudhary a very intelligent and practical woman who would like to develop India tourism. It is not the case of less money but the money is not being utilized in the right places and in the right manner. Allowing entry of more multinational companies into the country giving us a global perspective: 42 . No proper marketing of India’s tourism abroad: Foreigners still think of India as a land of snake. beggars and elephants.

” Affordable traveling at leisure. For this it is necessary to create awareness of India’s charms as a tourist paradise and simultaneously addressing the important issue of toning up infrastructure and then getting 43 . So if the Indians themselves travel around India the foreigners will feel confident to come to India. Singapore in promoting tourism: There are hardly any tourists who confidently come to India and if the other countries offer better packages and places then there is no reason why the tourists should visit India The important task is to get tourism accepted as an instrument of development and national integration. Growth of domestic tourism: Indian tourism will only develop if the roots are strong.TOURISM SECTOR This is going to develop and build the confidence in the minds of the foreigners who would like to explore India. Aggressive strategies adopted by other counties like Australia.g. For e.: Thomas Cook says “Travel Now Pay Latter. plenty of job opportunities.  Threats Economic conditions and political turmoil in the other countries affects tourism: As a result of this people are afraid to venture outside their own homes for fear of terrorist attacks and threats to their lives.

support & co-operation to Indian Tourism Industry.  Social: The general perception for tourism destruction of the social fabric of a place. tourist operators. The more the tourists coming at the place the more the risk of that place loosing its identity. Kashmir. railways and roads. As we are concentrating on the International tourists.TOURISM SECTOR down to marketing the product in a pragmatic and result oriented manner.  Political/Legal Political factors are the main driving force of the industry. All segments of the tourism trade should get together ands hammer out a strategy taking into account the ground realities and demands of the future. Increase in spend has led to increase in the number of luxury hotels. airline industry. “Tax paid by tourists in India is the highest in the world. Downfall of tourism industry because of unconducive political environment e. 44 .g.  Economic: The criteria here is the more the people spend the more the industry grows. Indian hotels charge about 40% tax compared to other Asian countries where it varies between 3% and 6%". PEST ANALYSIS Environmental influences can be analyzed by using the PEST analysis. hotel industry. this has led to the tourism boom. & increase in air industry. Govt. Law is different for different country & is the major determinant for the industry.

It is very much necessary to have better technology to have that place on world tourist map. It can help the country to get connected to the world. TOURISM IN INDIA 45 .TOURISM SECTOR  Technology: Better technology in cheaper cost to remote and inaccessible area.

In 2004. Bay of Bengal.4 billion USD . India offers a wide array of places to see and things to do. and the Indian Ocean). foreign tourists visiting India spent 15. Bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north.the ninth highest in the world.TOURISM SECTOR India is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. with a long history and diverse culture. and surrounded on three sides by water (the Arabian Sea. One can expect to spend 46 . India is also ranked among the top 3 adventure tourism destinations.

Delhi has ruled always from the mythological days to the present. A fine blend of old and new. ancient structures.  AGRA 47 . The cosmopolitan nature of the city has only added to the beauty and glory of it. The Humayun's tomb and the Red Fort. wide roads.TOURISM SECTOR about $1. the Bahá'í House of Worship is one of the most famous landmarks in the Delhi. The rulers left behind their trade marks in the architecture. the Jama Masjid and the Lotus temple. One of the few places in India where colours of nature changes with the seasons. and India Gate and the Magnificent President's house. Delhi. Kerala to Kashmir and from Gujarat to Assam all the mouth watering delicacies and shopping goods are found in Delhi. ancient and modern in every stream of life is the soul of Delhi. Tughlakabad fort and the Qutab Minar.known in India as the "Lotus Temple". mystic subcontinent that is India. the Aravali ridges and the Yamuna river stand a mute witness to it. and power of politics is what Delhi is all about.  DELHI Delhi. Big gardens. the capital of the vast.750 in 2005 dollars for a two week visit. Delhi is famous for its wide roads and crisp winters. religions and castes Delhi is true to its democratic nature. staying in accommodations equivalent to Western ones. A melting pot of cultures and traditions.

Delhi is approximately 200 kilometers away from Agra. One of the popular tourist circuits is called the Golden Triangle: the cities Delhi. and Bharatpur. The Taj Mahal serves as her tomb. many of which are unique to the subcontinent. of which 19 fall under the purview of Project Tiger. Periyar. and Jaipur. one of the world's greatest architectural achievements. Sariska.  RAJASTHAN-THE LAND OF KINGS 48 . more popularly known as Mumtaz Mahal. Its climatic and geographic diversity makes it the home of over 350 mammals and 1200 bird species. Ranthambore. The country's protected wilderness consists of 75 National Parks of India and 421 Sanctuaries. Some well known national wildlife sanctuaries include Corbett. and 250 kilometers from Jaipur. It was built between 1631 and 1653 by Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his wife.TOURISM SECTOR Perhaps India's best-known site is the Taj Mahal. Arjumand Banu. Kanha. Agra (site of the Taj Mahal). India also has a large variety of protected wildlife.

Bikaner is famous for its medieval history as a trade route outpost. is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Northern India. The vast sand dunes of the Thar Desert attract millions of tourists from around the globe every year. fortress-city at the edge of the Thar Desert. Rajathan.Rajasthan.The capital of Rajasthan.TOURISM SECTOR Rajasthan has a rich history and culture making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Barmer and surrounding areas offer perfect picture of typical Rajasthani villages. the "Land of the Kings". 49 . famous for its blue homes and architecture. 5. 4. 3. famous for its rich history and royal architecture. Jaipur . Jodhpur. Shown here is the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. 6. Jaisalmer is famous for its golden fortress. Mount Abu is also one of the world famous tourist place. 2. Major visitor attractions in Rajathan include: 1.

Varanasi. Khajuraho. 4. Mathura. Srinagar Jammu Leh Amarnath Vaishno Devi Other cities of interest in Northern India include Gwalior. 3. Jammu and Kashmir is 2000 meters above sea level. 50 .TOURISM SECTOR  JAMMU AND KASHMIR-THE LAND OF HEAVENS The Manasbal Lake near Srinagar. and Haridwar. 5.Tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir include: 1. 2.

and the general life of the people is quiet and peaceful. pristine sea beaches. 51 . Ancient and medieval architecture. famous for its excellent beaches. Goa. culture. A striking feature of Goa is the harmonious relationship between the two principal religious communities. Western influence is evident in the dress and food habits. religion. Not only the proportion of Christians (almost all of whom are Catholics) in the total population of Goa much higher than that obtaining in most of the other States. the general way of living is also markedly different. With the rule of the Portuguese for over 450 years and the consequential influence of the Latin culture. all in combine attract tourists from far off places to explore this state to a have a divine exposure of love and hospitality.  ORISSA-SPIRIT OF Buddhism Orissa has been a preferred destination from ancient days for people having interest in spirituality. is better known to the world at large as the former Portuguese enclave on the Indian soil. the Hindus and the Catholics. nature at her beautiful best. churches. who have lived together peacefully for generations. and temples.TOURISM SECTOR  GOA The sunny beaches of Goa attracts millions of tourists every year. a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India situated between the borders of Maharastra and Karnataka. art and beauty of the nature.Goa is another popular destination. the classical and ethnic dance forms and a variety of festivals. Goa presents a somewhat different picture to the foreign visitor than any other part of the country.

Buddhism still haunts the very air of Rock-edicts challenged time stand huge and over-powering by the banks of the river Daya. Kanyakumari.  TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu has a rich culture and offers a wide selection of temples famed for their architectural beauty.The capital of Tamil Nadu has the second longest beach in the world. temple. Some of the more popular temple tour destinations include: 1. The torch of Buddhism is still ablaze in the sublime triangle at Udayagiri. chaityas and sacred relics in caskets. Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Precious fragments of a glorious past come alive in the shape of stupas. 3. rock-edicts. 4. is at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal. Lalitgiri & Ratanagiri. the Marina Beach. Recently a massive statue of Thiruvalluvar has been installed here.TOURISM SECTOR Orissa ancient Orissa. viharas. excavated monastries. The surrounding hills of Langudi and Kayama stand as mute witness to the quirks and twists of history. Chennai . in the world. located at the tip of India. 2. Rameshwaram is famous for the longest corridor Madurai is known for the beautiful Meenakshi 52 . rock-cut caves. The silent stones sing out songs of peace and non-violence. has The kept spirit that alive of have Buddhism and the Buddha in its womb. Rock-edicts of Ashoka are a bonus for your eyes. on the banks of river Birupa.

Horanadu etc. located in the western ghats. known for the numerous temples in the town. the IT capital of India. 7. The famous hillstations Kodaikanal and Nilgiris Tiruchirapalli known for its Akhilandeshwari temple offer the visitors a welcome relief from the usually hot climate in the state. and Rockfort temple. Kumbakonam. The Western Ghats offer many other places of exceptional beauty like Agumbe. 5. 2. 6. about 140km from Bangalore. 6. attracts a huge number of pilgrims.. Srirangapatna. 53 . The Mahamaham festival is held here once in every twelve years and attracts millions of devotees to the place.TOURISM SECTOR 5. 8. has a wonderful temple dedicated to Sarada devi. 4. Sravanabelagola has a Jain temple dedicated to king Bahubali. several temples. Mysore. KRS Dam. Sringeri. The statue is massive and a Maha Masthaka Abhishekham performed one every year. Thanjavur has the famous Brihadeeswara temple. 8. Hampi the city of ruins (1500's when the Muslim kings destroyed the prosperous Vijayanagar empire). where nearby fortresses can be found (Tipu's). has palaces. The Belur and Halebid temples are famed for their sculptural beauty. is also significant for its history. a Hindu temple atop Chamundi hills. 7. Bangalore.  KARNATAKA The southern state of Karnataka offers: 1. 3.

tucked away in the southern corner of India. which has super-brand status. is one of the most beautiful states in Southern India. Kerala is also known for its Ayurveda. The major attractions in Kerala include: 1. tropical beaches and spice farms. Kodagu. Kerala is famous for its backwaters and lagoons. in Kerala. Shown here is Munnar. Backwaters. The state has its own tourism brand name .  KERALA-GOD'S OWN COUNTRY Kerala. Kemmanagundi all places of immense natural beauty. Talakaveri. It is one of the most haunted visits of tourists in India."God's Own Country". nicknamed as "God's own country". 54 . Madikeri.TOURISM SECTOR 9. lagoons. The government of Kerala offers tourism packages related to Ayurveda also.Kerala is an evergreen lush state. The state was nicked as one of the "10 paradises of the world" by the National Geographic traveller.

3. 4. meaning the Land of Rocks. The beauty of Maharashtra is in its forts. It has a lot to offer to a visitor. maharashtra  MAHARASHTRA Maharashtra with its diverse geographical features provides a range of tourist centres. Hill stations at Thekady and Munnar Enchanting waterfalls at Athirapilly and Vazhachal An exquisite flora and fauna at its wildlife santuries. so much so that it is called 'Dagd-Ancha Desh'. foreign trading vessels and invaders from across the seas. Its historical monuments. The housboats of Alapuzha. 5. caves and temples. 6. its features are such that any tourist will definitely find something of his interest from 55 . The state has a 720-km coastline dotted by rugs standing as mute witnesses down the ages to the march of warrior kings.TOURISM SECTOR 2.

Religious places like Pandharpur. Shirdi. Ganapatipule. It is also the centre of a healthy theatre culture. entrusted with the task of helping develop tourism infrastructure and promoting India as a tourist destination. travel-related services. bird sanctuaries etc. GOVERNMENT RELATED TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) was established in 1966 as an autonomous public sector corporation. Lively and pulsating. in-house travel agency. cities. Tuljapur. forts. Nashik. and entertainment and shopping. publicity. it is one of the world's truly great cosmopolitan metropolises. Ellora and Elephanta highlight the Indian heritage and the spellbinding Indian Culture. Bhimashankar etc are a refreshing experience and make a fascinating whole. Today. Being the economic powerhouse of India Mumbai is the most affluent and industrialised city in the country today. event management. temples. ITDC provides a complete package of tourism services including accommodation. Trimbakeshwar. can well claim to be (after Kolkata) the second cultural centre of India. Mumbai. the capital. caves. hotel consultancy. duty free shops. producing more films each year than any other county in the world. wildlife sanctuaries. 56 . Its tradition of glamour and showbiz makes it the city of dreams. catering. The intricately carved caves of Ajanta. Mumbai is India's answer to Hollywood.TOURISM SECTOR among its beaches. Also known as the First city of India.

TOURISM SECTOR Over the past four years. catering. THE CORPORATION'S ACTIVITIES Accommodation. THE TURNING POINT The turnover of the Corporation in 1998 . Conducted Tours.2002.2004 lakh at the end of the financial year 2001 . 57 . & such other service that have become essential for ensuring tourist infrastructure & service. From just providing information to tourists. Catering.99 was Rs. Sound & Light Shows. it has gone into serious business like accommodation. with a determination to show commendable performance. Eco-Tourism. Leisure Cruises & Pleasure Boating. Water Sports.328 lakh & this went on to become a whopping Rs. Tourism Infrastructure Development.a turnaround that no other tourism corporation in the country would have ever achieved in such a short time. The Corporation chalked out an action plan covering all these vital functions. Package Tours. Adventure Tourism. New Projects Implementation. The organizational structure of the corporation has also been recast keeping in mind the growth & result oriented development activity in all these spheres. Andhra Pradesh Development Corporation (APTDC) has added an array of function to its lists of tasks.

leisure places. 4 semi-sleepers. the Corporation has reset its goals to maintain the tempo & meet the ever .increasing challenges posed by such rapid development & resultant expectations. 58 . 11 mini vehicles. hills & valleys in Andhra Pradesh. TOURS CONDUCTED & PACKAGED TOUR: APTDC has given high priority to the second most important aspects in tourism development . The visitors from other states come to different destination in Andhra Pradesh. mini vehicles and Qualis MUVs. 1 vintage coach & 10 Qualis are being operated for Conducted & Packaged Tours from 8 Centres of Andhra Pradesh. to a vintage coach. semi sleepers and hi-tech coaches. 20 world famous Volvo coaches. 8 airconditioned hi-tech coaches. Most of these tours are provided with accommodation. OTHER STATE PACKAGE TOUR: The tour starting from other than Andhra Pradesh districts comes under Other State Packaged Tours.TOURISM SECTOR Keeping this performance in view.providing convenient conducted tours. nature spots. As many as 54 Tour Circuits covered by the Corporation encompass all major pilgrim Centres. At present 63 hi-tech coaches. Major expansion & revamping of the Transport Wing of the Corporation over the past three years have given a major thrust in this area. The transport fleet has a wide mix of vehicles ranging from Volvo A/C coaches. This augmented fleet has helped the Corporation introduce new tours and tour packages.

59 . The HPTDC arranges sports activities like skiing. Besides disseminating information's. and even exclusive dinner parties on the boat can be arranged. Para-gliding. it provides a complete package of tourism services. For instance. HPTDC also runs 62 restaurants and cafes. Its luxurious transport network makes this Mountain State easily accessible with a fleet of coaches. Tourist information centre are being run all over India and Himachal by HPTDC. catering. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) is a pioneer in the development of tourism infrastructure in Himachal. KARNATAKA STATE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION KSTDC whose second name has been Hospitality is the largest Travels Corporation of the State is a professionally run State Government Organization. both corporate & individual. river-rafting. Having the largest chain of finest hotels and restaurants in the State with nearly 57 hotels. institutions or those attending as delegates (& their spouses) at various conferences. trekking. accommodation and transport facilities. having 950 rooms and 2050 beds.TOURISM SECTOR CHARTERED SERVICES: APTDC can plan & organize leisure time activities for groups. employees from companies. Formed in 1972. including accommodation. Besides camping and tenting facilities in far flung tribal areas. transport and sports activities. boat rides on the launches. ice-skating and golf. vans and jeeps. serving a varied cuisine. including Himachal delicacies. All these properties are set in superb locations in the lap of nature. they provide reservation.

INDIA. CONTACT US KARNATAKA STATE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. J&K.nic. which is headed by the Director General of Tourism. KSTDC has ever been redefining the Hospitality. KARNATAKA. Kasturba Road. Monday through Saturday. 10/4. The attitude of never say no has made this a success. is the main developmental. Department of Tourism. Telephone: 91-080-2212901 / 2212902 / 2212903. KSTDC with its Conducted Tours across the state taking you to the Renowned Cities gives an insight to the blend of culture and growth. Bangalore .560 001.TOURISM SECTOR Established in 1971. This has mainly been possible with the team of Professionals who is been trained time and again to keep updated with the technology to offer better service. It has greatly been possible because of the healthy suggestions by the patrons of the arts and culture. Probably the most refreshing example of the Largest Democracy also brings the comfort of traveling with ultra. promotional and regulatory arm of the J&K Government. 60 .modern Aerotech Coaches.For General Information: infn@kstdcbng. KSTDC holds the mirror for the Karnataka’s art and culture. 10:00 am through 5:30 The Directorate of Tourism.kar. Fax: 91-080-2272580 e-mail:. {ISD} (Greenwich+5:30). who visit the State from different parts of the world.

and the Tourist Complexes. Rs 20 million are earmarked for promotion and marketing of various destinations through the print and electronic media. Hotels. The Directorate of Tourism is provided with and controls an Annual Plan • Budget. direct financial assistance is also given for conversion of residential houses as paying guest accommodation and for improvement of other facilities in the tourism sector.TOURISM SECTOR Its main role comprises of: • Overall planning and execution of schemes for the development. Regulation of the travel-trade by enforcement of provisions of J&K Registration of Tourist Trade Act. tour operators and travel writers from within the country and abroad to different parts of the State. Tourist Bungalows in various resorts. It operates and manages Government accommodation in Tourist Centres at Srinagar and Jammu. which organizes 61 . • • Promotion and marketing of various tourist destinations and products of the State. The Department also conducts Familiarization Tours of leading travel agents. as well as for sponsoring participation of the State's traveltrade delegations in various Travel Marts and Expos within the country and abroad. The Corporation also runs a Travel Division. The commercial activities in the tourism sector from the Government side are looked after by a public sector corporation know as the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (J&K TDC). On an average. Support to the private sector industry in the form of incentives for setting up various tourist facilities as well as for promotion and marketing of their products and services. up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State. The bulk of this amount is earmarked and utilized for providing incentives to the private-sector in the form of interest subsidy on loans advanced by various financial institutions for setting up or upgrading various tourism units. which averages Rupees 160 million. In addition.

to exotic destinations in India and abroad where everything is taken care of from beginning to end. They couldn't expect any less from the people who invented travel for leisure.TOURISM SECTOR package tours to various parts of the State and also arranges transport facilities for the tourists. Customers don't have to do a thing except. 62 . They provide services to customers at 4. have a good time. They offer the world's most enjoyable holidays. The Thomas Cook Holiday comes with a 150-year-old guarantee of eternally sunlit memories.000 people.500 locations in more than 100 countries and employee over 20. of course. PRIVATE TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA  THOMAS COOK (visited) Thomas Cook is one of the world's leading international travel and financial services groups and serves over 20 million customers a year.

aniversies and so on. she explained me how important it is to provide best services and make the tourist satisfied. Further about the segmentation of the company. corporate Travel. NewZealand. According to her views. like wishing them on the occasions like Birthdays. They have huge turnover in excess of 100 crores and has captured almost a big part of the tourism industry. VISIT REPORT TO THOMAS COOK In the afternoon conversation started with Ms. she said that they apply various strategies. Coxs And Kings. Australia. strategy. The tempting array of choices includes budget tours with Cosmos. group tours to various destinations like Europe. also about the special packages that are on discounts for families individuals packages as per the schemes. 63 . Cunard and others. is provided to customers. Asking about the competitors strategy. their major competitors being Keasri. Raj Travels and so on. age-group. resort holidays with Club Med and luxury cruises with Star Cruises. Etc. Anchal laungani Customer Relationship Executive. China and so on . About the additional value to tourists.TOURISM SECTOR They strategic mergers and alliances with the world's leading leisure travel agencies allow the company to offer the Indian travelers a choice of world-class international holidays. Speaking about Tourism. they provide the entire gamut of services from customizing guided tours to arranging theme evenings. She informed about their Strength of the company that “Sky is their Limit”. and so on. Thomas Cook. Egypt. And also providing extra facilities and special packages to regular customers. SOTC. Awards. In India. she replied that they provide various incentives and facilities like Group Tour. Cricket Matches. For those customers traveling in India. They provide the customer services as per the tourists’ desires. Incentive Tour. tourism sector is fast booming resulting in market competition among tour operator she spoke about various services offered like individual tours. she informed me that they have to look at the market level. seasons.

 KESARI TOURS Established in 1984. That's what they earned out of their beliefs.The motto of organization is 'No compromise on quality'. No hidden costs and no compromise on sightseeing.TOURISM SECTOR At last. they have made a promise to us. embassy support and givetake relations.Totally dedicated. hard working team 64 . which offers world-class holidays in India and around the world. talking about the Indian economy. they honor it. branch offices and preferred sales agents are connected online and each one has complete access to the sophisticated reservation system for up to date information. Kesari have perfected their tour itineraries to meet the special needs of the Indian tourist abroad. Also other important factors contributing to rising tourism sector are fall in air fares. Kesari Tours is a premium travel company. All their business associates. Whether travelers visit their corporate office or any of their branches across Maharashtra and India. if they make a promise to their customers. it is resulting in higher growth level of economy. At Kesari Tours. They believe in honest. she stated that. transparent deals. ease getting of visas. they will experience the same level of service and commitment. Immense goodwill. They strive for 100% satisfaction of tourists.

corporate travel. seasons. In india. china. She informed the strength of the company . she said that they apply various strategies. Asking about the competitors strategy. and so on . Dipti patil . anniversaries. and so on. Their personal touch ensures maximum repeat passengers. she spoke about various service offered like individual tours. Australia. tours to destinitions like Europe. 65 . About the additional value to tourists. she informed us that they have to look at the market level. cricket matches. Etc. they provide the customers service as per the tourists desires. raj travels and so on. And also providing extra facilities and special packages to the regular customers. cox and kings. from couples to families. their major competitors being Thomas cook. they have huge turnover and has captured almost a big part of the tourism industry.TOURISM SECTOR strives for total customer satisfaction. tourism sector is fast booming resulting in market competition among tour operators. retail service of kesari. like wishing them on the occasions like their birthdays. assistant manager. from youngsters to senior citizens. everyone enjoys their tours to the fullest. are provided to customers. new-zealand. she replied that they provide various incentives and facilities like group tours. According to her views. At Kesari tours. also about the special packages that are on discounts for families individuals packages as per the schemes. strategy. and so on. eygpt. she explained us how important it is to provide best services and make the tourist satisfied. Their team has a way of winning over hearts effortlessly with their professionalism and warm behavior. incentive tours. age-group. Speaking about tourism . Man Visit report to kesari In the attention conversation started with ms. Further about the segmentation of the company.

Tanzania. Qatar. she started that. First to introduce package tours to NRI's. It is also active in the Incentive Tours and the Trade Fair Tours segments. embassy support and givetake relations. UAE. talking about the Indian economy.000 frequent travelers. this division markets and operates foreign holiday packages under the SOTC World Famous Tours brand in India and in the big NRI markets of the Middle East. 2. Hong Kong and Singapore. Has a special tour for Pure Vegetarians and Jains. ease getting of visas. SOTC operates from 26 branches with over 400 employees in India. 4. Oman. UK. USA and UK. Canada. 66 . 13 General Sales Agents in 14 countries abroad: USA. A pioneer and market leader in outbound group travel. Launched Happy Holidays in 1997. Pioneered Package Tours in India. Kuwait. India's largest Outbound Tour Operator with a distribution network of 116 points across the country. Today. Today. Bahrain. also other important factors contributing to rising tourism sector are fall in air fares .  HIGHLIGHTS OF SOTC 1. Kenya. 3. it is resulting in higher growth level of economy .TOURISM SECTOR At last. Saudi Arabia. 5. Has a Customer Club called SOTC Holiday Club patronized by over 20. SOTC-A DIVISION OF KUONI TRAVEL INDIA LTD. Customers Holiday Abroad and Pay Later in easy monthly installments.

7. helped to shape it. including the Royal Cavalry. Cox & Kings stayed on and flourished. the British administration departed. Artillery and Infantry. Cox & Kings is a premium brand in all travel related services in the Indian subcontinent. The Royal Air Force came under its wings. By 1878. in its own way. as well as the Royal Wagon Train and the Household Brigade. In 1947. Cox & Kings was witness to an exciting era in Indian history. C&K were agents for most British regiments posted overseas. employing over 800 trained professionals. Awarded for Outstanding Performance in South Asia at the World Travel Mart 1999. Today. Honoured by Switzerland with the renaming of Engel berg town as the ' SOTC Indian Village '  COX & KINGS Cox & Kings is the longest established travel company in the world. Between 1750's and 1950's. The Royal Navy was next and in 1912. and. 67 . Introduced Namaste India Holiday Club in year 2002 giving opportunity to NRI's to discover India. 8.TOURISM SECTOR 6. but bound by strong ties to India. Its distinguished history began in 1758 when it was appointed as general agents to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the command of Lord Ligonier.

SINGAPORE. which were unheard of. Raj Travels introduced International tours. a pre-departure get-together. & building customer confidence.TOURISM SECTOR  Raj TRAVELS A passion for Travel & a vision for creating innovative travel packages. library. games on tour. and KUALA LUMPUR-the maiden tour was fully packed with 44 people!!! A big number in those it the choice of Hotels. two driving forces saw the beginning of a Travel Company in a very modest way in Mumbai’s Masjid Bunder. Awareness of the growing trends in travel trend. MACAU. This was their Unique Selling Point & it spoke for itself. PATTAYA. Customers chose it. or choice of Destinations.V & intercom. new attractions. mobile T. HONGKONG. PENANG. A quality product had to be with a high price tag. MANILA. The tremendous success & satisfaction of this tour paved way for Raj to hold its banner high & it continues to do so till date. In 3 years time (1979). innovative ideas. up to the demands of the more educated and savvy travelers. choice of Airlines. The aggressive marketing combined with several add-on features like inclusions of maximum sightseeing. using top class hotels. They are proud to say that year after year they have improved on the product. The growth & success can be attributed to its constant improvisation and introducing new features . BANGKOK. catering to good food. adding new destinations. Raj travels started with conducting & managing tours to Srinagar (the Switzerland of India) & to South India. were some of the inclusions. pro-active marketing. 68 .

Ride on MTR. Para Sailing. Ski flight. Dinners at Planet Hollywood. Rainforest Café. Hovercraft ride Safari. Submarin ride. the Singapore Zoo. only in a Raj Tour. Mt Rigi. 69 . James Bond Breakfast at Schilthorn. Balloon ride. Hard Rock Café. Mt Titlis. Kukenhof Gardens. Fantasia land. Madame Tussauds.TOURISM SECTOR Orlando. Holiday Park. Helicopter ride. Night all these and more were brought to the discerning traveller. TGV train ride. Dinner on 107th floor of World Trade Center.

due to the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. The visitors are pouring in from all over the world: Europe.TOURISM SECTOR BOOMING TOURISM INDUSTRY The year 2004-05 saw tourism emerging as one of the major sectors for growth of Indian economy. Southeast Asia and Australia. India's tourism industry is thriving due to an increase in foreign tourists arrivals and greater than before travel by Indians to domestic and abroad destinations. as tourist arrivals in India rose 23. tourism industry registered a growth rate of 17. 16. Agra for Taj Mahal. Interesting feature of this growth is that it has come even as global tourism has dropped.2%. Even the disastrous tsunami didn't affect India's tourism industry. Domestic tourists are also fueling the industry's revival. the number of Indians traveling has also increased. and the Iraq war. One of the major beneficiaries this year is Kashmir. Some tourists come from Middle East countries to witness the drenching monsoon rains in India. Foreign exchange earnings grew at an even higher rate 30. Similarly in the last year. where a cease-fire between India and Pakistan has reduced violence. the foreign exchange earnings increased from Rs. Among the most favoured tourist destinations in India.3% in foreign tourist arrivals. The disaster was expected to have a negative impact on 70 . Khujraho for its sculptures and temples. if not completely. at least enough to help revive the state's sagging tourism industry. which has been the highest in last 10 years. a phenomenon never seen in desert climates. At the same time. the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in East Asia.429 crore to 21. Kerala for its scenic beauty.5 percent in Dec 2004 and tourist arrivals crossed 3 million mark for the first time in 2004. Africa.828 crore up to December. Goa for its beaches and some pilgrimages are the most important. Many of them escape from the summer heat on the plains to resorts in the Himalayan Mountains.

development of integrated tourism circuits and rural destinations. Aggressive advertising campaign "Incredible India" by the government has also had contribution in changing India's image from that of a land of snake charmers. poultry. First. tourism has already emerged as an important segment of the Indian economy.  MEASURES TAKEN FOR TOURISM PROMOTION Recently. agriculture.  TOURISM’S CONTRIBUTION TO INDIAN ECONOMY It is not hidden that tourism is among India's important export industries. the upward trend observed in the growth rate of Indian economy has raised middle class incomes.) It is estimated that total direct employment in the tourism sector is around 20 million.TOURISM SECTOR India's tourism in terms of large-scale cancellations of tourists to India but nothing of that sort was seen. Indian government adopted a multi-pronged approach for promotion of tourism. tourism industry also provides employment to millions of people in India both directly and indirectly ( through its linkage with other sectors of the economy. Even with comparatively low levels of international tourist traffic. and sparking new interest among overseas travellers.  REASONS FOR THIS BOOM There could be several reasons for the buoyancy in the Indian tourism industry. handicrafts and construction. Besides being an important foreign exchange earner. special capacity building in the unorganized hospitality sector and new marketing strategy. Tourism also contributed to the economy indirectly through its linkages with other sectors like horticulture. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism during 2003-04 were US $ 3.429 crore). 71 . Also. India is booming in the information technology industry and has become the IT center.533 million ( Rs 16. which includes new mechanism for speedy implementation of tourism projects. prompting more people to spend money on vacations abroad or at home.

Indian Pavilion won the Best Booth Design Award as well as Best Folklore Performance Award competing with major players in tourism such as China. from Rs 325 crore in 200304 to Rs. restaurant owners and guides trained under the programme. Japan. cleanliness and warm hospitality through a process of training and orientation was launched during 2004-05. The aim was to rebuild that sense of responsibility towards tourists among Indians and reenforces the confidence of foreign tourist towards India as a preferred holiday destination. Incredible India campaign on prominent TV channels and in magazines across the world were among the few steps taken to advertise Indian tourism. In addition a task force was set up to promote India as prominent health tourism destination. Government also took several other initiatives to promote Indian tourism industry and increased the plan allocation for tourism i. More than 6500 taxi drivers. However. 500 crore in 2004-05. which added colours to the entire travel show. Thailand. India still needs to upgrade its airports. The live Yoga performance and Indian traditional snacks at the pavilion were enjoyed very much by the visitors 72 .e. Malaysia and Canada. in order to attract more visitors. Road shows in key source markets of Europe.TOURISM SECTOR A nation wide campaign. Multi promotional activities undertaken by Tokyo office drew a large crowd to India Pavilion. roads and other infrastructure to global standards. tourist arrivals are just a mere percentage of those in such popular Asian destinations like Bangkok and Thailand. The theme of pavilion was the Buddhist pilgrimage in India. The Korea’s leading newspapers published on the front page the Incredible India booth’s photographs highlighting various aspects. for creating awareness about the effects of tourism and preservation of our rich heritage & culture. Even with the recent surge.  RECENT DEVELOPMENT IN TOURISM INDUSTRY India Tourism office at Tokyo won two International Awards in Tour Expo held at Daegu in Korea for excellent tourism promotion.

50. The next year he chartered a train and steamer for an excursion to Scotland for 330 people. 73 . While Cook himself did not make a profit on this first venture. Thus the first bona fide travel agent was Thomas Cook.TOURISM SECTOR ARTICLE  TOURISM – THE FIRST COMMERCIAL VENTURE. he was a man of vision and was convinced that there was a need for a skilled “travel arranger”.000 visitors to the World Exposition in London and in 1856 he operated the first escorted “grand tour” of Europe. A religious Englishman called Thomas Cook in 1841 arranged. So by 1845 he had become the first full-time travel agent. for a fee. operating train excursions from Leicester. a one –day rail excursion from Leicester to Lough borough for 540 members of a temperance league. in 1872. the first around the world tour was conducted. In 1851 Cook arranged ocean steamship travel and accommodations for more than 1. Tours to Europe and Middle East were also conducted and.

kesari spans the indian ocean. with the present growth rate at around 8%. To maintain such a high growth rate and increase the employment opportunities also at the same rate.far east. Government of India has a target of 10% GDP growth rate. africa.TOURISM SECTOR CONCLUSION Wars. And. 74 . Infrastructure in India has improved but still it is far from what is required to become a world tourist destination. which is a major obstacle to the tourism industry. Another one is the infamous corruption of India. it has to exploit the highly potential and growing sectors like Tourism. Operating in more than 100 destinitions in india and 1000 world wide. Questionaire Kesari tours & travel Interview with: dipti patil (assistant manager) What kind of tours you offer? Kesari today has to its credit. But. these are not the elementary problems. problems related to these sectors should be addressed along with the fundamental issues like infrastructure and corruption. Infrastructure is one primary problem to many industries in India. middle east. to fully exploit these sectors. tsunami and bird flu etc. a substaintial portfolio of holiday destinations in india and domestics and international. are serious problems that have a significant affect on tourism.Resolving these issues will itself help in overcoming other smaller problems mentioned above.

3) 75 . but our main office is in mahim. l. thane.j.TOURISM SECTOR north america and australia. road. kolhapur. 2)where is your main branch? Office of kesari is located in most of all famous cities. nagpur. they have opened our house in mahim because it is the heart of mumbai. Branches of kesari are in pune. ahmdabad. Kesari offers domestic as well as international tours. banglore. Great value holidays coupled with exclusive specialist knowledge and extensive personalised service. hydrabad.


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