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y name is Stacie Park, and I am a current student at an international school in Seoul, Korea. My goal is to communicate and express my passion for music through skill, sentiment, and my own color. I honestly am not 100% sure of following this path of career yet, but am enthusiastic about it. So following this career plan will help me reach my goal of expression my passion for music. College/university I would like to attend a university that focuses on the arts, and has strong departments for music and the performing arts. I'm planning on majoring in violin and minoring in music theory to gain a better understanding of and appreciate exactly am I making music with. Starting out I'm planning on continuing my violin studies and of course training (with professors and independent practice), while I strive to gain recognition and experience by seeking opportunities to perform in concerts, high level (broad around the globe) competitions, and maybe even become part of an orchestra, chamber orchestra, or some kind of ensemble that would hopefully become famous. Also, I'm not sure if I would like to go into the teaching path of my violin career, but if so, starting to coach younger students is ideal. I'm not sure if there's an official job position as a student-teacher for the violin, but this would help me to learn as I get a hands on experience on teaching. Growing in my career It would be excellent if I could keep training myself though lessons with professors, private practice, and

College/ university

Starting Out

Growing in my career


reach the ultimate stage of earning various degrees, like Bachelors to Masters. I might have to travel and move to countries where music is prominent, like Germany, and develop my violin skill and insight through being exposed to different settings, views, and styles. Ultimate In the end (at least in my opinion), a musician has two ways they could follow. A touring, famous soloist/member of an ensemble or a teacher. I am strongly hoping that if I choose this career, I would end up with the touring, famous soloist/member of an ensemble. As a well-known performer, I would basically perform, (hopefully) inspire many, and tour the world. Now that I think again, a musician would most likely comfortably settle into teaching/coaching in their later years. If that were to happen to me, I would do that, but also make sure to be a part of some ensemble as to not limit my position as only a professor.

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High School Degree College Degree in Music Violin Debut Concert soloist Violin teacher Concertmistress of Korean Philharmonic Violin professor of Julliard

Qualities to be a success: Determination Meticulous Passionate