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Mangalik-Mangal DoshOne may be mangalik but it is not correct to say that in every case there exist Mangal(Mars) dosh.

On other hand it should not be neglected.As per KP there exist Marsh Dosh if Mars is in own star or in star of SUN and Mars is in 1 or 4 or 7 or 8 or 12 from ascendant. But from traditional astrology there is no Mars-dosham in any of the following c ase and Mars does not harm. Mars DOSHAM The great Saint-Astrologers of ancient times mentioned in a slokam : ARKA, INDU KSHETHRA JATHANAM KUJA-DOSHO NA VIDYATHAE; SVA, UTCHA, MITHRA BHAJATHAANAM PEEDK O NA BHATH KUJA : 1. If Mars is in his own house; Mesham (Aries) and Vruschikam (Scorpio) are own houses for Mars 2. If Mars stays in one of his friends houses, Kuja dosahm is not applicable; Kar katakam (Cancer) is own house of Moon (Chandra); Simham (Leo) is own house of Ra vi (Sun); Dhanasu (Sagittarius) and Meenam (Pisces) are own houses of Guru (Jupi ter). 3. If Mars is in the own house of Sani; namely Makaram (Capricorn) and Kumbham ( Aquarius). 4. Mesham (Aries), Karkatakam (Cancer), Thula (Libra), and Makaram (Capricorn) a re movable signs (chara-raasis); if Mars stays in one of these houses and that c hara-raasi (house) is 1, 2,4, 7, 8, 12th house from the house of birth (Lagnam) or the house of moon (raasi) or the house where Sukra (Venus) stays, there is no Kuja-dosham; Mars does not harm. 5. If Moon and Kuja are together in the same house, there is no Kuja dosham. 6. If Sani (Saturn) & Kuja (Mars), or if Kuja & Raahu or if Kuja & Kethu pair in same house. 7. If Mars & Guru (Jupiter),or Mars & Budha (Mercury) are together in the same h ouse. Or if Guru or Budha are aspecting (seeing) Mars. 8. If a person is born in Karkatakam (Cancer), or Simham (Leo), or Makaram (Capr icorn) lagna 9. If Mars is in 2nd house from the houses of Guru (Jupiter), Budha (Mercury) or Sani (Saturn). 10. If Sani (Saturn) is aspecting (seeing) Mars (Kuja). 11. If lagnam (birth house) or Moon (Chandra) or Sukra (Venus) is in the houses of Venus (Sukra), Vrushabham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra), and if Mars is in 4th or 7th house from the above. 12. If Mars is in 2nd or 12th house from lagnam (ASC) or Chandra (Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and those houses are own houses of Budha (Mercury), Mithunam (Gemini) o r Kanya (Virgo). 13. If Mars (Kuja) is in 4th or 7th or 12th house from Lagnam (ASC) or Chandra ( Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and those houses are own houses of Sukra (Venus), Vrushab ham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra). 14. If Mars is in 8th house from lagnam, or Moon or Venus and that 8th house is the own house of Guru (Jupiter), Dhanasu (Sagittarius) or Meenam (Pisces). 15. The 7th house from lagnam (birth house=ASC=ascendant) is the house of spouse (kalathra); if Mars (Kuja) is in 7th house, the spouse may die in periods of Ku ja (Mars). If that 7th house is Mesham (Aries) or Karkatakam (Cancer) or Vruschi kam (Scorpio) or Makaram (Capricorn), no Kuja-dosha Well-known astrologers of present times, Relangi, Tangirala, Pidaparthi Poornaih wrote in their Panchangams (Ephemeris) and books, that Kuja-dosham is not appli cable if there is Kuja dosham from lagnam and from Moon house and Venus house al l three houses in same horoscope