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October 2011

Women’s Bible Study The Women's Bible Study will be changing their format starting Wed, October 5. They will only meet for an hour, Thank you, Pastor Dean and Marvalyn, for sharing your kindness and wisdom with us! 6:30-7:30 pm, with the leaders and hosts already chosen for the rest of the study. Drink and bars will be provided at Sue Koster's in October and Claire Handorf's in NovemTO OUR PASTOR ber. The study will be finished November 16th. Our God has sent you to this place To lead us in the way Attention Committee Members That He would have us work and think Charge Conference Is Just Around the Corner. If you are a And live from day to day. committee chair, Cimber Strayer has probably already conNo matter the hour, whatever the need, tacted you regarding our Annual Charge Conference. The You go the extra mile deadline for articles is October 9th. This deadline is very Always ready and willing to share important to give Cimber sufficient time to prepare the A comforting thought and a smile. detailed packets. If your help is needed in filling out We're grateful that you're here with us forms, Cimber will contact you. Our Charge Conference is To teach us from His word, scheduled for Sunday, November 20, at 4:00 pm at GladAnd we will try to do our best brook UM Church with Garwin also attending. Everyone, In service of our Lord. please plan to attend. We thank you for your ministry, Your guidance and Your care. Bridal Shower His greatest blessings for your life Chapel church ladies are sponsoring a “green” bridal showIs our most humble prayer. er for Mackenzie Bishop and Beau Waddell. Please put Author Unknown your card and/or monetary gift in the envelope on the back bulletin board or give to Kathryn Burt by October 9. We are not planning to have an actual sit-down shower. Church Family Supper We finally made it! Storm, none; power, on; weather, good; food, delicious; helpers, excellent; time with family and friends, priceless. We may not have been able to have our annual Ice Cream Social, but we were still able to gather together and rejoice in the fact that everyone in our church family was safe and well. We chose to have some of our dinner reflect the Social but not be EXACTLY the same. It was good to see a few purple shirts floating around that night. Although the ice cream may have been a little soft, everyone was able to at least have a taste of it this year. Thanks to everyone for their help with the dinner. There are still a few items that are available for purchase. Remember to make your check out to the church and mark it "Ice Cream Social" and give it to Jim Fleming. Now on a final note, thank you EVERYONE for being so kind and understanding through all of this. We enjoyed planning the Social and came oh-so-close to being able to have it. Can't say we enjoyed "un-planning" it. Then in "re-planning" it we had so many conflicts we decided to go with church family and helpers rather than community. It turned out just fine with a good crowd, everyone enjoying themselves and each other. We'll hope for better weather next year - and hopefully back to June as well. Thank you for all your support throughout these last few months. Ice Cream Social Committee: Leon/Carol Lamer, Lee/Patti Cornwell; Jim/LeAnn Fleming; Dan/Trish Steen; Barb Burt & Cheri Richter, Advisors

October is Clergy Appreciation Month

Jr. Sunday School Promotion Sunday
Promotion Sunday was held August 28. We have about 51 students in Sunday School, and 31 teachers in the Junior Sunday School classes. Wow! Jr SS Supt pro-tem Sue Koster introduced the children, who played the song, We Gather Together, with their bells. Thank you, Marla Hlas, for leading the song. Last year’s teachers and helpers received laminated bookmarks with their names, a teacher’s prayer, and a candy bar. First grader Wyatt Jackson’s parents came up front to present him with a Bible. Afterwards, the Fellowship Hall was full as we enjoyed rolls and drink. Thank you to the Volunteers for serving the lunch. Students are encouraged to put stickers on an attendance chart when they come to opening exercises at 9:30 am each Sunday. They may also put stickers on if they go to a different Sunday School. We hope many of our children will make it a weekly habit to head to Chapel. A big thank you to Junior Sunday School Superintendent Heidi Langenbau for her leadership.

Mission Trip The Chapel Missions Committee is planning a summer mission trip to Belize, Central America, in July-August of 2012. We will be part of a work project at Cayo Deaf Institute, as well as visiting homes and churches in the Spanish Lookout area. The mission trip is open to high school youth and adults who are willing to get out of their comfort zones and grow in their relationship with the Lord. Regular mission team meetings will begin in November and will continue once per month until departure in July of 2012. If you were unable to attend the meeting on October 2nd that’s ok. Please let Randy or Susan Beichley know if you are interested in joining the mission team. Randy and Susan Beichley, mission team coordinators Mission Committee Notes The missions committee met on September 4th with a full agenda including: • A meal furnished by Cheri Richter, Tammy Burt and Susan Beichley followed by an opening time of prayer. • Report and evaluation of the visit from the deaf students from CDI in Belize. • Appointing members to present “Mission Minutes” each month. • Reviewing the annual mission budget which was increased to $4,300 this year. • Plans for a 17 day mission team to Belize in July/August 2012. An exploratory meeting for anyone remotely interested in participating will be held after church on October 2 with a meal furnished. • Welcoming adults for short –term mission work in Belize in the winter. • Reiterating support for those participating in short term mission work in Ghana • Expanding our support for local projects such as: • The House of Compassion and especially in helping to restock their supply closet. • Mid Iowa Workshops where tours to study their work will be available for the congregation • Studying the possibility of one day projects with Habitat for Humanity • Plans to have a “Mission Corner” on the church blog site. • The next meeting was scheduled for 9 AM on December 11. • A group prayer for closing.

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Chapel Email The Chapel Church email address ( is a great way to stay in touch during the week with our Chapel family and friends. Many find this is a very handy way to share exciting news, prayer requests or announcements about activities happening at Chapel. If you would like to be added to the list, please let Linda Svendsen know at Please keep this email address for future references and limit the number of “forwards” that are sent to this address as some people are unable to open them. Thank you! Invitation for Women The First United Methodist Women's Annual Harvest Tea will be on Sunday, October 9 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. @ the First United Methodist Church in Marshalltown. The program will begin in the sanctuary. The theme this year is Vintage Clothing modeled by local models from FUMC. Diane Blatt from Manchester, Iowa will be presenting her Vintage Clothing Collection. A Free Will Offering will be taken for local, regional, and world mission projects. A Harvest Tea will follow in Fellowship Hall with a Hat Theme. Attendees will be invited to wear their own hat if the wish. Come join us for this fun and fellowship!! Aerobics Class in Garwin Marci Krull has started her Aerobics classes. Classes will be on Thursday evenings from 7-8 pm and on Saturday mornings from 8-9 am at the GMG high school in the old gym. Cost is $5 per class attended for adults and $3 for high school students or you can get punch cards (10 classes for price of 9 so $45/ adult and $27/student). Attend as many or as few classes as you can. All are welcome!! Even if you can’t start now, come later. The routines are very easy & we have modifications for all fitness levels! Just bring water and a towel or mat. Annual Charge Conference Our new district superintendent, Jackie Bradford, will lead Charge Conference on Sunday, November 20, at 4 pm at the Gladbrook UM Church. Garwin and Chapel UM church members are also invited. Committee chairmen should already be working on required forms. Please return the completed forms to Cimber Strayer by October 9th. The nominations committee has been working on their slate of nominees and will present them at Church Conference. Chapel officers and chairmen of committees are especially encouraged to attend but everyone is welcome.

Church Attendance Aug 28: 111 Sept 4: 99 Sept 11: 104 Sept 18: 79 Sept 25: 76

1st LeAnn (Appelgate) Gaulke 2nd Jeff & Shannon Hellie, Jeff & Cimber Strayer 6th Misty Lynch, Emily Havelka 7th Ken & Brenda Arnote, Samuel Bandstra 8th Rebecca Schrodt, Cheri Richter, Ryan & Carrie Hook 9th LeAnn Fleming, John Richter, II. 10th Charity (Little) Bandstra, Jon McMartin, Wade Lookingbill, Tyson Strayer, Presley Bland 11th Jim Fleming, Andy Lynch, Aaron Fleming 12th John & Cheri Richter 13th Bradd McMartin, Ken Arnote 14th Merle Appelgate 15th Donald Mann, Doug & Linda Svendsen, Todd Richter 18th Claire Handorf, John Fleming, Jim Little, Fred Yergler, Tyler Wiese, Ronda (Groth) Drahozal 19th Doug Beane 20th Doug Lynch, Kyle & Krysti Krull 21st Karen Collins 22nd Ann (Koster) Schaffer 23rd Cooper Langenbau 24th Kaleb Appelgate 25th Samuel Messerly 28th Drew Ferkin 29th Don Carlon, Philip Ormston 30th Carol Burt, Robert McMartin, Diana Collins 31st Sonya Beichley
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October 2011

DidYouKnow Know… Know

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Darlene Koster recently resigned as church custodian. The trustees have hired Lynda Miell to replace her. Thank you, Darlene, for your family’s many years of service. Doug Beane had the worship message Aug 28 on “Investments.” We raised $330 on Baseball Sunday for missions. Doug Hlas passed his courses and test to become a Reserve Deputy for Tama County – Congratulations! Harriett Fleming’s entire family was together recently! A few quarts of ice cream are left in garage. Congratulations to Chapel -affiliated students on GMG’s Homecoming Court: seniors Emily Havelka, Chris Read, queen Melody Beane, Morgan Burt and Austin Groth. Many other talented students participated in the festivities as well. There are 50 Chapel cookbooks for sale, $15 each. Great Christmas gifts! Contact Marci Krull if you’d like to take her kickboxing/pilates classes. Nicole Svendsen, Steve & Judy's daughter won the Jr. varsity 2000 CrossCountry race for Dowling the 17th at Ames.

The YF Hayride will be Sunday, October 30th. The hayride will begin at 6:00 PM at the church. We will ride around Gladbrook Lake stopping at Havelka’s cabin and returning to the church at approximately 8:30 PM. If you can’t come to the hay ride please let us know or bring your food item to the church ahead of time. Thanks! Please bring the following items: Emily Havelka: Hot water for hot chocolate & condiments Tyler Krull: Bars/Cookies Morgan, Logan & Mackenzie Burt: 3 packages of hotdogs Siera Richter: 2 packages of hotdogs Summer and Cole Langenbau: 3 packages of hotdog buns Shannon Fleming: Bars/Cookies Sierra & Chase & Noah Winters: 3 packages of hotdog buns Madelyn & Bryce Newcomb: 2 bag of chips Matthew Carlon: 1 bag of chips Abby Kulhavy: 6 Hershey chocolate candy bars Jacob Burt: 6 Hershey chocolate candy bars Mikaella and Blayne Koster: 2 bags of marshmallows Derek and Devan Mann: 1 box of graham crackers & 6 Hershey chocolate candy bars Jake Hlas: 1 can of hot chocolate mix Chad Plaehn: Cups for hot chocolate Tyson Strayer: Plates and spoons CROP Walk The annual CROP Walk will be Sunday, October 9. All people are invited to walk on Gladbrook’s Bike Trail. The Walk starts at 2:00 pm at Peace Church in Gladbrook. Chapel will provide supper which will be furnished afterwards. If you would like to donate to CROP to help poverty-stricken countries throughout the world, please give your donation to Dee Burt, Shauna Smith or any YF member. All the families of YF are asked to bring a pan or bars or cookies for the Crop Walk. We are furnishing the treats for all the walkers that day at Peace Church. We also need a volunteer to bring drinks for that day. If you are willing please let Dee know. If you are unable to walk that day please bring the bars or cookies to church by that morning. We will meet at the church at 1:30 to ride to Peace Church. Hope to see you there!

College Addresses Phillip Fleming 4113 Fredericken Court Ames, IA 50010 Eli Odle NCU 0869 910 Elliott Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55404

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The Ladies Cemetery Aid met Wednesday, September 14, 2011 in the Church Parlors. President Kathryn Burt called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Jo Svendsen led devotions with the poem, “A Smile” and closed with the prayer, “Silence of Divine Presence”. Roll call was answered by seven members, answering “My Favorite Kitchen Appliance.” The minutes of the July meeting were read and approved. No correspondence was received. Treasurer Shirley Svendsen gave the treasurer’s report for July and August: which was accepted and filed. Old Business: The center drive is completed and is slightly wider than the old one. We will check to see if we will need new holes for the markers. Carolyn Kloster was given permission to remove peonies in the east fence line. New Business: We will have no new income this year because the ice cream social was cancelled. Committee Reports: • Funomics this month is $.25 if you voted in the school board election yesterday, and $.50 if you didn’t. • One card has been sent.

Our Circle of concern:
• • • • • • •

• •

• •

The October meeting will be held as scheduled in the program book. Kathryn closed the meeting with a quote from Harry Drummond. Shirley Svendsen • entertained with a trivia quiz that stumped most of us. Jo Svendsen served an autumn ice-cream/sherbet dessert from a table decorated with old school books.

Respectfully submitted, Vivian LeVier, Secretary

Safety of farmers during harvest Students as they return to school Safety of our student drivers Soldiers and chaplains Pastor Dean, ministry and health Cindy Ormston, chemo treatments Jace Hlas, possible upcoming surgery to lengthen heel cord Steve Bishop, recuperating from eye surgery Aug 26 Matthew Burt, foot injury and surgery for broken nose Tyson Strayer & Jacob Burt, concussions Ann Jackson’s sister recuperating from corneal transplant Aug 29 Carol Lamer’s sister’s house burned down recently Dan Steen’s brother’s wife, Susan, recent kidney surgery

Operation Christmas Child Chapel is invited to participate in Operation Christmas Child ( again this year. You may take as many of the 60 flattened 10 ½” x 6 ¼” shoe boxes as you like, fill them with supplies, and return them to the narthex by November 6. Please take labels that indicate if the box is for a boy or girl and ages 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14. Most of our boxes will go to Haiti, a warm-weather country; however, the boxes are given to needy children and their family members all over the world. You may view the DVD that is enclosed in the green folder. Gift suggestions include: School – pens, pencils, sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps & ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators, coloring & picture books; Toys – small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, small Etch a Sketch, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), Slinky; Hygiene Items – toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in a plastic bag), comb, washcloth; Other – hard candy & lollipops (double bag all candy), mints, gum, T-shirts, socks, ball camps, sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries). Do NOT include war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures; chocolate or food; liquids or lotions like hand sanitizers; breakable items; or aerosol cans. In a separate envelope, you may write a note to the child and a picture of yourself or your family. If you include your name & address, the child may write back. Place a rubber band around each closed shoe box. If possible, please donate $7 per box to cover shipping & other project costs, or it’s possible a church organization may want to donate the shipping costs. You may write one check for all the boxes. Marilyn Willits, 641-486-2244 from Evangelical Free Church, Marshalltown, is one of the coordinators. The boxes, which are in the narthex, should be returned by Sunday, November 12, to E Free Church. Over 8.5 million boxes will be given out to needy children all over the world. We hope Chapel is successful in filling all 60 boxes!

October 2011

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Chapel Volunteer Minutes
Chapel Volunteers met Thursday, September 8th, 7:00 p.m. at Kathryn Burt’s home. Members present were Karen Handorf, Connie Appelgate, Lori Odle, Cynthia Ormston, Carol Lamer, Janice Collins, Phyllis Mann, Kathryn Burt, Claire Handorf, Carolyn Kloster and Tricia Steen. President, Karen Handorf called the meeting to order. Janice Collins read stories of the children who were born in 2011 & fathers were killed on 9-11. Janice then led the group in prayer remembering those lost on 9-11. Old business • Treasurer, Connie Appelgate read the Treasure’s Report which was approved. • Correspondence Secretary, Phyllis Mann reported she had sent 24 cards in the last six months. • Bills: Claire Handorf made the motion & Janice Collins 2nd that the Volunteers give $20.00 to Phyllis Mann to purchase cards and postage for the next six months. Motion carried. The group discussed if card/gift suggestions for Volunteer members and senior citizens should be updated (please see below). Connie Appelgate made the motion and Claire Handorf 2nd that hospitalized Volunteer member’s gift be changed from $10-15.00 to $20.00 floral gift. Funeral member/spouse be changed to ‘Chapel family’ member death to receive $10.00. A hospital visit was defined as an in-patient hospital stay and out-patient hospital visit. Motion carried. Claire Handorf made a motion & Lori Odle 2nd that the Senior Citizen memorial be changed from a Volunteer member to anyone in the ‘Chapel family’ to receive $10.00. Motion carried. • Cookbooks: There are ~50 on hand. They make great wedding/shower gifts. $15.00 each. • Thanks go to Kathryn Burt, Connie Appelgate and Sue Koster on the Sunrise Breakfast during Easter. They served 96 people. New business • Corner Stone Church in Ames will be presenting a humorous play for the Christmas holiday. November 2nd the tickets go on sale. The program is being presented on December 8/9/10 and December 15/16/17. A sign-up sheet will be passed during church service during November for those who want to attend. Karen Handorf will order the tickets for the presentation. Claire Handorf made the motion that we attend December 10th and that Karen should order the tickets. Connie Appelgate 2nd. Motion carried. Due to the Harvest Dinner Theatre being presented this fall the hayride/progressive dinner will be canceled. • A ‘green’ shower is planned for Mackenzie Bishop. Mackenzie asked Volunteers to prepare and serve the reception after the wedding, Saturday, October 15th being held at Chapel Church. The group agreed to prepare and serve the meal. • Christmas Caroling: Kathryn Burt made the motion Volunteers go caroling again this year on Sunday, December 4th @ 2:30 then gather at Zeno’s Pizza. Connie Appelgate 2nd the motion. Motion carried. • Food baskets for Caroling: Claire Handorf made the motion we purchase boxed candies and forgo the baked items as has been given as a gift in the past. Claire will pick up the boxed candies. Connie Appelgate 2nd the motion. Motion carried. • Gladbrook Festival of Trees: Organizations of the Gladbrook area decorate Christmas trees which are placed for citizens to enjoy above the Community Center. Karen Handorf asked the group if they would like to participate and decorate a tree for Chapel Church. Cynthia Ormston made the motion that we decorate a Christmas tree. Claire Handorf, Carol Lamer and Tricia Steen will decorate. Carol Lamer 2nd the motion. Motion carried. • Hanging of the greens: Claire Handorf made the motion, after Harvest Home Dinner on November 20th the same committees as last year decorate the church. Lori Odle 2nd the motion. Motion carried. De-hanging of the greens: Decorations need to be down by January 8th. Same group that put the decorations up will be responsible to take them down. • Garwin Methodist Church may ask Volunteer’s to make bars for their live nativity. The group discussed if they wanted to participate. They decided if the Garwin church asks we would help provide bars. • Senior Citizen Dinner: November __ . Volunteers will provide the dinner at Chapel Church. • Next meeting: March 8th at Cynthia Ormston’s home 7:00 p.m., Refreshments: Karen Handorf, Devotions: Carolyn Kloster Karen Handorf read a saying by May West: ‘saving love doesn’t make any interest’. Thanks to Kathryn Burt and Phyllis Mann for the lunch and being hostess. Card and Gift Suggestions for Volunteers and Senior Citizens Edited 9-2011 Respectfully submitted, Tricia Steen 50th wedding anniversary $20-25 plant or equal value
Volunteers Treasurer’s Report Beginning balance: January to August 2011 Income: Cookbooks Expenses: Anniversary gift Memorial gift (Zeal Bessman, Vonnie Lynch) Stamps & cards Sunrise breakfast Total Expense Balance: 8-31-2011 $1,750.48 145.00 21.78 20.00 20.00 79.50 $141.28 $1,754.20

Baby of member Hospital Volunteer member Chapel Family death Sympathy community member Hospitalized family living @ home Birthday/anniversary older than Volunteer age

$10-15 $20 oral gi $10 card card card

in-pt & out-pt)

Chapel UMW met Thursday, September 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the church. Jo Svendsen opened the program with the group singing the hymn, “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies.” She introduced our Shepherdess, Joyce Bruene, who informed us of events and items of interest to UMW. The MEE (Mission Education Event) will be held October 21-23 at MCC in Marshalltown. The topics are the same as for July’s School of Christian Mission: Spiritual Growth study of Reconciliation, Geographic study of Haiti, and Social Issue of Global Christianity. She shared with us her new Bible, developed especially for United Methodist Women, which includes stories of women in the Bible. The NE District Annual meeting will be September 15 at Charles City Trinity UMC. Local UMW units are to bring items for the Clothing Closet at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women. Chapel UMW is particularly interested in this project since we toured the Institution in 2010. Joyce will accept items at her home if we are unable to attend the meeting. Joyce shared two selections from the book, “When God Winks at You,” about actors Tim Conway and Don Knotts. She challenged us to recognize situations in our lives when God is “winking” at us. She closed the program with a prayer from the UMW Bible. President Kathryn Burt called the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m. The UMW Purpose was read in unison. Eleven members and one guest answered roll call by telling about something in their neighborhood. The secretary’s minutes from the July meeting were read and approved. Correspondence included a thank you from Cindy Ormston for the roses sent from UMW and for all the notes and cards sent to her during her recuperation from surgery. Shirley Svendsen gave the treasurer’s report, which was approved as presented. Janice presented a bill from the Cards and Flowers committee. Motion by Carolyn, second by Myrene to pay the bill. Karen Handorf and Janice Collins reported from the Cards & Flowers committee. Janice had visited Lenora Burry and asked we continue to remember Pastor Gene and Lenora in prayer. There was no Spiritual Growth Report. There was no old business. New business: • Election of officers: The following slate of officers and special chairpersons was elected by unanimous ballot on a motion by Nominating Committee Chair Jo Svendsen and seconded by Karen Handorf: President: Susan Beichley, Vice-President: Sue Koster, Secretary: Carolyn Kloster, Treasurer: Shirley Svendsen, Membership Nurture/Outreach: Claire Handorf & Lois Groth, Social Action: Carolyn Kloster, Education and Interpretation: Karen Collins, Spiritual Growth: Marcia Wiese, Historian: Kathryn Burt, Nominating Committee Chair: Karen Handorf (12), Carolyn Kloster (13), Cindy Krull (14) • There will be a program-planning meeting on October 6 at 6:15 p.m. at the church for all UMW officers.

• • •

For the NE District Annual Meeting of the UMW at Charles City on September 15, there is to be one salad furnished per car of those attending. October 1 will be the Iowa Conference UMW Annual Meeting at Clear Lake Trinity UMC. MEE will be held October 21-23.

Discussion was held on mission projects. It was agreed to furnish a suitcase with items needed by women leaving the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchellville. A list of items needed will be included in the church newsletter. Motion by Claire, seconded by Susan, that we also give $100.00 to the House of Compassion for supplies. Motion carried. Prayer requests were received. Kathryn read scripture from I John 4:15 and closed the meeting with prayer. A delicious apple cake dessert was served by Claire Handorf and Susan Beichley on tables decorated with apples and “back to school” theme. Secretary, Susan Beichley UMW OFFICERS MEETING All officers and chairpersons of UMW will meet at 6:15 p.m. at the church on Thursday, October 6, for program planning. The regular meeting will follow at 7:00 p.m. UMW TO MEET The UMW will meet Thursday, October 6, at 7:00 p.m. at the church. Karen Collins and Marcia Wiese will have the program. Roll call is, “Describe an event you’ll never forget from your school days.” Lois Groth will give the Social Action report. Hostesses for the evening are Jo Svendsen and Donna Lynch.

• • • • • • •

Looking Ahead Sat, Nov 5: Daylight Savings Time; turn back clocks tonight Sun, Nov 6: Ad Council; Kathryn & Dee Burt, lunch TBA Nov Dinner Theater, Marla Hlas chair Sun, Nov 13: 9:30 am Sunday School election Sun, Nov 20, all-church Harvest Home potluck, Hanging of Greens afterwards; 4 pm, Charge Conference at Gladbrook UMC with Garwin & Chapel; all encouraged to attend and to meet new District Superintendent Jackie Bradford Nov 27-Dec 18: Advent Study during SS Dec 4, 2:30 pm: Caroling ~ meet at 2:30 at the church. Pizza at Zeno’s around 6 pm

October 2011

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Administrative Council Meeting
Allen Burt, chair of Nurturing committee, called Chapel’s Administrative Council meeting to order at 12:30 pm on September 11, 2011. He opened with prayer and thanked Carolyn Kloster, Lori Odle and Sue Koster for preparing the lunch and Phyllis Mann, Tricia Steen and LeAnn Fleming for cleaning up the kitchen. Those present were Pastor Dean, Allen Burt, Cimber Strayer, Heidi Langenbau, Vaugn Kloster, Carolyn Kloster, Lori Odle, Leon Lamer, Jeff Koster, Nancy Peshel, Kathryn Burt, Jim Fleming, Dean Messerly, Sarah Beane, Dan Beane, Doug Svendsen, Dan Steen, Donald Mann, Dee Burt, and Sue Koster. The minutes were approved as printed in the Chapel Chimes. Church treasurer Jim Fleming gave his report. The average offerings included June $1349; July $1260; and August $2210. • Pastor Dean is looking forward to Advent and suggested we have a five-week Advent study called “The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem.” The sessions would be held during Sunday School from November 27 – December 18. We would meet as a large group to view the DVD and then break into smaller groups. Dan Steen moved to accept the pastor’s recommendation for the study. Dee Burt seconded and motion passed. It was decided that the Sunday School would pay for each youth book and that each adult would pay for their own book. Pastor Dean will be in charge of the arrangements. • Leon Lamer, trustee chair, reported that two insurance checks have been received and that the cemetery paving is completed. He will have a sign-up sheet for jobs that need completed around the church, such as painting. Thanks to the congregation in advance for their help. Leon is getting quotes to redo the brick on the outside announcement structure, which requires additional repair. Lynda Miell is Chapel’s new custodian, and she will record how many hours each week she works. We appreciate the Gary Koster family for their many years of service. Vaugn Kloster mentioned that the plastic cover on the altar is broken, and Sue Koster will check on getting it replaced. Carolyn Kloster showed the group the new Advent and Christmas altar cloths, and she will be ordering oil-filled Advent candles, all part of the Richard Fleming memorial. Pastor Dean is planning to recognize all of the recent memorials. Please give Leon a note of your family’s memorial gift details if it has been since the Fellowship Hall was built. Shirley Svendsen, Connie Appelgate and Donna Lynch will work with Pastor Dean and Leon for the memorial recognition. Leon would like the Administrative Council’s approval for the names of who can write checks from Chapel as there are four different accounts. • PPR chair, Doug Svendsen, noted that Pastor Dean will be here through December 18 and then to Florida during January and February. Jennifer Daniel will preach those two months as well as September 18, and Dee Burt will share her Ghana experiences September 25. Our new district superintendent, Jackie Bradford, will speak on January 22. Charge Conference will be November 20 at Gladbrook United Methodist Church at 4:00 pm with the Garwin UM Church. Please join us as we would like a large crowd. • Dee Burt, YF leader, thanked all of those who helped with the YF trip to Ponto Lake, including the drivers and devotion leader. Twenty-five attended, plus Dan & Sarah Beane and the three from Belize. The YF Fall Kickoff Dinner will be Sunday, September 25, at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. CROP Walk will be October 9, and all walkers, young and old, are encouraged to meet at Peace Church, Gladbrook, at 2:00 pm. Chapel YF’ers will be in charge of the refreshments. October 30 will be the YF hayride at Havelka’s cabin. The YF is hoping to do some mission work in November. Dee asked about hiring a summer intern for 2012 to help expand the YF program. No action was taken. • The Sunday School election of the superintendents, secretaries and treasurer will probably be held November 13 during Sunday School. If all agree to continue, it will be short. We were reminded that the first Sunday School bell rings at 10:15 am and the second one at 10:20 am. • Heidi Langenbau, Junior Sunday School superintendent, is pleased that all the teaching positions have been filled. The Christmas program will be Sunday, December 18, in the evening. Marla Hlas will chair it, and Ann Jackson and Heidi Langenbau will help her. Thanks, ladies. The candlelight service will be on Christmas Eve and will be conducted by the nurturing committee. Pastor Dean will write the service before he leaves for Florida. There were 13 children in Children’s Church today, and all of the same leaders will continue leading next year. Thank you! • Missions chair, Dan Beane, reviewed the Belize students’ visit and felt the project was successful for increasing our awareness of the deaf students being served by that mission. The $3,436 of expenses for their visit was primarily covered with special contributions outside the budget. If you would like to donate to the cost of three photo albums, which include a cross-section of pictures of their stay here, please contact Lori Odle. Total cost is $118, and they are beautiful albums. Committee members continue to present a mission minute every second Sunday to keep us aware of activities and opportunities. The annual budget for the missions committee was raised from $3,500 to $4,300 this year. The committee donates to UMC missionary Larry Kies in Zimbabwe and the six ‘Special UMC Offerings.’ We gave financial support to several local projects, to Dave and Darla Gevock’s ministry with college students, to a Haiti project, the Cayo Deaf Institute in Belize, famine relief in Somalia, and Lori Odle and Dee Burt’s mission trips to Ghana. The committee is organizing a mission trip to Cayo the summer of 2012, and an informational meeting will be held for anyone interested on October 9. The committee encourages our participation at the House of Compassion, Mid-Iowa Workshops, and Habitat for Humanity. Work is being done to add a “Mission Corner” to Chapel’s blog. Lori Odle noted that in 2010 there were 1400 Chapel blog spectators and 1200 so far in 2011, which averages to about 125 people looking at the blog each month. The blog has made it possible to provide the audio sermons each week for those who are unable to attend the service. Thank you, Lori, for your faithful work. • Lori Odle reported via Marla Hlas there will be a dinner theater, with local talent, at Chapel probably in November. Some other activities include: Oct 15 wedding of Mackenzie Bishop & Beau Waddell at Chapel with Volunteers serving reception; Nov 20 Harvest Home all-church potluck, Hanging of Greens afterwards, same committees, take down by Jan 8, Chapel in charge of Thanksgiving service at 2 pm; Charge Conference at 4 pm (busy day); Dec 10, 7 pm, Cornerstone Church Dinner Theater in Ames, sign-up sheet end of Oct; Dec 4, 2:30 pm, all-church caroling, end at Zeno’s about 6 pm; Chapel will participate in Gladbrook’s Festival of Trees, Claire Handorf chair; 50 Chapel cookbooks left for $15 each.

October 2011
Wed/Oct 5 Thu/Oct 6 6:30-7:30 pm Women's Bible Study at Sue Koster's, 1074 200th St, rural Gladbrook 7 pm UMW Karen Collins, Marcia Wiese program; Social Action report Lois Groth; Hostesses Jo Svendsen, Donna Lynch; Roll Call: Describe an event you’ll never forget from your school days; Officers meet at 6:15 pm to plan 2012 program (Susan, Sue, Carolyn, Shirley, Claire, Lois, Karen C, Marcia, Karen H, Kathryn) 9:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship ~ Mission Minute & Children’s Church (Treats: Langenbau) 2 pm, CROP Walk at Peace Church; Chapel YF lunch; all ages welcome to walk Deadline for charge conference reports to be given to Cimber

Sun/Oct 9

Tue/Oct 11 9:30 am Pastor Dean meeting at Peace Church Wed/Oct 12 1:30 pm LCA ~ Hostess: Connie Appelgate, Devotions: Vivian LeVier, Entertainment: Carolyn Kloster 6:30-7:30 pm Women's Bible Study at Sue Koster's Sat/Oct 15 Mackenzie Bishop/Beau Waddell wedding at Chapel, Volunteers will serve reception Sun/Oct 16 9:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship Newsletter items are due, please email them to Wed/Oct 19 6:30-7:30 pm Women's Bible Study at Sue Koster's Sun/Oct 23 9:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship 7-8 pm Men’s Bible study at Lynn Handorf’s Wed/Oct 26 6:30-7:30 pm Women's Bible Study at Sue Koster's Sun/Oct 30 9:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship 6:00 pm YF Hayride at Havelka's cabin 7-8 pm Men’s Bible study at Lynn Handorf’s Sign up for Dec 10th Cornerstone dinner theater Mon/Oct 31 9:00 am Newsletter Mailers
Ad Council Minutes continued: • Nurturing chair, Allen Burt, encouraged everyone to email Pastor Dean your four most important core values, meaning what is at the heart of Chapel, by September 17. • Old business: Leon Lamer reported that there was $1600 in the freewill offering at Chapel’s Community Dinner August 28. He encouraged anyone to take home five quarts of cream in the refrigerator this week, and there is a little ice cream left to buy. The dinner was a success but the committee plans to hold the regular Ice Cream Social next year. Thank you to the committee for all their work. New business: • Cimber Strayer passed out charge conference forms to committee chairs. They will be due to her on October 9. Dan Beane will set a date for church leaders to meet to fill out the extensive Form A. • Jeff Koster said that each snow removal time at the church takes five hours and that it is getting expensive. The trustees will ask if anyone else would like to volunteer their time to do snow removal. Please contact Leon Lamer. • Sunday School and church will be held as usual on Christmas and New Year’s Day. The PPR committee will schedule a speaker on Christmas Day. • The next meeting will be November 6 to approve all of the completed forms for charge conference. Kathryn and Dee Burt will provide the lunch. Allen Burt closed with prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 pm. Respectfully submitted,
Cimber Strayer

October 2011

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