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organization of usace radiation protection program. purpose applicability policy management commitment,involvement, and leadership scope overview of this manual chapter 2. personnel responsibilities and qualifications. chapter 3. introduction to radiation. atomic structure radioactive decay activity decay law types of ionizing radiation interaction of radiation with matter human health effects determinants of dose background radiation radiation quantities biological effects of ionizing radiation ways to minimize exposure standing operating procedures monitoring and surveying equipment chapter 4. licensing. overview of regulatory agencies types of nrc radioactive material licenses 'storage only' licensing radiation generating devices reciprocity requirements army radiation authorization army radiation permits and other service installation permits applying for an nrc license applying for an ara amendment requests renewing licenses or aras transfer of radioactive materials terminating a radioactive material license or aras information flow through applicable usace channels chapter 5. dose limits and alara. occupational dose limit structure usace dose limits nrc and agreement state dose limits osha dose limits monitoring requirements doses to the public

chapter 6. working with radiation. caution signs and labels airborne radioactivity rooms/areas in which radioactive material is no longer used or stored receiving radioactive material radioactive material and radiation generating device inventory storing radioactive material contamination control wipe tests leak testing exposure rate surveys accident/incident response accident/incident reporting audits and reviews chapter 7. personnel monitoring. external monitoring internal monitoring advanced monitoring exposure reporting chapter 8. transportation of radioactive material. purpose applicability regulations procedures packaging marking labeling placarding manifesting hazardous waste manifesting emergency response information hazmat employee training exceptions chapter 9. waste management. regulation of radioactive wastes low level radioactive waste (llrw) elements of a waste management program material tracking waste minimization waste recycling waste storage waste disposal radionuclide concentrations chapter 10. laser safety. classifications of lasers safety features and labeling requirements laser protection program osha standards usace standards protective eyewear chapter 11. radio frequency (rf) and microwave safety. da limits

usace limits osha regulations general guidance warning signs rf safety training

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