Cinderella Man

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Steven Kwon Mr. Heil CA 3 17 August 2011 Cinderella Man The movie, Cinderella Man, tells a story of the life of James J. Braddock, a boxing heavyweight champion during the 1920’s and the Great Depression. The movie illustrates the struggle of Braddock and his family during the time of the depression and how with the help of his manager, Joe Gould, rises up again to become the heavyweight champion. As he struggles for money and food during this time and goes to docks to earn wages, he earns the nickname “ Cinderella Man” in the boxing ring to represent the American peoples’ struggles and hopes during the dark economic times. As a movie based on a true story, Cinderella Man accurately depicts the struggles of America during the Great Depression. One example the audience sees is Hoovervilles. In the movie, as Braddock goes searching for his friend Mike in a Hooverville in Central Park, New York City, an accurate scene of the corruption of Hoovervilles illustrates the horrific living conditions of those areas. In the short clip, we see pollution, people throwing up, men fighting, etc. which portrays how much the people struggled to survive during the Great Depression. Another example of how the movie relates to the real- life Great Depression are the scenes where Braddock goes to the docks to in attempt to be chosen for work. In the scene, dozens of men crowd in a hope to be picked to earn money. Out of those many dozens, the owners only choose about ten of them to work on the docks to earn a few dollars. This scene exemplifies how desperate men were in search for work to support their family and themselves. A third example of the movie’s accuracy on the Depression is the ways that the


Braddock’s family stays together and fights to support each other. In the movie, Braddock never ditches his children or his wife to find new opportunities. Their family represents the many families that stuck together through tough economic times and how many parents wouldn’t give up on their children. Other than the accurate historical references in the movie, Cinderella Man also engages the audience greatly in the message that it portrays. The music in the film creates a mood of sadness yet still some hope in it. This illustrates the perseverance of people like Braddock during the Great Depression. The lighting in the movie is very dark and rarely shows light. This gives us the concept that the times of the depression did not have many bright moments for people as they continually had to search for new ways of living. However, even though the Great Depression was the greatest economic struggle in American history, the movie shows how people found ways to survive the depression and inspire other Americans to fight the good fight. The movie, Cinderella Man, is a very moving and touching film about a boxer named James J. Braddock, who gave many Americans the inspiration to persevere during the Great Depression. I felt that the movie was very touching and I felt greatly inspired by it. The movie gave me a clearer perspective of the horrific conditions of Americans during the Great Depression and what exactly it was like to be living during that time. The movie definitely grabbed my attention with the intensity of the fights and the drama that builds up to Braddock’s final fight against Max Baer. Overall, the Cinderella Man gave me chills throughout the film as it clearly depicts the major points of the Great Depression.


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